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  1. Subpoena confusion
  2. Can I file a suit and how do I go about doing so?
  3. bungled seizure
  4. Small claims question ...
  5. Traffic Ticket Dismissed, Officer completely wrong, can I seek wag compensation?
  6. Stolen Title
  7. Serving UPS BOX Florida
  8. Newbie: Small claims help.
  9. Newbie Help
  10. Freedom of speech. Insults. threats, harassment? Definitions and punishments
  11. NEWBIE: I was sued and didn't even know it. HELP!?
  12. International Employer not paying wages (how to collect?)
  13. plaintiff friends file lawsuit, but plaintiff doesn't show
  14. Unlicensed Backyard mechanic holding my motorcycle for unauthorized repair fee
  15. Vacation security deposit not returned
  16. I took a freelance job where employer put me in unreasonable circumstances...
  17. Proximate Cause
  18. CPA threatening to go to small courts
  19. Damage to building
  20. research advice for appeals
  21. Possible breach of contract and property damage
  22. Damage deposit for RV rental
  23. Should I file a claim in this instance?
  24. Frivolous Parking Ticket
  25. Private Party Car Sale Fraud
  26. Exploitatuion of vulnerable adult
  27. Small Claims Court
  28. Should I take this to small claims court? I was ripped off by a car shop
  29. "private nuisance" claim, and a property owner that did not properly sound-proof uni
  30. Pg&e
  31. Suing for letter (not money)
  32. Filing Case against airline in small claims court
  33. Property taxes due on an eBay property transaction
  34. Is this a good letter of consideration?
  35. Is this still a legal Summons/Complaint?
  36. Small Claims after Unlawful Detainer Trial
  37. Motel Stay laws
  38. Village building codes and unlawful removal of personal property
  39. Lawyer in a different state is threatening me and I dont live there
  40. Failure to comply with restitutioj order
  41. Suing for money owed - long distance
  42. In central park after the curfew please help
  43. Trademark and Defamation of character issues
  44. small claims court after salon burned my wife's eyebrows.
  45. Ex GF called me and claims I owe her money from 2002 (Massachusetts)
  46. I live in Ohio, how does PA small claims court laws/settlements affect me?
  47. Venue and recourse for fraudulent HVAC sale?
  48. Writ of Execution
  49. Vacating 10 year old unpaid judgement, which was not properly served?
  50. Damage due to improper alignment done at Big Box Tireshop
  51. Car Purchased without Clean Title
  52. Serving multiple defendents
  53. returning items from Texas
  54. Small Claims RE: Pet Purchase
  55. Employer Owes me remaining pay, also mis-classified
  56. Worth it to sue for ~$3,000 if I know the defendant can't pay?
  57. How to make partial payment if plantiff is unwilling to accept?
  58. How long before can't sure anymore for back rent in my state?
  59. Defective car part resulting in significant engine damage
  60. Landlord is having her attorney text message me about security deposit
  61. Wrong amount being garnished -- how can this be corrected?
  62. My ex-roommate is suing for a canceled check.
  63. My Landlord Injured My Dog While Installing a Refrigerator When No One Was Home
  64. Private party car sale / Seller repossession
  65. Friend owes money for unpaid services, need help!
  66. Response to a Demand Letter?
  67. Loaner Car from Mechanic Stolen so Mechanic Refuses to Release Customer's Car
  68. Jurisdiction for claim
  69. Vehicle sale problem to small claims court? Worth it or waste of time?
  70. Defendant in Colorado Small Claims action - am I liable for his attorney fees?
  71. Cracked glass door
  72. Dealer will not pay off pervious car loan.
  73. Miinesota question about condo association:
  74. Question about verbal agreements
  75. Roommate refuses pay for damages/repairs
  76. What is needed for a Writ of Execution in PA?
  77. Getting the last payment for a contract
  78. FedEx lost my money order and won't accept responsibility
  79. falsified security deposit deductions sheet
  80. Sue
  81. A friend kicked me out her home and stole my property
  82. Paid Photographer In Advance Who Is Now Ignoring Me
  83. Is it worth taking my ex to small claims court?
  84. Ex-friend trying to reclaim gifts.
  85. Landlord claims missing rent; I have receipts
  86. Small Claims Additional claim
  87. Money $ and Jewelry Stole by Friend
  88. can i file a civil suit after winning a tow hearing?
  89. Do I have a civil suit?
  90. What can I legally do to get money from a person who owes a settlement?
  91. Deathbed Confession
  92. Mother Refusing to Give Daughter $2200 After Cashing Check? Any Chance Here?
  93. Mechanic Installed new Clutch but failed to put car back together properly
  94. Civil Suit On Car....
  95. Did I just see Judge Judy make yet another bad ruling?
  96. roomate moved out and took car
  97. Roommate moved out & refusing to pay utilities
  98. signing a check
  99. Landord fails to honor Georgia lake house rental contract ...landlord lives in FL
  100. Coat Stolen from Coat Room
  101. Illegal Repo
  102. ex-employee fraud with company credit card
  103. Purchased vehicle 2 hours later broke down
  104. Any States Allow An Attorney and/or Paralegal To Be Present
  105. Demand Letter for Corporate Defendant
  106. Setteling outside of Court for withheld deposit
  107. [advice]
  108. Arbitrary towing fees
  109. Best friend stole my $4,100
  110. Amazon buyer threatening legal action over defect that was listed in description
  111. Selling to a friend
  112. Seller Lied to me about Cell Phone Model.. Need some Legal Advice?
  113. Walmart Issue
  114. Subletter stole furniture
  115. Roommate stole my security deposit
  116. ripped off from a classified ad
  117. How is a legal entity served?
  118. appealing my case, qs about the trial and decision.
  119. How long to I have to wait?
  120. Served in error
  121. Plaintiff admits she never loaned me money but the magistrate ruled in her favor
  122. Roommate stole my dog
  123. Property damage- Sue again?
  124. Buying from friends/co-workers
  125. serving a out of state summons?
  126. Apartment Complex Small Claims Court
  127. Neighbor claims my dog bit his dog
  128. Cat killed by neighbors dog.
  129. Recovering Lost Rent Money
  130. Abusive Boyfriend getting back with small claims suit.
  131. fired from modeling job
  132. Blown engine!
  133. subpeona text messages
  134. Suing Tree Company?
  135. Suing someone while deployed in the army
  136. Subletter owes me money
  137. Hospital is threatening me and harassing me. They released my very personal informati
  138. ATV damage deposit taken by unscrupulous merchant
  139. Contractor took $550 home plans almost 7 months ago - Still without them
  140. breaking and entering business, taking property without owner's permission
  141. vehicle represented as 'tip top condition' - needed over $1600 in repair to drive car
  142. filing in small claims
  143. Suing a friend because he tries to run away with the car without paying the car loan
  144. using pictures in court? are there any rules?
  145. Suing a telemarketer
  146. Shop has my parts, no way to get a hold of anyone there
  147. sold privately but other party refuses to pay
  148. Plantiff has to pay the defendents legal fees in North Carolina small claims court?
  149. Can I be sued for somebody drinking too much while playing my drinking game?
  150. Summoned to court over a job estimate, but we never did the work
  151. Who do I sue for deposit?
  152. Loaned $1000 to a friend, im holding car title as collateral. They traded car.
  153. Wrong name on small claim documents...
  154. Bad checks crime, or crime against the elderly?
  155. I just want my truck back.
  156. Why couldn't I get travel and work expenses on my counter suit?!
  157. File a small claims court case from outside of the US?
  158. Car Engine Damage After Oil Change
  159. Possible small claims suit
  160. Being Countersued in Small Claimns
  161. Breach of Contract on Personal Loan between two Parties (not bank)
  162. Amending a Small Claims Judgement
  163. How long do I have to file a claim legally?
  164. Can I sue a taxi company for not showing
  165. How to respond to Defendants answer, what do I need to provide?
  166. How to file a sworn denial in Florida?
  167. Conversion tort
  168. AC Repair Small Claims Court - Advice anyone?
  169. Renters laws
  170. Deposit for camping trailer
  171. I would appreciate some guidance on two possible small claims cases.
  172. Can i use cellphone video as evidence in this case?
  173. Co-tenant obstructing sublet process
  174. Crooked Sunglasses
  175. Could use a little advice
  176. NYC Slumlord vs. Me
  177. Vet bills - who is responsible
  178. I've been threatened to be taken to small claims court
  179. My landlord broke my bag lock, searched everything inside and looked up my letters
  180. Landlord Tenant Lawsuit
  181. Damages done by vent cleaning company
  182. Being sued because my dog attacked another resulting in a runaway.
  183. Need advice about going through with garnishment
  184. Boat Purchase gone bad
  185. Motorcycle repair, and I got a bad shake.
  186. Illegible subpoena duces tecum, VA
  187. scottish law
  188. Lowe's Installer damaged my property
  189. Friend scammed me and won't refund money and disconnected his phone
  190. Threatening to sue for heartbreak, loss of pay and flight tickets
  191. Kansas small claims question
  192. Counterclaim on small claims case.
  193. Mechanic Screwed Up My Car
  194. Responsible for gifts/belongings?
  195. Suing somebody for unpaid loan
  196. Landlord oral contract...
  197. equipment purchase
  198. Would please like information on suing my neighbors for assault and battery for 10k
  199. Getting security deposit back
  200. Ex refuses to give back belongings.
  201. Bird sales, who is in the wrong?
  202. Refund
  203. Payday Loan Lender Lawsuit
  204. legal help, car related
  205. small claims collection
  206. Being sued
  207. Small Claims Questions
  208. stop payment check
  209. golf takes precedence over court?
  210. Counterclaim relevance question
  211. mechanic troubles
  212. Who is responsible for billing errors? The customer or the company?
  213. Does the previous homeowner have a case?
  214. Stop Payment on a check
  215. I am getting sued in small claim court while living abroad
  216. For big_c - regarding lawn mower/rock/insurance
  217. IA: Riding lawnmower ejects rock and damages car while driving by on a road
  218. Vehicle stolen from storage unit
  219. Do I have to sign a document?
  220. Another vacate judgement question vs. ex-employer
  221. Suing Ex-girlfriend for possession of car(~$2,500)
  222. help with who can be named!!
  223. Ultimate Betrayal
  224. Is there anything I can do in this situation?
  225. Possibility of lawsuit?
  226. Landlord won't return part of my security deposit
  227. A former renter of my apartment wants their furniture back... after a year and a half
  228. Broke up with BF. How to get belongings back?
  229. Company refuses to endorse chk. to get paid.
  230. Someone admitted to recording a skype call without my consent.
  231. Vehicle Purchase Transaction Question
  232. Get My PHone Back?
  233. Take the car now or later?
  234. Personal Loan/ How should I proceed-advice greatly appreciated
  235. Court hearing - company offered out-of-court settlement
  236. Damage to house from neighbor's trampoline...2nd time
  237. Defendant did not pay stipulation, now what
  238. id like to sue a court officer. advice please and tia
  239. Assaulted 18 months ago, too late to sue?
  240. What is reasonable to ask for after a fire?
  241. Attempts at extracting money from me
  242. Attempt at extracting money
  243. Moved out of California, but I need to sue former landlord
  244. Small claims questions and specific questions to my case
  245. Needing help with a small claims case
  246. Maintenance Bill
  247. Can ex-roommate sue me for rent THEY didn't pay, after I threw them out for threats?
  248. My ex-boyfriend owes me a substantial amount of money (40,000). Advice please?
  249. Paralegals want to charge me for incomplete work
  250. Seller Credit and Small Claims Court