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  1. Counterclaim on small claims case.
  2. Mechanic Screwed Up My Car
  3. Responsible for gifts/belongings?
  4. Suing somebody for unpaid loan
  5. Landlord oral contract...
  6. equipment purchase
  7. Would please like information on suing my neighbors for assault and battery for 10k
  8. Getting security deposit back
  9. Ex refuses to give back belongings.
  10. Bird sales, who is in the wrong?
  11. Refund
  12. Payday Loan Lender Lawsuit
  13. legal help, car related
  14. small claims collection
  15. Being sued
  16. Small Claims Questions
  17. stop payment check
  18. golf takes precedence over court?
  19. Counterclaim relevance question
  20. mechanic troubles
  21. Who is responsible for billing errors? The customer or the company?
  22. Does the previous homeowner have a case?
  23. Stop Payment on a check
  24. I am getting sued in small claim court while living abroad
  25. For big_c - regarding lawn mower/rock/insurance
  26. IA: Riding lawnmower ejects rock and damages car while driving by on a road
  27. Vehicle stolen from storage unit
  28. Do I have to sign a document?
  29. Another vacate judgement question vs. ex-employer
  30. Suing Ex-girlfriend for possession of car(~$2,500)
  31. help with who can be named!!
  32. Ultimate Betrayal
  33. Is there anything I can do in this situation?
  34. Possibility of lawsuit?
  35. Landlord won't return part of my security deposit
  36. A former renter of my apartment wants their furniture back... after a year and a half
  37. Broke up with BF. How to get belongings back?
  38. Company refuses to endorse chk. to get paid.
  39. Someone admitted to recording a skype call without my consent.
  40. Vehicle Purchase Transaction Question
  41. Get My PHone Back?
  42. Take the car now or later?
  43. Personal Loan/ How should I proceed-advice greatly appreciated
  44. Court hearing - company offered out-of-court settlement
  45. Damage to house from neighbor's trampoline...2nd time
  46. Defendant did not pay stipulation, now what
  47. id like to sue a court officer. advice please and tia
  48. Assaulted 18 months ago, too late to sue?
  49. What is reasonable to ask for after a fire?
  50. Attempts at extracting money from me
  51. Attempt at extracting money
  52. Moved out of California, but I need to sue former landlord
  53. Small claims questions and specific questions to my case
  54. Needing help with a small claims case
  55. Maintenance Bill
  56. Can ex-roommate sue me for rent THEY didn't pay, after I threw them out for threats?
  57. My ex-boyfriend owes me a substantial amount of money (40,000). Advice please?
  58. Paralegals want to charge me for incomplete work
  59. Seller Credit and Small Claims Court
  60. Can I sue for breach of contract?
  61. confused about my credit card debt trial
  62. Ex took property over state lines
  63. The defendant refused the disclosure order.
  64. Craigslist?
  65. Defendant for the deceased in a small claim hearing - help!
  66. Movers Stole My Kindle Fire
  67. Who would win in a case like this?
  68. Do I have a case here: sue subleaser for backing out
  69. Who is responsible to pay me? The old management or the new management?
  70. Can i sue for pit-bull attack?
  71. I Owe CoPay on Trumped Medical Billing? - Fox Guarding Hen House / Small Claims Court
  72. obtain phone call from insurance company
  73. Suing for 700 for furniture
  74. Question about oral agreement and false written statements
  75. Appeal: fees, deadline, who reviews, transcripts, outcome worse than original, etc?
  76. A question about garnishment?
  77. Removing a case from small claims
  78. Who is at fault here and how is this supposed to be resolved ?
  79. Help: Out of State Suit - Eldery Man in SC
  80. Won judment in Boulder City NV, Trying to Levy bank account in Warsaw, IN.
  81. Collecting Judgement - WA
  82. Bad deal on craigslist
  83. Collecting Judgment from Landlord (an LLC.)
  84. Counter claim in Small Claims Court
  85. Can I sue the CBI for wasting over a month I could be working?
  86. Employer refusing to pay me final wages (Indiana)
  87. Ex-fiance threatening to sue over non payment of a bill
  88. Stopping Wage Deduction Order\Recovering Overpayment
  89. Is this Fraud? or are they selectively picking winners?
  90. babysitter quits next day after we gave her 2 weeks notice
  91. Is there a case in stolen car issue?
  92. Who to sue: landlord and/or his agent?
  93. Who to file against?
  94. Tolling statute of limitations in MO
  95. How to confirm address to deliever summons
  96. How do I change the venue
  97. Urgent Help Needed
  98. I'm being sued in small claims for $600
  99. Answer form for Magistrate court
  100. avoiding an unpaid debt.
  101. Advice On This Upcoming Court Matter, Please.
  102. Help. Can I sue this mechanic? Florida
  103. Sued by customer over $180 laptop: lawsuit scam!
  104. Can I take someone to court to make he pay my money back from a job not performed ?
  105. Automatic Car Wash Damaged Vehicle
  106. Second Disorderly Conduct
  107. I got served today
  108. rightful ownership of a vehicle
  109. Writ of execution - keepers levy
  110. Independent Sales Rep suing former Emplyer
  111. Small Claims Court-Rent Owed with no lease (Complicated)
  112. service of summons
  113. infliction of emotional distress
  114. Satisfied Judgement
  115. Repair shop Ripoff.
  116. Wedding Vendor
  117. Bought used car, wrote and signed agreement with seller
  118. Who is responsible for filing a satisfaction of judgment?
  119. New York Small Claims Court - Appeal
  120. Problems with association manager.
  121. Problem with Association.
  122. Collecting on Judgement--Collection agency, Capital Retrieval ??
  123. Small Claim from prospective roommate
  124. Garnished from landlord
  125. Car for sale but changed my mind
  126. Does Cashing A Unilateral Settlement Check Jeopardize My Claim?
  127. Cell phone contract
  128. Findings of Fact
  129. Collection after judgement......next step
  130. Can my roommate refuse to pay electricit&sign written agreement forl bill sharing?
  131. Car stolen from hotel parking lot-CA
  132. Did not get Security Deposit back from LandLord - Illinois
  133. suing ChexSystems In Small Claims Court
  134. Bank of America scam
  135. In NYS, does a failed inspection give an extra 10 days to re-inspect?
  136. Small Claims Moved to Regular Docket
  137. Buyer threatening to take us to small claims court
  138. Do you have to post in the newspaper for King County WA. small claims?
  139. Out of state (NY) land lord not returning security deposit for NC rental
  140. Reasonable settlement for damaged furniture?
  141. foreign national wants to sue for missing products sent to my US address
  142. Do I need to subpoena the defendant?
  143. How do I subpoena in Small Claims Court?
  144. Situation where Mr. X Sr. might show up instead of Mr. X Jr.
  145. Sheriff's department notice about court documents?
  146. How do I know if it's the right bank for garnishment?
  147. Won in small claims court, splitting settlement with other plaintiffs
  148. What is the obligation and right of a judgement debtor?
  149. Question about being served
  150. Do I have recourse
  151. Small claim - how to use email and or text messages as evidence
  152. Ex gf trying to claim TV we bought together (details inside)
  153. oral contract
  154. Paid for custom Cabinets, 50 days past deadline, can I sue for damages or just refund
  155. submitting a small claim suit against a company, don't have any persons as defendents
  156. Is it possible to sue an ex client?
  157. Unable to serve defendant, what do I ask judge to do?
  158. Web Designer wanting to sue in small claims
  159. Can I be kicked out of my own apartment?
  160. Can my ex boyfriend/fiancé take my car?
  161. Can I amend the amount I am suing for before going to court?
  162. won case . how do i collect
  163. Police will not allow me to report car stolen, After releasing truck to wrong person
  164. Debt Collector will not take Willing Defendant to Court
  165. College Rent Without Signing Lease
  166. Car Repossessed because Ex Girlfriend. Can I sue?
  167. acknowledgment of satisfaction of judgement
  168. When using a packaging company, who is responsible if the item you ship arrives broke
  169. Being sued by craigslist buyer for cosmetic damage on laptop I sold him used
  170. Can I sue my ex boyfriend?
  171. Can I sue my ex-roommates for pet damages?
  172. Loaned friend money; doesn't look like he's going to pay me back.
  173. Don't like car paint job. Must I pay?
  174. Medical Marajuana, verbal contract broken, hidden camera..queston
  175. buyer beware on craig's list a lesson costing 2,500 if not more
  176. What are the chances of me winning a case against my ex boyfriend?
  177. Lent my car to a friend who wont give it back.
  178. Cousin Broke the Lease, Went to Court Today, But Couldn't Come to a Mutual Agreement
  179. The Roommates From Hell
  180. being sued for payments made on shared boat loan
  181. Borrowed diamonds worth a small claims filing?
  182. Cash advance company won judgement cause I was in prison Now what
  183. Small Claims Judgment Got Double-Paid - Now What?
  184. Loaned something to a friend and her husband gave it away
  185. Psychological torture from neighbor. HELP!!
  186. Ex is trying to send me to court for MY dog
  187. Rock throwing incident at elementary school
  188. I'm being extorted out of 800$
  189. Does he have a case?
  190. Suing Neighbor for repair of common fence
  191. Roommate problem..
  192. Post-Judgment Enforcement: How To Properly Complete MC-012 Memorandum of Costs?
  193. Boyfriend was handed papers saying I'm being sued...now what?
  194. missed court date appointment
  195. Laptop Water Accident - Small Claims
  196. Property Damages Liability
  197. Engagement ring
  198. Ex-girlfriend threatening to sue over cellphone.
  199. Rear ended but other party insurance denied claim?
  200. Lost Employment due to Discrimination - Canada
  201. Tenant/Landlord - Who do I sue?
  202. Getting MY car back from ex girlfriend
  203. Lent items being sold online
  204. Over a Laptop
  205. Can I prevail on circumstantial evidence
  206. Former landlord threatening with unreasonable lawsuit
  207. standard of proof
  208. Will past behavior be enough to prevail
  209. Damages Liability - Contract & False Claims
  210. Bought a truck, had to sign a contract after for preivous owner to release it DURESS?
  211. contract and other question
  212. took my money and ran
  213. Does she have grounds?
  214. help with affidavit of none compliant
  215. Possible to sue city parking department in state small claims court for bad ticket?
  216. Suing Wedding Photographer
  217. need a little help with getting judgment
  218. Neighbor suing over fence
  219. Weird situation looking for advice
  220. Took my items and didn't pay me
  221. Parents Withholding 2k
  222. Car given as gift--now wants payment.
  223. Dealer will not pay my security deposit receipt attached to "Bill of sale" doc
  224. Question about Default Judgment
  225. Sue for Fantasy Baseball winnings?
  226. Sued in small claims court in another state
  227. Ex-girlfriend took money out of my bank account without authorization
  228. Daycare Deposit
  229. Dismissal With Prejudice
  230. Dead bidder who caused loss on ebay motors
  231. A few questions - procedure
  232. Suing a minor?
  233. Bogos lawsuit help with appeals
  234. Threat of a civil suit over personal property
  235. Small Claims Questions in Colorado
  236. Suing mechanic with possession
  237. I have a judgment in NJ, but the debtor's assets are in Maryland...
  238. Question on getting paid
  239. Question about loaned equipment to friend and Small Claims Court
  240. Charges by apartment after move out
  241. For scammed and the company filed to collection agency
  242. Want refund from Chiropractor.
  243. help with bogus lawsuit
  244. is small claims court right for me?
  245. Ex fiance refuses to return personal property.
  246. Offer of Judgment in Small Claims
  247. Claiming against me from 3 years ago.
  248. damaged porcelain tile, trucking company paid half the value, can I sue online store?
  249. Ex Girlfriend owes me £1200. What do i do next?
  250. Prenatal care expenses of a minor OHIO