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  1. Contractor Issue
  2. Post Judgement - Vehicle Questions
  3. chargesretrieving sensitive information/fraudulent
  4. Collect Final Pay
  5. Have a Judgement, Notarized Agreement of payment, Defendant did not pay...
  6. Another verbal contract. ???
  7. Travel expenses post break up?
  8. A couple of questions....
  9. motion to dismiss
  10. Complicated situation - who to sue?
  11. Verbal Contract
  12. Can I sue the people who spread rumors?
  13. Subpoena Duces Tecum question
  14. Leagal or illegal interest?
  15. Illegal Interest?
  16. Suggestions for Claims Court
  17. Car repair
  18. Quit freelance work, still have their computer
  19. Small claims lawsuit for unpaid rent
  20. Shared Garage & Intentional Damage by Neighbors, is a Property Lien Possible?
  21. Ex suing over loan with no terms
  22. Update on Dog Picked Up.
  23. Legal help for Counter suit...
  24. Can someone sue me for wasting their time?
  25. Lying on a bill of sale..
  26. Who can represent me in Small Claims Court?
  27. Small Claims County Jurisdiction Issue Within the Same State
  28. stolen ring
  29. Broken Laptop...I wasn't home
  30. Who to sue?
  31. US Boy in Europe needs help - being Sued-
  32. Can one Californian sue another Californian for loan that happened in Japan?
  33. What proof do you need to prove slander?
  34. suing roommate for utilities
  35. Default entered because defendant has not filed answer ? CT small claims
  36. Which is the correct name to use to file suit against? Renewal for trade question
  37. Back Rent and Unpaid Bills
  38. Anything I can do to get judge to order payments?
  39. Car Dealer: Who To Name As Defendant
  40. illegally obtained records
  41. I want to sue but unsure if I can
  42. Will I be able to sue? Help!
  43. Landscaper overserviced, overcharging (No Contract)
  44. Appearance for Examination
  45. Please help! Stranger took money and I'm having a hard time getting it back!
  46. How to handle ex wanting gift back
  47. Judgment against myself and ex-wife
  48. who's Iphone is it?
  49. Mechanic Damaged Car
  50. Mobile Business went bad..
  51. Unpaid Cell Phone Bill
  52. Is breach of contract a felony in Tennessee?
  53. Break Up
  54. Would I win this case?
  55. Do I have a case?
  56. Items Taken!! What Can I do To get Back??
  57. My husband
  58. Sentimental Value
  59. The police STOLE my cell phone and used it to make personal calls and I have PROOF...
  60. 2 small caims Courtney questione
  61. Can I sue Out Of State Defendant In New York
  62. Small Claims Help
  63. How to sue Capital One Sevices, LLC/Capital One Bank (USA), N.A-South Carolina
  64. Dog custody?
  65. breach oral / verbal agreements/ contracts HEELLLPPP
  66. verbally harassed
  67. Where/How to Find Small Claims Lawyer?
  68. Lawyer suing for fee's
  69. Taking reposession of my vehicle
  70. Landlord cutting off internet, part of paid for utilities. Other issues. Options?
  71. Stolen money
  72. Rented private parking spot, Car burglarized, Suing property owner
  73. Am I responsible for damage?
  74. Proper protocols in dealing with Defendant in Small Claims case
  75. Contractors caused damage to garage door, who is at fault?
  76. Should I sue the landlord AND the prop mgmt co. for a small claims deposit dispute
  77. I'm being sued for disputed bill. If I pay before court, can they get a judgement?
  78. Subletter case for small claims
  79. Interstate car sale, buyer unhappy, threatens to sue if I don't give partial refund
  80. Mechanic Negligence caused us our car and possible accident.
  81. legal advice please help court tomorrow
  82. Is my case valid for small claims court?
  83. Contractor cancelled job on last day & refuses to pay for 10 weeks of work done.
  84. Boat Mechanic.
  85. From Magistrate Court to State Court
  86. From Magistrate
  87. What do I owe?
  88. Please help!!!
  89. Is my neighbor liable for devaluing my vintage decoy duck?
  90. Is my neighbor liable for devaluing my vintage decoy duck?
  91. Help?
  92. Assets in Trusts, how to collect?
  93. I need adive, sold car perfect, guy stopped the payment and has the car?
  94. Stolen money from inmate trust fund account
  95. My Dog Kills Neighbors Dog - Now we have to go to court...
  96. What are my rights? What should I do?
  97. Trespass/Destruction of Property
  98. Texas Small Claims Settlement Offer
  99. Broken Headphones
  100. My roommate's cat destroyed my $1500 laptop. Do I have a case?
  101. Eviction Law
  102. Defendant did not show up in court twice now, judge keeps allowing for continuance...
  103. Motion for stay of revocation of drivers license?
  104. Do I have a case or am I wasting my time?
  105. Small Claims Court / Defendant's action
  106. Property Damage
  107. Summon received in Queens - NY : I dont know what to do - Pls help
  108. Need help to sue my ex-gf!
  109. Collecting on a winning settlement
  110. Can I sue the SPCA for not telling us about our adopted cat's condition?
  111. Can Court Set Aside Default Judgment Two Months Later Due to Court Error?
  112. 501 c
  113. Need help to find somebody's new address
  114. Do we have CAUSE to sue Lawyer for Negligence?
  115. Value of automobile
  116. Ex girlfriend owes me money
  117. Regaining Property
  118. Summons after attempt to pay were done. What are my next steps.
  119. Should I be worried?
  120. Attorney won't return overpaid fees
  121. Small claims court - is cross-examination allowed?
  122. Wont pay bill - can I sue for my time - and to not go to collections?
  123. Company used my name for advertising, Can I sue?
  124. Purchased a lost/stolen item through Craigslist and sold it back to someone else
  125. Personal loan to a friend who later run away
  126. Lost my case and I refuse to pay!
  127. Are we entitled to our money back
  128. Personal loan
  129. Selection of surveyor for dispute on damage to property (UK)
  130. Dry cleaner
  131. fraud?
  132. security deposit
  133. Should my security deposit be returned?
  134. Judgment closed? Says Dismissal no funds...
  135. Abandonment/Custody Issues with a Pet (Dog)
  136. Someone broke into my car at the mall...
  137. Can you add court fees to the claim?
  138. Who is the thief?
  139. Post Judgment on LLC
  140. can he sue me? would he win?
  141. appeal in small claims court after a win
  142. Guardian
  143. If I pay a debt in full before court date will it go on my credit record
  144. Need Advice
  145. Seeking advice
  146. how to appeal a small claims decision
  147. Not real sure...
  148. Standard procedure, or do I need a lawyer?
  149. Taking Back Vehicle
  150. Accidential dog death.
  151. Neighbor Hires Unlicensed Contractor,Damages My House,Refuses to Identify Contractor
  152. What do I do next
  153. Sol ?
  154. Legal Advice Please
  155. Can I sue The Stylist Or Salon
  156. Bad Renters
  157. sue or not sue?
  158. I got my pellet gun taken away by a stranger what can I do?
  159. unlicensed repossor kept belongings
  160. Left truck for repairs; three years later he is trying to get a lien title for it.
  161. Harassing Neighbors
  162. Can I sue ex-girlfriend?
  163. Should I sue?
  164. getting ring back
  165. Fraudulent?
  166. Dog Ownership - WA, Replevin?
  167. Some type of malicious doing....
  168. Sue for money owed
  169. Repairman does not uphold warranty/insurance
  170. What is judge's usual focus point in small claim?
  171. fraudulant landlord damages
  172. Dog attacked my dog
  173. small claims
  174. Sold car, guy suing me for repairs....
  175. Gift
  176. What court costs to expect- Uninsured Motorist suit
  177. Appeal to a Restraining order
  178. dogs killed at large cat.
  179. minor damage to personal property by a friend
  180. Small Claims Court case for Borrowed item
  181. Remove pic from online newspaper
  182. Witnesses
  183. Gifts??
  184. Loan, lied about repayment
  185. My firend is being 'sued' frivolously and maliciously. What should he do?
  186. Personal Loan matters
  187. Being sued by ex-roommate
  188. Purchased infectious kitten
  189. Car Desposit Dispute
  190. Need backup advice
  191. Propane tank dispute
  192. default judgement
  193. canceled check pa/oh
  194. i am planning on appealing a judegement against me...
  195. Which court has jurisdiction in my dispute with my out-of-state girlfriend?
  196. Can a parent repossess a vehicle if all payments are made timely and are current?
  197. ex room mate threatening to sue
  198. court summons on weekend
  199. What if I don't know an address?
  200. Plaintiff and Respondent
  201. Small claims
  202. A matter involving my kidnapped dogs
  203. Small claims court over smog
  204. Breach of Contract / Fraud, via eBay
  205. How to obtain the documents presented to the judge
  206. How to file small claims suit against HOA
  207. Please Help Me with this question... ASAP.
  208. No Contact Order
  209. Unlawful Detainment
  210. can i reposes a car i let a family member make payments on when they dont pay?
  211. SSN for discovery of assets
  212. Do I Have Enough Info to a Sue Defendant in Small Claims
  213. Services not provided
  214. Dentist refusal to cooperate w/Insurance company
  215. Paid for Service Work and Reimbursement Check was Stopped
  216. Stolen Ring
  217. First time small claims questions - WI
  218. laymans agreement
  219. Never Received Interrogatories
  220. how to write a motion to quash a garnishment
  221. Buyer Cancelled Check
  222. Small Claims Help
  223. storage fees on unauthorized repairs on motorcycle
  224. car repair
  225. Borrowed bike was stolen
  226. Ms
  227. I need to sue but I don't know his legal name
  228. can i lose this case? please read
  229. How to get paid on a small claims win
  230. Crazy woman
  231. ex GF owes me money
  232. Failure to return a vehicle
  233. Someone is pressing charges against me
  234. Can we sue? Dog loose attacked me and forcefully mated my dog
  235. Collecting on a small claims judgement
  236. Suing a mechanic
  237. Craigslist scammers!!!!!
  238. Another robbed ex bf
  239. Dental disaster
  240. Small Claim/never served/debt twice as original
  241. Small claims
  242. I want my money back
  243. Help! Property Issues with roommate :(
  244. If I'm being sued in a small claims cou
  245. Car agreement
  246. gave someone a loan - has yet to pay me back
  247. Text Messages as Evidence
  248. personal debt on a credit card
  249. I won a judgement, and defendent changed everything out of her name
  250. god child