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  1. Condo Special Assessments
  2. Don't want to get the high hard one
  3. HOA Architectual Problems
  4. board member dilema
  5. Tennant neighbors making us crazy!
  6. Lilcrzr
  7. Parking Question -- Enforcement
  8. Can I legally withhold condo fees due to mismanangement?
  9. Senior community rule infractions
  10. Developer Sales Tactics & Broken Dates
  11. Lawyer was abusive
  12. Help! Is the developer leaving us stranded?
  13. Moving and Responsibility
  14. Special Assessment Disclosure
  15. Use of tape recorders at Business Meetings
  16. Condo Conversion from Coop to Condo
  17. Condo Conversion from Coop to Condo
  18. Board of Directors lied. Can I sue?
  19. Condo Lawn Problems....Who's responsibile
  20. At my wit's end!!!
  21. Condo Landscaping problem
  22. Board is Pissing me off!
  23. Filing a lien for delinquent HOA dues in CA
  24. Condo BOD Rules on resells
  25. Condo fee discounts
  26. New condo - changes made by builder
  27. Friendly letter to property manager leads to lawsuit?
  28. Water damage - everyone refuses to pay
  29. HOA Board Member Intoxicated at Special Meeting
  30. How to regain control of a runaway master insurance policy
  31. Condo Water Damage
  32. Need help with my builder not maintaining the property
  33. Laws governing Townhomes and their Associations
  34. siding damage due to water ingress
  35. Use of Reserve funds
  36. Handicap Condo Purchase
  37. The bill that'll never be paid off - how genius!
  38. CO-Op Purchase/roomate buy-out problems
  39. Easement for rooftop cellular phone antenna
  40. voting rights of condominium owners with different % of common ownership
  41. mold
  42. 6d Question - PLEASE HELP!
  43. Contract on Condo
  44. like-kind exchanges
  45. like-kind exchanges
  46. Townhome parking issue
  47. Can we refuse to accept the HOA?
  48. FYI about CCRs and HOAs
  49. Selling a condo. We are being forced to pay something we dont agree with.
  50. does common element = property line?
  51. Psycho neighbors regarding "the line"
  52. Plumbing problem not disclosed
  53. Condo Assn. deferred maint. causes damages
  54. HOA - Not Following By-Laws
  55. Contract for payment of outstanding assessment
  56. Dog Problems
  57. Fiance Buying Condo without me
  58. Rental Collection without broker's license
  59. confused in CT
  60. hidden camera laws
  61. Finding a Condo Offering Plan
  62. Condo Fire and Aftermath
  63. HOA - easements /ingress&regress
  64. Good Faith Effort
  65. illegal assessment
  66. water damage to my condo
  67. landscaping problems
  68. water damage to my condo
  69. Assessment - Payment amount and time due
  70. Assessment Question
  71. Condo President Majority Owner
  72. Everyone, read over your documents
  73. Limit on monthly assessment fee?
  74. False allegations
  75. Potentially Invalid Pet Restrictions?
  76. BOD trying to raise condo fees in violation of bylaws.
  77. New condo construction delayed closing again - do I have recourse?
  78. Discriminative co-op mangement company
  79. Noisy Neighbors - NY State
  80. Parking issues
  81. Condominium Offering Plan
  82. Lack of Fire Lane enforcement
  83. I need help! I posted a previous question..please help I might be in trouble
  84. Dispute with HOA over damage from appliance
  85. incomplete repairs
  86. Water damage by former owner to next unit
  87. A/C Extortion Fee**************
  88. 26, pregnant, living in inherited 55+condo,
  89. Problem with real estate agent
  90. Please Help! I might be in trouble :(
  91. Question on condo water leaking - seek legal tips/advice
  92. crazy downstairs neighbors
  93. Question RE: mold
  94. Imposing Association Fees without Notice.
  95. Juvenile Deliquent causing damage and trying to break in
  96. pet violation and my condo
  97. Owner was sued because tenant's moving truck damage property
  98. Condominium Association says NO to Satellite
  99. Condo detached garage with limited access
  100. Question regarding voting on SA
  101. Service Contracts
  102. RE agent on condo board?
  103. Condo Association against the wall
  104. Home owners association and County
  105. Amending Condo by-laws
  106. Buying a co-op
  107. Walking in Common Area
  108. condo conversion nightmare
  109. Co-ops
  110. HOA requiring me to make changes from previous owner
  111. My fence is gone?
  112. Rewriting "Covenants" to be current
  113. Sibling Rivalry on a piece of Property
  114. President won't work with board
  115. Water Damage from Upstairs
  116. Any Laws Governing HOA Board Members?
  117. Condo Restricting Windowboxes
  118. Return of the condo comandos
  119. condo comandos
  120. charges for rented communiy room cleanup
  121. charges for rented communiy room cleanup
  122. Can an HOA Disband?
  123. Update to Mom's Nevada HOA problems
  124. Home owners Association going after us to fix roof and neighor also asking the same
  125. HOA retallation and harassment
  126. condo owner ignoring by-laws
  127. New President Won't Do Anything About It
  128. Co-op Board of Director refuses to fill out refinance information
  129. Condo Dues
  130. Need Help with HOA dues
  131. HOA requiring things that arent their biz
  132. Can the Board do this?
  133. Restricting business in condo complex
  134. hoa to change build color
  135. What can I do? -Non performance by the association
  136. Store Units
  137. HOA rights to easements
  138. Legal Contract?
  139. Nevada Home Owners Associations
  140. Property Manager - 6D Certificate
  141. condo rights
  142. HOA member refuses to pay assessments
  143. Can the HO's Assoc. do this?
  144. HOA dues never collected / paid for 5yrs--Nevada
  145. Condo by laws for commercial truck
  146. Attorney is unethical? FL
  147. common area construction - w/o permission
  148. Owner turning one unit into two for rental
  149. Angry president of condo association
  150. Voting Question
  151. conflict of interest
  152. Apartment to Condos
  153. Conflict of Interest Question for MD
  154. Contract Question
  155. Condo Association not taking care of property
  156. Apartment conversions
  157. Responsibility for item removal
  158. coop rules and byelaws
  159. own your own coop
  160. coop to condo conversion
  161. Condo law
  162. Renegotiating Condo Purchase Price after Signing Contract
  163. Condo Rules don't allow pets
  164. co-op ocean view
  165. chimney-related ceiling leak--please help!
  166. section 8 request for extention of voucher was denied
  167. Are windows part of the "Common Elements"?
  168. My past Due Condo dues and Attorney
  169. quit claim deed
  170. Standing Water
  171. Disclosure
  172. Seller's disclosure
  173. Management Co. Fees
  174. contract addendum
  175. FL, A question about Liability?
  176. Owner won't pay any association fees
  177. Condo converstion Problem with access to HVAC
  178. HOA Satellite Dish Covenants
  179. Condo Association
  180. nasty, uninvited guests
  181. Water damage from upstairs
  182. by law violations in the hands of the board over 11 months
  183. co-op board pres & wife appointed as sales/blgconflict. manager
  184. conflicts of interest?
  185. getting our deductible back
  186. coop and condo associations
  187. co-op board pres/realtor. conflict of interest?
  188. Need advice on new condo badly
  189. Condo Association has caused damage to property
  190. Parking Issues in Condo Complex
  191. Seller refuses to close
  192. damage from pipe leak upstairs
  193. More towing....
  194. waiver of dues
  195. board question 2
  196. Towing without notice.
  197. board question
  198. flood
  199. I Flooded :( Please Help
  200. horrific new owner
  201. Burst pipe
  202. Condo owner refusing to participate
  203. condo leak coverage
  204. Responsibility for New Roof
  205. HOA Responsibility of Structural Damage??
  206. Special Assessment for Legal Fees for Issue Prior to Ownership
  207. worlds worst president
  208. Co-op Stock Certificate
  209. Laundry dilema
  210. Conversion: Actual move-out date?
  211. Opinion on 1 Person holding 2 Board Positions
  212. Non Owner rights
  213. Repair Assessment (Boiler)
  214. Can't get books
  215. Condo assoc. foreclosure threat
  216. Adding my son to Real Estate Property..
  217. Hot Tub dispute.
  218. Adding a person to the stock certificate
  219. Removing partner from title
  220. Hardwood Floors installed without Permission
  221. Racist owner and threatening boyfriend
  222. What can I do about an unresponsive co-op board?
  223. Condo Association by-laws
  224. Hoa
  225. Association fines to multiple units
  226. Upgrade to common property
  227. Legal recourse against association/Prop Mgr?
  228. Condo Back yard area flooding!
  229. Transfer Of Proprietary Lease To A Family Member
  230. Co op water damage from above
  231. A/C dispute w/Coop Board - Advice?
  232. Approved Budget Ignored
  233. Cre8tive
  234. Mold Problem & Responsibility
  235. Condo Association vs Condo Owner
  236. HOA Responsible???
  237. Resident Firewood Assessment
  238. What causes of action to bring for water damage to co-op unit?
  239. Need Sample Complaint for Property Damage Suit against Co-Op from Water Damage
  240. Association fees
  241. Who is the Responsible Party in Mold Testing?
  242. Why do HOA have staggered elections
  243. Assessment for damage occurring prior to ownership
  244. error during annual board election???
  245. Convector Leak--who is responsible for damage?
  246. Balcony Decoration Question
  247. Balcony Go BOOM
  248. S.n.i.t.c.h.
  249. Condo water damage - who is responsible?
  250. Discrimation by co-op board members.