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  1. Loaned money to a friend
  2. contractor going way over estimate
  3. Builder threatens small claims court
  4. Won claim what is my next step
  5. Flooring Contractor's Damage to Walls
  6. Web design co. did not complete project
  7. Is divorce debt appropriate for small claims?
  8. Help, attempted to sell car....
  9. Can I sue roomate for damage caused by his negligance
  10. other driver filing in small claims court
  11. can i get sued???
  12. Stupidly loaned money to friend
  13. suing roomate for unpaid rent
  14. Taking attorney to small claims court
  15. Moved with the money
  16. Friend wants to sue over Christmas gift
  17. Can I sue for a stop pay on a check?
  18. Can I sue in small claims for damages due to malicious prosecution?
  19. Can I sue rogue police offcr for atty fees?
  20. interior decorator took money and wont return calls
  21. Contracts, I need help
  22. What can they do?
  23. Appeal questions
  24. who do i take to court?2
  25. Can we get the car back?
  26. Sued
  27. Defamation slander and pain & suffering
  28. who do i take to court?
  29. Deadbeat former employer
  30. Property stolen from movie set, do i have a case?
  31. A gift or a loan?
  32. Jury or Bench Trial? Which would be better here?
  33. can I sue?
  34. Dogs and Neighbors
  35. Loan Repayment
  36. buyer backed out, now wants deposit back
  37. Receipt of money judgement from attorney
  38. What can I do
  39. Small Claims Dismissal Without Prejudice
  40. Can someone explain this law?
  41. Appeal Question -Texas ~HELP~
  42. Question about statutes
  43. deadbeat ex-boyfriend
  44. multiple small claims against same contractor
  45. My gf mom stole all her bank money, need help plz
  46. How does it all work?
  47. Can they charge court costs?
  48. One more question
  49. Property Damage - I am being sued
  50. cracked
  51. Proof of Service
  52. Senior yearbook photo omitted
  53. breach of contract
  54. Unpaid Loan
  55. Scammed 2
  56. How to collect, if court won't help?
  57. Scammed
  58. Can she really sue?
  59. bought car from brother
  60. Scared; can she do anything??
  61. Telemarketer Harassent
  62. Replying after being served
  63. Neighbors and Property Lines
  64. Final Judgement Timeline
  65. Suing a City
  66. Out of Warranty? But the Item Was Never Fully Installed/Completed
  67. Suing for UPS Insurance Payout
  68. Judgement Debtor opened a business
  69. Suing a suspended corporation.
  70. Need Advice on This Matter...Please Help
  71. Game Company Dispute
  72. Help! Court Is On Friday @130 Pm Pst
  73. Okay I won but they will not pay
  74. Friends soon to be Ex wants furniture back
  75. Damage to Carpet
  76. paying too much
  77. Expired Rebate sold with new product
  78. Purchased jetski; doesn't work
  79. Do I have a case?....
  80. Major Lawn Damage due to Professional lawn companies negligence
  81. Child Care facility refuses to refund fee
  82. Sue for lawyer expenses/Trying to find a lawyer
  83. Dog Fight
  84. Camping co-worker
  85. Trailer that buyer won't move
  86. Sue for expenses
  87. Door damage at apt building
  88. Reposting...Landlord issues
  89. Landlord refuses to refund security deposit after 3 months...what do i do?
  90. Advice regarding compulsive hoarding neighbor
  91. california small claims case with no performance?
  92. We won-Now What?
  93. What should I do.
  94. Small claims
  95. Is this worth small claims court??
  97. Couple Questions
  98. Dry cleaners lost my suit
  99. Questions about small claims court
  100. neighbor issues
  101. Travel expensies
  102. 2 Cases
  103. Baffled by Judgment
  104. Why am I being suied?
  105. ritt
  106. Malicious Ex
  107. Texas/Post Judgement interrogatories and writ of execution
  108. somebody keeping my dads property
  109. Legally, is he refusing to pay?
  110. Need help ASAp
  111. My neighbor has a case against the IL Sec of State, who gets served?
  112. SCC - Contract Advoce
  113. Who should we put down as defendant/ punitive damages?
  114. Small Claims Advice
  115. Back stabbing friend!!!!
  116. what do i have to prove?
  117. What do I do now?
  118. Small Claims Appeal - Please Help
  119. Small Claims in CT Help
  120. how to sue former roommate?
  121. Rental Company filing theft charges
  122. What should I do?
  123. Misleading Ebay Seller
  124. Small Claims, finding ex! PLEASE HELP
  125. Perjury in Small Claims
  126. Need help w/ SCC
  127. Taking employer to small claims?
  128. try again, fiance screwed me
  129. Claim of sexual harrasment, is it possible without evidence?
  130. NC-Privacy question?
  131. Advice Please?
  132. Now how do I get my money?
  133. Appeal
  134. what do you think i have here?
  135. PAULA - Office made an error on ticket, any chance I can avoid the fine?
  136. Advice please?
  137. Bad Check
  138. what can i do
  139. Dismissing a judgement?
  140. finace screwed me good
  141. finace screwed me good
  142. Refund for aggressive dog?
  143. Please Help Me
  144. Statute of Limitations
  145. Do I have a case?
  146. Appeal
  147. Stays And Retrials
  148. Advice for locating a drifter?
  149. How to prove frivolous suit after I won.....
  150. suing me but never asked for money before doing so
  151. suing me but never asked for money before doing so
  152. What form for an Eviction Appeal
  153. Bad Dog
  154. sued wrong person
  155. Can he sue me?
  156. Civil Lawsuit over $10,000
  157. Damage to my property - Fence
  158. get my money back for dog??
  159. Hershey
  160. Guy sold me bogus gift cards and won't refund money, how do I sue?
  161. Return of Property
  162. sued by ex landlord...dont think i have to pay it all
  163. Help collecting after my suit
  164. Need help after appeal
  165. Trying to Sue, Can't find this person HELP
  166. Small Claims
  167. Please help I was scammed on ebay buying a world of warcraft account
  168. If I Hit Someone From La.?
  169. small claims - landlord/tenant - scra
  170. Car Deal Went Bad
  171. Lame Horse Deal
  172. Mail thrown out by previous landlord.
  173. Getting My Child Support Money Back
  174. How much responsibility???
  175. filing small claims due to false imprisonment
  176. Resident of NC needs to file a case against company in PA
  177. Promise to Pay
  178. Attorneys allowed in small claims court?
  179. Not A Winner
  180. My roomate owes me money
  181. College Student Needs Help
  182. Where can I find case law
  183. is it necessary to go to small claims court
  184. Girl Stole My Wallet, $700 Missing, Admited to Police...
  185. exhusband promised, but is it legal?
  186. Mechanic Overcharge & work not done.
  187. Compusa Warranty not being honored
  188. Retail Eviction by Landlord
  189. Problem with private seller used car
  190. Presenting evidence
  191. boat purchase through a broker
  192. son recently passed away - who pays what?
  193. How do I collect my Judgement?
  194. How do I file a small claim on a long term contract?
  195. eBay Auction
  196. ebay Auction
  197. friend needs help
  198. Need informatrion on what to do now
  199. Neighbors' trees fell into my property
  200. Need help with complaint in appeal
  201. Can I do anything about this?
  202. Where do I file suit?
  203. Being sued, need some advice
  204. Moped
  205. Benefits of a jury?
  206. need some legal advice
  207. FRO-Criminal Mischief - small claims
  208. Alias Summons Illinois
  209. Broken verbal contract with proof
  210. Spouse threatened by former friend - help!
  211. Can my out of state bank account be seized?
  212. Suing for Sentimental value of jewelry?
  213. Question -Oregon
  214. Bail Bond Owed to Friends
  215. Is Granny Liable?
  216. questions on legality
  217. How long does defendant have to pay?
  218. Suing in Sarasota
  219. Oral contract - can I collect? should I sue?
  220. Seller Suing Fellow Home Owner Over Rat Flyer
  221. Seller Suing Fellow Home Owner Over Rat Flyer
  222. They took my car and personal property
  223. when is it appropriate to file a claim?
  224. Final Judgement
  225. small claims judgment: Judge did not do what she ordered
  226. Former Employer Has Failed to Pay Judgement
  227. Credit Card Debt SOL
  228. A police officer stole our dog.
  229. Can I dispute a Writ of Praceipe(Money Judgement)
  230. Going to court
  231. bad daughter
  232. He Broke our Verbal Lease
  233. Help Needed For a friend
  234. She stole from me and I have concrete proof
  235. Problem With Car Dealer
  236. Freelance Artist wants payment
  237. Scam?
  238. Roommate used debit card
  239. does my ex partner have a claim?
  240. Ex filed for bankruptcy, now I'm being sued...please help!
  241. Where can I sue?
  242. Service on CounterClaim
  243. Pay the man with the mask?
  244. Case dismissed without prejudice for failure to arbitrate (?)
  245. Will not pay according to court order
  246. Publisher Unwilling to Pay
  247. Parents witholding personal documents - Is this a case?
  248. ripped off selling guitar, buyer gave me wrong price of new item
  249. Damaged skid during shipping
  250. Should I file a claim against a towing company?