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  1. Question concerning wiretapping and entertainment
  2. Does a hospital ER know if you have a warrant
  3. Notary sign only provided .Is it fake ?
  4. stucklikechuck
  5. Questions about an 'incident'
  6. What warrants a deputy from running my name if no known law broken?
  7. Can I get around a FOIL arrest record request denial?
  8. Bail Bond, how it works?
  9. Warrant for Disorderly Person/Failed to Appear in Court/ How Bond Works
  10. Filing a bar complaint
  11. New to the legal system
  12. Statute of limitations in Va
  13. i was shot
  14. Police lied to gain entry to my house.
  15. Expungement Question
  16. Sorry, new info
  17. Legal to Arrest a person for Overtime Parking
  18. Drug Charges with cops withholding evidence
  19. Caught at a brothel
  20. Drug User Dead by Heart Attack - Will They Search the House?
  21. Question about the procedure
  22. Rape Charges
  23. Question regarding Parole Search in CA
  24. Need help understanding charges (court website)
  25. dropped friend off where he shoplifted, is there anything for me to worry about?
  26. Was this search illegal for the cops?
  27. wrong date on warrant/
  28. Theft Amounting to $350
  29. [MN] - Need some help - friend got caught with his brothers ID.
  30. please help
  31. Assault Charge questions
  32. CHARGED!...bUT Never Tried. What happens Now>?
  33. How to obtain evidence used in previous trial
  34. Buying a Firearm After Dismissal of a Criminal Charge
  35. police want to talk to me
  36. Have some questions here
  37. Miranda rights not for everyone??
  38. Have an international vacation booked, possible warrant for arrest issued!
  39. Some Questions
  40. Theft of Renatl/Leased Property?
  41. premature plea agreement
  42. Motion to Lift Bench Warrant
  43. Help!! I have court December 3rd
  44. Animal Abuse
  45. Underage drinin
  46. opd ruined my life
  47. How can they pay this? In a shoplifting case.
  48. Florida-Criminal Transmission Of HIV Law
  49. Misdemeanor (Larceny)
  50. how to go about this?
  51. Missed a "must appear" court date
  52. wondering if I could get in trouble
  53. Can they really do this?
  54. My sons 'crime' in New York
  55. Need your Help to see if I have a case.
  56. Publishing of case
  57. Getting to a grand jury
  58. OT: What Really Happens in Court When You Use "Freeman" Defenses
  59. Restitution
  60. Can a shoplifter be picked up after the fact?
  61. Expunging or Sealing a Misdemeanor
  62. wrong date
  63. Disorderly conduct in my own home.
  64. DC Metro fare citation--Going to court?!
  65. international statuatory rape laws
  66. Criminal Trespassing??
  67. Do I have a case worth pursuing?
  68. Warrant for my arrest
  69. car search after an accident
  70. Help!!!
  71. Who can file charges?
  72. Police Checkpoints(right to know?)
  73. Few Questions
  74. Bench Warrant
  75. Unable to receive copy of papers I signed
  76. False Arrest?
  77. KY Expungement
  78. what constitutes an arrest?
  79. Battery on an Officer of the peace charge
  80. zmwendland goin to Bama
  81. Wrongful/False Arrest? (UPDATE)
  82. Is there another online service for answers from attorneys more affordable than
  83. Reporting a crime.
  84. Probation Question
  85. Expunge a bench warrant?
  86. How Silent can I really be???
  87. probable cause
  88. How can this happen? Is it legal?
  89. something seems funny
  90. Out on bond in Florida... want (need) to go back home while awaiting trial date
  91. Is this even allowed? Claim with no evidence of crime
  92. Charged with Identity Fraud
  93. Robbery Victim
  94. eldery abuse / domestic violence
  95. false arrest?
  96. Ex Parte Request for Depoistion -South Carolina
  97. College Dorm Search
  98. Question about hazing
  99. can state denie you free council
  100. warrant for harassment i.e. forwarding a pic thru phone
  101. Quick question about a warrant?
  102. stopping someone from leaving the country
  103. Possible fraud case
  104. Can a trooper take my money?
  105. Scenario question reguarding search and seizure
  106. Police lodging fee?
  107. GF beaten and possibly sexually assaulted by cops!! (long read) What's your take?
  108. Injury to a child Felony 2
  109. illegal detention?
  110. Advice on missed court fine, distance issues
  111. Seatbelt in Police Car
  112. Out on bond in Kansas on DUI charge .. Now out on bond in Florida - NEED HELP
  113. still waiting
  114. NYPD stop, question, and frisk
  115. Proper obtainment of search warrant?
  116. responsibility of someone who claims they are a victim
  117. Seizure of My Cell Phone
  118. Police Parking Rights
  119. Felony Warrants?
  120. Warrant
  121. I think I have committed extortion
  122. Probation violation? Need help please urgent!
  123. Worried if i am going to jail or require a lawyer?
  124. really worried
  125. Received "Complaint" From Sheriff...
  126. Can i accept a gun as a gift without any paperwork?
  127. How long does it take the DA office to drop charges if they know they arrested the w
  128. Underage Drinking
  129. Okay I'm really worried please help with real advice
  130. Police came to my door? Tried to break in my yard! Is this harassment?
  131. help with fiance
  132. Shoplifting by a minor
  133. Civil Liens for Court Fees
  134. Juvinile now adult
  135. Did arresting officer give bad advice?
  136. Out of state MIP
  137. Time to report for assault/domestic violence?
  138. Can the group home workers be charged criminally in this case?
  139. Please help with my PC 148 obstruction of justice charge :(
  140. Appeal for rape and sexual assualt conviction
  141. Search Warrants
  142. Open Container 25620 (a) B&P underaged
  143. Sick spouse / Adult Protective Services / Sheriff / How can I keep control ?
  144. Potential Cyber Hacking Group REQUESTING MY HELP. What todo?!
  145. Police k9 car search
  146. so this kid threw a large party . It turned out that he didn't own the property anymo
  147. Arrest based on Facebook messages about weed?
  148. omg, what's going to happen to my poor cousin?
  149. multiple search warrants - wrongfull arrest - cybercrime question ? I didnt do it ..
  150. Grey area
  151. O/T Just when You thought you heard it ALL.
  152. Warrants.... HELP!!!!
  153. Extra strength aspirin please!!
  154. statue of limitations on crimes comited in the past?
  155. IS this a legal arrest?
  156. collections agency says dmv will suspend your liscense
  157. Ticket Dismissed or Not?
  158. question about car forfeiture and search
  159. Recover Stolen Heirlooms
  160. 4th Amendment question
  161. What term is used to describe this power?
  162. University Criminal Background Check
  163. What should I do? Please help fast
  164. How long do they have?
  165. Roadside search gone bad
  166. Tough question
  167. innocent of shoplifting, arrested for assault!!!
  168. Do i have a case?
  169. Burglary Tools
  170. Facing court for possession of switchblade in the State of California.
  171. Please help - wrongfully accused
  172. Under 21, caught with two bottles of alcohol.
  173. How long does a Felony stay on your record in Michiagn?
  174. Arrest Warrant For A Fake Name
  175. Responsibility of DA and police in proving a case?
  176. Responsibility of DA and police in proving a case?
  177. Unlawfully Carrying Weapon in Texas. What is the likely punishment?
  178. Breach of anti-harassment order? advice needed
  179. Underage Drinking Party Situation
  180. Where can illegal immigrants go to get information on an arrest?
  181. arrested for underage drinking but not underage
  182. Statute of Limitations
  183. arrest warrant
  184. Passed Background Checks... No FTA Warrant?? :confused:
  185. Using coffeeshop internet to download copyrighted materials
  186. Is a Payment "Receipt" a Legal "Order" of Costs.....Over What a "Judge" States?
  187. Obtaining Sealed Psychological Evaluation from Criminal Court to Use in Family Court.
  188. held but not arrested
  189. Letting her go
  190. 2 Warrants out, trying to reschedule court date, please advice
  191. how mad do judges get?
  192. Arrest warrant notice in ma/small claim/now living in florida
  193. trying to avoid getting charged for theft
  194. Ex-boyfriend wants me arrested for "breaking into" his storage unit
  195. VOP Help Needed
  196. Violation of Probation
  197. What questions are police allowed to ask suspects?
  198. Attaching plates, missed court
  199. Entrapment by police
  200. Suing the local PD, I was threatened and harassed
  201. Extradition advice Nevada
  202. Resisting arrest?
  203. CAPIAS Warrant What to do to Take care of it.
  204. strange situiation
  205. Car searched without consent
  206. In United Kingdom Email Harassment
  207. Pulled Over - Consent to Vehicle Search or vehicle will be impounded
  208. sent naked pictures of my gf can I get into trouble?
  209. What does a VALID cause of action look like?
  210. Legal obligations...
  211. Are there any charges I can pursue on my neighbor and/or her boyfriend?
  212. Police took my wifes phone.
  213. misleading advertising
  214. question about random drug stop
  215. question about random drug stop
  216. Assault Charges?
  217. Da trying to tack on charges 5 years later for my first child.
  218. Police Questioning... should I seek legal advice?
  219. When is one cosidered under arrest for breaking a law.
  220. 19 Year old kid destroyed my yard.
  221. Lot of drug related traffic lol my a**
  222. Caution over criminal offence.
  223. how do i have a restraning order taken off
  224. Police will not arrest someone with 2 active warrants?
  225. Cheating Cases.
  226. Record Of LAPD Murder Investigation In 1980
  227. dui probation violation I colect ssd/ssi
  228. Had a fire on 2nd floor. Police searched all over after fire was out with no warrant.
  229. piracy
  230. Ex has my car in another state
  231. Lost and don't know what to do at this point...
  232. medical marijuana
  233. Can I sue the Ventura county sheriffs in small claims court
  234. Citation for "Open house party."
  235. Excessive Force Law Enforcement
  236. How to retrieve items taken during a search warrant (story included)
  237. Received Citation for Possession of Drug Paraphernalia after search
  238. Have you seen Miranda?? Cuz I did not!!
  239. How can I obtain a copy of a witness statement???
  240. Should I be worried?
  241. possession of a milk crate.
  242. Please advise
  243. Criminal Defense Attorney
  244. Attempted strangulation in CA
  245. Will I be charged?
  246. Failure to Appear
  247. Bail Paperwork Question
  248. Need help uk law harassment!
  249. DUI & Bench Warrant
  250. Paraphernalia Turned In