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  1. Authorized $71.41 on Debit Card: 3 weeks later $803.09 Debited
  2. Can a bank charge me for insurance toward months that have passed
  3. Just sold a car to dealership now dealership has issues. Please help
  4. Text "car lease" agreement legality
  5. Air duct cleaning disaster
  6. Major auto work botched then business sold before fixed...
  7. Event Contract
  8. Designer refuses to refund retainer fee
  9. New car, major repair cost, no one accepts responsibility
  10. Maintenance Service Contract - Audi Dealership
  11. Dental agency refuses to refund money
  12. To MrNice
  13. Ridiculous situation: Selling a vehicle to a minor in the form of payments
  14. HELP -- Can't get previous owner to release title to boat
  15. Motorcycle not delivered
  16. Verbal misrepresentation of terms in contract
  17. Concrete Driveway falling apart where concrete was provided by 1 company.
  18. Contractor Issues
  19. Billed 4 months later for coming to home to review job and provide estimate
  20. Verizon new phone charges
  21. Advice for refund of deposit for goods/services never received (NY)
  22. Utility company Smart Meter trickery, Maryland
  23. Discrimination against recording? (California)
  24. used vehicle purchase
  25. Terms of contract changed after non-refundable deposit sent
  26. contract with egumball.
  27. This match is NOT made in heaven or anywhere else!
  28. Car Deal going south
  29. False advertisement
  30. Retailer refusing to provide refund URGENT ISSUE UK
  31. new car purchase, retail installment contract, buyer's copy not signed by dealer
  32. Shady Contractor
  33. Breaking Car Lease Upon Elderly Father's Death
  34. Bought a Mattress from a Store, the Retailer Refuse to Deliver It
  35. Buyers agent will not remove chair that was paid for (no sales agreement)
  36. Boat in Repo Situation is Blocking My Boat in Storage
  37. Client demanding money returned for cancelled wedding - no contract signed
  38. Contractors not completing work and now in jail
  39. Wedding photographer not on time, has broken written contract and verbal promises
  40. Heald College is no longer in businesses, students are left out.
  41. Serious Auto Title Issue!!
  42. Signed up for a study abroad course. Cannot go, they demand payment in full
  43. How can I get the title for my car?
  44. How do I get out of a landscape contract and get back deposit? Virginia
  45. Paying for medical service not requested
  46. Paying for services not received.
  47. Roofer Failed To Install Item Called For In Contract
  48. Serious Title Issue - Polaris Rzr - West Virginia
  49. Please help me, I might be in YOYO finance victim soon
  50. A contract I signed but mistakenly not in my full legal name
  51. Dealerships Woes
  52. Not sure if right topic, but Ford recall question.
  53. Credit on bill
  54. Lexus wont honor warranty for work done
  55. Heating System Liability
  56. Airline and travel agency to court
  57. Over repaired my vehicle when it when in for inspection
  58. Interest on Teaching Fellow Loan Dispute
  59. Vehicle repairs gone awry
  60. Contract signed but billed differently
  61. Is it legal for stores to refuse refund on damaged item?
  62. Update offer disables program
  63. Estimate, then double bill.
  64. I'm being swindled by my local car wash
  65. services not rendered
  66. American Hospital law- Can I reuse to have my arms strapped Down?
  67. Jewelers lost my bridal set ring and husband's wedding ring
  68. Vehicle Recovery
  69. Contractor won't start job, because he says agreed quote is too low
  70. Honeymoon Disaster!!!
  71. Question about contractor breaking something.
  72. Verbal Agreement Not Met, Nulls Written Terms and Conditions?
  73. Used car purchase contract
  74. Bought truck, told safe but unsafe
  75. What do I need to do now that a family owned licensed mechanic have ruined my car?
  76. Dealership demanding money for payoff quote?
  77. Getting money back from resort who damaged car
  78. EV SLL Warrenty?
  79. 30 Day Credit Repair
  80. can i claim this car in order to give it back to the solider i sold the car to? pleas
  81. Not the original engine...
  82. Wedding Venue Cancellation Contract
  83. Unwritten Contract
  84. Car lease contract has incorrect data, does that make the contract void?
  85. Incomplete work
  86. Trade-in Problem With Dealership - Demanding Money
  87. Auction motorcycle has lien from HSBC. Trying to sell.
  88. Oregon - Dealership paperwork issue, Financing fell through, car rescinded
  89. Online retailer disabled my account along with $525 in redeemed gift cards.
  90. used car problems
  91. car " purchase "
  92. Motorcycle Repair
  93. car
  94. Defective Product
  95. Vendors Single Interest Insurance on an auto loan in PA.
  96. 20 years old, car dealer rips me off.
  97. Dealership fraud
  98. Signed up for service on month by month, when I tried to cancel was told no!
  99. Unlicensed Title Loan Company Repossed and sold my car without a Lien or Notification
  100. Sold my car, buyer lost the title before transferring
  101. Am I responsible for water bill balance from previous owner?
  102. Car dealership issues with purchase
  103. Is possession really 9/10 of the law?
  104. Cox cable internet issues
  105. Shareholder Communications
  106. (UK) Bromborough paints / Crown paint defective paint and they donít seem to care
  107. Car deal with negative equity
  108. Small Claims Court or Other Options
  109. Question regarding warranty/implied warranty on table saw.
  110. Can I return telly because of tuner issue
  111. Purchased business, seller not delivering on contract
  112. Amerigas Propane Tank
  113. Seeking Restitution on Unfulfilled Services - No Express Contract
  114. "Standard Feature" missing from my newly purchased vehicle...
  115. Is contract valid if business name changed.
  116. Am I bound by a contract not signed personally by me?
  117. Moving Company Nightmare
  118. Paid for computer in person, have not received
  119. Kohl's sold diamond $10,000 less accidentally?
  120. Home Alarm Early Contract Termination
  121. Financing not approved on car loan after I've driven it home, need advice!
  122. Comcast county contract
  123. Bought contracts and billing me
  124. No Written Contract?
  125. Verizon After-The-Fact Price change.
  126. Lost Cashier's Check
  127. Seller refuses to refund paid amount for installment purchase that was cancelled
  128. how to cancel timeshare contract within rescission period
  129. Dog killed another dog while being walked by hired dog walker
  130. Insurance Agent signed my contract is this legal?
  131. Trouble with Cox Communications
  132. Received Damaged Furniture: Applicable Consumer Law?
  133. Verbal contract
  134. No Title Transfer on Vehicle Auction Purchase
  135. Car dealership doing something fishy? Dated contract wrong. Help in RI.
  136. mobile home moron NC
  137. Reatailer claims products on the shelf are not actually for sale. Need advice Please.
  138. time limit for Visa credit card chargebacks?
  139. refund or replacement for a faulty product purchased online with mastercard?
  140. Wedding Venue broke contract-worth suing?
  141. Years of Auto Loan Late Fees accumulated without any notification. Interesting facts
  142. Car dealership sales tax mishap
  143. Do I have a case against my mechanic?
  144. Radio advertisement 'disclaimer'
  145. Storage Unit Lease Agreement: Price Increase
  146. Dealer missed free replacement program, that is now expired
  147. Default I Bought a Luxury Car Over 100k, That Had Engine Problems Right After1st Year
  148. Serial numbers that don't match
  149. Fraudulent Sale on StubHub
  150. Gym Membership
  151. Vehicle purchase
  152. Is This Contract Legitimate and Safe?
  153. Art Restoration Services
  154. Where for civil trial?
  155. Car has engine from wrong Make/Model
  156. Breach of Warranty - Built-in KitchenAid Refrigerator
  157. Should this be warranty work?
  158. Is "non-refundable" allowed where company had no intentions of shipping?
  159. Wedding Photographer
  160. Dealer left me with a car I can't register
  161. Lenovo warranty problem
  162. new car purchase - installment sale contract
  163. Loan guarantee problem
  164. Mover put stuff in storage unit, won't let us have our stuff.
  165. used car dealership vehicle title and Ohio Title Defect Rescission Fund Reassessment
  166. car broke down, towed and resold without knowledge still being financed under my name
  167. used car dealership vehicle title
  168. Gas Company Woes
  169. Dispute with Verizon Wireless
  170. Vehicle service contract: Definition of "breakdown"
  171. Certfied vehicle had been in prior accidents
  172. Please help me! Scammers robbing thousands of dollars!
  173. Client wants me to pay her
  174. Contractor says he does not warranty
  175. Oil change shop requiring repairs for damage to my car to be repaired by them
  176. Breach of contract
  177. Auto lease issue
  178. Someone breached our contract but threatening to sue me for non payment??? HELP!!!
  179. College Catalog
  180. Have a promissory note for over $6k, no payments in 2 years. Personal loan.
  181. Car dealership issue
  182. timeliness of warranty repairs
  183. Am I in any trouble? Seller of motorcycle tried title jumping on me.
  184. Lied on Bill of Sale & Car Does Not Conform to Warranties
  185. Bought a classic car with lien
  186. Fraudulent receipt in private car sale
  187. Condominium Water Damage
  188. Destination Wedding Deposit Return
  189. New estimate triple original
  190. Urbansitter allowed to defame my character and then make me pay to reply?
  191. Contractor Pricing Went Up After Agreed Upon Price
  192. deposit refund
  193. Central Air Warranty
  194. Additional money not added in auto sale contract.
  195. Work not complete
  196. "No refunds policy" on an event that never happened - can I use a chargeback legally?
  197. Questionable Notice of Adverse Action
  198. Warranty release form - Need assistance
  199. paid in full by customer now they are threatening to sue me
  200. verbal advertising in car sales
  201. New yorkusd car dealer sold the car i had a deposit on
  202. Company did not perform services we paid for?
  203. Retainer fee/non performance
  204. Personal infomation lost by dealership and was not notified until I agreed the deal
  205. finance company is saying car was repo'd when it was really a total loss
  206. "Direct solicitation sales" and gym memberships
  207. Returns
  208. Is it legal for THIS LOT to repo my vehicle?
  209. eBay by Proxy
  210. Phone Sale To Fraud or jail time
  211. Can a mover company charge me for their time and gas if they weren't able to complete
  212. advice on extended warranty issue
  213. Refused work ticket, warranty, receipt after cash payment
  214. Bought a car at one price; Dealer advertised at another
  215. Contract with a childrens sporting organization - do i really have to pay?
  216. signed legal contract for buying a car, now learning we were not approved
  217. store gave me incorrect item
  218. Private Student Loan
  219. Warranty question
  220. cops are looking for a friend at my house
  221. Bad install of new car motor.
  222. Is the possesion of a Bill of Sale enough to show proof of ownership for a vehicle ?
  223. Hotel Contract
  224. Agreement between Independent Investor and Investee
  225. Consumer protection laws and Independent contractors
  226. Motorcycle Title Transfer Questions
  227. Retailer Did not Deactivate Gift Card After Return
  228. Procrastination or negligance from a car dealership
  229. Vehicle Finacing Issue
  230. Dry Cleaner ruined garment. I need civil codes and documents to support my case
  231. Deck
  232. To "engine ear" - you locked your thread
  233. Recruiter Misrepresented Insurance Coverage
  234. Can I Walk Away from a Car Deal
  235. Car damaged in loading on transporter. Who's fault?
  236. Uhual breached their contract, caused my great inconvenience, and has done nothing.
  237. Used Vehicle Fees-Was told price but charged more
  238. Bought a new SUV
  239. Phone Contract
  240. Sold a Transmission on Ebay
  241. Bought a motorcycle 2 years ago, police came to door, said it was stolen. Help!
  242. USED VEHICLE ISSUES. Help please.
  243. jumper guy left equipment what can I do?
  244. bought "frame off" restored 1972 Corvette, not restored as advertised
  245. I feel Amazon.com and a buyer cheated me over a sale and refund. What to do.
  246. Legal question in regards to a recent vehicle trade
  247. Required to pay for unsolicited goods? What about school's role?
  248. Misleading sales
  249. crooked dealer question
  250. screwed by dealership