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  1. HOA management co will no longer return my calls regarding bogus charges
  2. refusal to repair common area
  3. Homeowner's Association Issue Regarding Utilities
  4. California Resident buying Minnesota Real Estate
  5. Leak from upstairs unit(s)
  6. Condo/ Dish Problem
  7. HOA refuses to pay for damages
  8. Loan to few Unit owners from HOA's Line of Credit
  9. carpenter ant damage in beams of outer wall, whose responsibilty? owner or hoa
  10. need to find tax filing for my HOA
  11. Withholding Condo Fees
  12. Remove HOA Lien
  13. Resignation of Trustee Being Held Up By Other Trustees
  14. Time share condo
  15. Condo Association vs Rate of Rentals
  16. Assaulted by neighbor, now being fined!
  17. Condo rules and entering units
  18. Abusive Boyfriend won't move out
  19. Amending Condominium Bylaws
  20. Quiet Neighbors above us have turned extremely noisy after baby
  21. Privacy
  22. tree roots damaging condo neighbor's patio
  23. Amending Bylaws by Proxy ???
  24. Hardwood Flooring in Condo
  25. Owed condo fees and selling the condo
  26. HOA Budget
  27. HOA House Rules & Tenant Lease
  28. Transfer of Co-op shares after Divorce?
  29. water leak
  30. Fire in Condo, HOA says won't file claim on Master Policy
  31. HOA legal issue
  32. Water Leak- Townhome
  33. condo president has restraining order
  34. condo association problem
  35. Liability on water damage
  36. Laundry Machine Contract with Exiting Mgmt Co, Damages for Neglect to Building
  37. Coop rules
  38. Late fees
  39. Condo Trashed and Management Comp Non-responsive in recouping expenses
  40. Violation of bylaws and 6D certificate
  41. illegal tenant
  42. Help!!
  43. FInes
  44. Meetings refused and growing issues...
  45. Jackup HOA
  46. Election canvassing to residents by candidates
  47. amended declaration
  48. Define eligible condo assoc voter
  49. Define eligible condo assoc voter
  50. Condominum noise regulations
  51. Condo association noise regulations
  52. Water damage, they won't fix, can I sue?
  53. Board member misconduct against board member
  54. What to do next?
  55. move-out deposit in condo
  56. Fence Location
  57. Condo Window Replacement.
  58. Master set of Condo docs/Board Duty
  59. Unable to rent condo. Looking for advise
  60. FL Condo Legislation - 2009
  61. Termite and sale of condo
  62. HOA and Cable TV bill
  63. Couple of HOA questions
  64. condo assessemnt increase
  65. HOA in Broward County FL
  66. Parker Finch HOA
  67. HOA question, Foundation damage - Who is responsible for what? - Nashville, TN
  68. tenting for termites
  69. Condo Association Issues
  70. Condo water damage
  71. my condo association is pathetic and probably criminal
  72. Exemptions from CC&Rs for Medical Reasons
  73. Can Condo Associations control the number of units rented.
  74. Appliance issue in Selling Co-op
  75. Does the State Of SC have laws for HOA's?
  76. condominium law homeowner association dues
  77. condo owner's rights
  78. Condo repairs/hoa
  79. HOA Threatening to Foreclose - Need Advice
  80. Limited Common Areas
  81. Condominium Problems
  82. Out of control condo association
  83. Co-op dog agreement
  84. Owner's right to info from condo board
  85. Can a condo association force an eviction?
  86. Do we have any rights when our HOA rips us off?
  87. Ex-Boyfriend's Obligation to Loan/Deed?
  88. Fire Sprinkler leak damages hardwood floor
  89. My Fire sprinkler damage
  90. Common Elements and Insurance
  91. Use of pool etc.
  92. Non-consensual tow from my condo's private lot
  93. broken pipe
  94. Site Condo Issues with HOA
  95. 55 + community
  96. HOA Reserves
  97. HOA security
  98. Sue HOA in small claims court?
  99. Block outside drainage & down sprouts issues
  100. No 6(d) documentation
  101. HOA Maintenance Responsibility in PA
  102. Association Late Charges
  103. Townhouse special assessment for repairs
  104. The 51% owner occupancy law and who pays HOA dues when a condo is foreclosed on?
  105. Stomping neighbors @ nighttime: what can we do?
  106. What is my Liability if HOA goes bankrupt?
  107. Upkeep of outside of condos is not being done
  108. HOA Board Signed Contract for Termite Tenting
  109. Condo board wants to prohibit lawful use of lake
  110. Condo - HOA Requirements in CO Law
  111. Pool hours for children
  112. Parking spaces blocked-Legal advice needed
  113. Bogus Association Fees
  114. Statute of limitation for HOA to require change to exterior modification
  115. Statute of limitation for HOA to require change to exterior modification
  116. Who pays HOA dues when a condo is foreclosed on?
  117. Townhouse vs. condo
  118. barking dog
  119. Foreclosure
  120. Leak is roof or siding causes damage to interior
  121. Am I Responsible for the Deductible?
  122. Penalties for subletting coop apt.
  123. non-renter occupant
  124. volunteering at condo association
  125. Pitbull
  126. Interview Questions
  127. Filthy Tenants
  128. fined by condo association
  129. Maintenance Responsibility
  130. fine for letting cat out
  131. damage to garage door
  132. How to determine percentage condo ownership?
  133. bench placed on common elements against rules
  134. IS HOA Board violationg homeowners constitutional rights
  135. Notification Requirements
  136. How can i stop my coop from Harassment
  137. Property Mgt & Association Records
  138. crosswiring electricity in common areas
  139. Liability issue
  140. Dog exception at condo granfathered in
  141. Home Owners association and renters rights
  142. Backpay for garage parking spot
  143. HOA denying new construction verbally
  144. Liability for HOA fees.
  145. Condo Owner's insurance - HO6 policy
  146. Who pays?
  147. Should I pay HOA lien first, then sue in small claims?
  148. Co-Op Housing Rights
  149. Developer's Right to Vote
  150. Co-op view
  151. Change my "condo" to a "single family residence"?
  152. I have no condo association...help
  153. What if no ones run for the board?
  154. Co-Op Housing Rights
  155. Parking
  156. late condo fee fines
  157. non-payment of condo fees
  158. Builder Defects
  159. Builder lied about FHA "spot" approval
  160. Children & pool hours
  161. condo rental to a corporation
  162. Can an individual owner sue a builder for const. defects
  163. Water Damage from Above
  164. getting harrassed by coop board, what can I do?
  165. Management Company Charging For Gate Repairs
  166. Noise Complaint.
  167. Expired HOA
  168. Expired HOA
  169. PA Condo law
  170. Water damage to a condo
  171. Renter as Board Member
  172. HOA battle, need some advice
  173. Condo board placed a lien on property
  174. Using LLC entity to dump timeshare property
  175. Utility mix up
  176. Non-owner wanting to serve on Board of Directors
  177. Can Condo Board Force Members to Meet & Vote on Amendments by Phone?
  178. Eviction from Co-op
  179. Insufficient Reserve Funds
  180. Simple Simple Questions Answers Appreciated
  181. board members reside on property
  182. Association troubles
  183. HOA nightmare
  184. No Association, Forced to Rent
  185. HOA Special Assessments
  186. Fined due to neighbor complaining (not true)
  187. Deceived
  188. Back payments
  189. Condo Owner Irresponsible
  190. Is the whole association responsible for limited common elements?
  191. Vindictive Board ordering me to remove washer/dryer
  192. association creating rules based on their personal taste
  193. Should I Have to Pay Maintenances Fee for Condos that was close for more than 2 year
  194. Should I have to pay maintenance fees while condo was close?
  195. Condo Board violating new law
  196. owner disputes
  197. Is this legal?
  198. condo floors
  199. Parking Issues
  200. Condo LLC
  201. Parking policy - legal?
  202. disputed damages
  203. Fixing Cars in Development
  204. The Declarant Period is OVER
  205. Intentionally Low HOA Dues by Declarant
  206. Percentage interest - condominium fees and assessments
  207. Is limiting # condo rentals enforceable
  208. Association Rules Concerning Renting...
  209. Commercial/Industrial Condo Questions/Concerns
  210. CC&R "dog bite"
  211. AC charges
  212. Can Condo Association make separate rules for homeowners vs tenants?
  213. rodents in common area of condo building
  214. Water Damage/Mold
  215. Commercial Unit Owner Violated ByLaws
  216. Ready to bail on condo
  217. Pay an Assessment that the Board Never Approved?
  218. condo law in Michigan
  219. No Condo Association - Need Advice
  220. management company
  221. rent to purchase coop apartment
  222. Confidentiality?
  223. threats from condo owner
  224. Condo Bylaws forbids hardwood floors, have bad dust allergy
  225. COA Retaliation/harassment - what would you do?
  226. Over funding of Association Reserve Fund
  227. Lemon Law For Condos
  228. Property of deceased parent
  229. Property of deceased parent
  230. HOA using sheriff to enforce rules
  231. How to force builder to fix problems of condo under warranty?
  232. Pets
  233. Summons Answer
  234. condo assn
  235. HOA and Grandfathered inprovements
  236. Harassing Landlord
  237. N.j.s.a. 46:8b-21
  238. Condo Assoc Evicting Owner's Tenant
  239. can a public meeting be recorded?
  240. Animals in attic and roof damage-who is responsible to pay and repair
  241. HOA are they just being nosey?
  242. 10 days notice to transfer units in co-op
  243. managment co audit
  244. Can I challenge declaration amendment before it is recorded?
  245. Fencing Rule
  246. Condo leasing or renting by owner
  247. Condo Board and Property manager
  248. HOA Condominium Declaration question
  249. Repairs to water meter
  250. HOA and water damage issues