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  1. Compulsory Solid Waste Collection
  2. Who do I go to for Legal Action?
  3. Ku Klux Klan
  4. Can My State Deny ME
  5. Limiting officers based on College attended?
  6. can doctors release medical records to an employer
  7. Need some info please/bogus arrest
  8. using opposite restroom?
  9. Amtrak Under ADA
  10. Arresting You For The Way You Dress? OutRageous!!!
  11. EEOC Investigator not investigating
  12. Dominick's cashier is a racist?
  13. Costco rules and regulations above state laws?
  14. mental discrimination
  15. dont know the law.. need help
  16. Needing Advice
  17. Little League Rules
  18. Dept. Motor Vehicles
  19. Judge violating rights in NY?
  20. Blind mand/guide dog thrown out of store!!
  21. Failure of Department of the Army to Investigate Formal EO Complaint
  22. Am I in the wrong forum?
  23. can they do this?
  24. If no one is going to reply,what kind of attorney do I need.
  25. Is this discrimination?
  26. Parking Tickets
  27. Molester has my address
  28. debt collection
  29. Civil Rights
  30. video taping me
  31. County recorder refuses to record affidavit.
  32. What constitutes Discrimination?
  33. Is this a HIPPA Violation?
  34. Recieved Summons- Deprived DUE PROCESS?
  35. foreign comer
  36. school troubles
  37. Is this a HIPPA violation?
  38. do i have disability rights
  39. I'm not sure where the heck to put this ??
  40. vindictive neighbor trying to get me to move
  41. The Fourth Amendment: Protecting Your Privacy!IS THIS LEGAL?
  42. my civil rights
  43. Case against government employee??
  44. Invasion of Privacy/Slander
  45. can someone confirm terry vs nevada issue
  46. ADA (access?)
  47. HIPPA Violation What now
  48. Walmart Check Policy
  49. Smoking on Work Place Grounds (outside)
  50. question about petitioning while on federal property
  51. Hunger Strike in Florida - is it Legal?
  52. Hunger Strike - Goverment permission
  53. State won't domesticate adoption
  54. Is this discrimination under ADA
  55. Harassment?
  56. medicaid laws
  57. Non-citizens right to sue?
  58. retaliation discrimination at ex-job suit?
  59. please help
  60. 66 Year old woman with title 8 being kicked out of apt.
  61. Failure of Department of the Army to Investigate Formal EO Complaint
  62. can cops come in my house without a warrant?
  63. Writ of Mandamus filed pro se
  64. vagrancy
  65. rights
  66. NYS-SLAPP VS Block Club
  67. Company wants a computer image of finger
  68. help us
  69. iaal
  70. Is this Credit Discrimination?
  71. Discrimination or Not
  72. Case against police department?
  73. Not sure where to go with this one?
  74. Privacy with utility companies
  75. What was the final conclusion in this case?
  76. Expungement process
  77. My neighbor is video taping everything i do is this legal
  78. My Civil Rights/parolee Living With Me
  79. being discriminated for sexuality at school
  80. Need Help!! I Need To Find A Lawyer To Job Shadow In Pittsburgh!!
  81. Was My rights Violated?
  82. City releases Park Board member background checks to newspaper
  83. Question
  84. Were my rights violated?
  85. Confidential Consumer Information re: Public Access to Court Documents
  86. Is it legal to video someone without their knowledge?
  87. slapped by my ex need help
  88. UCC Basic Explanation
  89. Denied visits at a state prison......
  90. Can the police department legally refuse a bar from having a detail?
  91. Pledge of Allegiance
  92. Imigration Board? Want to take my son out of the country
  93. Where my rights violated?
  94. Can I take legal action for what was done to my child at WALMART?
  95. Fed.R.Civ.P. 60(b) question
  96. restoring rights
  97. Expungeing Felony
  98. Best Buy had me trespassed after they stole my property and I called the police
  99. Police officer stops me from kissing my girlfriend
  100. Minor laws/Rights in a one-one-one meeting with a adult?
  101. Attempted Murder
  102. terrorism
  103. False documents submitted in court.
  104. special people
  105. Protesting On The Roof
  106. Please help
  107. canadian needs pardon
  108. Attacked by process server
  109. felony conviction-loss of which rights?
  110. Can US officials read private correspondence without a court order?
  111. Can Customer Service ask my nationality?
  112. small town police amnesty
  113. choicepoint inc. released confidential info.
  114. Public Restrooms
  115. Racist Product
  116. Reverse Discrimination?
  117. Government Building Facilities
  118. Selective Law Enforcement
  119. harrassed by a police officer
  120. Government Building Facilities
  121. Do You see how Bad the situation in Iraq?
  122. judge refuses to hear evidence child abduction case
  123. Could I take legal action against my University for this?
  124. I need help Please
  125. I have been disciminated against
  126. Safeway racially profiled and humiliated my brother!
  127. Violation Of Civil Rights???
  128. What are my rights?
  129. residents' rights
  130. What are my rights? Condensed version
  131. sexual harrasment
  132. Flying a black or red flag is illegal?
  133. Do I have a case against San Diego Police Department?
  134. civil right
  135. Can I sue the Maynard Police or the town
  136. car mechanic destroys car with malicious intentions
  137. civil rights/possible harassment
  138. HIPAA Violation
  139. It's because I'm black
  140. voting rights
  141. Harassment and rights violations!
  142. can I sue my gyn office? HIPAA violator
  143. Local Gov-Boycotts Individual Publically?
  144. Hippa
  145. How does one SUE the State of Maryland?
  146. Is this a hippa violation?
  147. unincorporated town no water
  148. To formerlsa
  149. HUD housing
  150. can illegal aliens sue?
  151. medical records fraud/please read
  152. Hippa violation and how to file
  153. Discrimination in the school system
  154. Involuntary Commitment
  155. Maryland statute costing me 275,000
  156. Confidentiality disclosure by government agency
  157. Attorney's Duty
  158. School/Sports
  159. juvenile cases and schools in indiana
  160. Banking hippa law violated
  161. Do I have a case under the Hippa Law?
  162. Employer Released Incorrect Info. to Probation Dept.
  163. City Commissioner asked to vacate seat
  164. Church being denied building permits, being harassed by fire marshall
  165. HIPPA and sharing info in treatment teams
  166. working in the US
  167. Harrassment?
  168. Advertize on public property, pay fine?
  169. voter rights and refusal of those rights because I am homeless
  170. voter rights and refusal of those rights because I am homeless
  171. Hiring discriimination by a government agency
  172. Someone lied so the police would come harass me
  173. Local Cops Harassing Bar Patrons
  174. Hipaa Law And Privacy Violation????
  175. Commercial Drivers Licenses and ADA
  176. Free Speech And Forum With No Hostile Atmosphere
  177. Hipaa Law Prescription Information Sharing Violation?
  178. Punished for being sick....at work
  179. Civil liberties and Harassment by Gov't office
  180. neighborhood harassment
  181. Company vs. Signature
  182. Reverse Discrimination
  183. Public Records Availability
  184. Road Block violation of privacy?
  185. Job evaluation
  186. drunk in public on police say so
  187. Denied to use the bathroom at school
  188. Denied to use the bathroom at school
  189. Neighbors are becoming campground & all night party!
  190. Civil Rights violated BIG TIME...can I sue???
  191. language discrimination
  192. Phone number given out by city hall!!
  193. News Reporters - Personal Property - Privacy
  194. Beauty and the Beast that painted her nails
  195. Protecting the rights of privacy
  196. do kids have civil rights
  197. Taping phone conversations w/o knowledge
  198. Do I have a right to not be touched?
  199. First Ammendment Prom Rights
  200. Not Acceptable....
  201. ADA question relating to youth sports
  202. Invasion of Privacy/submitting checks, deposit slips?
  203. HIPAA What Happens After Complaint? (PA)
  204. cashier's behavior is unacceptable (discriminatory?)
  205. were my rights violated?
  206. were my rights violated?
  207. title?
  208. child discrimination?
  209. have my sons rights been violated
  210. Is a therapy dog a Pet or covered under ADA?
  211. Civil suit?
  212. Entire Medical Record Hippa Violation
  213. Perjury
  214. Guide dogs in Hotels...
  215. Not sure what to think
  216. Elder financial expolitation and abuse
  217. Free Speech Violations on Venice Boardwalk Los Angeles
  218. Lunch denied
  219. sexual or spiritual abuse?
  220. Slander Or Not???
  221. Gun Laws
  222. Cameras and voice recorder in private org
  223. Church not allowing non whites to Join
  224. was principal wrong to ask sexual preference
  225. young man with asperger syndrome, his school wants him out!
  226. U.S. Customs Raid
  227. VA 1966 - 14th Amend./Paternity Violated,B-mom gave child away w/o father's consent
  228. God bless?
  229. Trial by jury(Interacial)
  230. Im not sure if this is the right place?
  231. Help - Need legal information
  232. Unfair courts, can I sue them in a class action lawsuit?
  233. crooked?? i think so!!!
  234. Father Records Mother/Son Phone Conversations
  235. No Right To Legal Representation Is this Right?
  236. Videotape without consent
  237. Banned from store ,Guilt by association, Defamation?
  238. Racist Cops in Small Town. White Rules America
  239. rough police violation of civil rights
  240. Cops keep following me
  241. Voialoted
  242. Is My Instructor Crazy?!
  243. Videotape without notification
  244. The definition of Loud Music.
  245. Class action?
  246. rights concerning police entering home
  247. what is the legal way for me to protest with a sign outside of a business ?
  248. Hipaa Law Question??
  249. DHS breaking law please help!!
  250. Does service discrimination apply?