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  1. Bought a car, seller was a complete liar
  2. Seller misrepresented condition of vehicle
  3. As a seller, So I need to accept the car back?
  4. Cannot Receive Online Diploma
  5. Used car did not pass inspection
  6. Realization of odemeter rollback after signing contract
  7. Bought 2012 from dealership. the next day the engine went out.
  8. New Car Loud Road Noise - Manufacturer will NOT correct
  9. Private car sales, buyer wants to return
  10. Is it legal for a dealer to remove emissions equipment?
  11. Can't tell if I have a Fair Business Practices violation with dealership lying to me
  12. Bought Car in Alabama from a private seller.
  13. Bought car under false pretenses- anything I can do?
  14. Singed for Home Improvement Lease
  15. Purchase of a used vehicle before it was smogged
  16. Brand New car out of service for 27 days as of today
  17. Defective product
  18. Accident Disclosure
  19. 2 day Contract Cancellation
  20. What do you suggest I do with a lemon sectional sofa?
  21. Traded Cars Have not swapped titles
  22. Bought a lemon, dealer avoid my phone calls.. please help...
  23. bought a car used clean title from dealer, with $4500 in frame damage
  24. Privately Bought Truck
  25. Vehicle purchase via private seller whose information is not documented
  26. Washington Used Car Lemon! Help Please!
  27. Jeep broke on dealer lot
  28. Owner decided not to provide a title.
  29. Wrong vin on contracts
  30. Sold a used car without smog certification, buyer suing for cost of repairs.
  31. Greedy Grandmother
  32. Branded Title sold
  33. Removing a name from the title of my vehicle.
  34. Purchased a Mustang - it seems it was reconstructed?
  35. Minor Bought Used Car Without Contract Wants Refund
  36. Speedometer fraud
  37. Used vehicle bought without Buyer's Guide posted on it
  38. Troublesome buyer
  39. A crap load car
  40. Used vehicle, damage not reported?
  41. where do i stand
  42. Deceptive and Unfair Auto Sale?
  43. Used truck purchase, several problems.
  44. Dealership deceptively sold Fleet car as new
  45. Consumer defrauded
  46. HVAC Company out of business, new company denies responsibility
  47. Bought a 1990 Camper, Needs $5,000 in repairs, Never signed title or bill-of-sale.
  48. Sold my truck and buyer is trying to stop payment
  49. What can i do?? Do I have any rights???
  50. Old scratches on a washed car, please advise
  51. Sold a UTV on craigslist and now buyer wants refund
  52. :( pissed of because i bought a faulty car,
  53. Bought a Used Car with a Faulty Transmission
  54. What lawyer or Attorney should i have to approach !
  55. Purchased F150, Told Zero Problems, New Trans and Many More Issues
  56. My Blog
  57. Help with Stratus
  58. Bought car AS IS, promised good...1 day after head gasket blew. HELP!
  59. what to do
  60. Purchased used car and warranty then learned of its prior.existin damages not covered
  61. Bought a car "Certified Pre-Owned" turns out there was frame damage and I was lied to
  62. Sold wrecked car "as is" and now buyer does not want the car anymore
  63. Private party car sale. Law suit?
  64. Sold my used car - now buyer is claiming that they want me to pay for repairs.
  65. Trying to return a new car
  66. Illegal to sell car knowing it is missing crash support.
  67. Bought car in MA, question about Lemon Law
  68. Title on car says different year than sales papers
  69. Loss of food due to faulty freezer
  70. Seller Responsibility?
  71. Do i have a case?
  72. cash for a used car
  73. Being Sued, please help!
  74. Do I have a lemon?
  75. Recalled vehicle/loaner or rental
  76. bad vehicle
  77. random shutdown..
  78. Selling a used car
  79. Used Car Dealership Scam
  80. I purchases a Lemon
  81. Purchased a used car in Alaska
  82. Is there anything I can do?
  83. car
  84. Do I Pay?
  85. Need some help
  86. Used vehicle from a dealer in vermont
  87. i got a stituation...
  88. New-car contract has math error; is the dealer obligated to fix?
  89. need help. first time car owner
  90. 2012 Honda Accord Lemon law?
  91. Unfair and Deceptive Acts and Practices?
  92. Is this fraud?
  93. Can Dealers Sell autos Branded Lemon?
  94. Kitchen Aid Dishwasher
  95. sc lemon law need help
  96. At what point is a new refrigerator the answer?
  97. Lemon Law (FL) and fraud Q
  98. mall
  99. Used Truck
  100. Private party motorcycle sale
  101. private party car sale
  102. Not sure
  103. pet selling
  104. is there a 30 day policy on returning a vehicle
  105. Garage Can't Fix Car
  106. Advice please on car
  107. Used car sold false pretenses
  108. Brand New VW Sportwagon TDI
  109. Bought used car that won't pass smog
  110. car repair
  111. New Boat
  112. Used Car Purchase
  113. Firearm Repaired under Warranty
  114. False ad from dealer
  115. Follow up on broken timing belt
  116. My brand new car! HELP!
  117. Broken Timing Belt ruined engine three days after purchase
  118. No Warranty But Dealer Has Replaced Engine Four Times
  119. only had the car for 3 weeks now needs a new engine
  120. Swindled on car deal?
  121. Vehicle Sold w/ No Title
  122. No car
  123. Breack New Car Contract
  124. Non-Existent Options
  125. Defective vehicle sold by dealer
  126. Car Sold with Pending Smog
  127. as-is sale
  128. Please HELP
  129. Lemon law case without a lawyer?
  130. Dealer sold me unsafe car
  131. What can I do??
  132. Auto Dealer Fraud
  133. Odometer and Auto Dealer Fraud
  134. Bad Deal from a personal seller
  135. Confused grandmom
  136. Which State's Law Applies?
  137. chevy problems
  138. i paid 8,840 for a car and 10 days later the engine went i need help
  139. Car failed smog...
  140. Dealership sold me a car with no title
  141. used vehicle sale
  142. Trading in Car - Now discovered there is unibody damage on my car
  143. False Carfax
  144. Asked dealer for car with no accident, sold me car with accident
  145. Summer Visitation, Do I pay the father for it
  146. stuck in a jam
  147. small claims court
  148. Help. moisture healight
  149. flat tires
  150. Car Buying
  151. Truck is slowly dying
  152. Traded off my car 2 hours after anesthesia
  153. I was sold a lemon!
  154. Auto on Auction Misrepresented
  155. Bought a lemon from a broker; 60 days and still no title
  156. How to proceed with lemon law claim?
  157. craigslist financing?
  158. Subletter rights against Landlord who rents premesis from owner
  159. Sold car with no emissions
  160. Pontiac Solstice traded
  161. lemon law help
  162. My in-laws bought lemon car in California - recourse possible?
  163. 2008 Volkswagen: Persisiting Steering Issue; Temporary Loss of Control at Speed
  164. Lemon Car bought used
  165. USC relationship to State law
  166. Used car purchase
  167. 2010 Equinox Fuel Gage Problems-4th Repair Attempt
  168. Not sure if I have a claim??
  169. Possible Lemon... Do I have a case?
  170. Bought a car with flood damage
  171. Car not working
  172. Help me about California Lemon Law...
  173. Car Registration Delay
  174. My car sucks... My dealer sucks more :(
  175. Disclosure laws/do we have a legal leg to stand on?
  176. Equine
  177. car is a lemon
  178. can i get my money back?
  179. Does Previous Owner have to Pay?
  180. jerked
  181. Can I get all my money back?
  182. used products sold as new
  183. used products sold as new
  184. Sold a car, now a problem.
  185. used car drove 30 miles and broke down, cant fix car and want money bace
  186. Motor Vehicle passed inspection on harzardous car
  187. Need a referral
  188. Car will not pass emissions.
  189. I dont think this was a legal purchase?
  190. Loner car law?
  191. Help! I don't think it's a lemon but do i have rights?:
  192. used lemon?
  193. scammer dealler
  194. I have been screwed.....
  195. down payment
  196. i sold a car. the buyer has sued me in the small claims court.
  197. sold car to private party now buyer threatens lawsuit
  198. Was almost killed this morning
  199. purchased a lemon out of desperation
  200. Used car - transmission goes out in 3 days
  201. can I sue the used car dealer?
  202. Taken advantage of...
  203. Help
  204. I bought a Volvo S70 and now things are going wrong...
  205. bought a used car 2 major problems in less than 30 days
  206. New car, less than 1 year and going on 4th fuel pump
  207. sold a car by owner...now he dont pay
  208. Sold A Car to Private Party and
  209. Sc
  210. Sc lemon law
  211. Branded Title
  212. i sold a car without a smog certificate and it didnt pass the smog test
  213. I bought a car 3 weeks ago with no warranty, now the engine could be completely blown
  214. bad paint
  215. Paint coming off car
  216. Sold an lemon
  217. Used car dealership, as-is, transmission goes within 1 week...
  218. car but no papers
  219. Defective Vehicle..Never received
  220. Autos and Auctions
  221. I Think I bought a LEMON....What Can I do?
  222. neep help please
  223. Used Car
  224. Bought a car at auction - was damaged after auction start when I came to pick it up.
  225. car keeps breaking down
  226. Grandma & Grand Daughter Burned By Dealership
  227. what do I do???
  228. Airbag was faulty all along...
  229. Bad Car!!!!
  230. Is it OK to curse a company name publically?
  231. Purchased a lemmon from a private owner.
  232. Breakdown within 200 miles
  233. 1 day Repair
  234. the issue with auto transmission replacement
  235. Rabbit died hours after brought home, can I get pet store to pay vet bill?
  236. Bought used truck
  237. Incorrect odometer statement
  238. What to do?
  239. Security Alarm Company Scam
  240. car dealership lied about car fax
  241. What are my rights? (Auto Mechanic stuff)
  242. Private purchased, check engine light on
  243. We bought an old car from private party and..
  244. Traded cars on craigslist! Now have issues!
  245. Questions on how to fill out CT Civil Summons Form
  246. garage sale purchase
  247. I financed a used car thru the dealership and it turned out to be a lemon!
  248. Rejecting Delivery of New Car
  249. Used Auto Problem
  250. Sold used car with needed frame damage not disclosed!!