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  1. U-haul u-box nightmare move
  2. 2016 Hyundai Elantra design flaw?
  3. Home warranty double charge
  4. Lost passport package by FedEx and found after 4 months
  5. Case against foreign airline
  6. Owe a friend for my car thru contract, he's now blackmailing me
  7. Car dealership repossessed car...the payments are NOT in default.
  8. Daycare contract
  9. Are paper contracts always iron clad?
  10. Question about a contest where a prize was refused to be given out
  11. Contract breached
  12. Sold a car with an open loan
  13. used car no installment license
  14. Auto contracts
  15. Bad Breeder
  16. Pledge by intimidation - legal contract?
  17. Auto dealer screwed me
  18. Leasing a new car
  19. Right place, Wrong Business
  20. Questions about EULA and software
  21. Defraud of Training Contract?
  22. Breach of contract
  23. Dealer mistake forgot to put Lienholder on car sale contract
  24. I was deceived into cosigning an auto finance, can I get my name removed from the loa
  25. Need help
  26. Carmax issues
  27. Making payments on car seller causes damages deducted
  28. Car under my name, for someone else. What do I do if they can't pay?
  29. Buyer broke contract
  30. Insurance work on my roof
  31. Dealership nightmare
  32. car going to repo, stopped payments, dealer copied and used card with no permission
  33. Car deposit with receipt
  34. How can I get my money refunded if someone broke our agreement?
  35. Credit union refinanced loan without authorization
  36. Replacing bathrubs
  37. Can breeder legally take four puppies?
  38. wedding venue contract - never paid initial deposit or received signed contract
  39. Insurance premium refund
  40. Should my Deposit be refunded
  41. Am I at the mercy of my land-line phone provider?
  42. Chances of winning a small claim court case
  43. Clarification of School Contract Sentence
  44. Is my car dealer a fraud and can I sue him based on below incidents ?
  45. Financed a vehicle from a dealer over 80 days ago, NO registration or plates
  46. Customer Refund
  47. Upside down auto loan with no source of income. Any advice is welcome.
  48. Contract deposit withholding
  49. Is it legal to charge cancellation charge even if I didn't attend any fitness class ?
  50. Deceptive advertising
  51. Legalities of using persons story in documentary
  52. What codes govern contractor warranties?
  53. faulty electronic devices are there any laws for badly designed electronics?
  54. Unlawful billing?
  55. Paint contractor two thirds of the total as down payment in October 2015 and he has n
  56. Furniture delivered and damage found later
  57. Taking over Boat payments
  58. Auto Warranty cancellation
  59. Hired a guy from craigslist but he won't reply
  60. Does Contractor Selling Me Cabinets Void Warranty?
  61. Contractor underbid job, now demanding more money
  62. contractor ran out of materials
  63. Sold boat without a title Now threatening to sue me
  64. Verizon Fios contract
  65. Verizon Sending My Bill to Address I Never Authorized/Ever Knew About
  66. Consumer loan
  67. buyer lost the title and there is no bill of sales
  68. Mitsubishi dealership refusing to register my car until I pay them an additional $400
  69. U-Haul Self Storage
  70. Puppy
  71. Furniture store canceled by purchase/contract
  72. Contractor threat to put a lien on my house
  73. Sellers right to cancel - motorcycle purchase
  74. I left $violin on consignment, store has refused attempts at contact for a few years
  75. Need advice concerning a dog training company
  76. Dealership refuses to return FULL down payment. assist me please!
  77. John
  78. Dealer add-ons not included in final sale
  79. Celphone provider lies about phone capabilities, spoils overseas vacation
  80. Gym term length agreement changed after signing, can I get my money back?
  81. J. D. Byrider and Chevy recall
  82. fired unlicensed contractor and now he has debt collector after me
  83. Consignments
  84. cancel granite installation
  85. Electric company, issue at pole nearly set my house on fire
  86. Auto Repair - Shop used wrong part
  87. Travel Agent Fraud
  88. Car title with improper lien attached
  89. Promised Compensation not paid
  90. Repairman Damaged Our Property
  91. Boat Trailer Lights despute
  92. Responding to GC bond company's affirmative defenses
  93. Personal contract with family member for vehicle purchase
  94. E-bill from AEP
  95. Retailer not adhering to its Return Policy and behaved improperly
  96. Holiday cottage
  97. 100% satisfaction guarantee
  98. Early termination of ISP contract
  99. Moving Company Failure and Refusal to Refund
  100. Web hosting company no performing as promised
  101. Purchased vehicle from private party who reset check engine light before transaction
  102. What if I don't sign a no-negligence clause?
  103. Recall
  104. Need some help guys!!
  105. Purchase Motorcycle with Bill of Sale, but acquire the title days later?
  106. Help Trying to Obtain an Auto Loan Lien Release
  107. Refund on nonrefundable deposit
  108. Buy here pay here lot closed?
  109. Seller disclosure on a boat purchase
  110. Power of Attorney for Vehicle Title Change
  111. How Should I Handle? Dealership Sold My Trade-In But Financing Fell Through
  112. False Advertising
  113. Need duplicate invoice
  114. Am I able to sue my wedding venue?
  115. Do I have a case
  116. Dealership made error on bill of sale, wants me to re-sign
  117. Charity Auction - Donor refuses to return contact / transfer item
  118. Can I sue CarMax
  119. Breach of contract computer system
  120. Salvaged title
  121. California Evidence Code 1152 and Third Party Contract
  122. Do I have grounds to sue?
  123. Bought a car without smog (California)
  124. Breach of contract with wedding vendor
  125. Verizon- breech of contract
  126. double taxes on refinanced car through a car loan
  127. Bought Used Car with Extended Warranty - Want a Refund & 2nd Set of Keys
  128. Price change
  129. Need Help and like to know do I even have a case or its just my frustration
  130. Dealer will not return cash deposit for used auto
  131. Contractor Does Not Want to Fulfill Warranty
  132. Lease agreement gone wrong
  133. Put $2000 down on a car in september still havent recieved proper tag
  134. Title loan
  135. 24 hours since I purchased a car financed I want to return I have no license
  136. Sold car without smog
  137. Stolen merchandise brought in for repair.
  138. Contractor Negligence
  139. Consumer, returns, shipping
  140. Bad Engine
  141. Toyota paint defect + rat ate backseat while in dealership care for 4 months
  142. Did not find out a car was salvaged until after purchase from private party
  143. Legal Contract Question
  144. illegal to not disclose title brands not reported on out-of-state title?
  145. Business
  146. Contract null and void?
  147. Gold's Gym
  148. Question on Contract Law (refunds)
  149. Dealer apparently won't pay off financing on trade-in
  150. Bought a car from private seller who will not fulfill contract
  151. Sold a used Boss Mustang with a manufacturers warranty but warranty was void
  152. Car puchasing fiasco
  153. Defective Saddle/Poor Craftsmanship
  154. Can i get my "donation" back?
  155. I bought a car from a private seller and no car doesn't work.
  156. Retail installment contract and financing? Legal rights??
  157. Car leasing scam?
  158. Down Payment
  159. car lease
  160. Alarm sold to Northstar... now I'm being charged more???
  161. What do I do to repo a car I sold that they have not been making payments on?
  162. Differing views on Legal Wording.
  163. Error made on lease docs - Can I back-out of the lease?
  164. propane tank removal
  165. Boyfriend's boss
  166. Carfax unreported information for two years. Dealership sold warranty on car.
  167. What should you do if a dog breeder takes your money and doesn't deliver your puppy?
  168. Answer, New Matterm and Counterclaim
  169. purchased a car return policy
  170. theft of personal property by contractor
  171. Comcast blew up my bill
  172. Paid for Platinum, Got 14k Gold!!!
  173. I've been ripped off by auto repair shop
  174. How can I fight this membership contract?
  175. Debt Management Program not paying bills
  176. Buyer not paying for car
  177. Private Sale Gone Bad
  178. unable to get my tuck from shop
  179. Horse boarding dispute
  180. Help with contractor
  181. Un approved mechanic work
  182. Automobile sale
  183. Buying a used vehicle, financing from private seller.
  184. Private Party vehicle sale owner not sticking with contract
  185. Contract Law / Federal Law / Choice of Law / UCC Issue ?
  186. Car Dealership Created Fraudulent Contract
  187. Auto loan
  188. Delivery company damaged our hardwood floors during delivery and won't compensate us
  189. sold a boat and now seller wants out
  190. Auto Loan Question
  191. A question about leases
  192. Bought Vehicle from Private Owner
  193. I paid for service/repair on my car
  194. Paid for a leaking roof repair (consequential damages0
  195. Help! Body shop didn't give estimate in WA
  196. Motorcycle Dealership Botched Insurance Claim
  197. Insurance Company and Breach of Personal Information...
  198. Bad Floor
  199. Sold a Motorcycle and now the person is not paying.
  200. Can a service firm falsify billable hours and then bill clients for them?
  201. mechanical shop lien my truck
  202. Can Internet provider auto renew for another term without notifying the consumer?
  203. taking advantage of a gltich in my local homebroadband service provider...
  204. Retail store loses item to delivery; threatens to make an unauthorized charge on me
  205. car fire from suspected mechanic negligence
  206. Solicitation of in-kind donations.
  207. Carmax bought leased car then claimed there's $19K unpaid balance
  208. Damage to septic tank during job
  209. Claiming company is Employee Owned.
  210. Contract with local county home improvement program
  211. contract gone bad
  212. Cosigner took property away.
  213. Company who is not giving back my stored items.
  214. Excessive overdrafts fraudulent?
  215. Home siding contractor - cost of work not specified in contract
  216. Deposit - Right to a refund
  217. Being overcharged by General Contractor
  218. Voluntarily Repo
  219. Dealer do not send me the title after 30 days
  220. Used car extented warranty denial.
  221. Rewrite Car Lease Contract...
  222. Dealership issue with junkyard motor HELP!!!!
  223. How much can I sue a DJ vendor in smalls claims court?
  224. Bitten by flea at hotel
  225. can the breeder take my dog away in replevin action
  226. can my daycare contract be voided due to unsafe condidtions?
  227. Cable Company overcharged me
  228. employee gives incorrect return policy information
  229. Possible violation of customer rights - Internet website
  230. Automobile Dealer Fees
  231. Can i break the contract with roofing company?
  232. Purchased new "travel trailer"...Loan denied, Complex situation.
  233. Shoe repair dispute
  234. tire kingdom
  235. Client sues because she wants a full refund
  236. Took part in a clinical study, was promised money "within 2 weeks"
  237. Vehicle repair estimate overrun.
  238. Took over payments on a car
  239. Gym Training contract
  240. Paying someone for cell phone service and they shut off phone
  241. Salvage title
  242. Battle w/ roofing company over whether work is considered complete for final payment
  243. Can a third party record phone conversations with consent of people on phone?
  244. What is my responsibility?
  245. Timing of contract signing
  246. Honda Liability and Warranty Breach Issues
  247. Breach of wedding contract- worth small claims court?
  248. Can Carfax be sued for not including information it was given in its reports.
  249. Solar Company vs My Mom
  250. Contract gone sour but not on my end