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  1. Small Claims Court Procedure
  2. Stolen vehicle found, considered abandoned. They want me to pay $7100 in impound fees
  3. can no win no fee solictor back out becasue it's in the small claims court.
  4. Small Claims/Landlord/Tenant
  5. All Plaintiffs Required to Attend Hearing (California)
  6. lied to get judgement Ny
  7. Do I have a strong case, bought car on CL and seller admittedly lied?
  8. Discarding left behind houseguest items...
  9. Trying to sue a gym for unauthorized charges to my credit card
  10. Does he have a case?
  11. I hope I'm in the right area. I need advice
  12. Settlement of small claims decision
  13. Sued my health insurance provider (Anthem BlueCross/BlueShield) and won
  14. contract payment issue
  15. Gave Ex An Expensive Camera
  16. How do I resolve the problem of creditor not releasing judgment
  17. Student organization being sued for not refunding a donation
  18. Cellphone Telemarketing harassment
  19. How do I handle this?
  20. How to file claim to get belongings from Storage Unti
  21. car sold private party blown head gasket buyer wants to sue please help
  22. Car bought for $1, now they want it back
  23. My accountant remind me of the contract I signed
  24. Being sued for gift
  25. Ex Boss suing me in small claims.
  26. What can I sue for? Faslified documents used against me.
  27. Small claims or criminal case?
  28. daughter wedding photographer did not give us all photos
  29. Could I take this to court?
  30. Do I have a case?
  31. Compensation of missed immigration app because landlord did not provide mailbox key
  32. Mobile Rim Service Blotched Job
  33. Old roomate gave us items, now suing for them back
  34. Boss claiming i owe him money and he is threatening to sue if i dont pay
  35. Can I sue/ Should I sue
  36. Please help me, I really need some advice
  37. Do I have a case if I had a non-working furnace for over two months?
  38. Collecting Funds
  39. Being taken to court over an unpaid utility in someone else's name, need advice...
  40. Summons for Car Sale !!!
  41. Memorandum of Cost - multiple
  42. Being Sued For A Used Car Private Sale NYC
  43. Small Claims Collection Help!
  44. Fight Damages New 2015 Mustang!
  45. california state statutes of limitation on debt collection
  46. Small Claims Court for Bad Faith?
  47. Texts as Evidence
  48. International student got ripped of by landlord :(
  49. Shady collections from LLC
  50. Questions Concerning Personal Property From the Result of A Breakup
  51. I Hardly Know Where To Begin - Major Roommate Troubles
  52. Do i have grounds to file against an auto shop and win?
  53. Condo in Florida
  54. Can a Plaintiff File a Motion to Change Date Because They Are Not Prepared to Try...
  55. I was told I was going to small claims to pay someone else's legal fees.
  56. Question about texts and lease in court when a roommate skips out on lease, Thanks!
  57. retrieve property
  58. Skiptrace - best ways to find someone
  59. Repair shop / Mechanic lost my car keys. Are they responsible?
  60. Flooring Contractor Bailed/ Left with mess and damages / Unknown address
  61. A question of where and who
  62. Internet transaction concluded in Scotland but Ts&Cs say Jurisdiction is Switzerland
  63. Business scam
  64. Hypothetical: Taken to an event an hour's drive away and ditched... legal action?
  65. show me my money
  66. Collecting Small Claims - CALIFORNIA
  67. For Profit College Problem
  68. Can we sue our mechanic?
  69. Small claims - First step
  70. Collecting small judgment
  71. Warning before process?
  72. Harassing Telemarketers
  73. loaner car gone bad
  74. Recovering money from a family member and wife he is about to divorce
  75. Lending a friend money with signed agreement, but issues still
  76. Display of alcohol in public state park
  77. Property manager issues
  78. Can I demand cease of distribution if the publisher did not pay for ads design?
  79. Needing advice regarding cell phones not returned to me - Colorado
  80. How much money can i sue for in indiana small claims court?
  81. Purchased stolen ATV - Help
  82. Small claims or district court for more likely settlement against large company?
  83. Where to file the case
  84. URGENT ! Need answer quickly ! Small Claims.
  85. Place of Venue
  86. Aggressive police officer
  87. Babysitting fees
  88. Over a vehicle
  89. When can i take ex room mate to court?
  90. I want to sue a former friend because he refuses to return a sweatshirt i lent him
  91. Who is responsible for phone payment?
  92. Can I take My condo management company to small claims court? If not who do I take?
  93. Small Claims against telemarketers?
  94. Can I be sued?
  95. Do Big Corporations show up when sued in Small Claims Court ?
  96. Detrimental Reliance? Other recourse?
  97. Breach contract
  98. Suing an LLC, in Texas?
  99. Possible for small claims court action?
  100. Legal Recourse for Not Receiving Photos
  101. Suing State Farm In Small Claims
  102. Possible civil suit with angry customer (Mechanic work)
  103. sewer / township suit
  104. Non refund of deposit - Srevices
  105. are these grounds for a case?
  106. Options after Withdrawing S.C.C. Case
  107. Whos property is it?
  108. Lost small claims, should I appeal, I feel very embarrassed and ashamed (bed bugs)
  109. Suing the Breeder - No AKC Papers
  110. Can I defend this breech of contract?
  111. Out of state former tenant refuses to pay rent
  112. Out of state court threat
  113. A lot of bad decisions were made
  114. Can person who sued me change venue if I will not pay amount demeaned before trial
  115. Do I have any recourse? Magistrate tossed out small claims case.
  116. Small claims against employer for false information on Statement of Benefits
  117. Should i sue? Im 19 i need help asap!!!!!
  118. Breach of Contract - Tips, What to expect?
  119. Co-Signed for Rental in Indiana
  120. Want to File Suit against Storage Facility for my property value that was sold
  121. My Web developer has me by the short hairs!
  122. Ex-boyfriend not releasing belongings
  123. Being sued, no proof of money I put down
  124. Old apartment complex passed 30 day move out statement
  125. dealer refusing to provide release of lien after vehicle is paid off. please help!
  126. Stolen property
  127. Debt Collection of Small Claims Case against a Bank
  128. Legality of a purchase agreement and assignment
  129. Help!!! My Aunt is threatening to sue and I need to know how to proceed
  130. Making payments against judgement
  131. Craigsliste Dispute: Definition of "Brand New"
  132. Sold a house with ex girlfriend
  133. Need advice with settlement check issue
  134. Breach of Contract? Maybe more?
  135. 25% ownership in cabin - being sued for stupid things
  136. Advice Regarding Suing Landlord in Small Claims Court
  137. having someone file suit on your behalf
  138. Being sued from out of state
  139. Court order.
  140. Bed delivery/assembly guys rip brand-new mattress...what's their liability?
  141. Property damage to driveway from town dumptruck
  142. Hearsay Exemptions
  143. Being served - notice of pendency?
  144. Phone stuck in airport van shuttle paneling. Is the company liable to retrieve it?
  145. Loaned $1500 with verbal agreement
  146. small claims against a hotel outside of my county
  147. Received naked picture...
  148. Bad House Sitter
  149. Co Signed on Credit Account
  150. Broken TV
  151. small claims court wallet stollen I Have proof
  152. was in Small Claims, defendant countersued high amount to get it out of Small Claims
  153. Suing with up to 5 plaintiffs, do all plaintiffs need to appear in court?
  154. Court summons for unpaid medical bill
  155. I'm about to be served
  156. X wife
  157. Sold car and deal went badly
  158. Can I claim extra money from roommate?
  159. Am I Responsible for paying this settlement fee?
  160. Ex girlfriend has my car
  161. Roommate is an ahole for stealing
  162. Outrageous Water Bill, Can I Sue?
  163. Loaned somebody alot of money. Need help!
  164. Rental agreement with landlord and rental agreement with roommates
  165. Out of court agreement
  166. Lessee breached contract--refuses to give my car back
  167. Left owing $1196.86, what is my rights?
  168. Had enough being used....
  169. Rental Deposit question
  170. Obtaining Small Claims Forms for Rhode Island Superior Court
  171. File small claims against person who has defaulted on a loan
  172. Small Claims
  173. Auto Shop Dispute- Do I have standing to win?
  174. Moving company didn't show up
  175. Car was Vandalized
  176. Contractor didn't finish job to the tune of $4,600!
  177. Car ran over large rock at night left by neighbor in alley, causing expensive damage.
  178. Car Restoration Gone Bad
  179. questions about company being liable
  180. Received a Small Claims Court summons as I'm getting ready to relocate abroad
  181. Sold a Car and now the Buyer is suing me
  182. Wallet was stolen
  183. My buddy bought a Iphone that turned out to be stolen.
  184. Vet screwed up TITER test
  185. Parents will possibly try to withhold my property.
  186. Pregnant and stressed with my car finance company :(
  187. Sub-leaser backed out at last minute, can I sue for two months rent?
  188. [urgent] Two question: dismiss the case & defendant not appeared at court
  189. Being sued by ex-mother in law
  190. Small Claims Help
  191. Who to file suit against
  192. Brother wont pay me.. Do i have enough evidence to take him to small claims court?
  193. I need help finding out my damages? (NYS)
  194. Subpoena confusion
  195. Can I file a suit and how do I go about doing so?
  196. bungled seizure
  197. Small claims question ...
  198. Traffic Ticket Dismissed, Officer completely wrong, can I seek wag compensation?
  199. Stolen Title
  200. Serving UPS BOX Florida
  201. Newbie: Small claims help.
  202. Newbie Help
  203. Freedom of speech. Insults. threats, harassment? Definitions and punishments
  204. NEWBIE: I was sued and didn't even know it. HELP!?
  205. International Employer not paying wages (how to collect?)
  206. plaintiff friends file lawsuit, but plaintiff doesn't show
  207. Unlicensed Backyard mechanic holding my motorcycle for unauthorized repair fee
  208. Vacation security deposit not returned
  209. I took a freelance job where employer put me in unreasonable circumstances...
  210. Proximate Cause
  211. CPA threatening to go to small courts
  212. Damage to building
  213. research advice for appeals
  214. Possible breach of contract and property damage
  215. Damage deposit for RV rental
  216. Should I file a claim in this instance?
  217. Frivolous Parking Ticket
  218. Private Party Car Sale Fraud
  219. Exploitatuion of vulnerable adult
  220. Small Claims Court
  221. Should I take this to small claims court? I was ripped off by a car shop
  222. "private nuisance" claim, and a property owner that did not properly sound-proof uni
  223. Pg&e
  224. Suing for letter (not money)
  225. Filing Case against airline in small claims court
  226. Property taxes due on an eBay property transaction
  227. Is this a good letter of consideration?
  228. Is this still a legal Summons/Complaint?
  229. Small Claims after Unlawful Detainer Trial
  230. Motel Stay laws
  231. Village building codes and unlawful removal of personal property
  232. Lawyer in a different state is threatening me and I dont live there
  233. Failure to comply with restitutioj order
  234. Suing for money owed - long distance
  235. In central park after the curfew please help
  236. Trademark and Defamation of character issues
  237. small claims court after salon burned my wife's eyebrows.
  238. Ex GF called me and claims I owe her money from 2002 (Massachusetts)
  239. I live in Ohio, how does PA small claims court laws/settlements affect me?
  240. Venue and recourse for fraudulent HVAC sale?
  241. Writ of Execution
  242. Vacating 10 year old unpaid judgement, which was not properly served?
  243. Damage due to improper alignment done at Big Box Tireshop
  244. Car Purchased without Clean Title
  245. Serving multiple defendents
  246. returning items from Texas
  247. Small Claims RE: Pet Purchase
  248. Employer Owes me remaining pay, also mis-classified
  249. Worth it to sue for ~$3,000 if I know the defendant can't pay?
  250. How to make partial payment if plantiff is unwilling to accept?