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  1. Incompetent executor
  2. Locating a relative
  3. Newly named co-executors
  4. Trust Name and Recorded Order of Unit
  5. No receipt from my lawyer
  6. Please Help!
  7. I need to revise an old will
  8. Simple trust vs complex trust
  9. Special Needs Trust Bank Acct Created but... EVERYTHING Has Taken Years! Usual?
  10. Will, and death of beneficiary
  11. Trust tax question
  12. Question about setting up trusts for my children
  13. Trustee question.
  14. inheritance
  15. Stolen inheritance?
  16. Jointly held assets and bypass trust funding
  17. Inheriting my dad's estate.
  18. Inherited IRA
  19. daw1cked, I reported your thread
  20. last will and testament
  21. Estate Planning - Cash Gift (Tax)
  22. Help! Sticky situation with a like estate and my Mother and brother....
  23. Will and Living Trust Acquisition Advice
  24. advise please
  25. Reporting decedent's interest & dividends
  26. Trustee for money willed to his child, refuses to give it to her.
  27. Siblings Will
  28. Gift tax for NRA's intangible property
  29. Unitrust Conversion
  30. Court next week, "Accounting of a Trust" as Trustee
  31. Successor Trustee not Providing Accounting to Beneficiaries
  32. Motion to Amend Judgment in Probate Part
  33. Sibling having a sheriff sale (behind our back)
  34. Yet another "no will" mess
  35. What is a fair fee for a successor trustee (in California)?
  36. Settlement with sibling
  37. Is my wife's will binding?
  38. tax implications
  39. Contesting a Trust
  40. Revocable Living Trust
  41. pension distributions
  42. A means to protect your saving?
  43. Will; Property ownership question
  44. negligent trustee?
  45. My father's revocable trust
  46. Special Needs Trust strategy in Texas
  47. Change of Tax Law After Will is Written Leads to Trust Dispute
  48. Assistance requested with petition to compel trustee to account
  49. I want to secure a trailer park home which me and my dad is going to buy (California)
  50. house in trust, I am trustee, how to get family member to remove things?
  51. house in trust, I am trustee, how to get family member to remove things?
  52. beneficiary question
  53. Does the Trustee hold the power?
  54. Asset protection from State Hospital care-cost recovery
  55. How to determine if Im a beneficiary of a trust
  56. Beneficiary Changing Name
  57. Question about a living trust
  58. beneficiaries
  59. frustration is about maxed
  60. Answering Complaint Filed with Surrogate's Court
  61. beneficiary in will
  62. Interesting Situation..
  63. Living Trust with an Inmate as beneficiary
  64. Can Credit Unions take money out of a checking account to pay a credit card?
  65. My girlfriend's father passed away with no will and stepmom moved assets under her
  66. Father Died not legally Divorced but Separated
  67. Is my aunt wasting away my money?
  68. Older Brother Refuses to Pay for Tuition
  69. Estate Administrative expenses
  70. my trust attorney retired
  71. include in will ?
  72. Selling a vehicle in deceased husbands name?
  73. Alzheimer Dad changes will
  74. Life Estate in Wisconsin - how bad can it get?
  75. How do I insure that a corporate trustee know I've passed?
  76. A-B Trust and home sale
  77. Deceased Mother's Federal Bonds
  78. dad gave up rights
  79. Who's watching the hen house?
  80. Last Will and Testament Requirements
  81. How To Avoid Probate
  82. Where to put proceeds of trust for sister on SSI and Disability?
  83. gift given to family rescinded, and given to someone else
  84. Grandpa signed over house deed, but does his wife still have a claim?
  85. Immediate liquidation of revocable trust?
  86. Dysfunctional Family Revocable Trust Question Please Help!!
  87. help! mom may need to go to a nursing home
  88. Does my previous Will still stand once remarried?
  89. Revoccable Trust Beneficiary
  90. another quick living trust qiuestion
  91. Do I Need a Revocable Living Trust
  92. Spouse rights and responsibilities of inherited property
  93. DO I need to do this?
  94. Signing Checks As Trustee
  95. Contesting for a share in the will - granddaughter-in-law
  96. Contesting Survivor Trust
  97. Secretive executor, finding out value of an estate.
  98. Action Against Trustees
  99. Executor / Executrix
  100. Transfer future settement monies to specific person
  101. question regarding seizure of estate for long term care costs in CT long hot mess...
  102. Vehicle Title transfer from LIving Trust
  103. My Rights to deceased father's estate
  104. Brother claiming a living trust gives legal right to 1/2 of a joint tenant property
  105. Selling a Widow's Car
  106. Crummey Letters sent by email
  107. Co Habitating in South Carolina... no will
  108. issues with executor of father's estate
  109. Fastest way to leave house to specific child
  110. Mother Passed, No Will, Out of State
  111. can someone explain to me what i'm waiting for and how long?
  112. Property Trust
  113. Stepmother not respecting grandmother's Will
  114. Lost Trust Document for Estate of Deceased Attorney
  115. Quick question about beneficery
  116. Stopping an Estate Auction
  117. Complicated....
  118. Will with girl friend who passed as benefiary
  119. How do we find out about the status of Mothers Estate? Michigan
  120. Will versus beneficiary
  121. My family trust
  122. Transferring mineral rights in Oklahoma
  123. Left Will Behind Family Squables
  124. Did not get full amount of inheritance. What can be done
  125. TRUST: $470K Gift to Purchase Real Estate
  126. Form 712 Life Insurance Statement
  127. How do you account for royalty income in a will?
  128. Annuity as an asset in an irrevocable trust
  129. need a will
  130. Inheritance Tax question
  131. Sibling co-deed holder of inheritance property
  132. Trust Dispersement
  133. Need court citation or rule for calculating value of stocks into a trust
  134. real estate/inheritance question
  135. Heir Gone Wild!
  136. 30 day survivorship clause...
  137. Hand written will no witnesses
  138. Can you will half of a house to someone?
  139. Mom wants to disinherit stepdad
  140. As power of attorney am I responsible for the car and mail ?
  141. K-1 for a trust
  142. Do I need a lawyer to start a Survivor and Family Trust?
  143. Trustee told me that there are funds for me but there is nothing in trust or writting
  144. POA/Trustee and vehicle I have been driving not mentioned in will or Trust
  145. as trustee of my own trust, can I terminate trust?
  146. Setting up a trust for children
  147. Trust EIN
  148. Father passed away without a will. But has a property in South Korea (PLEASE READ)
  149. Can Executor listed in will charge lawyer fees to estate prior to appointment?
  150. QTIP-like trust for unmarried couple
  151. Trust shares
  152. Leaving a Condo to a Friend
  153. family trust saga/confusion
  154. Removing Sister as Administrator of my Special Needs Trust?
  155. Giving my inheritance to my son, is gift tax due?
  156. Help with odd way brother is attempting to do accounting of procceds of sale of home
  157. Family Limited Partnership
  158. California: Trustee and Executor
  159. Will names beneficiaries but does not specify how to divide assets
  160. Ammendment to Revocable Living Trust
  161. florida executor took bank accounts and did not report them to probate court
  162. IRA beneficiary designation
  163. Estate Bank Account
  164. Need to locate the attorney who prepared my parents trust documents.
  165. passing ownership of house upon death
  166. Trustee And Executor Problems
  167. Possible Elder Abuse Associated with Conversion of Trust Assets
  168. Minizming financial impact on my beneficiaries.
  169. coop shares willed to beneficiary who can't qualify
  170. Real estate in Trust vs Will
  171. When would specific distributions be made according to the terms of this trust
  172. Convert from trust to individial ownership ????
  173. How do I deed my real property to a trust, when the trust's trustee is another trust?
  174. Please explain if possible re trust wording
  175. If you dont want to hire attorney for court, whats the proper procedure judge is spea
  176. Sister inherited 1/6 of house and debt,because father didnt have will, but wont pay
  177. Can I leave a small bequest to "Executor"
  178. URGENT: Question about determining next-of-kin
  179. Generation-skipping Trust
  180. Home willed to parents, how to preclude judgment attaching
  181. Financial Advisor
  182. Living Trust, Will, POA, Executor Questions
  183. Ten years after mother passed away, irrevocable trust coming soon
  184. Trust Distribution Into Another Trust
  185. question 10 years after father's death
  186. Resident Tax Release
  187. Beneficial rights of surviving spouse
  188. Can a laywer ethically write a trust for his parents?
  189. Foreigner left US property to foreign children
  190. Inheritence of Firearms (illinois)
  191. Equity line of credit debt.
  192. Inheritance of motorcycle in parts
  193. Trust accounts
  194. Do I need a Trust?
  195. When Is It Appropriate for a Trustee to Deny Trust Info to a Beneficiary?
  196. Check being withheld until I provide deceased ex-husband's will....HELP!!!
  197. Father is divorced-How is the estate divide up with his children.
  198. Stranger Beneficiary
  199. will in florida
  200. Father passed away with no Will
  201. Not sure what is fair.
  202. Will: Can the guardian for my children act as my witness?
  203. suing trust insted of landlord, how to read deed?
  204. trustee borrowing on house in trust
  205. enforcment of probate
  206. will question
  207. Home Potentially Underwater But Still Owned By Trust
  208. executor of will does not want to pay
  209. Life Insurance Proceeds
  210. Will my mother's death give me standing to sue for return of her personal property?
  211. Executor Shenanigans
  212. Help!
  213. No will, no executor
  214. Georgia Estate Help Please
  215. How do I go about collecting all relavant legal papers?
  216. Intentionally disinherited?
  217. Inheriting a vehicle from Oregon but selling in California
  218. Creating a Will using a software program
  219. General Will question,taxes,trust
  220. Adding an Addendum to a will
  221. Would this estate issue be considered coercion?
  222. Question on wording to codicil to will?
  223. Irrevocable Will enough?
  224. Value of Real Estate
  225. Father passed away and we learned he owed money
  226. Establishing a Trusts to simplify my shareholding structure
  227. Minor Child
  228. Estate/Child Support
  229. untrusty Trustee??
  230. Sister wants to buy my half out of house-Best way to proceed?
  231. heartbroken from bad relatives!
  232. What Happens to Lease Holders if Nursing Home Takes Property?
  233. Will never probated, dealing with property deed
  234. Died Without a Will
  235. Inheritance Tax on House
  236. Co-Trustee Issues
  237. Setting up a Trust Fund?
  238. Who owns that?
  239. Residential Home place in Trust or Add to title?
  240. My mother wants her portion of her parents' inheritance to go directly to her kids
  241. Will Was Never Notorized
  242. Trouble With My Trustee
  243. trickling down funds now to avert Inheritance Tax later - PA
  244. International Law France Will
  245. Can anyone please tell me where I can get a small estate affidavit form?
  246. Rights and Information as a beneficiary to an Irrevocable trust...
  247. IRS and Beneficiary Disclaimers
  248. Transfe of financial assets for no consideration to avoid child support determination
  249. Contract for Deed versus Gifting Land
  250. Last Will and Testament or Living Trust?