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  1. Petition for redress for of greivances and class action. - California.
  2. Is NC Violating my Civil Rights?
  3. Cell Phone Tracking
  4. Denied Post Storage hearing after car impounded. What can she do?
  5. Discrimination Against Fisherman
  6. What do you do when the police break the law?
  7. School Discrimination(?) based on Mental illness
  8. Discrimination by a court in PA
  9. Government requesting personal info?
  10. 5th Amendment Violation?
  11. A concealed weapons license
  12. Declaration of Independence - How Is It Not Law?
  13. Age discrimination?
  14. Civil lawsuit against city over easement (sorry about double post)
  15. college in Tucson, AZ retaliation for literature distribution and being Christian
  16. Violation of Civil Rights?
  17. 4th amendment violation/apartment search on my audiio recorder, police "lost" video
  18. 1st amendment violated on U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds Facebook page.
  19. Corruption within Drug Court
  20. Police Officer Running a muk
  21. Sorry if this is the wrong forum...
  22. Business Refusal of Service case
  23. Rights to destruction of Fingerprints
  24. Is it allowed to keep someone's name anonymous if he/she discriminates?
  25. spanish option discrimination?
  26. Mail carrier today disclosed private information about me to my neighbor
  27. Nosy neighbor videotaping in garage w/o knowing
  28. Was told "the younger guys have more fire in their belles"
  29. Selective enforcement by hoa
  30. CPS wont talk to me if i have a lawyer ...
  31. I want to sue the town of Portsmouth NH or the state of NH
  32. Arizona bill awaiting signature by the governor
  33. Filing motion to dismiss because waiting 2 years for civil case to start.
  34. Hard to sum up the situation concisely, but do I have a case here?
  35. Restaurant Employee Discriminated Against my Younger Brother and I
  36. What are my rights? How can I protect myself?
  37. Civil Claim from Palmer, Reifler & Associates, P.A
  38. bingo
  39. It's good to be king
  40. Indiana: Vocational Rehabilitation Services
  41. Violation of the ADA?
  42. I just can't understand this type of ignorance in 2013
  43. Court stalls ruling on Motion to Dismiss
  44. Police tell er personnel and homecare wound nurse i have a warrant and what it is for
  45. Adult Guardianship for New York
  46. Is it illegal for test prep companies to refuse extra time accommodations on CBTs?
  47. The Messiah has come! Umm, never mind...
  48. Discriminatory Grading Practices in High School PE
  49. question about gun rights and convictions of crimes overseas
  50. Peer-Review in Science, Discrimination and Public Interest
  51. Petition Denied, sort of.
  52. Supreme Court case just released Shelby County v. Holder
  53. Can a unversity require a disabled student to live on campus?
  54. Were my rights violated?
  55. Can I do anything??? :(
  56. Random search on Metro
  57. Bartender/ owner issues
  58. Lawsuit Against Big Departmental Store in NYC
  59. I have been harassed by authorities for years
  60. Shoulder surfing/password stealing at Public School Board Meeting.
  61. Inquiry
  62. Legality of recording in a public building with an unconcealed camera...?
  63. concealed pistol licence question
  64. HELP Can he actually sue me?
  65. False Accusation of Racial Profiling
  66. 4th amendment
  67. Sexual Harassment Roomate/Coworker Homosexuality.
  68. Trying to do the right thing
  69. Video Recording in my home
  70. Open Carry Unloaded Rifle To & From Hunting Location
  71. ADA and Medicaid
  72. Missed court appearance for California EDD insurance of appeals board
  73. jail misconduct
  74. False Information In A Police Report... Lawsuit?
  75. Civil/HIPAA Rights and release requirements with Family Court Studies
  76. "Permanent Inelgibility for Rehire" in North Carolina
  77. Not sure If I'm posting in the right place, Need advice
  78. Can someone PLEASE help me
  79. I'm not sure if i am posting this in the right place. Need help.
  80. loitering / personal right
  81. Denial of access to the courts?
  82. Complained about possible ADA violation and now am threated with legal action
  83. Can someone please offer their opinion!?!?
  84. Neighborhood HOA Openly Proseltytizing Christian Faith on Main Entrance Welcome Sign
  85. Racial Indoctrination / Profiling
  86. Luxury Goods (Watches) and Documentation/Receipts
  87. Is this just worng?
  88. Are Gifts given to me to keep (birthday etc..) legally mine even though im 17?
  89. Can I sue Salvation Army for Illegal Strip Search???
  90. Privacy on the bus.
  91. Racial profiling at a store in the mall
  92. Possible Confidentiality broken?
  93. PA concealed carry permit
  94. Has the High School violated my son's rights
  95. Does my adult patient have a right to look at pornography?
  96. Is this legal?
  97. Criminal Trespass, Due Process, and Ordinance shortcuts... No problem says the city
  98. City liability for fraud or gross negligence
  99. Cell Phone Ownership / Logging
  100. ADA amendments act 2008 - case needed
  101. Cell Phone Ringtone (arrest for obscenity?)
  102. police discrimination?... any help?
  103. "blockades" legal rights
  104. Educational Discrimination/ Improper Handling
  105. Discrimination by the state.. Is there anything i can do?
  106. Would I have a case?
  107. DUI Attorneys Fort Worth
  108. Special needs
  109. Slum Landlord, Bad Tenets, and Rude Police, Please help me!
  110. when can the Police Handcuff You and Drag You into the Hospital Locked You Up
  111. Non-compete clause
  112. Hippa violation??
  113. Discrimination against LGBT engaged couple at a wedding venue
  114. Law on personal information when checking in to have blood work done
  115. need help with dhhs
  116. is this discrimination or harassment? what can i do about it?
  117. Drug Testing without Knowledge or Consent
  118. Illegal Strip Search?
  119. Curious
  120. Against law to advertise "no pets?""
  121. Drivers License Division wants to scan personal financial information?
  122. Professional Society question
  123. Is this illegal?
  124. Reasonable Accommodations denied under Title II
  125. Real ID confiscated by a Bouncer based on zero data
  126. Child Medication at school
  127. You might be a terrorist....
  128. why did dectives read me my miranda rights before an interview?
  129. unlawful search of vehicle . help!
  130. discrimination
  131. F.I.O.L. question
  132. What do i do
  133. Daughters rights
  134. Officer refused to uphold law
  135. civie right
  136. Hopefully in the right place- public school way overstepping their bounds
  137. Census intrusion?
  138. HIPAA/Medical Records
  139. dispute of diagnosis
  140. Is Vets home Blocking internet, a violation?
  141. Privacy vs Residency Disclosure
  142. Detained and Handcuffed at Gunpoint by Mistake
  143. Social Services Department
  144. Denied Services for being a hunter
  145. Disabled Passengers are Inprisoned at the airport
  146. Unlawfull Arrest
  147. obtaining mental health records
  148. Contempt damages?
  149. Curb cuts, can ALL of them be marked?
  150. gun question
  151. Need help
  152. What can I do
  153. Gun Rights
  154. Veteran with no rights
  155. FOIA question
  156. Case Dismissal Based on Slander by Prosecutor??
  157. Secondary Boycotts
  158. I need help
  159. Do i have a case against police
  160. 2nd Admendment Problems
  161. What a MESS!!! Any Ideas?
  162. National Park Ranger abuse
  163. False Arrest
  164. Trying to determine if my reasonable accommodation request was wrongfully denied.
  165. Victim on Trans. Security Admin abuse--having difficulty finding atty :(
  166. Cell phone use during police encounters
  167. criminal records check
  168. Police Crimes Against Me
  169. Police Conduct
  170. Civil Rights Restoration after incarceration
  171. Liability of NOT permitting conceal carry?
  172. Can You Find Out Whether Your Greek Organization Is Exempt From Title IX Specifically
  173. Additional Information
  174. Being Discriminated
  175. Does it worth suing US customs for creating a mess out of the simple procedure?
  176. question in regards to my disability
  177. DHS problem
  178. Privacy Law in CA
  179. should i press charges on the officer for failure of professional responsibility
  180. restoring civil rights
  181. need help
  182. Is there cause for litigation?
  183. Hate crime/ failure to report
  184. Do I have a valid case? Child abuse and discrimination.
  185. Family persecuted by school Official for helping daughter during abuse
  186. Ex Boyfriend refusing to repay personal loan
  187. Do I have any rights like a Doctor?
  188. Disabled friend in jeopardy of losing job
  189. Minor's violation of civil rights and in loco parentis for schools
  190. Harrassment
  191. police harrassement resulting in job loss
  192. I don't even know what to do.
  193. Wrongful Arrest?
  194. Opportunity to be heard and defend my private Liberty Interest
  195. Minor joining religious organization
  196. VA Patient Rights Violation.
  197. Appeals court overturns district courts decision
  198. giving out false info on crimal background check
  199. 42 USC 1988 attorney fees
  200. Can I have Arrests eliminated of my Background?
  201. Another one rides the bus.
  202. Racial Segregation in Classroom
  203. Do I have a case against police?
  204. Don't know what to do....
  205. Not sure if this is the right section but...
  206. civil case against police-help me?
  207. Access to a Public Event
  208. Discrimination at any offices
  209. FBI Recently Paid a Visit
  210. Possible Hipaa Violation
  211. Not sure if/how I can fix this issue.
  212. can i post these signs in my front yard
  213. Please Help
  214. Office For Civil Rights Appeal Deputy Assistant Secretary for Enforcement
  215. My name on a yellow sign
  216. Discrim..at Gym
  217. Do I have any stand on fighting this?
  218. ADA law question?
  219. Please help!
  220. Please point me in the right direction
  221. ADA access problems
  222. Racial comment by City Employee
  223. What can be done?
  224. Discrimination???
  225. Retaliated against for filing complaint/reporting crime
  226. Personal Property
  227. Getting my firearms rights back - Indiana
  228. ? slander lawsuit/job loss
  229. Handicap Parking
  230. Civil Rights? Malicious Prosecution?
  231. Racial vilification?
  232. Filing a False Police Report / Defamation
  233. Georgia Laws regarding Psychiatric facilities
  234. We NEED an attorney
  235. hippa
  236. Blantant discrimination
  237. Special Education Students in Jail
  238. Daycare Discrimination?
  239. Public Records Access
  240. Cheerleader Drama
  241. Can I Sue?
  242. Strip searched
  243. Questionable Dealings regarding Crime Victim Photos
  244. Discrimination at Elementary School Registration
  245. humiliated by business owner
  246. civil rights violation
  247. police giving away my private info
  248. help please
  249. Title IX Law, is there an exemption for me?
  250. Emotional Service Animals