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  1. How much responsibility???
  2. filing small claims due to false imprisonment
  3. Resident of NC needs to file a case against company in PA
  4. Promise to Pay
  5. Attorneys allowed in small claims court?
  6. Not A Winner
  7. My roomate owes me money
  8. College Student Needs Help
  9. Where can I find case law
  10. is it necessary to go to small claims court
  11. Girl Stole My Wallet, $700 Missing, Admited to Police...
  12. exhusband promised, but is it legal?
  13. Mechanic Overcharge & work not done.
  14. Compusa Warranty not being honored
  15. Retail Eviction by Landlord
  16. Problem with private seller used car
  17. Presenting evidence
  18. boat purchase through a broker
  19. son recently passed away - who pays what?
  20. How do I collect my Judgement?
  21. How do I file a small claim on a long term contract?
  22. eBay Auction
  23. ebay Auction
  24. friend needs help
  25. Need informatrion on what to do now
  26. Neighbors' trees fell into my property
  27. Need help with complaint in appeal
  28. Can I do anything about this?
  29. Where do I file suit?
  30. Being sued, need some advice
  31. Moped
  32. Benefits of a jury?
  33. need some legal advice
  34. FRO-Criminal Mischief - small claims
  35. Alias Summons Illinois
  36. Broken verbal contract with proof
  37. Spouse threatened by former friend - help!
  38. Can my out of state bank account be seized?
  39. Suing for Sentimental value of jewelry?
  40. Question -Oregon
  41. Bail Bond Owed to Friends
  42. Is Granny Liable?
  43. questions on legality
  44. How long does defendant have to pay?
  45. Suing in Sarasota
  46. Oral contract - can I collect? should I sue?
  47. Seller Suing Fellow Home Owner Over Rat Flyer
  48. Seller Suing Fellow Home Owner Over Rat Flyer
  49. They took my car and personal property
  50. when is it appropriate to file a claim?
  51. Final Judgement
  52. small claims judgment: Judge did not do what she ordered
  53. Former Employer Has Failed to Pay Judgement
  54. Credit Card Debt SOL
  55. A police officer stole our dog.
  56. Can I dispute a Writ of Praceipe(Money Judgement)
  57. Going to court
  58. bad daughter
  59. He Broke our Verbal Lease
  60. Help Needed For a friend
  61. She stole from me and I have concrete proof
  62. Problem With Car Dealer
  63. Freelance Artist wants payment
  64. Scam?
  65. Roommate used debit card
  66. does my ex partner have a claim?
  67. Ex filed for bankruptcy, now I'm being sued...please help!
  68. Where can I sue?
  69. Service on CounterClaim
  70. Pay the man with the mask?
  71. Case dismissed without prejudice for failure to arbitrate (?)
  72. Will not pay according to court order
  73. Publisher Unwilling to Pay
  74. Parents witholding personal documents - Is this a case?
  75. ripped off selling guitar, buyer gave me wrong price of new item
  76. Damaged skid during shipping
  77. Should I file a claim against a towing company?
  78. Should I file a claim?
  79. Do I have a case? Cancelled wedding loan
  80. Need Advise in Small Claims Court
  81. Need Advise in Small Claims Court
  82. Dish Company's Fraud & Harassment
  83. I left the USA without my security deposit back
  84. Seeking Non Binding Opinion(s)
  85. Owes me money, but no direct evidence - am I screwed?
  86. Sued twice?
  87. Service By Publication
  88. Personal Loan Question
  89. Out of state small claims jurisdiction
  90. Oral Examinations/Writ of Body Attachment
  91. What is defamation of character worth?
  92. Does My Side Stand Its Own Ground?
  93. security officer has my wallet
  94. Dishonest electrician taking advantage -- options?
  95. "Wait for an Appeal"
  96. Ex owes money on my Credit Card
  97. Do I have a case?
  98. Car mechanic ineptness - Do I have a case?
  99. Shipped Computer, Still no payment
  100. utility
  101. Personal Property
  102. small claims
  103. small claims
  104. Handbag Help
  105. Sueing out of State
  106. Small Claims: Dog Bite and Counter Claim
  107. trying to negotiate
  108. Putting a lien against a house
  109. disapointed brother!!!
  110. Verbal/Email agreement no honored
  111. RE: Making a giant leap wihtout supporting facts.
  112. Making a giant leap wihtout supporting facts.
  113. Getting back loaned table - MN
  114. Need help representing myself in Appeal, Please help!
  115. Do I have a case?
  116. HELP! I Don't Know What to Do :(
  117. Let someone barrow money
  118. My laptop or his?
  119. Can I sue SoCal Edison?
  120. Being threatened to be sued.
  121. Prevailed in Bogus lawsuit, but....
  122. former roommate suing
  123. EX trying to take back gift with law suit
  124. Suing my storage unit
  125. tree damage
  126. Need help w/ dog breeding dispute
  127. Being threatened to sue over deposit for work.
  128. Suing an insurance company
  129. eviction notice (need advice ASAP)
  130. employer withheld last check
  131. Puppy died of Parvo Very complicated Help!
  132. Collecting a judgment on a business entity
  133. Suing companies out of state
  134. Recovering my things that someone else sent out for repairs
  135. Judgement or Sue???
  136. 4 wheeler accident, family thanksgiving day mess
  137. landlord appeals
  138. EX threatening to sue me
  139. Hospital suing my wife
  140. tow truck towing laws
  141. Texas Judgement Question-Another Case
  142. extremely damaged motor
  143. Homestead Writ of Execution
  144. Minor Car Accident - TX
  145. crooked customer
  146. Sue the city?
  147. Breech of contract?
  148. Tire Shop Damaged Rims
  149. Wedding dress ruined by dry cleaners, can I take action?
  150. Small claims (defendent)
  151. Sued by Ex Employer
  152. Statute of limitations in Illinois
  153. Is my daughter responsible?
  154. Can The Spouse Sign?
  155. up in flames, do i have a chance?
  156. What should I do?
  157. Should I sue?
  158. How much time to I have to counter sue in Wisconsin?
  159. Laptops stolen with personal data, what to do?
  160. Car Stolen/Thief caught/No Insurance
  161. boating accident
  162. Taking Roommate to Court
  163. Desperately Need Advice...
  164. Car Broken Into - Arrest Made Restitution?
  165. Is contract binding?
  166. Served on out of SOL debt please help!
  167. Wondering which state has jurisdiction
  168. Sued for A truck i did not own the bank did!!
  169. Gym Dues Dispute - California
  170. Damage to fence by neighbors tree
  171. contract, no payment, poor collections
  172. Ownership Registered in Two Names
  173. What to do
  174. Need to Get Out of Co-Sign Ordeal
  175. Disputing charges not yet paid for
  176. Can I Garnish Tax Returns?
  177. Can I sue Rehab Center for wage garnishments?
  178. Suing a photographer
  179. Expense Reimbursement
  180. Small Claims Judgment
  181. Auto body restoration scam
  182. Auto body restoration scam
  183. Ex-roommate refuses to pay rent and deposit back
  184. Countersuits in court?
  185. can i do something about my loss?
  186. Water damage from next door townhouse
  187. Water damage form townhouse nextdoor
  188. do i have to return the ring
  189. Is it slander?
  190. Called the police, being sued for interference - CALIFORNIA
  191. Retreiving Something That Was Loaned
  192. Alaskan nice
  193. Landlord/Tenant
  194. Loaned a friend Bail Money
  195. wage deduction notice
  196. Bankrupt business filed Civil Suit against me
  197. honest customer wronged stealing
  198. Had package sent to friend's house, someone else recieved and opened (CA)
  199. Help! My ex girlfriend is suing me...verbal agreements
  200. own lawyer in civil court
  201. lease transfer issues: I was cheated
  202. Settlement agreement from Ins. company
  203. What county do I file in?
  204. Joint Tax liability unpaid after Divorce
  205. Fuel Company being unreasonable
  206. Co buyer of real estate is trying to evict me
  207. Sick puppy! No refund!
  208. Ripped off, should I go to small claims?
  209. PS3 Sale went south badly
  210. Collecting after winning a small claims case
  211. Should I go to small claims???
  212. leins and levys even though we had a payment agreement?
  213. leins and levys even though we had a payment agreement?
  214. Adding a defendant
  215. Small claims
  216. Small claims
  217. Randy
  218. Travel agent screw-up
  219. towed my neighbors friend, now threatening to go to police
  220. This is very detailed and aggrivating for me please read
  221. A "rank amateur" question
  222. Small claims questions
  223. Suing 2 companies
  224. Being Sued by Old College Buddy
  225. Charge Back:
  226. Staples Ink Recycling NOT HONORING COUPONS ISSUED
  227. credit card s.o.l
  228. Small claims question
  229. Can I sue?
  230. Ex-Girlfriend took my computer and other possessions
  231. counter suing in small claims court
  232. Suing the United States Navy
  233. Canceled Bonus Check
  234. Small Claims,Intentional tort, Chap 13. Can I still collect
  235. Way to accrue interest on what has become a loan?
  236. Motorcycle.
  237. pay me back for the stereo
  238. Former roomate nightmare
  239. Damage to new vehicle from neighbors shutter
  240. Seller/ Buyer dipsute
  241. Need to sue Ex over repossed car
  242. Bank/credit agency problem!
  243. Post Office Divulged person information
  244. Claim against wife, Husband has money
  245. oral contract
  246. Suing non-profit officers & directors (reluctantly)
  247. stop payment check
  248. Help Me
  249. voice mail - small claims court
  250. being sued for damages that haven't been incurred