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  1. Police will not allow me to report car stolen, After releasing truck to wrong person
  2. Debt Collector will not take Willing Defendant to Court
  3. College Rent Without Signing Lease
  4. Car Repossessed because Ex Girlfriend. Can I sue?
  5. acknowledgment of satisfaction of judgement
  6. When using a packaging company, who is responsible if the item you ship arrives broke
  7. Being sued by craigslist buyer for cosmetic damage on laptop I sold him used
  8. Can I sue my ex boyfriend?
  9. Can I sue my ex-roommates for pet damages?
  10. Loaned friend money; doesn't look like he's going to pay me back.
  11. Don't like car paint job. Must I pay?
  12. Medical Marajuana, verbal contract broken, hidden camera..queston
  13. buyer beware on craig's list a lesson costing 2,500 if not more
  14. What are the chances of me winning a case against my ex boyfriend?
  15. Lent my car to a friend who wont give it back.
  16. Cousin Broke the Lease, Went to Court Today, But Couldn't Come to a Mutual Agreement
  17. The Roommates From Hell
  18. being sued for payments made on shared boat loan
  19. Borrowed diamonds worth a small claims filing?
  20. Cash advance company won judgement cause I was in prison Now what
  21. Small Claims Judgment Got Double-Paid - Now What?
  22. Loaned something to a friend and her husband gave it away
  23. Psychological torture from neighbor. HELP!!
  24. Ex is trying to send me to court for MY dog
  25. Rock throwing incident at elementary school
  26. I'm being extorted out of 800$
  27. Does he have a case?
  28. Suing Neighbor for repair of common fence
  29. Roommate problem..
  30. Post-Judgment Enforcement: How To Properly Complete MC-012 Memorandum of Costs?
  31. Boyfriend was handed papers saying I'm being sued...now what?
  32. missed court date appointment
  33. Laptop Water Accident - Small Claims
  34. Property Damages Liability
  35. Engagement ring
  36. Ex-girlfriend threatening to sue over cellphone.
  37. Rear ended but other party insurance denied claim?
  38. Lost Employment due to Discrimination - Canada
  39. Tenant/Landlord - Who do I sue?
  40. Getting MY car back from ex girlfriend
  41. Lent items being sold online
  42. Over a Laptop
  43. Can I prevail on circumstantial evidence
  44. Former landlord threatening with unreasonable lawsuit
  45. standard of proof
  46. Will past behavior be enough to prevail
  47. Damages Liability - Contract & False Claims
  48. Bought a truck, had to sign a contract after for preivous owner to release it DURESS?
  49. contract and other question
  50. took my money and ran
  51. Does she have grounds?
  52. help with affidavit of none compliant
  53. Possible to sue city parking department in state small claims court for bad ticket?
  54. Suing Wedding Photographer
  55. need a little help with getting judgment
  56. Neighbor suing over fence
  57. Weird situation looking for advice
  58. Took my items and didn't pay me
  59. Parents Withholding 2k
  60. Car given as gift--now wants payment.
  61. Dealer will not pay my security deposit receipt attached to "Bill of sale" doc
  62. Question about Default Judgment
  63. Sue for Fantasy Baseball winnings?
  64. Sued in small claims court in another state
  65. Ex-girlfriend took money out of my bank account without authorization
  66. Daycare Deposit
  67. Dismissal With Prejudice
  68. Dead bidder who caused loss on ebay motors
  69. A few questions - procedure
  70. Suing a minor?
  71. Bogos lawsuit help with appeals
  72. Threat of a civil suit over personal property
  73. Small Claims Questions in Colorado
  74. Suing mechanic with possession
  75. I have a judgment in NJ, but the debtor's assets are in Maryland...
  76. Question on getting paid
  77. Question about loaned equipment to friend and Small Claims Court
  78. Charges by apartment after move out
  79. For scammed and the company filed to collection agency
  80. Want refund from Chiropractor.
  81. help with bogus lawsuit
  82. is small claims court right for me?
  83. Ex fiance refuses to return personal property.
  84. Offer of Judgment in Small Claims
  85. Claiming against me from 3 years ago.
  86. damaged porcelain tile, trucking company paid half the value, can I sue online store?
  87. Ex Girlfriend owes me 1200. What do i do next?
  88. Prenatal care expenses of a minor OHIO
  89. Can my former employer take these "fees" from my pay?
  90. I agreed to pay too much
  91. A few basic Small Claims questions
  92. Looking for options involving dental malpractice in Texas
  93. Ex Not Paying
  94. Small Claims/Subpoena: Paypal, Pennsylvania
  95. Fraudulent Proof of Service
  96. Small claims judgement against an LLC with 0 assets
  97. Roommate Refuses to Pay Damages
  98. Speculative Damages in Small Claims
  99. I'm being threatened to be sued!
  100. Serving Process / Naming Defendants when suing Big Banks
  101. Please help! My best defense in this situation?
  102. Serving Subpoena for Information to someone who is incarcerated
  103. Due On Demand Promissory Note
  104. Right of Contribution
  105. Won Case, Defendant stopped paying and disappear, Court told me they can't help?
  106. Contract advice, being sued
  107. Possible Lawsuit?
  108. Contract dispute
  109. Suing Wells Fargo
  110. Contract Cancellation Fee Suit
  111. Contractor Issue
  112. Post Judgement - Vehicle Questions
  113. chargesretrieving sensitive information/fraudulent
  114. Collect Final Pay
  115. Have a Judgement, Notarized Agreement of payment, Defendant did not pay...
  116. Another verbal contract. ???
  117. Travel expenses post break up?
  118. A couple of questions....
  119. motion to dismiss
  120. Complicated situation - who to sue?
  121. Verbal Contract
  122. Can I sue the people who spread rumors?
  123. Subpoena Duces Tecum question
  124. Leagal or illegal interest?
  125. Illegal Interest?
  126. Suggestions for Claims Court
  127. Car repair
  128. Quit freelance work, still have their computer
  129. Small claims lawsuit for unpaid rent
  130. Shared Garage & Intentional Damage by Neighbors, is a Property Lien Possible?
  131. Ex suing over loan with no terms
  132. Update on Dog Picked Up.
  133. Legal help for Counter suit...
  134. Can someone sue me for wasting their time?
  135. Lying on a bill of sale..
  136. Who can represent me in Small Claims Court?
  137. Small Claims County Jurisdiction Issue Within the Same State
  138. stolen ring
  139. Broken Laptop...I wasn't home
  140. Who to sue?
  141. US Boy in Europe needs help - being Sued-
  142. Can one Californian sue another Californian for loan that happened in Japan?
  143. What proof do you need to prove slander?
  144. suing roommate for utilities
  145. Default entered because defendant has not filed answer ? CT small claims
  146. Which is the correct name to use to file suit against? Renewal for trade question
  147. Back Rent and Unpaid Bills
  148. Anything I can do to get judge to order payments?
  149. Car Dealer: Who To Name As Defendant
  150. illegally obtained records
  151. I want to sue but unsure if I can
  152. Will I be able to sue? Help!
  153. Landscaper overserviced, overcharging (No Contract)
  154. Appearance for Examination
  155. Please help! Stranger took money and I'm having a hard time getting it back!
  156. How to handle ex wanting gift back
  157. Judgment against myself and ex-wife
  158. who's Iphone is it?
  159. Mechanic Damaged Car
  160. Mobile Business went bad..
  161. Unpaid Cell Phone Bill
  162. Is breach of contract a felony in Tennessee?
  163. Break Up
  164. Would I win this case?
  165. Do I have a case?
  166. Items Taken!! What Can I do To get Back??
  167. My husband
  168. Sentimental Value
  169. The police STOLE my cell phone and used it to make personal calls and I have PROOF...
  170. 2 small caims Courtney questione
  171. Can I sue Out Of State Defendant In New York
  172. Small Claims Help
  173. How to sue Capital One Sevices, LLC/Capital One Bank (USA), N.A-South Carolina
  174. Dog custody?
  175. breach oral / verbal agreements/ contracts HEELLLPPP
  176. verbally harassed
  177. Where/How to Find Small Claims Lawyer?
  178. Lawyer suing for fee's
  179. Taking reposession of my vehicle
  180. Landlord cutting off internet, part of paid for utilities. Other issues. Options?
  181. Stolen money
  182. Rented private parking spot, Car burglarized, Suing property owner
  183. Am I responsible for damage?
  184. Proper protocols in dealing with Defendant in Small Claims case
  185. Contractors caused damage to garage door, who is at fault?
  186. Should I sue the landlord AND the prop mgmt co. for a small claims deposit dispute
  187. I'm being sued for disputed bill. If I pay before court, can they get a judgement?
  188. Subletter case for small claims
  189. Interstate car sale, buyer unhappy, threatens to sue if I don't give partial refund
  190. Mechanic Negligence caused us our car and possible accident.
  191. legal advice please help court tomorrow
  192. Is my case valid for small claims court?
  193. Contractor cancelled job on last day & refuses to pay for 10 weeks of work done.
  194. Boat Mechanic.
  195. From Magistrate Court to State Court
  196. From Magistrate
  197. What do I owe?
  198. Please help!!!
  199. Is my neighbor liable for devaluing my vintage decoy duck?
  200. Is my neighbor liable for devaluing my vintage decoy duck?
  201. Help?
  202. Assets in Trusts, how to collect?
  203. I need adive, sold car perfect, guy stopped the payment and has the car?
  204. Stolen money from inmate trust fund account
  205. My Dog Kills Neighbors Dog - Now we have to go to court...
  206. What are my rights? What should I do?
  207. Trespass/Destruction of Property
  208. Texas Small Claims Settlement Offer
  209. Broken Headphones
  210. My roommate's cat destroyed my $1500 laptop. Do I have a case?
  211. Eviction Law
  212. Defendant did not show up in court twice now, judge keeps allowing for continuance...
  213. Motion for stay of revocation of drivers license?
  214. Do I have a case or am I wasting my time?
  215. Small Claims Court / Defendant's action
  216. Property Damage
  217. Summon received in Queens - NY : I dont know what to do - Pls help
  218. Need help to sue my ex-gf!
  219. Collecting on a winning settlement
  220. Can I sue the SPCA for not telling us about our adopted cat's condition?
  221. Can Court Set Aside Default Judgment Two Months Later Due to Court Error?
  222. 501 c
  223. Need help to find somebody's new address
  224. Do we have CAUSE to sue Lawyer for Negligence?
  225. Value of automobile
  226. Ex girlfriend owes me money
  227. Regaining Property
  228. Summons after attempt to pay were done. What are my next steps.
  229. Should I be worried?
  230. Attorney won't return overpaid fees
  231. Small claims court - is cross-examination allowed?
  232. Wont pay bill - can I sue for my time - and to not go to collections?
  233. Company used my name for advertising, Can I sue?
  234. Purchased a lost/stolen item through Craigslist and sold it back to someone else
  235. Personal loan to a friend who later run away
  236. Lost my case and I refuse to pay!
  237. Are we entitled to our money back
  238. Personal loan
  239. Selection of surveyor for dispute on damage to property (UK)
  240. Dry cleaner
  241. fraud?
  242. security deposit
  243. Should my security deposit be returned?
  244. Judgment closed? Says Dismissal no funds...
  245. Abandonment/Custody Issues with a Pet (Dog)
  246. Someone broke into my car at the mall...
  247. Can you add court fees to the claim?
  248. Who is the thief?
  249. Post Judgment on LLC
  250. can he sue me? would he win?