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  1. Here is my story....I am just curious about this...
  2. Domestic Violence - 8th time in 5.5 years
  3. Assault Bodily Injury - How does it work?
  4. Charges dropped & now case reopened!?
  5. Summons
  6. Warrant in Different State
  7. How do I obtain an order for the release of seized property in Arizona
  8. In Need Of Legal Advice
  9. Question reguarding probable cause for arrest
  10. I am on unsupervised probation
  11. Police and reports
  12. Petition for Certiorari
  13. Victim of assault not being helped
  14. Couldn't pay fine for misdemeanor. Now what?
  15. Hi i would like to know
  16. Help me get my Son help with drug problem
  17. Simple Pub Intox/Criminal Mischief question
  18. Failure to appear questions
  19. Hi I have an urgent question regarding a warrant i have
  20. Vunerable Sector Check CANADA and WRONGFUL Arrest
  21. Show cause
  22. What is a Disposition Report?
  23. How to get back seized property?
  24. Friend has warrant for arrest (not showing up for a DUI court date)
  25. Zimmerman trial
  26. Illegal to warn someone the cops are coming to their house to get them?
  27. How Long until I'm Contacted?
  28. misdemeanor
  29. Can you exercise the right to remain silent by writing it on a note and not speaking?
  30. Upcoming court date for public intoxication/drunkeness in New Orleans, Luisiana.
  31. Stop and Identify law in Indiana,
  32. Answering any questions forfeits 4th and 5th Amendment rights???
  33. Searching a wallet
  34. Tribal Police are Stealing my Guns
  35. Writ of Certiorari to US Supreme Court
  36. affidavit question?
  37. Warrant for FTA and FTP, along with $860 of court fines on dropped charges...
  38. Please help
  39. Perjury and False evidence on Probable Cause Affidavit
  40. wrongfully accused
  41. Fined for refusing to provide ID on private property and tackled by police
  42. TSA "VIPR" Checkpoints
  43. I feel harassed
  44. Indemnitor Responsibilities, how to relinquish
  45. A question about Federal Search and Seige Warrent....
  46. Minor In Consumption
  47. police assaulted me & lost hand cuff keys.
  48. College DPS Tresspassing
  49. How to remove the 5150 from public record
  50. Victim of Assault Gets Arrested
  51. Failure To Appear - Assault Case Dismissed
  52. Desperately Seeking Guidance
  53. Arrested for pepper spraying attacker - want to file motion to dismiss plea deal.
  54. arrested twice for domestic violence/assault iv in 1 wk
  55. Questions about what happens
  56. prank gone wrong
  57. OT-what's that word?
  58. Pulled over for weaving..
  59. When a civil case and a criminal ivestigation run parallel
  60. Suspect in Death
  61. Person of Interest
  62. what are conflict of interest reasons in regards to public defenders represention
  63. outstanding arrest warrant for probation of violation
  64. Does waiting for extradition count in Texas?
  65. Extradition of an Employee of a Foreign Pharmaceutical Web Site
  66. Miranda Rights and the Castle Bill
  67. How long can they hold you in jail to transfer for a warrant in another city ?
  68. I want to help defend the people.
  69. Diversion Program trouble
  70. can i be arrested if it's not my house?
  71. No contact order interpretation and limits
  72. Is this ARREST WARRANT NOTICE for a "fraudulent" check from 23 YEARS ago for real!?
  73. search warrant INVALID PLEASE READ.
  74. How do I know if my GF got reported for cyber bullying
  75. Bizarre, disturbing detaining after riding on bicycle
  76. Don't talk to the FBI
  77. Officer going to far during traffic stop, can I do anything about this?
  78. help plz
  79. How do I get picked to be on a jury?
  80. Violation of probation over a picture?
  81. Is this stalking?
  82. Minor Bar Scuffle and Now I'm Looking at Jail?
  83. search my house?
  84. Non-traffic warent
  85. Driving without license
  86. 8y/o Theft Prop by Check Appearance Hearing Notice??? Need Help ASAP!
  87. Thieves tried to steal my air conditioner coils.. Restitution?
  88. Requesting video evidence in criminal case
  89. 9 year old out-of-state (AZ) bench warrant - defendant knew nothing about
  90. Miranda rights for the Boston bomber
  91. I do not fully understand my pretrial diversion agreement, not allowed an attorney
  92. Harassment via text/email/phone
  93. Does a cop have a right to do this?`
  94. cops threatened to put out a warrant
  95. Court order to Destroy GCIC fingerprint cards
  96. Ex arrested trying to sell stolen item from my house
  97. 2 felony charges, both of them 1st offenses, how much jail time could he expect?
  98. Got An ACD: But Do I Still Have An Arrest Record?
  99. In GA, can a non-resident of a home be convicted of Ga. Code Ann. 16-11-44?
  100. Shoplifting charge
  101. Warrant/Extradition/Serving Time
  102. 17 year old, failure to ID
  103. Unreasonable Search
  104. Shoplifting From Home Depot
  105. Can an officer Order you to Sit on the Ground?
  106. unwarranted harrassment
  107. Possession and Delivery of a Controlled Substance
  108. Think I know what to do but want to be sure!
  109. Am I Gonna Get Charged With Credit Card Fraud
  110. how to search case records for "victim" pattern establishment
  111. Can my PO revoke me because he doesn't like my room mate? TEXAS
  112. Charged for crimes I didn't do
  113. Detective lies to get a search warrant
  114. Arrested without charge?!
  115. J-walking ticket - never signed the ticket and put in handcuffs...
  116. Update on my criminal trespass one case....
  117. Are TSA searches at airports mandatory or voluntary before boarding?
  118. How does getting caught for 2nd degree retail fraud work in MI?
  119. Bench warrant
  120. Out of State Subpoenas
  121. Missed probation ..yikes !!! What do you think the outcome will be ?
  122. Solicitation, or not?
  123. Cops Entering Property after being asked to leave
  124. Formal hearing procedure, I am representing myself for the first time.
  125. What shows up on background checks? Expugement & lawyer questions
  126. Shoplifting without police being called.. and no ban on shopping?
  127. Stolen property?
  128. Restraining Order In College
  129. Bonds on bench warrants, Cherokee County Georgia
  130. One charge 'better' than the other?
  131. Best way to avoid underage drinking charges
  132. Taking the FBI to court
  133. extradition?
  134. Will a pending case show up on a background check?
  135. search warrant invalid ? charge dismissed due to insufficient evidence
  136. Police raid question on seizure of goods from a bystander.
  137. Cops and Underage Drinking
  138. Question about a bench warrant - Georgia
  139. Help
  140. Cancer survivor busted with marijuana? illegal search?
  141. Court issues, arrested for MIC
  142. Question concerning wiretapping and entertainment
  143. Does a hospital ER know if you have a warrant
  144. Notary sign only provided .Is it fake ?
  145. stucklikechuck
  146. Questions about an 'incident'
  147. What warrants a deputy from running my name if no known law broken?
  148. Can I get around a FOIL arrest record request denial?
  149. Bail Bond, how it works?
  150. Warrant for Disorderly Person/Failed to Appear in Court/ How Bond Works
  151. Filing a bar complaint
  152. New to the legal system
  153. Statute of limitations in Va
  154. i was shot
  155. Police lied to gain entry to my house.
  156. Expungement Question
  157. Sorry, new info
  158. Legal to Arrest a person for Overtime Parking
  159. Drug Charges with cops withholding evidence
  160. Caught at a brothel
  161. Drug User Dead by Heart Attack - Will They Search the House?
  162. Question about the procedure
  163. Rape Charges
  164. Question regarding Parole Search in CA
  165. Need help understanding charges (court website)
  166. dropped friend off where he shoplifted, is there anything for me to worry about?
  167. Was this search illegal for the cops?
  168. wrong date on warrant/
  169. Theft Amounting to $350
  170. [MN] - Need some help - friend got caught with his brothers ID.
  171. please help
  172. Assault Charge questions
  173. CHARGED!...bUT Never Tried. What happens Now>?
  174. How to obtain evidence used in previous trial
  175. Buying a Firearm After Dismissal of a Criminal Charge
  176. police want to talk to me
  177. Have some questions here
  178. Miranda rights not for everyone??
  179. Have an international vacation booked, possible warrant for arrest issued!
  180. Some Questions
  181. Theft of Renatl/Leased Property?
  182. premature plea agreement
  183. Motion to Lift Bench Warrant
  184. Help!! I have court December 3rd
  185. Animal Abuse
  186. Underage drinin
  187. opd ruined my life
  188. How can they pay this? In a shoplifting case.
  189. Florida-Criminal Transmission Of HIV Law
  190. Misdemeanor (Larceny)
  191. how to go about this?
  192. Missed a "must appear" court date
  193. wondering if I could get in trouble
  194. Can they really do this?
  195. My sons 'crime' in New York
  196. Need your Help to see if I have a case.
  197. Publishing of case
  198. Getting to a grand jury
  199. OT: What Really Happens in Court When You Use "Freeman" Defenses
  200. Restitution
  201. Can a shoplifter be picked up after the fact?
  202. Expunging or Sealing a Misdemeanor
  203. wrong date
  204. Disorderly conduct in my own home.
  205. DC Metro fare citation--Going to court?!
  206. international statuatory rape laws
  207. Criminal Trespassing??
  208. Do I have a case worth pursuing?
  209. Warrant for my arrest
  210. car search after an accident
  211. Help!!!
  212. Who can file charges?
  213. Police Checkpoints(right to know?)
  214. Few Questions
  215. Bench Warrant
  216. Unable to receive copy of papers I signed
  217. False Arrest?
  218. KY Expungement
  219. what constitutes an arrest?
  220. Battery on an Officer of the peace charge
  221. zmwendland goin to Bama
  222. Wrongful/False Arrest? (UPDATE)
  223. Is there another online service for answers from attorneys more affordable than
  224. Reporting a crime.
  225. Probation Question
  226. Expunge a bench warrant?
  227. How Silent can I really be???
  228. probable cause
  229. How can this happen? Is it legal?
  230. something seems funny
  231. Out on bond in Florida... want (need) to go back home while awaiting trial date
  232. Is this even allowed? Claim with no evidence of crime
  233. Charged with Identity Fraud
  234. Robbery Victim
  235. eldery abuse / domestic violence
  236. false arrest?
  237. Ex Parte Request for Depoistion -South Carolina
  238. College Dorm Search
  239. Question about hazing
  240. can state denie you free council
  241. warrant for harassment i.e. forwarding a pic thru phone
  242. Quick question about a warrant?
  243. stopping someone from leaving the country
  244. Possible fraud case
  245. Can a trooper take my money?
  246. Scenario question reguarding search and seizure
  247. Police lodging fee?
  248. GF beaten and possibly sexually assaulted by cops!! (long read) What's your take?
  249. Injury to a child Felony 2
  250. illegal detention?