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  1. Pet rent?
  2. Old Broiler - course of action?
  3. Condo- Dryer Vent Disconnected
  4. Gutter and water issues causing damage to my unit?
  5. Property manager parking rules.
  6. Foreclosure proceedings for coop owners
  7. Special assessment - urgent
  8. Inconsistent treatment by Condo Concierge/building manager
  9. Co-Op Will Not Pay for Damages from Hurricane
  10. HOA is now telling members we are not allowed at the monthly meetings
  11. Right of access for plumbing
  12. Detached condo and personal privacy
  13. Outside renovation. One owner disagrees, never paid assessment. Can owner still vote?
  14. Trying to collect FROM my HOA
  15. Is Board Circumventing Special Assessment Vote?
  16. HOA towing illegally?
  17. Coop: leak damage after warning
  18. Is the condo association liable?
  19. Responsible for the damage
  20. Annexing common area to expand a condo
  21. Condo Board Meeting Agenda and Open Forum Rules
  22. Members in Good Standing
  23. sponsor coop questions
  24. Common elements expense - who pays?
  25. Bad Neighbor in HOA.
  26. Consistent and Selective Enforcement in HOA
  27. Can an HOA charge us for satellite dish removal?
  28. How to resolve a builder error from 15 years ago.
  29. Board of trustees refuses to step down even though 66% of us signed a petition.
  30. Subfloor Leveling for Hardwood Installation - HOA Responsibility or Owner?
  31. Townhouse Shutters
  32. Property Management fine for "not following instruction" or "move out on week end"
  33. City denying already granted HUD/DFEA provided handicapped parking
  34. NEW HOA restriction prohibits roomates passed AFTER purchase based on roommate income
  35. Can anything be done?
  36. Implied in fact contract
  37. That one family in every neighborhood...
  38. If I am not named in a law suit, can I file motions pertaining to it ?
  39. Left on the street?
  40. Property management charging to give us info
  41. HOA Rental Restrictions
  42. Bylaw Interpretation
  43. JAIMEROSS in case you did not mean to lock your thread
  44. exclusive easement repair responsibility
  45. Satellite dish theft?
  46. Water issue outside/inside just purchased condo
  47. Proxys for Elections of board members - HOA management
  48. Guest & Handicap Parking
  49. Selective Enforcement of HOA Byalws and Violation of Implied Warranty of Habitability
  50. can I sue the co-op board for not taking action?
  51. condo board responsibility?
  52. Hoa
  53. Board President Stepping Way out of Line
  54. HOA replacement is leaving me all wet
  55. HOA harassment
  56. Condo Elections: Court Orders
  57. Car booted for backing into my parking spot!
  58. Adding gas furnace to the townhouse
  59. Snow Removal Liability for Condo
  60. Balcony repair dispute in CA HOA - who is right, what to do?
  61. Are builders required to cooperate with Comcast / Verizon?
  62. Tenant co-op background checks
  63. Dispute Condo Association Fees Collection letter
  64. co-op purchase with no income?
  65. HOA extra rental fees and no external repairs?
  66. Responsible for HOA FEES if Signed Deed to Bank?
  67. Hoa utilization of annual dues
  68. Storage unit issue with condo president
  69. contracting electrician without a contract, board approval
  70. HOA response to appeal: more than 90 days from date of appeal letter.
  71. Installing sump pumps into the sewage line without notifying the owner in CT
  72. President Refusing To Supply Information
  73. Condo
  74. Fixing Construction during Condo Conversion process?
  75. board member election by shareholders
  76. Condo Issue
  77. Short Term rental of owned property
  78. Storage Units question
  79. Board of Trustees New Parking Policy, Renter with No Rights to petition Board
  80. Vengeful neighbor towed my guest's car from my assigned spot
  81. Putting up solar panels
  82. Inactive home owners association
  83. HOA "fee" vs "fine"
  84. Tax & Maintenance question
  85. Deadbeat condo owners
  86. manager of co op
  87. Settlement Options Regarding Outstanding HOA Fees
  88. Is AZ civic association for lots covered by Title 33 Chapter 9 CONDOMINIUMS?
  89. Is the HOA liable for a tenant's personal property being damaged?
  90. Need help in NY on Short Sale
  91. Maintenance of Common Elements
  92. Condominium statutes of limitation
  93. Mom with co op died
  94. Noisy AC unit above my condo
  95. FL HOA demanding homeowners insurance
  96. Needs Assistance to protect mother
  97. Massive Dispute with HOA
  98. Request for mediation
  99. Neighbor Noise Complaints
  100. Leak/Mold Issue in Condo - Need Advise on How to Handle Management Company
  101. Management Company Withholding Insurance Payout
  102. Management Company Contract Question
  103. unfair special assessment fee
  104. HOA registration with Sec. of State/County Recorder od Deeds
  105. HOA Pool
  106. Seeking advice - dealing with condo assoc on repairs
  107. Just how much can the HOA charge?
  108. Common Element Maintenance
  109. Need advice! Planning to sue my Condo Board
  110. Fireproofing common elements
  111. Broad president abusing his position with fines and violation against my dog
  112. Homeowners Assoc & Privacy
  113. My HOA sent me letter about security camera
  114. Treasurer on condo board
  115. HOA About to Sue Me - HELP!
  116. Condo Fire - who pays to protect contents during demolition
  117. HOA Assigned Parking Space
  118. HOA Management Procedures for filing Small Claims lawsuits
  119. Foreclosure & minority ownership
  120. Questionable Association practices
  121. 183a (6)(D) certificate required?
  122. Rental Cap in a HOA
  123. Roof leaks
  124. Bulk cable tv
  125. HOA Delinquency Procedure
  126. Home Owners Assoc question
  127. HOA Dispute with Owners
  128. CoOp evection and judgment
  129. Forbidden!
  130. co-op sublet rules
  131. HOA Problems- HELP! ASAP!
  132. HOA is billing for damage we did not cause
  133. HOA installed large electrical cabinet blocking view
  134. Renting from a Condo Owner Fees and Complaint for Possession, Oh My...
  135. Wrong documents provided before closing
  136. Wrong documents provided before clowing
  137. CA: Can owner sue former HOA board member?
  138. Condo member refinanced, but I did recieve a 6d waiver to sign.
  139. Bylaws
  140. undue hardship
  141. Peeping/Threatening HOA Pres
  142. New Condo Association Fees
  143. cindy shareholder
  144. Water Damage
  145. Condominium Fees
  146. property managment wants to turn off central air conditioning for the winter season
  147. water damages who psay
  148. HOA take away the space of the closet in my condo
  149. HOA take away the space of the closet in my condo
  150. can the board be sued
  151. parking
  152. Danger, Will Robinson, Danger!!
  153. Appeal process for Board
  154. HOA Liability Ins. Policies
  155. Condo Renters vs. Co-owner rights
  156. My Co-Op Board is refusing to meet with Prospective Buyer
  157. Foreclosure & HOA Dues
  158. condominium rules for board members
  159. Common Elements
  160. Construction project & compensation
  161. Resident
  162. Paying back assesments on REO
  163. Parking Issues for 7 Years
  164. Guest banned?
  165. Starting a Co-op
  166. Party Walls - Planned Development
  167. Condo Real Property Taxes Unpaid for 3 years
  168. Question about co op and
  169. rights as a homeowner?
  170. Condo buyer denial
  171. NJ - Board trying to take away parking space
  172. elevator noise into my condo unit (california)
  173. Homeowners Association disagreement
  174. Follow-up Questions to: HOA trying to collect reimbursement for cost not my fault. Th
  175. HOA trying to collect reimbursement for cost not my fault. Threatening a lien.
  176. How to prove if a person is living at a residence?
  177. Drowning in Fort Washington, MD
  178. can the board stop or limit the access to a shared porch?
  179. My computer was destroyed by a leaking toilet two floors up!!!!
  180. seller died, probate expected, will co-op sell
  181. "Member in Good Standing Definition"
  182. Buyer Rejected - For wanting to live with cousin
  183. Limited common element question
  184. Changing bylaws and raising dues
  185. Board refuses to pay for damage to unit
  186. Condo board member personal liablity
  187. HOA's Option of First Refusal
  188. What type of action can I take against My HOA?
  189. Board made an illegal motion
  190. condo owner complaints in New Jersey
  191. cono owners complaints
  192. Seller failed to disclose a condo assessment
  193. Condo owner fails to disclose assessment
  194. HOA skylight repair responsibility
  195. Condo Association Dues
  196. Condo: Water shutoff in building causes clog at wall - Owner billed for repair. Help?
  197. Can the developer's appointed board memeber vote on a reallocation?
  198. Condotel Board
  199. Changing Voluntary HOA to Mandatory HOA
  200. Hoa
  201. Want to build an addition to my condo unit?
  202. HOA Issue with lien
  203. Same Parking Space Deed to 2 Different Units?
  204. Condo Assoc. Fees & Foreclosure
  205. Can condo association force me to carry my large service animal through the building?
  206. Access to Financial Documents by Board Member
  207. New owner: found out the building has let
  208. Can condo assoc. exict my oversize dog who is registered service animal?
  209. Plumbing damage causes entire unit stripped, who pays for finishing (flooring, etc)?
  210. Can subcontractor put lien on condo, even when no work was authorized in writing?
  211. Can HOA legally block an easement?
  212. when no condo assoc. unit owner's rights
  213. changes to sales strategy affects current owners
  214. dogs height
  215. By Laws / CCRs
  216. Question regarding damage done to my condo
  217. Head of Condo Management Arrested
  218. Proxy rules
  219. Condo Homeowners Assoc.'s Responsibility
  220. change condo homeowners agreement
  221. Home Owner's Association Help - Crosspost in Debt Collections
  222. Timeshare scam
  223. President
  224. President
  225. Condo Truck Conflict
  226. Condo Truck Conflict
  227. Non payment of townhouse association dues
  228. Board Member - Resignation
  229. HOA Trying to Regulate Condo Price
  230. Is a Home Exchange a rental?
  231. Condo Assessment for Bills Already Paid
  232. Access to main water shut off valve
  233. Co-op and split-system air conditioning
  234. shareholder
  235. No Electricity
  236. Condo rule discriminate younger and family with kids
  237. Proxies
  238. Is an owner responsible for damages caused by former owner?
  239. HOA parking restrictions
  240. delinquent homeowner dues
  241. Homeowners' dues
  242. Florida - slab leak in townhouse possibly related to road construction
  243. allocate specific common area to select unit owners
  244. allocate specific common area to select unit owners
  245. HOA Removed Tree that Damaged my Driveway
  246. Parking issue and new rules
  247. HOA and pet grandfathered
  248. Re: NYS Co-op-How do I transfer a name/shares off co-op title?
  249. harrasement of board
  250. condo neighbors' phone lines run thru closet