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  1. Louisiana succession
  2. Father died and I can't get his girlfriend out of his home I inherited!
  3. Assignment as personal representative to father's estate 23 years after death
  4. Problem with exectutor
  5. Received a letter today from my decesed uncles boyfriend of 40 years
  6. Louisiana succession
  7. Paid on Death Beneficiary
  8. Obtaining guardianship
  9. Real Estate Laws
  10. Is a lawyer needed**************
  11. Public Administrator robbing me? help fast plz
  12. Help with Estate Fraud.
  13. Can the Personal Representative be evicted by the other beneficiaries?
  14. Respondant didn't recieve a summons!
  15. question about summons for respondant
  16. Removing items before will is read....
  17. unmarried partner assuming debts of deseased
  18. Assuming a deceased parent's mortgage
  19. Tell me if I'm wrong.
  20. will taking long after mistake
  21. what is inventory and appraisement? Every screwdriver and sofa cushion?
  22. Executor is only beneficiary...must I do an inventory, assets, etc to everyone else?
  23. Division of the Estate....
  24. Difficult Heir
  25. Disclaimers of Interest - Probate Court
  26. entitled to share proceeds of land sale?
  27. Question on affidavit procedure Probate in california
  28. No Will; property in OK and TX
  29. Aunt trying to claim property from children after parents died
  30. Ex Parte Communications with Probate Judge
  31. Criteria for opening an estate in PA; responsibilities of administratrix
  32. What signing off means?
  33. Unclaimed Funds Claim and prior probate
  34. Can an heir living on the property be evicted?
  35. Mother Passed Away
  36. can probate be avoided? plus proof of residence
  37. Family Trust (My mom's)
  38. Uncle trying to change a 40 year old estate inheritance
  39. Court Video
  40. Ripoffs Fees Claimed in Estate Final Settlement Papers!
  41. Inherited car through Living Trust
  42. Why are executors excluded?
  43. Indiana - Executor of Estate and bank account question
  44. Tenants in common, never probated, want to sell
  45. Executor of will has stolen from deceased Mother
  46. Can a Personal Representative use estate rental income for legal fees?
  47. Obligation of Estate Lawyer
  48. Is probate possible
  49. Question regarding separate property and death without a will
  50. Questions about being a "Personal Representitive"
  51. Looking for information on what the intestacy law was in 1938 in MN
  52. Notice of Proposed Action
  53. Payment of *Extraordinary Expenses* who sets the amount?
  54. cancel insurances after death of insured?
  55. Questions about probate
  56. Will or No Will
  57. Probate ? for Pa. (Bucks County)
  58. Can I donate a car if the estate is insolvent?
  59. Mother died, no will, didn't know to set as me the beneficiary.
  60. Mother Died, No Will, Reverse Mortgage Way Under Water, Barely Any Assets
  61. Access to medical records of deceased parent
  62. Father died, baby due in 6 weeks, no will, his parents liquidating assets
  63. Mother died and no will or list of beneficiaries
  64. Notice of Proposed Action to sell estate items
  65. Parents deceased, adult children are beneficiaries and personal representatives
  66. Missouri probate.
  67. Claim invalidated 6 months after made, isnt deadline in Ga 30 days, and what can I do
  68. Post distribution of assets actions
  69. question about 1/4 beneficiary with commercial loan/mortgage attached to deceased
  70. How to petition Probate in SC from NY/
  71. Need help in interpreting one paragraph in a will.
  72. A year later.....
  73. Calculating the Value of an Estate, Real Property
  74. Affidavit of Small Succession under $75,000 (State of Louisiana)
  75. Credit union refuses to disburse funds
  76. Deed of Distribution
  77. Court Judge Case File Signatures
  78. Grandmother died no will
  79. questions about my father's estate
  80. Proof of Guardianship? Calif
  81. Affidavit of Heirship question
  82. Quit claiming a home from an estate
  83. Rights of executor
  84. Inheritence: who gets what when there is no will
  85. car
  86. defrauding elderly parent
  87. my dads stuff in his apartment
  88. Need to reopen probate case in Florida...help!!
  89. Need info about changing name on deed
  90. Do I need to petition the court for termination of guardianship when my son turns 18?
  91. insolvent estate - almost zero assets and debt
  92. Persoanl Rep of her son's probate
  93. Early Distribution from Estate
  94. Not sure if there was a will - someone's hired an attorney 2 years later?
  95. Summary Administration?
  96. Estate settlement checks not cashed
  97. Texas - Community real property vs Personal real property
  98. guardian of a restricted account for daughter
  99. Estate Account Necessary?
  100. Grandmother passed away without will in Georgia
  101. need advice on estate
  102. never saw dads will...very messed up
  103. Probate Issue
  104. Looking for Calif form: Estate Recovery Notice of Death
  105. Personal representative selling property under value
  106. Need option on out of state inheiratance
  107. Intestate small estate in a DIFFERENT state!
  108. Estate Advice-twisted situation
  109. Co signer debt responsibility
  110. Probate/Estate Inquiry
  111. Researching Inheritance - Financial Adviser Suspected of Stealing/Cheating
  112. By right i own half of a house, how do i proceed?
  113. Appointing an Executor of Estate
  114. Estate with no will or executor
  115. distribution of will
  116. Indicating the value of a house for Probate petition and Inheritance Tax.
  117. inheritance
  118. What happens to property if not sold by Probate date?
  119. Brother in Prison but appointed the Successor PR
  120. Executor's Sale of Estate -
  121. Status of property held in joint title in probate court need code/cases
  122. DPOA/Exectutor - Having problems with Indiana 'Next of Kin' laws
  123. Probate of Father's Estate - Question about who owns the property
  124. Can house be sold without court approval?
  125. probate
  126. decreased fathers assets
  127. What happens if no one files (probate)?
  128. Probate overview questions
  129. Here I am again...
  130. Mother passed away & No will/trust
  131. Father passed away in 2011...cannot afford probate court, what steps do I take next??
  132. DE -111 and DE-121
  133. Probate and Bill Collection Question
  134. Exploitation?
  135. Seeking Advice
  136. My father's unwilled estate and our not so helpful attorney, please help...
  137. POA has destoyed/hidden will & transferred $500K to her account
  138. mom dies without a will in NYC
  139. Debt settlement negotiation and estate in probate
  140. Affidavit for California Probate Code 13100
  141. Heirs distribute over value of different parcels of land
  142. Conservator Fees
  143. Probate where lawyer is the exucuter and not working on the will
  144. Embezzlement or not? Michigan
  145. Probate- Pennsylvania
  146. protect property from nursing home
  147. Does an (apparently) jointly owned car have to go through probate?
  148. help with probate
  149. estate matter, ontario
  150. Dad in all but blood, died as will was imminent
  151. Mom dies without will in AZ- no husband- six daughters
  152. How do I protect personal propety
  153. question regarding distribution of proceeds from a sale
  154. A question about intestate and the process?
  155. Is this a long time for a probate case to be filed?
  156. Stranger set up donation account to benefit my child and kept the money
  157. Father left no will - not sure what to do
  158. Consent to probate
  159. Personal Property to be Probated
  160. Executor trying to keep my inheritance please help
  161. Person taking money from grandmother -- pa
  162. is my relative breaking the law?
  163. Who pays for a person's funeral?
  164. Debts owed by decedent
  165. Separate Property from Inheritance
  166. Can I file probate without a lawyer?
  167. Personal Representative Taking Funds
  168. remove executor
  169. executor fees?
  170. First Probate Hearing
  171. rental property/ probate
  172. Administrator of aunt's estate
  173. what does "in matter of" mean?
  174. my mother-in-law died yesterday
  175. my son is out of state but i want to file for guardianship in my home state
  176. Need advice for the kids
  177. Where do my children stand?
  178. Death Certificate Legal Obligations
  179. Intestate in Illinois
  180. oops petition to withdraw from a blocked account
  181. petition to withdraw from a blocked account
  182. Personal Representative Letter Question
  183. Nevada - No probate of estate, no public record of will?
  184. Probate Administration and Credit Card Judgements
  185. executor question
  186. questions about attorney fees and executor fees
  187. Sister Refuses To Show "Living Trust Papers" To Dying Brother, No Accounting!
  188. Family Settlement Agreement
  189. Recently Discovered Property of deceased father of 13 years
  190. Challenging a will in Texas
  191. How to revoke a waiver of notice
  192. How much time after deceased does a will need to be read.
  193. on legal guardianship to prevent me from suing the hospital for injuries inflicted
  194. 2 years later....estate still open......issues with executrix......what to do?
  195. How Long does it take to be appointed an estate administrator?
  196. Responsibility of Law Firm Handling Dispursement of Estate after 20 years
  197. Transfer on Death (TOD) form trump an active contract to sell land?
  198. Help in Nevada with dying grandmother
  199. old account 8 years after fathers passing.
  200. letters of administration..
  201. Power of Attorney responsibility
  202. Question about Intestate Succession
  203. Questions for probate with very little equity in car as only assets.
  204. Spouse death, what are my rights?
  205. No Spouse, No chldren. Next of Kin doesnt know if there was a will? What to do?
  206. Odd Executor and Probate/Renunciation Problem
  207. Recently Found Bank Account of Deceased Grandmother
  208. Is it difficult to get conservatorship of the person for son who is mentally disabled
  209. can i hire an executor? (CO)
  210. Does Medical power of attorney give 1st listed power over finances?
  211. Grandfather died no will in Nebraska
  212. Unilateral application for Probate of a will
  213. Can I file a restraining order to halt the sale of a shared house?
  214. Need sister removed as administrator in PA
  215. Expectations and self represent
  216. Rules for probate bypass
  217. Need advice on long-lost uncle
  218. Unknown Heirs?
  219. father in law passed, no will, need help asap
  220. I need to know my rights regarding paternal inheritance in Oregon...
  221. Insolvent estate in california- how to surrender assets?
  222. Missouri Application of Unmarried Minor Children for Refusal of Letters
  223. Step-dad Died Intestate; Mom Wants to Sell Property
  224. What exactly is a beneficiary & what are their rights?
  225. Will modification
  226. Mom spends all of inheritance
  227. Family Trust general question
  228. Need Advice ASAP
  229. Tenants in Common or Deed of Assented- Best way to go?
  230. Now it gets complicated
  231. Which Court do I go to?
  232. Selling Share of Estate
  233. found out sisters ex-husband is still listed on joint bank account after her death
  234. Probate Trust Law
  235. What do I do?
  236. Revocable Living Trust - Include Auto?
  237. Can we sell house? or Probate first?
  238. Quick probate question
  239. questions about executor duties
  240. Unauthorized vehicle use after death...
  241. Squbblings - A doozy
  242. Selling mom's car-Question about "Letters of Appointment"
  243. Probate Hearing
  244. getting copies
  245. Estate/Mesothelioma
  246. Need help!!!
  247. Error by a Probate Judge
  248. grandparent's estate after parent passing away?
  249. getting screwed?
  250. Fiduciary breach ?