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  1. I need help
  2. Can HOA reappropriate money specifically intended for monthly dues?
  3. Home Owners Association and Day Care
  4. Seller Non Disclosure/Flooding Issues
  5. tenants in common to sole ownership
  6. Wife is a Secondary Heir / Primary Heir is Delinquent
  7. Changing a real estate deed fom Mother and Fathers name to Mothers name
  8. Florida Landtrust agreement
  9. buyout shares realestate corp
  10. HOA Dues (when there wasn't supposed to be one)
  11. Need to get ex off of the mortgage and deed.
  12. Home Inspector Failed to find GFI switch for Exterior Outlets (North Carolina)
  13. selling my home, but ex wife on mortgage
  14. Petition to partition joint tenency
  15. The bank split the baby... NOW WHAT!
  16. Process to legally invest in foreign real easte
  17. HOA Liability
  18. drainage easement problems
  19. Co-Ownwers
  20. Quit Claims Deeds - Pros and Cons
  21. Idaho Easement Question
  22. HOA approval for leases
  23. Can a building inspector peek through your bedroom windows?
  24. Agency Issue: Are these charges fair?
  25. Majority owner of an estate property
  26. Power of attorney signed under duress, Parents immediately took house
  27. Being sickened by Neighbors grill
  28. giving away old swingset
  29. Returning Land Given as a Gift
  30. can I acquire a forwarding address?
  31. Private mortgage holder disappeared
  32. HOA question
  33. Neighbors Foundation Higher Than Ours Flooding Concern
  34. City pipe water damage
  35. What Does Insurance Consider To Be A Vacant Home?
  36. Co-heir Tax Responsibilities
  37. commercial lease broken but company closing...our rights?
  38. NYC rental agent listed building that are not shown to us
  39. Breaking a Real Estate Contract - Commercial Building Purchase.
  40. requirements to manage property?
  41. City caused damage
  42. Survivorship Rights (divorce papers) after death...
  43. Rights with duplex dual ownership
  44. Roots growing into Sewer Line
  45. Real Estate Auction Question
  46. Company Minority Owner/ Real Estate Broker
  47. latigo, thanks
  48. CA Utility deposit law
  49. Quit Claim Deed (Michigan) questions
  50. Hail damage not disclosed by owner
  51. What are my legal options?
  52. 1031 exchange
  53. Ohio Gaming Laws, Give house as gift
  54. Finished basement footage to be included in public record
  55. Land Trusts
  56. Paying local real estate taxes with cash - how can they refuse cash?!
  57. Fraudulent Deed Transfer
  58. Getting a lease for moving into my boyfriend's condo?
  59. Claiming a piece of land that belongs to an LLP, that ran out of business
  60. Water interest, method to acquire????
  61. Roommate wont pay
  62. Utilities Bill
  63. Abandoned property
  64. Property deeded to me - Help
  65. CC&R Language clarification
  66. Security Deposit Los Angeles, CA
  67. PMI "aging requirements"
  68. Property tax on a Church Parsonage?
  69. Real estate office robbed
  70. help with lease
  71. Home Improvements, Taxes and what year do they belong in?
  72. UK Land Registry Law- Property ownership-3 Year Old
  73. Bought a house recently. Having an issue with Property taxes.
  74. Covenants were changed
  75. married without spouse on mortgage or lean Indiana
  76. Who owns the land?
  77. What is the best option in this scenario?
  78. My Real Estate Partner Is A Fraud?
  79. Deed with Joint Survivorship
  80. Obamacare and losing my house
  81. Split of 50 acres among family
  82. real estate contract
  83. Easement to property I want to buy disapears on one property then reappears, normal?
  84. Father & Son on Deed, Only Son on Mortgage
  85. Question about definitions in HUD contract
  86. Best Book to Buy For Rental Property
  87. Assessor was overzealous and now I have to pay
  88. abandoned gas pipeline and easement
  89. "Encroachment" on Rail Road property -- survey says does not exist
  90. HOA Harassment and Fines
  91. Deed Restriction Violation - Need Help
  92. Borrower Suing Lender
  93. A big mess!!
  94. JTWROS - Need access to home - Please direct me
  95. Halloween display "special amusement building" ???
  96. Dispute over legal ownership of a property.
  97. Title Insurance on Inherited Home
  98. Type of action to bring against HOA
  99. Are water well rights part of "transfer of interests"?
  100. Affidavit of Small Succession under $75,000
  101. Should we form LLC for our Investment / Rental Properties?
  102. Conflict of interest during closing
  103. Security Depsot Assisted Living not returned in 30 days
  104. Question on Tax Liens
  105. Contract for Deed
  106. Insurance lien on property
  107. big dilemma!
  108. Zoning work around
  109. Abandoned vintage vehicle included in sales contract of commercial property.
  110. locked-out
  111. commercial lease - shared electricity issue
  112. I own a joint property and my partner filed for Chapter 7. Trying to buy his half
  113. Issues with Home Not Disclosed by Inspection / Owner
  114. purchased a lemon house
  115. Fixed property? KY
  116. Heloc Lien placed on wrong property, bank won't release title
  117. new homeowners coming after my land....need advice
  118. HOA Board...what can we do as members to rein them in???
  119. Questions about house "owned" with sister
  120. Original Investor with Builder states never removed from title when property sold
  121. Messy Situation at Home!
  122. Question about giving property while retaining lifetime rights
  123. Being sued for false claims to a tax lien that has nothing to do with us!!
  124. Question about nursing home lien on home
  125. Squatting in Ohio
  126. condo assessments
  127. Problem with Freeholder
  128. Supreme Court just released Koontz v. St John
  129. Changing the ownership of a house
  130. Deficiency Balance/Judgement - Utah
  131. advice needed
  132. Restrictive Covenants
  133. Purchasing vacation property on land contract
  134. Difference between an "in-house" modification of a home mortgage & the HAMP program
  135. Difference between an "in-house" modification of a home mortgage & the HAMP program
  136. Homeless shelter's liability for acts of clients
  137. $11,000 Sewer Issue I was not informed of at time of purchase 2 months ago
  138. Yet Another Inherited Real Estate Question
  139. Encumbrance Due to Tree Removal by Prior Owner (Dallas)
  140. Water intrusion in basement not disclosed by sellers?
  141. Going about buying a home I should have inherited...but there is a catch.
  142. The city says they condemned my house, what can i do?
  143. Brand new home purchase gone horribly wrong
  144. Giving My Permission For A Survey Of My Property To A Natural Gas Pipeline????
  145. Medical Lien on a Contract for Deed
  146. Urgent help needed. Is home Seller requesting personal info from Buyers legal?
  147. To Whom Does "DO NOT TRESPASS" not apply
  148. Inheritance Of My Father
  149. Rights to access home?
  150. Fence Help Needed
  151. Responsible for debt?
  152. Is it possible to secede from a restrictive covenant that does not have HOAs?
  153. Real Estate
  154. changing the name ona real estate deed
  155. Elderly Father Won House Auction, But...
  156. parent died with huge bill
  157. Question??
  158. HOA Issues - Volusia County Fl
  159. builder's responsibility or duty?
  160. deliquent tax question
  161. Becoming a Ditch Witch
  162. Neighbor rental properties in disrepair
  163. New Mexico land listed under deceased husband and late wife
  164. Looking to sell house with propert tax lien on it, need help!
  165. Home Building Delayed by Developer in Foreclosure
  166. question
  167. the home that will not go away
  168. Question regarding improvements to family members home.
  169. Mineral rights
  170. told to leave after dog fight
  171. Unpaid property taxes on twice transferred land
  172. Broker acting unethically?
  173. Wanting to Move Into My First Apartment
  174. How to remove someone off of a mortgage & auto loan?
  175. (Student Seeking Help) Land Deemed Undevelopable and trying to reclaim expenses
  176. Homeowners Association Late Fees & Should I yield?
  177. Poa **************... Help
  178. Home Abandonment in TN - Can One Co-Owner Remove Another Co-Owner's Name From Title?
  179. House rent collection after divorce
  180. Seller did not own property for sale
  181. Does a FL Realtor have a duty to disclose to potential Lessee that the Lessor is
  182. No-contract Design-Work on Land: Right of Designer to sell work in Transaction ?
  183. Failing to record a future interest
  184. Seller didn't disclose hail damage
  185. Florida - HOA won't remove termite infested tree.
  186. Can a Texas HOA claim aimplicit power to fine, if no explicit power to fine exists?
  187. Inherited property..cannot find lien holder
  188. Adverse Possession/NJ
  189. unpermitted renovations
  190. Lot split
  191. Can HOA ask me to send them my tenants leases?
  192. Can HOA ask me to send them my tenants
  193. Joint tenancy in common
  194. Landslide
  195. Stop Attorney contract review and approval !
  196. Is previous owner entitled to refund?
  197. Mortgage Loan was Transferred twice "FRUSTRATED"
  198. Partner wants out of General Partnership...
  199. Rider to lease
  200. Can medicaid still recover their costs if an heir is on a full military disability?
  201. Can a lawyer/seller not pay commission owed at closing?
  202. Inheriting Residential Property: Deed Questions
  203. Should I pay the taxes due on property that is in escrow?
  204. Not sure it I got screwed or not
  205. Inheriting Land as Tenants In Common. Need Advice.. (I'm in TX, Land is in AL)
  206. Indemnity and Hold Harmless agreement.
  207. fees associated to title changes
  208. Caveat Emptor in Virginia. What can we do?
  209. Transfer of Real Property and Installment Notes Using Quit Claim Deeds
  210. Answer to Complaint and Counter Suit Timing
  211. Concerned
  212. what deed form do i need to add a name to my house title?
  213. Can I rent out my current townhouse?
  214. Real bad water damages and liability issues
  215. estate sale of property being forced by bank and an heir refuses to sign off interest
  216. estate sale of property being fored by bank and an heir refuses to sign off interest
  217. short terms NYS rentals
  218. HOA may change CC&R to enforce a single case
  219. Question About Proposition 58 In California
  220. Building condemned and scheduled to be demolished please help!
  221. Widow owned home
  222. Am I Liable
  223. Seeking restitution for septic system installation after failed insepction
  224. Empty/Vandalized Home - Listed owner has no knowledge of ownership...
  225. Paying utility bills on a place you no longer live?
  226. Houses were fraudulently transferred by my sister and brother-in-law! Please help!
  227. r
  228. Fighting HOMESTEAD
  229. Sold our house, now the New Owner is complaining.
  230. Sold our house, now the New Owner is complaining.
  231. Please help me get my house back!!!!!!!!
  232. Quitclaim Due to Divorce
  233. Underground propane tank/Foreclosed property in NJ
  234. Retitling property from/to a Trust
  235. Neighbor Moving Trash Can...
  236. Tenants in Common question
  237. Right of First Refusal, Statute of Limitations
  238. Student housing rentals
  239. Failure to disclose 2 floods and lawsuit prior to home purchase
  240. Act of Donation
  241. Hoa
  242. Landlord Retaliation in West Texas
  243. Legal Action against Code Enfoecement Officer, NY
  244. Can my boyfriend move in with me when I live in a rent-assisted apartment?
  245. quit claim deed
  246. land dispute
  247. Have quitclaim deed in our name, now being sued by guardian of previous owner.
  248. Land Contract
  249. Eviction before foreclosure, belongings questions...
  250. Acquiring A Loan After Quit Claim Deed Executed