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  1. Developer control of the HOA
  2. Property Lien
  3. Question about JTWROS
  4. Can I raise chickens on my property?
  5. Removing deceased from deed in joint tenancy
  6. Adding wife to deed
  7. seller holding deposit
  8. Can the HOA force me to move a fence that was approved prior to installation?
  9. URGENT-Is the realtor lying to me?
  10. Can my Father evict me?
  11. Non profit homeless prevention housing
  12. Am I entitled or can I contest?
  13. No Road Maintenance Agreement
  14. Escrow
  15. Possum Kingdom Lake, Texas - Vacation Home Burned in Forest Fire
  16. Settling a price dispute on a home owned by an estate
  17. Half the heirs are ignoring the property
  18. Property Owners Association Board Question
  19. Private mortgage after the fact..
  20. Ouster
  21. Right of first refusal
  22. Does Women's Use of restraining order constitute an ouster
  23. house advise requested!!
  24. Intent to sue letter
  25. buying rights only
  26. time share
  27. Under Mi MCL 600.5750 can i be sued over damages after land contract after forfeiture
  28. HOA Question Regarding if HOA Currently Cannot Enforce Rules - Covenants
  29. problem
  30. Rental Property
  31. How do I prevent my spouse from selling or giving away our property w/out my consent?
  32. How can I fix this?
  33. Real estate lawsuit question
  34. Can Quit Claimed Property Ever Have a Clear Title?
  35. Lien against property without permission from other title holders
  36. Family Member starting trouble
  37. Transfer of Title to Domestic Partner
  38. My Mom is having problems with her brother who's name is on the deed
  39. Association Formed with No Warranty Deed
  40. Can't give it away
  41. Can a property within a trust be conditionally transferred upon grantors death?
  42. Spouse have rights?
  43. Quick Claim Deed
  44. Heir Property
  45. Grandfathered private properties in Houston Texas
  46. Quit claim from non-relative, can his children take my house?
  47. Old Deeds?
  48. Neighbor Harassing My Tenant
  49. Property for sale with easements Utah
  50. Starting real estate
  51. Which legal entities own land by default when owners die without heirs, or foreclose?
  52. Who owns the bridge?
  53. Use of the word "realty" for business and website
  54. Well issues- who is responsible?
  55. Can both spouses serve on HOA Board of Directors at the same time
  56. Are the HOA covenants clear enough?
  57. Is transfer od condo fee charged by sun city hoa legal ?
  58. Land for new car trade-off: Is this hypothetical deal even possible?
  59. Permits
  60. Broker Fee
  61. Rented a cabin for the weekend - being charged with "damage" to dirt roads
  62. Removal of family member
  63. real estate buy-out
  64. Eminent Domain Question what should I do?
  65. Sued and Won
  66. undisclosed damages after buying a house
  67. Conservation land questions
  68. Illegal selling of property with fake passport and power of attorney
  69. Transfer a deed from a deceased relative
  70. Quit Claim/Loophole??
  71. HOA threatens to fine me for violation of 1 rule, when many are broken by others.
  72. Farm Estate
  73. Restrictive Covenant vs Warranty against Encumbrances made multiple owners ago
  74. Quit Claim Deed
  75. Foreign land investment 3 buyers.
  76. Can an indiviual joint tenant contract for work on the house without the other tenant
  77. abandonment
  78. valid title
  79. Liens and Reduction of Code Enforcement Fines
  80. Risks with adding additional mailing address to a commercial property?
  81. Real Estate Assemblage - Contract
  82. Risks of signing off on quitclaim deed
  83. Manufactured home and land
  84. trouble with "ghost" investor
  85. Manuafactured Home
  86. Homeowner/rent question
  87. equity ownership
  88. Should I continue to exercise the POA in this instance?
  89. Family home
  90. What is "Reasonable Attorney Fees" - Re: Property Tax Lien Foreclosure?
  91. Joint Tenants in Common Questions Please help!
  92. House basement violates egress (emergency escape) code. Options?
  93. My name not on deed!!
  94. Thanks for any advice!
  95. Ranch Sign on Easement
  96. Does Chapter 13 release you from mortgage loan obligations? Massachusetts
  97. Weird and Sad Question
  98. Buying a Property with Squatters on it
  99. Purchased home that wasnt compliant to sewer code
  100. Garage rentals
  101. Warranty deed
  102. Question Regarding Tenants by Entirety
  103. q
  104. property
  105. I recently discovered that someone forged my signature on two quit claim deeds
  106. gally obtain my properties
  107. land deed technicalities?
  108. HOA insurance necessary?
  109. Lawsuits against real estate gurus?
  110. Procuring cause of a sale
  111. Quitclaim - Notarial Dates Missing
  112. Returning mobile home to previous owner (owner-financed loan)
  113. Car back up alarm
  114. A stranger says his property can't be sold because it's in the name of my LLC
  115. Quit Claim Deed?
  116. Forged Deed Transfer Lien Paid Original Owner Still Responsible for Lien
  117. Quit Clim Deeds/Rights to Survivorship
  118. Releasing voting results
  119. signing over to a trust question
  120. Code Enforcement Violation question
  121. Abandoned Vehicle on Adversely Posessed property (TX)
  122. Inspection Fee Reimbursement
  123. How can I get my property back from new owner of my boyfriends home?
  124. Joint Tenancy and property taxes
  125. Suing for Specific Performance
  126. Timeshare resort has become horrible
  127. SubLease + Papers Not Processed + Tenant Refusing to Pay Back
  128. When does MRTA start?
  129. deeds error
  130. equity share contestation on owned property - in Montreal /Quebec
  131. Realtor ethics violation?
  132. Past Employer being Sued
  133. homestead law
  134. Nondisclosure agreement document (Arizona)
  135. Closing taking to long 9 months
  136. Municipal Code Violation for Weeds
  137. Owner dead/ live in house bank wants to repo can I buy back
  138. Does the dominant or servient decide how the road is built on an easement?
  139. Transfer of mortgage to llc.
  140. Can my friend adds my name into his title deed?
  141. Using an LLC to transfer property in California
  142. house built on another property owners land
  143. Who is responsible for repairs?
  144. Property Line dispute with HOA
  145. will my 3 season cabin be considered my primary dwelling?
  146. need a Attorney to review my commercial lease.
  147. Abandonment
  148. acreage wrong on deed
  149. Issue with ex-roommate
  150. house deed
  151. Where can I research county, state, federal court rulings for non-disclosure?
  152. HELP! verbal agreement for repairs/remodel in exchange for rent, now LL want to sell
  153. Procuring cause dispute help
  154. Recourse to Unlawful Easement Deed?
  155. Sb refused to take over the rental contract or move her property out of the storage
  156. Chemical trespass, Being Bullied by neighboring farm
  157. am seperated from wife and we own a house, and she is in hospice care, how do i sell
  158. Easement
  159. Old Car Parked on Private Shared Road
  160. Seller failed to disclose a shared parking agreement with neighboring building
  161. Mold and house that was sold
  162. Water damage in new house
  163. Roommate moved out, will not pay rent any longer...
  164. Tax deed purchase, ownership and liability
  165. Incorrect Executive Claim Report
  166. Listing Contract
  167. Father-in-law loaned us money for down payment, now asking for more than we agreed
  168. Being sued for Deed
  169. jointed owner is locking me out of a section of property without giving me a key
  170. liability if neighborhood kids are hurt on our property?
  171. Selling land in India without seller's presence
  172. Father-son deed legal issues
  173. Unclear deed issue
  174. Property tax exemption disclosure?
  175. Ex is on the deed and will not sell home...
  176. a family member sold my land how do i get it back?
  177. Is my understanding per the bylaws of one vote/unit owner correct?
  178. Trick into buying a "bad" house
  179. Dispute on validity of contract agreement
  180. Seller Refuses to Pay Agreed Brokerage Commission?
  181. Is a broker fee owed on this in full, or can/should this be negotiated down?
  182. Which type of deed do I need?
  183. Promissory Note/Collection of deficiency in TEXAS
  184. Property addition - how do I handle this???
  185. Dispute with Property Management company
  186. Should we contact a lawyer?
  187. Old court case involving land patents
  188. Condo Master Deed Entitlements
  189. Tricky home situation
  190. Filing for a deed after winning a house in foreclosure
  191. Judgment on a property
  192. Property Management won't allow homeowners in HOA
  193. Real Estate Evaluation
  194. Abandoned home
  195. Prior owners still has interest in my deed. Any help is greatly appreciated!!
  196. can you confirm if counselor's advisement is accurate?
  197. Does a recapture clause on a govt. no-interest loan mean that if I sell at a profit,
  198. New Landlords Trying to kick us out
  199. Protection Fence Ramifications
  200. Legal standing to file suit on property with title defects...
  201. Is my listing agreement valid?
  202. How is an AZ Security Deposit held by law?
  203. Legality of HOA claiming harassment on public (not HOA) property
  204. Starting loans in default
  205. My brother and sister are withholding the rent
  206. Servicer Not Paying Proerty Tax from Impound Escrow
  207. question about deeds
  208. My (former) Property Manager allegedly violated statutes and ethics...
  209. Where can I find (for the ADRE), any property management obligations TO OWNER?
  210. We've got the survey, now what?????????
  211. East Texas Landlock Easement Right of way
  212. Ex Husband Renting out house we both owed
  213. Deterioration of foundation and deceptive real estate purchase
  214. HOA Board states "Onsite Construction" Clause invalid if oringal docs are altered
  215. Small claims appeal
  216. Natural Gas company won't pack back lease payments.
  217. Section 8 Settlement
  218. Ohio rent to own (land)
  219. Unethical Misconduct by Listing Agent: Illegal??
  220. Right of survivorship to tenant in common
  221. NYS I purchased property with title insurance only to find out theres a lien.options?
  222. Did my estate lawyer drop the ball and end up costing me thousands in penalties?
  223. Estate Quick Sale - Estate Sale
  224. Property Tax Situation - McLennan County, Texas
  225. Insterspousal Transfer Deed
  226. quit claim deed/title - wheres my new title?
  227. Utility Easement - Trail or Access to Trail
  228. HOA initiation fee
  229. Cloud removed - Title question
  230. Any real Life outcomes of Partition actions
  231. room mate contracts
  232. New home build, major issues with home 6 months later
  233. inheritance issue
  234. Listing Agreement Lawsuit
  235. HOA issues
  236. Ex-partner's belongings in my appartment
  237. Ousted from a joint tenancy house
  238. Klamath Falls Land
  239. overturn newly begun parking enforcement in our condos after 18 years of non enfrcmt?
  240. well vs. city water
  241. in california how do i deed over 1% of my condo to my life partner?
  242. attempted theft of property in apartment parking lot????
  243. property taxes
  244. Sue for trespassing?
  245. Can I force a sale?
  246. Who can request a title search?
  247. Choosing a Mediator
  248. Life Estate (Grandma has become a hoarder)
  249. Can I take my condo association or board of trustees to small claims court??
  250. Housing Association: Interest charges etc.