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  1. Small potatoes, but this is for principal and fairness
  2. This morning was a very bad morning for me and i need the communitys advice.
  3. Baby Moma
  4. Credit from Merchant issued to old debit card
  5. Whats my chances of winning a Small Claims lawsiut
  6. protecting infants in purchase of 2nd hand infant swing
  7. Company wants to move this to a higher couirt!
  8. Serving M.I.A homeowner
  9. Borrowed property
  10. In California, can I sue this HVAC contractor for what they've done to me?
  11. Damaged property by family
  12. How to Server Best Buy Co inc, In Small Claims Court, Burlingame CA?
  13. Sue a dealership for possible fraud and negligence
  14. Storage Unut Auction Buyer Responsible for Damage to Facility
  15. estranged son-in-law stole my deceased mothers cedar chest
  16. Car Title issue
  17. Am i liable for the difference between what insurance paid and what they owe?
  18. If im in an at fault accident, and my insurance has totaled out the car i hit and pa
  19. Suing State Farm for a lousy 6 bucks!
  20. Cosmetology loans
  21. test-1st didn't go thru
  22. multiple claims
  23. Ex owing money
  24. who to name when suing company which has since formed an LLC?
  25. Customer ordered a cake then wouldn't return emails or texts the day of.
  26. Theft by family
  27. Business violating the Telephone Protection Act
  28. Unintended Usurious Clause
  29. Can this ticket be dismissed?
  30. Shop did unauthorized work on motorcycle
  31. Theft from room mate
  32. Pre-Owned Watch
  33. Mechanic's damage to my car -
  34. Serving Evasive Defendant via Certified Mail
  35. Older Man Suing Youth for a Gift
  36. What is the Timing of an Order of Aid in Execution?
  37. Arbitration Clause
  38. GA. DL suspended for Small claims court FTA in AL. but AL. D.L. not suspended...
  39. Seeking to uphold the law
  40. medical bill dispute question
  41. Can the bride sue for dress costs?
  42. Start Time Tracking: JCRCP 41(e) - 5 years
  43. Used me for their own benefit
  44. Collecting a debt for $830
  45. Previous employer not honoring severance agreement. Bonus withheld.
  46. Can I sue Sacramento's AMTRAK?
  47. Neglect by employees
  48. How to fight a claim of exemption on bank levy
  49. Can I sue someone refusing to give money back for a car purchased?
  50. Does my brother in law have the right to sue us?
  51. Ex won't return my possessions
  52. Suing original debtor or debt collector after civil case
  53. Civil claim against pa game commission
  54. Honda dealer charged for services not performed..
  55. What is Justice?
  56. Cotenant threatening to leave.
  57. Can I sue a mechanic who has had my vehicle over a year and still not fixed
  58. Woman Communicating Threats To Myself & My children
  59. parking lot auto accident/not car owner/small claims
  60. Defendant was a no show but filed a counter claim
  61. Sueing Wal-Mart
  62. Sue Empire Today or Carpet Installer
  63. Being sued on traffic accident
  64. Unpaid cancelation fee
  65. Being sued by HOA (Texas)
  66. Laptop Servicer
  67. Small Claim in Houston Texas
  68. Abusive ex harassing due to money owed.
  69. Roomate owes us money. (!!HELP!!)
  70. Question about a small claims demand letter
  71. Ex-wife withheld my taxes
  72. Seller not refunding a car he said he would in text
  73. Can I be sued over deal I want involved in
  74. Vehicle Damage From Construction Next Door
  75. Stolen Deposit Money
  76. Next step after excusing a pro bono lawyer from representingin a UNLAWFUL DETAINEcase
  77. UK Small Claims Court - Failure to meet conditions of judgement being set aside
  78. Need help drive on a suspended license
  79. Collection options from a judgement debtor in NC, or am I SOL?
  80. Car trailer purchase
  81. Payment for services render, i preformed all tasks listed on a contract
  82. Am i responsible?
  83. 2 cars towed by management request without a warning no parking decals needed to park
  84. Could you get sued?
  85. Could you
  86. judgement /wage garnishment
  87. Can I be sued for...
  88. Consultants for Education and Personal Skills
  89. Interesting small claims case - one for the books
  90. Where to next? I'm at a loss.
  91. Fraud in delaware
  92. Can I sue anyone?
  93. Small Claims Court Procedure in Georgia
  94. Won at Conciliation court defendant is appealing
  95. "Item not as described case won" on eBay. Out of state seller wants to sue
  96. Final Diligence date Form?
  97. Replevin Trial Questions
  98. Property Ownership Dispute
  99. Claim against Expedia
  100. Company did not replace necessary parts for my snow blower
  101. NY: Getting Back an Engagement Ring
  102. International airline damaged checked bag, small claims court scenarios
  103. car purchased with lien on it
  104. Civil claim due to camera malfunctioning after sale
  105. Ex girlfriend moved out, but still on lease. Advice on what to do?
  106. Car transport company
  107. Car questions
  108. question about consulate?
  109. Small claims
  110. Online order not fulfilled
  111. Help
  112. Can I sue UPS in small Claims Court?
  113. California smog requirements
  114. No eviction process just locked out
  115. Can I do something about my son getting maced by staff @ a night club??
  116. second hand lawsuit smoke in small claim?
  117. Potentially Bogus Water Bill
  118. Things in storage taken
  119. Ticket cancellation w/ no notification, stranded for 2 days
  120. Change of Venue
  121. I Allowed a Friend to Borrow My iPod and Now He Refuses to Return it
  122. Friend let her tenants use my sofa
  123. Ex not returning items
  124. window contractor
  125. manipulation and personal gain
  126. what should i do? small claims enters superior court.
  127. Witness - Proof of service
  128. Verbal contract/Text messages
  129. Procedure to apply for Judgement Debtor's exam
  130. Ex-girlfriend stole my apartment and later, all my possessions in it. Questions???
  131. Dirty Car Sale
  132. Could I Sue and Win Against this Dog Breeder
  133. car broke down and got towed
  134. RE: small claims contract case. How do I serve papers in this instance?
  135. Can I sue my neighbor for money I paid for trimming that I was not responsible for.
  136. Will I be able to win if I sue her?
  137. Court fees
  138. Roommate damages
  139. Seems hopeless went to cops they said matter was civil not criminal
  140. Filling out statement of claim form
  141. Client forced labor guarantee to be added before paying for past work, now suing
  142. Claim against bank re event in England after moving to Scotland
  143. I have someone's coffee machine and they want it back one way only...
  144. Deceptive grocery store advertising can I take them to small court?what evidence will
  145. Leak from above, who's at fault?
  146. A diamonds theft
  147. When should I file?
  148. Notice Of Claim Found
  149. verbal contract
  150. Judgement Rendered
  151. Pressured
  152. Do I have a case or any options
  153. Jewelry stolen by movers
  154. pressured Into signing
  155. Having Trouble in Small Claims as Defendant
  156. Would this defendant's dog be considered "at-large" in the state of Maine? Do I have
  157. Anti-SLAPP Adventure
  158. Am i able to take this to small claims court?
  159. Can CA business sue out of state business that distributes internationall?
  160. Suggestions on a possible small claim in Oregon
  161. Pink Summons Wrongfully Written
  162. Request to move Small Claims complaint to Civil Division
  163. Need help
  164. Can I use this to get my money back?
  165. Suing Wal-Mart for fraud
  166. Feel scammed and robbed want to sue woman I meet online, not sure what to do.
  167. Storage fees
  168. Quit from school without 30 day written notice
  169. vebrel agreement
  170. car deal
  171. How can I avoid to be sue by my uncle with the phone he provide to me as stolen ?
  172. Roommates unpaid bills
  173. Roommates unpaid bills
  174. Siding damaged my neighbors hammer.
  175. Bartering
  176. Someone changing signed contract after the fact
  177. Non payment
  178. Last paycheck an money owed from previous checks
  179. can I sue for back rent damages
  180. Retrieving Property
  181. Refusing to acknowledge summons
  182. Hotel Room Burglary
  183. Suing Ex-Roommate for Unpaid Rent
  184. dog kills my dog
  185. Breaking Lease
  186. Daycare cost
  187. person suing me for civil suit I won against them
  188. Student purposely broke my laptop?
  189. Body shop caused more damage
  190. tow truck driver and security patrol attempt to scam female
  191. Selling Tools for Contractors Debt
  192. gas leak
  193. Protecting myself from charges or law suit after throwing away items on my property?
  194. Ex took back gifts he got me
  195. Wages Garnished for Roommates half of debt.
  196. Legal grounds on gift money
  197. SoCalGas made me pay a previous tenants bill
  198. Wrongfully being sued by mother in-laws ex husband
  199. Property Management Suing
  200. Mishandling personal information
  201. Gambling
  202. Housesitter's Friend Stole from us
  203. Can't Get My Cat Back
  204. Took ex to court and he still won't pay me.
  205. ex-landlord has not returned my deposit, after 31 days
  206. ex boyfriend owes me money
  207. Can I pay a debt and then sue to get it back?
  208. I am suing over a $2000 dollar couch and am worried an old drug habit might create.
  209. Do I have a case? See More Information
  210. Landlord suing me on an illegal attic
  211. Defendant avoiding summons
  212. Cover Band Hosed By Bar
  213. My co-signer missed a payment and i don't know if i can take legal action.
  214. My old roommate wants to sue me
  215. Signed contract but didn't hand contract back to landlord!
  216. I sued my ex-roommate
  217. Deadly Neighbor's dog
  218. Landlord will not show up for court
  219. Can parents sue me for this breach of contract?
  220. Seeking legal advice for owed debt
  221. Landlord took my dog
  222. Need advice on a friend who owes me money
  223. Need help wording/summarizing small claims appropriate to court of law
  224. Do I have a small claims case in Lorain, OH
  225. Need advice on appeal of small claims judgment in Indiana.
  226. Small claims non residential out of state
  227. my dog was stolen. filed case in illinois now my ex moved to indiana with my dog
  228. The neighbors falsely accused our dogs of killing chickens and shot them.
  229. Wedding venue caught fire . Compensation ?
  230. Craigslist buyer threatening small claims court
  231. Closing cost gift letter
  232. 280 Dollar ticket plead guilty or not guilty?
  233. Being sued for vet bill
  234. Is this tuition reimbursement policy voidable, ambiguous, and descrimininatory?
  235. Coach stole money
  236. Bought car as gift
  237. Dog attack
  238. can I legally repossess my vehicle after a private party sale?
  239. Can I sue my husband.....?
  240. How to motion to move a court date
  241. Legality of lost borrowed items
  242. Can I sue my insurance company in small claims court?
  243. stolen property
  244. Hot checks
  245. Neighbors dog killing our animals, looking for compensation
  246. Friend got abandoned title for my vehicle while watching it for me
  247. Fallen Tree
  248. inheritance trouble
  249. unknowingly purchased stolen property
  250. Cell phone bill to debt collectors