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  1. Car has engine from wrong Make/Model
  2. Breach of Warranty - Built-in KitchenAid Refrigerator
  3. Should this be warranty work?
  4. Is "non-refundable" allowed where company had no intentions of shipping?
  5. Wedding Photographer
  6. Dealer left me with a car I can't register
  7. Lenovo warranty problem
  8. new car purchase - installment sale contract
  9. Loan guarantee problem
  10. Mover put stuff in storage unit, won't let us have our stuff.
  11. used car dealership vehicle title and Ohio Title Defect Rescission Fund Reassessment
  12. car broke down, towed and resold without knowledge still being financed under my name
  13. used car dealership vehicle title
  14. Gas Company Woes
  15. Dispute with Verizon Wireless
  16. Vehicle service contract: Definition of "breakdown"
  17. Certfied vehicle had been in prior accidents
  18. Please help me! Scammers robbing thousands of dollars!
  19. Client wants me to pay her
  20. Contractor says he does not warranty
  21. Oil change shop requiring repairs for damage to my car to be repaired by them
  22. Breach of contract
  23. Auto lease issue
  24. Someone breached our contract but threatening to sue me for non payment??? HELP!!!
  25. College Catalog
  26. Have a promissory note for over $6k, no payments in 2 years. Personal loan.
  27. Car dealership issue
  28. timeliness of warranty repairs
  29. Am I in any trouble? Seller of motorcycle tried title jumping on me.
  30. Lied on Bill of Sale & Car Does Not Conform to Warranties
  31. Bought a classic car with lien
  32. Fraudulent receipt in private car sale
  33. Condominium Water Damage
  34. Destination Wedding Deposit Return
  35. New estimate triple original
  36. Urbansitter allowed to defame my character and then make me pay to reply?
  37. Contractor Pricing Went Up After Agreed Upon Price
  38. deposit refund
  39. Central Air Warranty
  40. Additional money not added in auto sale contract.
  41. Work not complete
  42. "No refunds policy" on an event that never happened - can I use a chargeback legally?
  43. Questionable Notice of Adverse Action
  44. Warranty release form - Need assistance
  45. paid in full by customer now they are threatening to sue me
  46. verbal advertising in car sales
  47. New yorkusd car dealer sold the car i had a deposit on
  48. Company did not perform services we paid for?
  49. Retainer fee/non performance
  50. Personal infomation lost by dealership and was not notified until I agreed the deal
  51. finance company is saying car was repo'd when it was really a total loss
  52. "Direct solicitation sales" and gym memberships
  53. Returns
  54. Is it legal for THIS LOT to repo my vehicle?
  55. eBay by Proxy
  56. Phone Sale To Fraud or jail time
  57. Can a mover company charge me for their time and gas if they weren't able to complete
  58. advice on extended warranty issue
  59. Refused work ticket, warranty, receipt after cash payment
  60. Bought a car at one price; Dealer advertised at another
  61. Contract with a childrens sporting organization - do i really have to pay?
  62. signed legal contract for buying a car, now learning we were not approved
  63. store gave me incorrect item
  64. Private Student Loan
  65. Warranty question
  66. cops are looking for a friend at my house
  67. Bad install of new car motor.
  68. Is the possesion of a Bill of Sale enough to show proof of ownership for a vehicle ?
  69. Hotel Contract
  70. Agreement between Independent Investor and Investee
  71. Consumer protection laws and Independent contractors
  72. Motorcycle Title Transfer Questions
  73. Retailer Did not Deactivate Gift Card After Return
  74. Procrastination or negligance from a car dealership
  75. Vehicle Finacing Issue
  76. Dry Cleaner ruined garment. I need civil codes and documents to support my case
  77. Deck
  78. To "engine ear" - you locked your thread
  79. Recruiter Misrepresented Insurance Coverage
  80. Can I Walk Away from a Car Deal
  81. Car damaged in loading on transporter. Who's fault?
  82. Uhual breached their contract, caused my great inconvenience, and has done nothing.
  83. Used Vehicle Fees-Was told price but charged more
  84. Bought a new SUV
  85. Phone Contract
  86. Sold a Transmission on Ebay
  87. Bought a motorcycle 2 years ago, police came to door, said it was stolen. Help!
  88. USED VEHICLE ISSUES. Help please.
  89. jumper guy left equipment what can I do?
  90. bought "frame off" restored 1972 Corvette, not restored as advertised
  91. I feel Amazon.com and a buyer cheated me over a sale and refund. What to do.
  92. Legal question in regards to a recent vehicle trade
  93. Required to pay for unsolicited goods? What about school's role?
  94. Misleading sales
  95. crooked dealer question
  96. screwed by dealership
  97. Renting Contract (January 15th - May 15th)
  98. Car Purchase Contract
  99. Car warranty co will not pay
  100. Invoice From an Architect that I didn't Know i Hired?
  101. new trailer purchase
  102. Refund on custom furniture
  103. Would this be a legitimate reason to sue my dad?
  104. Dry cleaning damage. Manchester UK
  105. CA Used Car Dealer
  106. Refund For Cancelled Services
  107. Can a signature on a return receipt create a binding contract?
  108. What can I do when BestBuy is forcing me to pay for a new computer?
  109. Car Repair Question
  110. New auto purchase, spot delivery, financial terms and income
  111. Can a buyer legally take back a puppy after they have returned it to the breeder?
  112. 3 Day Grace Period
  113. when does car ownership change hands
  114. Stolen items from property while under the care of a property management company
  115. Refinanced Original Loan
  116. Wedding venue contract
  117. auto repair shop owner pulled a gun on me
  118. Taking over title of third party vehicle in Auto Pawn
  119. Right of First Refusal -- Buyer Backed Out
  120. New car really mine?
  121. Timeshare floating or fixed?????? Please Help
  122. Need advice asap
  123. Dealership still running credit applications eight months later
  124. question about sales tactics
  125. Help! Please I need advise
  126. Price increase on contract
  127. Plumber Did Job Without My Supplying Key
  128. Used car dealer did not perform repairs as part of written contract
  129. Vintage Internet Based Boat Club - Any Liability for Group Gatherings?
  130. Is Debit Card Deposit a binding contract?
  131. Major Dealership Lists wrong engine - Refuses to adjust price - Austin TX
  132. Dishonest salesperson forcing the customer into a contract...
  133. PA Usury Law - Personal Loan
  134. What is a warranty worth? Or what is a lack of warranty worth?
  135. Used vehicle purchased "as is", but recently found makeshift parts in the car...
  136. Fee Agreement Contract Dispute
  137. Regarding day care contract
  138. Penalties for canceling wedding with venue/caterer
  139. Auto Contract?
  140. Car Lease Contract Dispute
  141. Want to cancel the insurance plan-Ohio
  142. Services Not Rendered - Pittsburgh, PA
  143. Need assistance
  144. owner refusing refund on scooter paid for but didnt leave store
  145. Car has been in mechanic's shop for over a year-and still issues
  146. New Car Dealer approved deal now theychanged their mind
  147. What happens if I'm not able to get a itemized bill from the transmission shop? Help.
  148. retaliation by a nationally known propane company
  149. Private Seller sold me a car under false pretense
  150. University failed to bill pre-paid college fund; fund now transferred to other benefi
  151. Car Dealer Fraud
  152. Urgent help to heall with a gas boiler with defects for more than 1.5 years
  153. Pepboys To Much Oil In my Car blew out the Seals in the Engine
  154. Resign Contract
  155. buying a car title issue
  156. How can I hold architect accountable?
  157. Vehicle won't pass smog; Is seller responsible?
  158. Motorcycle Repair Claims
  159. Refund issues from returned goods. Montana
  160. refund of deposit
  161. Mva mistake
  162. Mva mistake
  163. How long does a company legally have to refund your money?
  164. Joint and Several Liability for Unpaid Bills
  165. Not acceptance of foreign issued VISA card
  166. Promise on the home page of a site, which was quashed by the sales agreement
  167. Paint or stain codes proprietary?
  168. When does a Verbal Contract with a company end?
  169. Possible lawsuit against Dish Network for false advertisement
  170. Tuition for music classes of music school
  171. Elance arbitration and rules for online arbitrators
  172. Factory Roush Mustang vs. Roush Clone--Buyer Beware?
  173. compensation for disability rights violation
  174. Illegal RV lien?
  175. worried about a scam although there is a contract
  176. Advise needed on buyer threaten to sue me for not selling an item
  177. Advise with requesting refund Please
  178. Breach of Contract
  179. Problem with Health Care Rating Company
  180. What can i do when contract was signed by misunderstanding?
  181. Event DJ Cancelled - no deposit returned - now suspect he is a scammer
  182. Selling A Car - How Do I Protect Myself?
  183. Final price dispute with a building contractor.
  184. Friend selling my car, does he sign bill of sale?
  185. LA Fitness Cooling Off Period, Never Saw the Contract
  186. Charged for auto service that I was told was under warranty
  187. needing title for insurance money
  188. Piano School Contract
  189. Unfair Billing Practices by Public Utility
  190. Car Dealership procedures
  191. Dealer FRAUD
  192. cable service
  193. Bonded Title
  194. Lawn installation vs water drainage issue
  195. Can I cancel a "Conn's" purchase prior to delivery?
  196. Dealer can't provide title, can I cancel deal and win in court
  197. Faulty Brakes and Fraudelent Warranty?
  198. Wedding Photographer - breach of contract
  199. Garage Sale Purchases
  200. Can I cancel a contract before it actually started?
  201. Settlement question #2.
  202. Small Claims Court filing
  203. Is settlement broken?
  204. Lost Company's photos
  205. Car Sale question
  206. Remedies Available After Experience With Unscrupulous Motorcycle Mechanic?
  207. Need some help with a internet subscription that I have been tricked into..
  208. UK Insurance policy on product which incentivies you not to claim
  209. Odd question regarding coupons with offer.
  210. Need some help for Wisconsin Electrical disconnect notices URGENT!
  211. Breach of Contract for Purchase of Material Goods
  212. Contract Breach, fraud?
  213. Service Termination Notice when I am current on payments
  214. Do I have a strong enough case to sue my mechanic for negligence?
  215. A Furniture Warranty Problem
  216. Scammed by a local phone dealer. Charged for the things not purchased/refused refund.
  217. "Abandoned" item in my repair shop. Owner hasn't picked it up in 3 months.
  218. Roofing Contractor Never Cashed My Checks
  219. Texas contracts
  220. Apparently I'm on some sort of FTC watch list for class action claims....
  221. Filing a lawsuit against a business
  222. Facing possible eviction
  223. Don't want the car back.
  224. Timeshare Rental Scam
  225. Confused on Dealer Service
  226. Workmanship and Gaurentees
  227. Services Not Fully Delivered. What can I do?
  228. Add a name
  229. Bad advice from customer support tv now not working
  230. Can I fix my mistake concerning an Answer to Complaint?
  231. Used Car Contract errors
  232. School Pictures vs Report Card
  233. Can merchant charge the credit card "chargeback fee" back to a consumer?
  234. PEP BOYS denied to perform job after successfull online appoitment
  235. Photo/Video Release requirement, Summer Camp
  236. shady smog in california
  237. Was told car warranty included and then charged $3,300 for service contract?
  238. battle over titles of ATVs that i payed for but are in my ex's name
  239. GA - 2008 Tahoe Hybrid Engine Repair Part Not Available
  240. Can I get my non-fundable deposit back?
  241. Voided Used Car Contract Question
  242. who can I sue??
  243. Bad mechanic plz help
  244. bike wasnt finished when promised
  245. Contract difficulties, need advice.
  246. Being accused of blackmail by B&B owner
  247. Contractor changed business entity
  248. Car Lien & Title
  249. Horse Contract
  250. Urgent: Current issue with contractors. need advice asap.