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  1. If a will is invalidated...
  2. Contesting a will
  3. Back up co-trustee of trust.
  4. Grandmother and father have passed. No will
  5. Sole and seperate property agreement?
  6. Can my inheritance be bought before being inherited?
  7. No Will I need help please.
  8. How do I file a petition to release funds?
  9. receiving inherited trust assets
  10. Designating funds for use by guardian for benefit of child
  11. Family Trust - Mother excluded
  12. Executor of Father's Will
  13. Donating home to charity
  14. Creating living trust for suspicious family member
  15. End of Trust
  16. Trustee as Owner of Assets
  17. Trustee divulging private medical info to other heirs.....
  18. Remainder beneficiaries timeline
  19. real estate transfer
  20. closing estate court date in March, not ready
  21. Life Tenant Questions
  22. How long does it take to settle an estate? (Illinois)
  23. Will we be entitled to ANYTHING????
  24. Inheritance right of minor great grandchildren
  25. Son Living in Condo Left in fathers will to Stepmother
  26. Hostile Trustee/Do I Need My Own Lawyer?
  27. Found the "Directives for establishment of the trust"...thoughts??
  28. How can my father get out of this TRUST?
  29. Left out of inheritance
  30. Grandmother gifting property to me - Advice on how to proceed
  31. A quickie question
  32. Responsibilities of Beneficiary (TOD)
  33. Re: Unfair! Over a million dollars of my dad's money will go to his wife's child?
  34. Unfair! Over a million dollars of my dad's money will go to his wife's child?
  35. Guardian/attorney ad litem
  36. Grandmothers Trust
  37. Lifetime Right of Occupancy Residential Real Property Questions ?
  38. Trustee Involves Another With Trust
  39. Revokable Living Trust or not necessary?
  40. Estate Tax
  41. Can a mentally incapacitated person make changes to their own will?
  42. Case won and other party refuses to pay.
  43. Bank account not in the Trust & headed for probate: anything we can do now ??
  44. wills
  45. can my brothers ex sue our trust/estate if he refuses to pay child support?
  46. Question Regarding Joint Will
  47. Who is the correct beneficiary if one of the beneficiaries dies estate isn't settled?
  48. Mismanagement of trust
  49. Help with my grandfathers pour over will and trust
  50. Who is correct on Estate division in OH? Wow, long...
  51. Special Needs Trust Access
  52. Right to inheritance
  53. How much time does being a successor trustee take?
  54. Contract to cede future inheritance to mom's/aunt's trust
  55. Transfer of title following death?
  56. Bank accounts
  57. Classic Cars
  58. Power of Appointment
  59. Disbursement of inheritance / funds before death
  60. Step Mother Selling House to Her Daughter??
  61. Power of Attorney rules - Can I pay my house off?
  62. Organ donor
  63. Replacing A Trustee
  64. Changes to a will
  65. Special Needs Trust
  66. Simple or compound interest?
  67. Removed From a Trust
  68. Confusing situation regarding my aunt's will
  69. Out-of-Wedlock Child
  70. Will/avoiding probate. Add wife to mortgage and/or title? Pros/cons?
  71. Rewording the House Deed after father's passing away
  72. Title Advice after Parent Death
  73. PoA for my Father, who has inheritance from a Trust.
  74. Chain of beneficiaries?
  75. Partial step-out distribution: cash or in kind?
  76. will
  77. Which will to has
  78. House that is in will was sold before death
  79. Will a judge in a civil case give access to California tax returns schedules C & E?
  80. Inherited trust / will
  81. Witness Question for Oregon Will
  82. Long term disability how much is taxable ?
  83. Hubby passed a month ago a little overwhelmed .
  84. Money left
  85. Too much income for college financial aid?
  86. Distributing Assets of a trust after death of grantors.
  87. Have an item delivered 15 years from now to my child
  88. Legal guardianship of children in last will
  89. Setting up a Will
  90. Is surviving spouse entitled to late spouse's inheritance?
  91. Will in the Name of Grandchild
  92. life insurance
  93. Legal procedure re: right to discovery
  94. self-proving will in Nevada
  95. Grandfather willing estate to minor child.
  96. Insolvent estate - Rec'd Medicaid Estate Recovery letter/questionnaire last wk
  97. How to replace the successor trustee with listed alternate successor trustee?
  98. Form 3520
  99. Two similar irrevocable trust
  100. Reading the Trust right?
  101. Inherited property overseas
  102. Living Trust for children outside USA
  103. How long do I have to file a will in NY state?
  104. What are my rights as a beneficiary to a trust?
  105. Affidavits?
  106. Trust Court Hearing
  107. Rev. Trust court hearing
  108. Dad died. His wife refuses to let me have or see a copy of his will
  109. Reading of the Will
  110. Can co-inheritor enter my house any time he wants?
  111. unreasonable brother
  112. POD account... missing money
  113. Disclosure of will part 2
  114. The Will: by J. Grisham, W. Faulkner, T. Williams
  115. Fathers Will... how to get a copy?
  116. Lawsuit Over Trust In Missouri
  117. Miller - QIT Trust
  118. Estate questions
  119. What happens if the trustee of an estate spends all of the money?
  120. Disclosure of Will
  121. Can I transfer ownership of my rental proerty to my daughter---gradually?
  122. For My Daughter's Best Interests
  123. Waiver of Priority, Consent to Appoint Personal representative & Waiver of Notice
  124. Living Trust
  125. Mothers Will have not seen it yet
  126. Final Will advice
  127. Help with Will/Estate Planning for terminal father
  128. how to get money in bank with auyo loan as collateral, and i am benefecary,p.o.d
  129. Unexpected Inheritance of Property-HELP
  130. estate bills
  131. Bypass Trust question
  132. Disbursement Question in Trust
  133. Trying to add beneficiaries to bank accounts in un-equal percentages
  134. Help with Estate Settlement question please.
  135. Qn on options if creditor's claim gets denied
  136. early car lease termination due to death (NY State)
  137. Does spouse receive her dead husbands share?
  138. Petition for emergency suspension
  139. Incompetent executor
  140. Locating a relative
  141. Newly named co-executors
  142. Trust Name and Recorded Order of Unit
  143. No receipt from my lawyer
  144. Please Help!
  145. I need to revise an old will
  146. Simple trust vs complex trust
  147. Special Needs Trust Bank Acct Created but... EVERYTHING Has Taken Years! Usual?
  148. Will, and death of beneficiary
  149. Trust tax question
  150. Question about setting up trusts for my children
  151. Trustee question.
  152. inheritance
  153. Stolen inheritance?
  154. Jointly held assets and bypass trust funding
  155. Inheriting my dad's estate.
  156. Inherited IRA
  157. daw1cked, I reported your thread
  158. last will and testament
  159. Estate Planning - Cash Gift (Tax)
  160. Help! Sticky situation with a like estate and my Mother and brother....
  161. Will and Living Trust Acquisition Advice
  162. advise please
  163. Reporting decedent's interest & dividends
  164. Trustee for money willed to his child, refuses to give it to her.
  165. Siblings Will
  166. Gift tax for NRA's intangible property
  167. Unitrust Conversion
  168. Court next week, "Accounting of a Trust" as Trustee
  169. Successor Trustee not Providing Accounting to Beneficiaries
  170. Motion to Amend Judgment in Probate Part
  171. Sibling having a sheriff sale (behind our back)
  172. Yet another "no will" mess
  173. What is a fair fee for a successor trustee (in California)?
  174. Settlement with sibling
  175. Is my wife's will binding?
  176. tax implications
  177. Contesting a Trust
  178. Revocable Living Trust
  179. pension distributions
  180. A means to protect your saving?
  181. Will; Property ownership question
  182. negligent trustee?
  183. My father's revocable trust
  184. Special Needs Trust strategy in Texas
  185. Change of Tax Law After Will is Written Leads to Trust Dispute
  186. Assistance requested with petition to compel trustee to account
  187. I want to secure a trailer park home which me and my dad is going to buy (California)
  188. house in trust, I am trustee, how to get family member to remove things?
  189. house in trust, I am trustee, how to get family member to remove things?
  190. beneficiary question
  191. Does the Trustee hold the power?
  192. Asset protection from State Hospital care-cost recovery
  193. How to determine if Im a beneficiary of a trust
  194. Beneficiary Changing Name
  195. Question about a living trust
  196. beneficiaries
  197. frustration is about maxed
  198. Answering Complaint Filed with Surrogate's Court
  199. beneficiary in will
  200. Interesting Situation..
  201. Living Trust with an Inmate as beneficiary
  202. Can Credit Unions take money out of a checking account to pay a credit card?
  203. My girlfriend's father passed away with no will and stepmom moved assets under her
  204. Father Died not legally Divorced but Separated
  205. Is my aunt wasting away my money?
  206. Older Brother Refuses to Pay for Tuition
  207. Estate Administrative expenses
  208. my trust attorney retired
  209. include in will ?
  210. Selling a vehicle in deceased husbands name?
  211. Alzheimer Dad changes will
  212. Life Estate in Wisconsin - how bad can it get?
  213. How do I insure that a corporate trustee know I've passed?
  214. A-B Trust and home sale
  215. Deceased Mother's Federal Bonds
  216. dad gave up rights
  217. Who's watching the hen house?
  218. Last Will and Testament Requirements
  219. How To Avoid Probate
  220. Where to put proceeds of trust for sister on SSI and Disability?
  221. gift given to family rescinded, and given to someone else
  222. Grandpa signed over house deed, but does his wife still have a claim?
  223. Immediate liquidation of revocable trust?
  224. Dysfunctional Family Revocable Trust Question Please Help!!
  225. help! mom may need to go to a nursing home
  226. Does my previous Will still stand once remarried?
  227. Revoccable Trust Beneficiary
  228. another quick living trust qiuestion
  229. Do I Need a Revocable Living Trust
  230. Spouse rights and responsibilities of inherited property
  231. DO I need to do this?
  232. Signing Checks As Trustee
  233. Contesting for a share in the will - granddaughter-in-law
  234. Contesting Survivor Trust
  235. Secretive executor, finding out value of an estate.
  236. Action Against Trustees
  237. Executor / Executrix
  238. Transfer future settement monies to specific person
  239. question regarding seizure of estate for long term care costs in CT long hot mess...
  240. Vehicle Title transfer from LIving Trust
  241. My Rights to deceased father's estate
  242. Brother claiming a living trust gives legal right to 1/2 of a joint tenant property
  243. Selling a Widow's Car
  244. Crummey Letters sent by email
  245. Co Habitating in South Carolina... no will
  246. issues with executor of father's estate
  247. Fastest way to leave house to specific child
  248. Mother Passed, No Will, Out of State
  249. can someone explain to me what i'm waiting for and how long?
  250. Property Trust