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  1. How long does the S.C. take to make a decision?
  2. lawsuit
  3. Re hearing after Supreme Court Denied Appeal
  4. Quiz
  5. freedom to display the flag of my country
  6. Freedom of speech violation?
  7. underage dating in pa
  8. Public land, Curfew and fees.
  9. GAL Violated
  10. "On application to the supreme court"
  11. Victim of PTSD Cover-Up
  12. Liberal vs. Conservative judges and restraining orders
  13. Taping the Police
  14. Borrowing money from another country
  15. CCW Permits
  16. Titles
  17. Were my 4th Amendment Rights Violated?
  18. Religion in public school
  19. Was my rights violated?
  20. i am sure that rights were violated ! read details !
  21. Requirements to legally ordain a minister
  22. constitutional rights
  23. Forcing U.S. Citizens to purchase Health Ins.
  24. The Right To Bare Arms
  25. Location of political signs
  26. Freedom of Speech at the state and local level
  27. Undergrad interested in Law and Politics
  28. Homeowner fighting annexation (California)
  29. U.S.C Federal self defense law and defense of others
  30. Is unauthorized published photography legal?
  31. Freedom of Press Question
  32. NJ STATE Child Care Application License
  33. 1st Amendment & Harassment
  34. Are Executive Orders & Regulations Legal?
  35. 2nd Ammendment Slam
  36. Indiana & 4th amendment
  37. non profit organization
  38. other doctrines?
  39. Civil Rights, gone
  40. religious songs in a talent show in public school
  41. Justification
  42. Ratification of the Constitution
  43. One state to another
  44. Right to proceed PRO SE
  45. found supreme court case that helps me!
  46. Taping a speaker phone conversation
  47. What 4th, 5th, 14th ammendment?
  48. killer
  49. Petitioning at a Mall
  50. Who am I?
  51. ex post facto & qualified immunity
  52. rights of inmates
  53. treaty rights
  54. 8th Amendment?
  55. first amendment question
  56. 4th amendment question
  57. Request for Proserpina
  58. right to bear arms questions
  59. Can a state court be sued in the public interest?
  60. well, Illinois finally gets it..kind of
  61. 5th Amendment Question- Urgent
  62. Can a colluded commune help fail the Miller test
  63. when do I need to get insurance?
  64. Freedom of speech
  65. Case Law and the legality of secession in the 1860's
  66. Free speech question in Virginia
  67. Constitutional Rights
  68. First amendment and Middle East
  69. Not sure if this goes here, 2nd amendment?
  70. Taxpayer Funded Abortion
  71. Encased firearm in vehicle in a school dropoff/pickup area
  72. CA Nonresident Vehicle Registration, Commerce Clause and P&I Clause
  73. 9th Amendment
  74. Wire Tapping
  75. What are clothes?
  76. Is PA violating constitution?
  77. We have always been at war with East Asia.
  78. Despite earlier losses the estate of Dame Jean Conan Doyle is at it again.
  79. IF it's wrong for us to kill...Why is it "right" for the State to?
  80. HOA restricting political door magnet
  81. Second (2nd) Amendment, Michigan, & Knife Laws Regarding Carry for Self-Defense
  82. Petition for writ of certiorari from state courts to U.S. Supreme Court
  83. NY State Aggravated Harassment Law
  84. Connecticut and New Jersey's harassment laws not vague?
  85. First Amendment brief
  86. Us. Supreme overturning LA Supreme Court decision
  87. Driskell v. Homosexuals
  88. Same sex marriage is a constitutional right
  89. Public Racists home schooling their children?
  90. Warrantless metadata collection, and "what is legal stsnding to sue?"
  91. Any Challenges to the SOR Based on Freedom to Associate? Is it feasible?
  92. Can someone be harmed due to lack of payment?
  93. What if someone who was ineligible ran for and won the Presidency?
  94. Antonin Scalia
  95. The legality of Sharia Law in the USA
  96. Merrick Garland
  97. Update On Driskell v. Homosexuals
  98. Petition
  99. the 2016 election issues
  100. Federal government right to own land
  101. Filibuster
  102. First Amendment Censorship
  103. Voting me in under the "Write-in-Ballot" in upcoming Primary Election RulesRegulation
  104. Issues with DCF
  105. Distribution literature (street with sign & leaving cards around)
  106. Trump and the Bill of Rights