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  1. Parole officer
  2. Is it legal for the town to do this? Massachusetts Town 2, different matter
  3. Lost UI appeal - NEED ADVICE!
  4. Do I have bases to seu?
  5. City Departments & Information Privacy
  6. disagreement with Township Zoning department determination regarding code
  7. Is there government assistance if burned out of home?
  8. Food stamp/unemployment
  9. What recourse do I have if my mail carrier/post office is returning all my mail?
  10. Can spouses get food stamps in two separate states?
  11. Rights when dealing with a fire department
  12. Telephone Standby Juror In Long Island Federal Courthouse
  13. City clerk states Must pay out or account holders own pocker
  14. when to file super pac and about raising money
  15. Social Security number likely given out to others
  16. Identity Theft
  17. Is the Sunshine law just for Florida?
  18. Town government
  19. Philadelphia C.L.I.P. Harassment
  20. City workers damaged my property & left potential liability
  21. Building Inspector in collusion with renter because of eviction
  22. Settlement check question
  23. SDN hit? Blocked my wire transfer of a personal loan.
  24. Brazilian Charity requesting a copy of my Passport or ID as proof to gov't of donatio
  25. DMV Question
  26. Does she have to pay back financial aid?
  27. Going for a 2nd appeal
  28. Unemployment I didnt know where to post
  29. Claiming expenses
  30. Road damage caused by government decisions
  31. Ex-cop overstepping Ethical boundaries, but Legal/Criminal, as well?
  32. Georgia department of human resources
  33. Housing Assistance
  34. Did CPS violate the law by providing my address to an incarcerated felon?
  35. police put wrong info in report
  36. Potential wire fraud by AZ Department of Revenue
  37. City Government demanding social security number before they will turn on my water
  38. Statute of limitations and claiming tax returns
  39. Unemployment benefits laws
  40. Audio Recording Laws in Two-Party Consent State
  41. Government Contracting
  42. URGENT: Need Help with Medicaid/Housing Owndership Laws
  43. healthcare mandate
  44. strange setup
  45. City Under Chaos
  46. Booster Club Board
  47. Eminent Domain
  48. Government agencies forming Committees & Legal Contract questions
  49. What books do attorneys reference for federal court cases?
  50. Water Department blackmailing us to accelerate past due water payments
  51. USPS Home Delivery Re-instatement
  52. US DOT hired me - a Mover - for the day but it was a sting
  53. Ignoring jury information request NYS
  54. Delayed birth certificate
  55. Transfer of Driving License
  56. What happens after county declares "state of emergency" in WA?
  57. the hatch act and local utilities
  58. Code Enforcement in Florida II
  59. Digital media law - wiretapping question
  60. Is this website legit?
  61. Illegal name change? Applying for passport
  62. Proper Citation Form For Federal Stautes
  63. Reapplying for a security clearance after revocation
  64. Will my SCHUFA score automatically transfer over to my FICO?
  65. Mail carrier gives package to wrong person at wrong address
  66. Apartment Mail Rooms
  67. Massachusetts: $100 per day fine for expired elevator certificates
  68. Mail concerns... -- Prison Mail...
  69. Windfall elimination provision appeal (social security)
  70. Parking violation for a car I didn't own.
  71. Got a ticket (summons)
  72. Can social security deduct foreign pension income from ss benefits?
  73. Where to send a Petition with respect to Game Department Laws in PA
  74. Pilot's refusal to submit logbook to FAA for inspection.
  75. Is it neccessary to change name after marriage
  76. Is it possible to remove W&I 5250?
  77. Notarizing a document via mail
  78. Laid off from an Illinois Civil Service job 3 yrs ago - No re-employment prospects
  79. Legal notice?
  80. What remedy do I have for USPS failing to deliver certified letter?
  81. Missed Jury duty 4 times in NYC now have to see the judge.
  82. No SSN.
  83. Suing USPS under FTCA
  84. FOIA Appeal under 5 USC 552A (K) (5)
  85. Board Member made herself the GM?
  86. Can the IRS tap citizen power to police tax-evading corporations?
  87. How Do I Change the Noise Ordinance Code In My Town?
  88. buying a gun
  89. Response time of postmaster to form PS 4027?
  90. Wait? What?
  91. California - Pay/Appear within 15 Days - Does date of Postmark hold up in court?
  92. Penalties for Jury Duty non-cooperation?
  93. Travel..?
  94. Town failing to send assessment notice, failing to correct false property information
  95. determining eligibility
  96. Government shutdown and national parks
  97. declared dead, but actually alive
  98. How do I serve a subpoena to a local municipality in Pennsylvania
  99. "for u.s. forces in the mid-east not for resale"
  100. Will I lose my welfare and section 8 hud housing if i get married?
  101. Does the FDA regulate home remedies/herbal remedies and things of that sort?
  102. Defaulting on a case
  103. Illegal or unethical municipal practices
  104. Anybody else read this?
  105. Food stamp disqualification due to hospitalization
  106. City forcing me to use their private company for leasing rolloff dumpster.
  107. city ethics in question
  108. One-Time Childcare Services at a Relgious Conference
  109. How to challenge government 'over-regulation' ?
  110. Bike stolen on public college campus- liability??
  111. my stuff stolen recovered proven to be mine now quartermaster deputy wont answer phon
  112. City forcing residents to use a certain trash company
  113. Failure to Notify Victim of Stolen Vehicle Recovery
  114. Municipal Code Is Binding on Electric Utility
  115. 1st Ammendment Rights Violated By Police Officer
  116. 911 Phone Call Access
  117. John E
  118. cfrs and the law
  119. lost job to goverment error!!
  120. TCPA Case in Federal Court Considerations?
  121. FOIA request question
  122. cps whants to interview my 8yr old son with no one present
  123. Were My HIPPA Rights Violated By My Pharmacist???
  124. Refuses legal right to request a hearing and triples fine for parking ticket!
  125. Are all pyramid structures illegal if they involve recruiting/profit by membership?
  126. Postal Service Laws
  127. Open Records Request
  128. Clearinghouse?
  129. Interpretation of UK Water Act
  130. Reverse a decision by government agency in settlement disbursement?
  131. Zoning Board of Adjustment - Continuation of Application
  132. Government forms
  133. HIPAA wavier question.
  134. 999 Homeless Address reported to Credit Bureais
  135. Suspected thief is patient of doctor office next door
  136. Can I Record a VOIP Conversation in a 1 Party Notification State?
  137. Discrimination by a government agency? How to proceed...
  138. is it possible to appeal this request for unemployment denial?
  139. Passport denied due to name change - Married and name change - XMas Vacation planned
  140. Florida School Board Problems - Can I do this?
  141. Is there a Federal Law that stipulates the existence of counties?
  142. EBT Privacy
  143. Missed Jury Summons NY
  144. Ohio found property. (claim process?)
  145. Opting out of government backed survey? (not census)
  146. filing cross-complaint against government entity(LAUSD)
  147. unlicensed mechanic
  148. City Council Selective enforcement?
  149. Oregon SNAP (food stamp) benefits and loans?
  150. How can I get access to my counties court database?
  151. Peer Review
  152. Presidio Social Club in San Francisco County California *** Foi Gras
  153. Finder's rights to lost cash?
  154. Exit Signs
  155. Can town offices charge more than state statue specifies.
  156. Report misappropriation of public funds in Florida
  157. Recreation Director Profiting Off Third Party Ball-Field Permit Holder
  158. How to write a Letter of Intent Regarding Illegal Drugs?
  159. Unemployment question
  160. Dog tied to rope 24/7?
  161. How can I get a Publc and City 4yr College to comply with the Disabilities Act?
  162. Santa Clara River Trustee Council
  163. legal and regultrory environment for text payments
  164. Leaving Canada but wanting to return without Penalty???
  165. In regards to the document filed for a Notice of Pending Forfeiture
  166. Can an FTCA claim against the US be brought in the DC district courts?
  167. Violation of Privacy Policy.
  168. Neighbor is planting tree's
  169. proper permit to work on my cars at home? OREGON
  170. Consequences of changing my name
  171. can the prosecutor become the plaintiff?
  172. Retention of Maiden Name By Licensed PI After Marriage
  173. Action to Gain Access to Public Baseball Fields
  174. Lien filed by IRS
  175. Between Country Lines
  176. Security Clearance Revoked: Question
  177. Passing a law in my **county**
  178. Department of Labor question
  179. appeal
  180. smithsteven
  181. requesting discovery fro admin hearing
  182. FOIA: Local Government "Parking" Public Documents at Their Contracted Lawyers Office
  183. Animal Shelter Issue
  184. Dispute regarding property damage caused by city trash service
  185. Competitive Bid Practices?
  186. Not for Profit Law
  187. legalize it and tax it
  188. Foia
  189. IRS refund checks seizure
  190. Tennessee unemployment tiers
  191. local law vs state law
  192. Sewer bill 3 years late
  193. driver license suspension/unpaid fines
  194. Medicad
  195. Issues regarding utility rights and government abuse of power
  196. DMV Issue
  197. Question regarding WA State Health Care Authority
  198. FOIA Request
  199. ssn
  200. Cemetary issue
  201. Abandoned property
  202. Hunting videos on public land?
  203. Petition for Injunction Help
  204. Should I Have Gotten In-State Tuition
  205. where should I report to if a company voilate a government order
  206. MD won't let me renew my tages because of back taxes
  207. Are bizarre local laws legal?
  208. Notary
  209. FOIA Request Denied
  210. Need help Badly!!
  211. Florida Sunshine Law and Bills
  212. need help
  213. DMV wont issue me ID until I meet with Inspector General's Office
  214. Police did not protect me
  215. Finding Lottery Ticket in Trash
  216. Can Government Seize Historical Treasure?
  217. Disobeying Park Sign (Sec:1-03 Sub:C2)
  218. Filing a FOIA complaint
  219. Noise Ordinance Violation
  220. What do you call a conflict of local rule with state law
  221. Totally lost and confused
  222. Trying to obtain CT Birth Certificate
  223. Breach of Verbal Contract and Government time limit?
  224. vidotaping on the proprty
  225. Can I get money for a cop getting my straightner stolen?
  226. Food stamps and IRA
  227. Purse with gun design and the TSA
  228. Lost info
  229. unemployment
  230. City Nuisance Ordanance
  231. Teen driving in Indiana for someone who lives in Michigan?
  232. township breaks own ordinance
  233. To twade2 - you closed your thread
  234. Denied Unemployment
  235. zip code and insurance rates
  236. Criteria for Court Approved Third Party Programs
  237. Pro-Se
  238. Jury Duty Exemption
  239. Access to health records
  240. Privacy Issues
  241. Jury trial when defendants are a US State & its agencies
  242. Elected Official/OP
  243. Legal name change and social security cards
  244. signed wrong name on title
  245. student bein forced to participate in fund raising
  246. Proof of employment
  247. Eminent Domain Question
  248. Land Use-Notice deficiency - simple variance
  249. appealed
  250. Unemployment benefits