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    newgirlfriend Guest

    Why are some women so vindictive??

    South Carolina

    My future brother in law is getting a divorce from his wife of 7 years. She is 26 and has a 9 year old child from a teen marriage as well as a 4 year old from this marriage. (numbers are aprox)

    She has an 8th grade educ. and has never worked. For the past 7 years she has been a house wife and stay at home mother. But she was not very good at either. She wants the divorce. He tired to work it out for the child. They could not work things out.

    They orginally agreed to have a civil break up- no courts or lawyers. She was going to keep the new car that he bought for her and pay her payments which would be the 'child support' and he would keep the daughter when ever.

    He was to keep the house since he works 3 jobs to pay for it.

    Anyway she got a lawyer, who filled her head with $ signs and she called him to tell him that she just wanted him to know that she is going to be living in the house, while he pays for it, she keeps the car, he is going to be paying her child support and alimony b/c she can not be expected to get a job and she is going to take him for everything that he has got.

    My question:

    Is this likely? He says that he is not going to fight it b/c he is not interested in this court room drama.

    Can she get all those things just like that?

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    Toniree Guest
    She can get that and a bag of chips. Unfortunately, the law sometimes sucks. The reason why is because she did her part in the marriage by taking care of the domestic side while he worked. He might have a chance if she files and he contest, they won't just give all of that to her for no good reason. Have him find out whether your state is a community property state, which means they would just liquidate all of the assets and split it 50/50. That could hurt her because they would have to sell the home and if it is not paid off, most of the money from the sell would go to the mortgage bank and she would have to do with her small cut. I would advise him to play hardball with her. If you guys live in a "Fault" state, then she would need grounds (adultry, mental cruelty, etc.) in order to be able to divorce him and get all of that. People must understand, lawyers sometimes fill peoples heads with high hopes so that they can get as much money as they can. Vultures, which is why I studied the law, but refused to be a lawyer.

    Good Luck

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    newgirlfriend Guest
    Thanks for responding,

    She was a house wife, but she never kept a clean home or cooked. she even did not get the oldest daughter to school sometimes b/c she did not wake up until 11:30 .

    Can he try to prove that she really just sat home and did nothing or would that matter?

    He actually went and sold the home for cost, He is losing but he would rather her not get anything. It is his home and she is living with her parents. He knows that if he would sell it for value that she could get half. Will this get him in trouble

    Her ex from her previous marriage makes $500,000 a year and she has not done this to him b/c she knows that he can get a good lawyer and turn the tables. But this guy is struggling and she wants what little he has.

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    Kelly143 Guest
    Did you say the house was his? Was it in his name only? Because if it was, he can sell it for whatever he wants to sell it for. he may actually be able to keep it and she won't get any of it, depending on the state and when it was purchased. The alimony won't be permanent, if she gets it. But by the way, yes she CAN be expected to work. She is capable, and with a 9 year old and a 4 year old, they will both either be in school, or the younger one can be in daycare. The won't make him pay alimony just so she can stay home and be lazy. I would suggest that he NOT be working three jobs when they go to court, because they will include his while income when calculating CS. Keep in mind too, that they will most likely impute an income for her if she is not working. It is not his responsibility to pay the ENTIRE support for the younger child, and not his responsibility AT ALL for the older child. He better fight this in court. There is no reason for her to be expecting to take him for "everything". It isn't as if the marriage was overly long. Usually women that ask for alimony have been housewives for years... a lot longer than 7. Also, she was staying home by CHOICE the first 3 years, to take care of HER child while he took care of her. She can't really use the excuse that she was taking care of their child the whole time. She is lazy and vindictive. If your future brother in law lets her get away with this, I'LL hunt him down myself. I hope she gets nothing but child support for the 4 year old and has to get two jobs herself. I'm sure your future BIL would be more than happy to quit a couple of his jobs to take care of the little one!

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