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  1. Buying a Pre-construction condo
  2. Please explain this legal jargon from the C, C & R's
  3. Changing beneficial interest
  4. Indoor handicap parking
  5. noisy neighbor
  6. water damage - who is responsible
  7. Condo Easement obligations
  8. Conde fee too high, services not being provided
  9. Coops 101
  10. board of directors won't enforce cc&r's
  11. Problems with condo landlord
  12. how to protest condo assn decisions?
  13. How to Petition Court to Vacate Lien
  14. Timeshare
  15. Smoking on premises
  16. Phila. condo getting noisy
  17. Maintenance Responsibility
  18. Special Assessment Question
  19. Condo fees based on square footage?
  20. Agents advertising my Condo without my permission
  21. Co-op "Waiver of Option" Need a quick response please!!
  22. Tree Droppings in Backyard
  23. Neighbors Tree Droppings in Backyard
  24. Limited Common Element
  25. surplus operating funds
  26. Indemnification for unapproved patio surface
  27. Complaint on noise
  28. Removing a board member
  29. Board of Directors Meetings
  30. Removing flyers from owners' doors
  31. Water damage caused by next door unit!!
  32. Help with Condo Rental Denial
  33. Condo breaks their own rules
  34. Common area trees cracked MY property
  35. New Playground
  36. Regarding refund of rent for two night stay
  37. Condo Security
  38. Relocation during construction
  39. can I rent my unit by the week
  40. smoking
  41. Advice needed - Breakup when we share property
  42. Can we bring our lawyer?
  43. What are my rights?
  44. What are my rights?
  45. structural damage/double monthly fee increase
  46. Was a precedent set?
  47. How do we review minutes?
  48. Foundation/structural damage flooding my basmenet unit.
  49. Structural Problems Withheld
  50. Negligence????
  51. Subfloors- common structure or individual element
  52. AC Leaked into downstairs Condo
  53. co-op contract advise needed
  54. Homeowners Associations
  55. HOAs and Owner's Rights
  56. Where can one file complaint against HOA??
  57. Getting your down payment for coop back
  58. Do I have to pay late fees?
  59. Rental restrictions changed by board members
  60. condo board member seeking legal action
  61. Condo Fee plus $100.00
  62. Can a Condo Assoc. enforce no-smoking rule
  63. Condo by-law banning children under 12 please advise
  64. Selling a timeshare
  65. can I sue my HOA?
  66. Too long to close.
  67. noise issuse
  68. Renter still on the original lease
  69. Monthly Board of Directors meetings
  70. condo votes and fees
  71. Overturning Default
  72. COOP fees - do I have to pay?
  73. attorney refuses to return proprietary lease!
  74. Charitable Endowment Fee
  75. flipping a new construction
  76. Complaint against HOA re: Lender's Questionnaire
  77. Evict unwanted resident and ban smoking
  78. no pet rule
  79. HOA trying to make me stop babysitting
  80. Homeowners Rights with rental units
  81. covenants - screened from public view
  82. baseless noise complaints from owner below us - harassment
  83. Neighbor sueing HOA board over electricity
  84. Transfer of limited common property, such as parkings
  85. Very noisy neighbors
  86. PA condo laws and property management question
  87. "Capital Contribution" refund to the previous owner
  88. Condo Association with only two units?
  89. HOA and Tree Removal
  90. List of Owners Required to be Supplied?
  91. Suit Pending Against Condo Association.
  92. Prop mgr dividing complex
  93. Fee Simple Townhome - Parking Problem
  94. condo association
  95. can someone take control of a condo project and force small people out?
  96. I am in the middle of a Condo Foreclosure
  97. Gross misrepesentation?
  98. Renting to Roomate in Condo?
  99. Names on Deed
  100. re: Condo_Izing a Family Owned Duplex
  101. Patio screening of a condo
  102. Annual Meeting
  103. How to fire a current management Company?
  104. Changing Condo fee's in Pennsylvania
  105. modification to handicap unit possible??
  106. water damage that cannot be seen
  107. calif timeshare
  108. Covenants, OK to alter to require vote to change colors?
  109. Damage to Unit from improper maintenance of common area
  110. Condo association dissolution
  111. Condo Assn placed unowed lien on prop, now threating to have seized and sold
  112. Denied! No Reason Given.
  113. Outrageous HOA fees
  114. HOA not enforcing CCR's
  115. Violation of property
  116. condo fees / reserve question...
  117. financing terms in contract of sales
  118. How do you measure SF??
  119. 30% not paying assn. fees
  120. Question about CC& R
  121. Marcia Beamish
  122. quitclaim on condo
  123. Filing Leins
  124. Please Help am I Liable?
  125. CC & R, Parking
  126. Crazy condo neighbor-- help! Association does nothing - fines me??!!!
  127. Special Assessment
  128. Condo Forclosure And R.i.c.o. Act
  129. construction defects/assessments
  130. sex offender in the area
  131. 1st time buyer advice
  132. fence issue in condo association
  133. Mold-child is sick!!
  134. Neighbor From Hell - What Can I Do?
  135. Cats Nuisance
  136. HOA now towing Handicapped vehicle
  137. timeshare
  138. Can You Have the Assocation
  139. They're harassing my mom
  140. Will not rent us the social room
  141. Who is responsible
  142. Water Damage
  143. More about Social Room use
  144. Condo disaster
  145. How can I remove mold if association refuses?
  146. Car Alarm - Disturbing the Peace?
  147. Condo Fine For Garbage Left Outside Dumpster
  148. Trouble in Houston
  149. Who pays for water line work?
  150. Problems with upstairs neighbor
  151. condo "assessments"
  152. Should we convert to condos
  153. Condo By-Laws "amended" improperly?
  154. Boards Decision Gives Unfair Rent Advantage
  155. Board to vote on lease application
  156. Water leak from roof; inside damage -- WHO IS RESPONSIBLE???
  157. Parking space problem
  158. Handicap Parking
  159. Association Misconduct
  160. Poopy Problem
  161. I'm I stuck with this contract?
  162. Parking
  163. texas Smart housing Guidelines
  164. On the Fence
  165. Help I'm losing sleep
  166. Neighbours (HOA) from hell!
  167. 20 percent down from 2nd mortgage
  168. Forclosure for not paying dues
  169. Trouble with Neighbor's Cats
  170. HELP water damage
  171. Sale of CO-OP and Board Approval
  172. Some Adivce Needed - Please
  173. Condo association enforcement of rules
  174. Possible Eviction
  175. Fire Insurance and HOA
  176. i hate my condo association
  177. My Neighbor Installed A Giant Flushmount Cieling Fan
  178. PArking small cargo trailor ??? Not allowed !!
  179. Changing a co-op to a condo by dissolution of corp, purchased by unit owners
  180. Convert Apt Bulding into condos
  181. Condominium Problem
  182. Condo Association Application Approval
  183. process to change covenants
  184. Water Damage to Unit Below Me
  185. Flooded my unit and 3 lower units
  186. A small HOA
  187. How far can Homeowners Assoication GO
  188. Water damage, Concealed Plumbing
  189. apple tree
  190. HOA fees sq footage and expenditures
  191. HOA, FHA regulations of flooring: No pergo?
  192. condo owner in violation of bylaws, need advice
  193. Harrassing Neighbors - Help!
  194. Horrible living conditions....
  195. Responsibility?
  196. Any lawyers or Judges on-line???
  197. Assessment Check Refund- Who's is It?
  198. time share problem
  199. Condo parking spot dispute
  200. service charge rule query
  201. Who has authority??
  202. window bars??????
  203. Not over 55 do I get thrown out?
  204. Violation of Condo Decs & Bylaws and IL Condo Property Act
  205. Refused access to Association books, etc.
  206. Pellet Stove Discrimination
  207. They're charging me late fees for $5.00!!!
  208. How can I rent out my property?
  209. Association suing a fellow homeowner
  210. Buying a coop with a tenant
  211. Roof leaking...
  212. Amending by-laws
  213. car damaged in parking lot
  214. Condo Visitor Parking Problem
  215. Parking discrimination
  216. Condo managements mismanagement
  217. Submetered Gas Charges
  218. Condo fire
  219. Timeshare votes at aoao ?????
  220. Inspection of garage
  221. My tenants won't reply back
  222. Timeshare purchase...plz help
  223. Condo Fees
  224. Insurance for Board Members
  225. Sueing HOA During/After Condo Sale
  226. Bad Faith on Part of HOA's Insurance
  227. HOA/Commerical neighbor noise issue
  228. Condo Association Pros/Cons
  229. Assigned Parking Spots
  230. stalling on flood repairs
  231. I am the noisy neighbor
  232. Condo laws
  233. Special Assessment
  234. Condo expropriated my closet Space
  235. 2 unit condo
  236. condo assn move-out fees for renters
  237. Paying maintenance for closed amenities
  238. Mounting Satelite or Wireless Antena on the roof
  239. illegal road connection thru Common Element? MI
  240. Association won't file insurance claim
  241. "On Trial"
  242. "On Trial"
  243. co-op ownership title
  244. re: Waiver of mortage contingency
  245. noise issues in a co-op
  246. Renting a Condo
  247. Condo Asso dues
  248. HOA Refuses to Repair Issues
  249. Complete Homeowners Minutes
  250. manager rented out condo without permission