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  1. Bad Engine
  2. Toyota paint defect + rat ate backseat while in dealership care for 4 months
  3. Did not find out a car was salvaged until after purchase from private party
  4. Legal Contract Question
  5. illegal to not disclose title brands not reported on out-of-state title?
  6. Business
  7. Contract null and void?
  8. Gold's Gym
  9. Question on Contract Law (refunds)
  10. Dealer apparently won't pay off financing on trade-in
  11. Bought a car from private seller who will not fulfill contract
  12. Sold a used Boss Mustang with a manufacturers warranty but warranty was void
  13. Car puchasing fiasco
  14. Defective Saddle/Poor Craftsmanship
  15. Can i get my "donation" back?
  16. I bought a car from a private seller and no car doesn't work.
  17. Retail installment contract and financing? Legal rights??
  18. Car leasing scam?
  19. Down Payment
  20. car lease
  21. Alarm sold to Northstar... now I'm being charged more???
  22. What do I do to repo a car I sold that they have not been making payments on?
  23. Differing views on Legal Wording.
  24. Error made on lease docs - Can I back-out of the lease?
  25. propane tank removal
  26. Boyfriend's boss
  27. Carfax unreported information for two years. Dealership sold warranty on car.
  28. What should you do if a dog breeder takes your money and doesn't deliver your puppy?
  29. Answer, New Matterm and Counterclaim
  30. purchased a car return policy
  31. theft of personal property by contractor
  32. Comcast blew up my bill
  33. Paid for Platinum, Got 14k Gold!!!
  34. I've been ripped off by auto repair shop
  35. How can I fight this membership contract?
  36. Debt Management Program not paying bills
  37. Buyer not paying for car
  38. Private Sale Gone Bad
  39. unable to get my tuck from shop
  40. Horse boarding dispute
  41. Help with contractor
  42. Un approved mechanic work
  43. Automobile sale
  44. Buying a used vehicle, financing from private seller.
  45. Private Party vehicle sale owner not sticking with contract
  46. Contract Law / Federal Law / Choice of Law / UCC Issue ?
  47. Car Dealership Created Fraudulent Contract
  48. Auto loan
  49. Delivery company damaged our hardwood floors during delivery and won't compensate us
  50. sold a boat and now seller wants out
  51. Auto Loan Question
  52. A question about leases
  53. Bought Vehicle from Private Owner
  54. I paid for service/repair on my car
  55. Paid for a leaking roof repair (consequential damages0
  56. Help! Body shop didn't give estimate in WA
  57. Motorcycle Dealership Botched Insurance Claim
  58. Insurance Company and Breach of Personal Information...
  59. Bad Floor
  60. Sold a Motorcycle and now the person is not paying.
  61. Can a service firm falsify billable hours and then bill clients for them?
  62. mechanical shop lien my truck
  63. Can Internet provider auto renew for another term without notifying the consumer?
  64. taking advantage of a gltich in my local homebroadband service provider...
  65. Retail store loses item to delivery; threatens to make an unauthorized charge on me
  66. car fire from suspected mechanic negligence
  67. Solicitation of in-kind donations.
  68. Carmax bought leased car then claimed there's $19K unpaid balance
  69. Damage to septic tank during job
  70. Claiming company is Employee Owned.
  71. Contract with local county home improvement program
  72. contract gone bad
  73. Cosigner took property away.
  74. Company who is not giving back my stored items.
  75. Excessive overdrafts fraudulent?
  76. Home siding contractor - cost of work not specified in contract
  77. Deposit - Right to a refund
  78. Being overcharged by General Contractor
  79. Voluntarily Repo
  80. Dealer do not send me the title after 30 days
  81. Used car extented warranty denial.
  82. Rewrite Car Lease Contract...
  83. Dealership issue with junkyard motor HELP!!!!
  84. How much can I sue a DJ vendor in smalls claims court?
  85. Bitten by flea at hotel
  86. can the breeder take my dog away in replevin action
  87. can my daycare contract be voided due to unsafe condidtions?
  88. Cable Company overcharged me
  89. employee gives incorrect return policy information
  90. Possible violation of customer rights - Internet website
  91. Automobile Dealer Fees
  92. Can i break the contract with roofing company?
  93. Purchased new "travel trailer"...Loan denied, Complex situation.
  94. Shoe repair dispute
  95. tire kingdom
  96. Client sues because she wants a full refund
  97. Took part in a clinical study, was promised money "within 2 weeks"
  98. Vehicle repair estimate overrun.
  99. Took over payments on a car
  100. Gym Training contract
  101. Paying someone for cell phone service and they shut off phone
  102. Salvage title
  103. Battle w/ roofing company over whether work is considered complete for final payment
  104. Can a third party record phone conversations with consent of people on phone?
  105. What is my responsibility?
  106. Timing of contract signing
  107. Honda Liability and Warranty Breach Issues
  108. Breach of wedding contract- worth small claims court?
  109. Can Carfax be sued for not including information it was given in its reports.
  110. Solar Company vs My Mom
  111. Contract gone sour but not on my end
  112. Consumer Law/Maid Service/Theft/North Carolina
  113. extended warranty contract
  114. rental contract Airbnb
  115. Can I opt-out of employer send my wage information to Equifax?
  116. Possibly Screwed Over By Orthodontist
  117. Warantee problems from NAPA certified mechanic
  118. Haven't paid down payment to dealership
  119. Memebership automatically renewal and money charged from Credit card
  120. Propane fee
  121. dealership won't give me refund on warranty
  122. Screwed over by dealership
  123. Defect in home back patio...reinforce
  124. motor vehicle purchase agreement
  125. appliance rental agreements
  126. qt
  127. Big business trying to use warranty to cover shoddy workmanship
  128. What is my responsibility when i am manufacturing a product ?
  129. Tranny Shop- NJ- rebuilt ? pffttt...
  130. Deposit on a used van
  131. Auto dealer breaking the law
  132. What is the law called
  133. Please help!!
  134. Squaretrade Warranty Paypal Double Reimbursement?
  135. Could a class action lawsuit against this promoter be a viable option?
  136. Non-disclosure requirement
  137. Centurylink
  138. Authorized $71.41 on Debit Card: 3 weeks later $803.09 Debited
  139. Can a bank charge me for insurance toward months that have passed
  140. Just sold a car to dealership now dealership has issues. Please help
  141. Text "car lease" agreement legality
  142. Air duct cleaning disaster
  143. Major auto work botched then business sold before fixed...
  144. Event Contract
  145. Designer refuses to refund retainer fee
  146. New car, major repair cost, no one accepts responsibility
  147. Maintenance Service Contract - Audi Dealership
  148. Dental agency refuses to refund money
  149. To MrNice
  150. Ridiculous situation: Selling a vehicle to a minor in the form of payments
  151. HELP -- Can't get previous owner to release title to boat
  152. Motorcycle not delivered
  153. Verbal misrepresentation of terms in contract
  154. Concrete Driveway falling apart where concrete was provided by 1 company.
  155. Contractor Issues
  156. Billed 4 months later for coming to home to review job and provide estimate
  157. Verizon new phone charges
  158. Advice for refund of deposit for goods/services never received (NY)
  159. Utility company Smart Meter trickery, Maryland
  160. Discrimination against recording? (California)
  161. used vehicle purchase
  162. Terms of contract changed after non-refundable deposit sent
  163. contract with egumball.
  164. This match is NOT made in heaven or anywhere else!
  165. Car Deal going south
  166. False advertisement
  167. Retailer refusing to provide refund URGENT ISSUE UK
  168. new car purchase, retail installment contract, buyer's copy not signed by dealer
  169. Shady Contractor
  170. Breaking Car Lease Upon Elderly Father's Death
  171. Bought a Mattress from a Store, the Retailer Refuse to Deliver It
  172. Buyers agent will not remove chair that was paid for (no sales agreement)
  173. Boat in Repo Situation is Blocking My Boat in Storage
  174. Client demanding money returned for cancelled wedding - no contract signed
  175. Contractors not completing work and now in jail
  176. Wedding photographer not on time, has broken written contract and verbal promises
  177. Heald College is no longer in businesses, students are left out.
  178. Serious Auto Title Issue!!
  179. Signed up for a study abroad course. Cannot go, they demand payment in full
  180. How can I get the title for my car?
  181. How do I get out of a landscape contract and get back deposit? Virginia
  182. Paying for medical service not requested
  183. Paying for services not received.
  184. Roofer Failed To Install Item Called For In Contract
  185. Serious Title Issue - Polaris Rzr - West Virginia
  186. Please help me, I might be in YOYO finance victim soon
  187. A contract I signed but mistakenly not in my full legal name
  188. Dealerships Woes
  189. Not sure if right topic, but Ford recall question.
  190. Credit on bill
  191. Lexus wont honor warranty for work done
  192. Heating System Liability
  193. Airline and travel agency to court
  194. Over repaired my vehicle when it when in for inspection
  195. Interest on Teaching Fellow Loan Dispute
  196. Vehicle repairs gone awry
  197. Contract signed but billed differently
  198. Is it legal for stores to refuse refund on damaged item?
  199. Update offer disables program
  200. Estimate, then double bill.
  201. I'm being swindled by my local car wash
  202. services not rendered
  203. American Hospital law- Can I reuse to have my arms strapped Down?
  204. Jewelers lost my bridal set ring and husband's wedding ring
  205. Vehicle Recovery
  206. Contractor won't start job, because he says agreed quote is too low
  207. Honeymoon Disaster!!!
  208. Question about contractor breaking something.
  209. Verbal Agreement Not Met, Nulls Written Terms and Conditions?
  210. Used car purchase contract
  211. Bought truck, told safe but unsafe
  212. What do I need to do now that a family owned licensed mechanic have ruined my car?
  213. Dealership demanding money for payoff quote?
  214. Getting money back from resort who damaged car
  215. EV SLL Warrenty?
  216. 30 Day Credit Repair
  217. can i claim this car in order to give it back to the solider i sold the car to? pleas
  218. Not the original engine...
  219. Wedding Venue Cancellation Contract
  220. Unwritten Contract
  221. Car lease contract has incorrect data, does that make the contract void?
  222. Incomplete work
  223. Trade-in Problem With Dealership - Demanding Money
  224. Auction motorcycle has lien from HSBC. Trying to sell.
  225. Oregon - Dealership paperwork issue, Financing fell through, car rescinded
  226. Online retailer disabled my account along with $525 in redeemed gift cards.
  227. used car problems
  228. car " purchase "
  229. Motorcycle Repair
  230. car
  231. Defective Product
  232. Vendors Single Interest Insurance on an auto loan in PA.
  233. 20 years old, car dealer rips me off.
  234. Dealership fraud
  235. Signed up for service on month by month, when I tried to cancel was told no!
  236. Unlicensed Title Loan Company Repossed and sold my car without a Lien or Notification
  237. Sold my car, buyer lost the title before transferring
  238. Am I responsible for water bill balance from previous owner?
  239. Car dealership issues with purchase
  240. Is possession really 9/10 of the law?
  241. Cox cable internet issues
  242. Shareholder Communications
  243. (UK) Bromborough paints / Crown paint defective paint and they donít seem to care
  244. Car deal with negative equity
  245. Small Claims Court or Other Options
  246. Question regarding warranty/implied warranty on table saw.
  247. Can I return telly because of tuner issue
  248. Purchased business, seller not delivering on contract
  249. Amerigas Propane Tank
  250. Seeking Restitution on Unfulfilled Services - No Express Contract