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  1. Do I have a warrant?
  2. Need help with discovery of dash cam/body cam video.
  3. Mobile phone in police possession due to Fraud being investigated
  4. Criminal trespassing- non trafic citation
  5. Can my ex husband have me arrested ?
  6. B&E w/o...
  7. Does this constitute a legal search?
  8. Defendant supoena to bring Minor witness for Prosecution
  9. Seized Item wasn't added to Search Warrant Return
  10. Charged with grand theft larceny
  11. 2nd retail theft
  12. Charged with drugs found in cop car the next day.
  13. I haven't been contacted in months
  14. Franks hearing motion
  15. pflugerville tx.
  16. What could my defense be? Search and Seizure with no arrest made or consent given to
  17. Misdemeanor Warrant and Passport
  18. Probation Violation
  19. Is Pink Summons comes under Arrest?
  20. fail to pay metro fair
  21. Cops on My Property
  22. I was approached by police officers as i was parked in a Cumberland Farms parking lot
  23. Calliing cops on me for spritzing water on a girl? good thing it wasnt the ice bucket
  24. Possible To Drop Felon Status to Misdemeanor?
  25. First time offender receiving charges before court
  26. Cannot Decide Whether to Go to Court Date
  27. Arrested on case of mistaken identity
  28. Am I restricted from owning a handgun?
  29. warrant for aggravated sexual assault, person is out of country.
  30. Arrested but not charged
  31. Is this an unlawful search and can I sue for this?
  32. How much leeway do prosecutors have in Grand Jury presentations?
  33. Acceptable length of time to issue a speeding ticket after the alleged violation.
  34. Warrant for Failure to Appear
  35. Is a Muslim's right to do violent jihad protected under the first right in the US con
  36. Legal search?
  37. Warrant issued w
  38. CRO or not I served all of my suspended sentence
  39. Mentally Disabled, Did over 900 days on an invalid sentence, what can I do?
  40. Complicated situation left me arrested and having a hard time finding a defense.
  41. Can police officers search an impounded car without a warrant?
  42. Will a judge usually go with my p.o.'s recommendation?
  43. Refiling of Charges in Florida
  44. Can I get a DWLS ticket if iv'e never had a license in this state?
  45. Can I be compelled to testify against someone if I say I might have been a part?
  46. Drinking in Hotel Room in New Jersey with Underage Persons
  47. Distorted Justice
  48. robbed
  49. Cited for MIC
  50. Letter from attorney?
  51. Cousin Arrested
  52. The law in its majestic equality
  53. Do they need a warrant?
  54. statute of limitations for crimes?
  55. Waiting extradition from Texas. Currently facing new charges in Flordai
  56. Drunk in public
  57. Procedural Question
  58. Obtaining a warrant
  59. Can loss prevention stop and search me outside for no reason?
  60. Am I self incriminating by submitting reporting an internet crime anonymously?
  61. Illegal Stop and False Arrest (Texas)
  62. Another author needs help :)
  63. Author Needs Help
  64. Denied bond
  65. I-Phone tracked to my building.
  66. Can Sex Offender Tier 3 Petition for Reducing Risk Level?
  67. family violence and past warrant
  68. Got caught shoplifting
  69. Is this a legal search?
  70. Illegal search or misunderstanding?
  71. Warrant; what happens?
  72. Anybody heard of 2nd time chances for police search warrants in IL?
  73. Person of interest in police report?
  74. Question about extradition
  75. Question about being accused of identity theft?
  76. Unknowingly purchased stolen goods
  77. False Criminal information on background check
  78. Is it illegal to post someone's nude photo abd phone number online?
  79. False arrest & aggravated harassment/threats. Do I have a case?
  80. Which court has jurisdiction criminal or civil?
  81. 14y/o charged with felony in Custodial Interference!
  82. FTA Warrant 15 years ago
  83. Movie trope about police officers choosing prison locations for criminals
  84. Moved- friends called and said police came by
  85. Parolee Search
  86. Leaseed Car Stolen
  87. False arrest & harassment. Do I have a case
  88. Probable cause for search??
  89. Failure to Comply Warrant
  90. Needing advice for CPA
  91. DOC to County jail, booked, no official charges and no arraignment, been 10 days
  92. Jail records of detention - how to get proof of incarceration
  93. my brother is in jail
  94. Search warrant for an address and all building's
  95. To the new member who just posted
  96. Warrant
  97. Can you be sued by bondsman for forfeiture fees if bond was never forfeited?
  98. Falsely acused of a crime...Do we have a case?
  99. Contacting Police after Bar Fight
  100. What does "PASSED for consideration along with the merits of this case." mean?
  101. Detective called from personal phone to discuss a case he says he has against me!
  102. Help Please!!!!
  103. Im scared
  104. Must I disclose certain arrest info to county law enforcement for volunteer job?
  105. Stealing money from husbants savings account when not authorized
  106. Could the state have lost my record?
  107. [Fl] How do i get the citation mailed to my current address not my local one?
  108. Creditable source for probable cause to search
  109. Information and advice on self defense
  110. Consented to Seizure of Computers: When Will They Return Them?
  111. Question about Process
  112. Worried after calling 911..... please help!
  113. Arrested for simple assault and battery help please!!!!
  114. Text Harrassment
  115. Doubt on filling i539 form
  116. Strange Situation
  117. Shoplifting
  118. Arrested
  119. Cpl/nics?
  120. JOL Passenger Restriction
  121. Phone taken as evidence/Insurance
  122. First Amendment vs Harassment
  123. Vop
  124. arrest warranty, california
  125. Will You Get Arrested if You Don't Show Up when Subpoenaed to Be a Witness
  126. false statements on ex boyfriend
  127. I is legal?
  128. Will Disorderly conduct charge affect financial aid or CCW guns license?
  129. Open Carry and deffered adjudication (completed 6 years ago)
  130. How does a Court Summons work?
  131. Meaning: "PASSED for consideration along with the merits of this case."
  132. EX putting personal medical bills in my name, can arrest/legal action?
  133. Assets and identity stolen by break-in...?
  134. ARD Program
  135. good check bad check
  136. Medical Marijuana Card and the Feds
  137. Question about statute of limitation
  138. What section do I go to regarding International laws and US Embassy
  139. Placing couple recycle card boxes in private dumpster
  140. Heart patient
  141. Consequences for workplace theft (Oregon)
  142. Habeas Corpus
  143. Trial Exhibits - Habeas Corpus
  144. License to carry
  145. Jury - criminal case
  146. what is false imprisonment and how should I proceed?
  147. Can the police post false reports online?
  148. Was this search warrant unconstitutionally overbroad?
  149. Grand jury indicted twice but district attorney put down wrong gender and race
  150. length of the no contact order
  151. rights while talking to a detective
  152. Probation Violation on Deferred Adjudication
  153. verdict via phone call??
  154. Refused to let officer in apt. but he came through my window
  155. Rights involving searches after 911 call in wisconsin
  156. Charges added later
  157. Possible assault charges
  158. in Kansas city mo, and my girlfriend just got picked up on a warrant for commericial
  159. Is there a minimum standard for the work that a detective needs to do?
  160. Is this wrongful arrest
  161. Do I have a case against the police
  162. privacy protection
  163. Can I get my phone back ever??
  164. Innocent MIP
  165. Assault type 3, I am the victim asking about potential procdures, NYC
  166. Extradition from Colorado to Kentucky
  167. FTA bench warrant for court date we didn't know about
  168. Resisting and disorderly
  169. No bail warrant issued non payment fines UK
  170. criminal trespassing question
  171. Can the police charge you for refusing to help them if you done nothing illegal?
  172. a small corner store cashed my check to someone who stole out of my mailbox
  173. how long does a warrant last for non violent crimes and fines
  174. Held and released
  175. how do Ii find out if I have a warrant
  176. Where a case gets tried at
  177. How to find out about a warrant
  178. warrant
  179. Simple assault
  180. Credit card fraud
  181. Theft
  182. Dad arrested for molesting me as a child, Just wondering what happens next
  183. Expectation of privacy during a traffic stop, or search warrant
  184. Freed on murder charge, then charged with aggravated robbery for different charge
  185. Warrant or no warrant? I have no idea
  186. What happens if you do something illegal that is legal somewhere else?
  187. Bag Search at Costco
  188. I was arrested during the process of a background check for larceny on Saturday.
  189. Accused Of Theft
  190. Evidence
  191. Fined for stealing at H&M
  192. Illinois DMV & Felony Warrants
  193. Consent to search car owned by another
  194. Canadian with US warrant
  195. Didn't Follow Procedures??
  196. police want statement for car missing
  197. Stole money from a huge company...
  198. Southbury, CT Illegal investigation/harassment?
  199. Shoplifting - first offense - advice?
  200. Need help
  201. Police and 2 judges have violated my 4th amendment rights
  202. Will my friend be arrested at the DMV?
  203. Understanding my Shoplifting case
  204. Warrants
  205. Are there any situations where police can't come into your home to arrest you?
  206. Arrest record
  207. Riverside county penal code 859b
  208. Jurisdiction
  209. Missed court Date (advice please)
  210. Why do police ask, "Have you ever been arrested before"?
  211. Question about past shoplifting incidents
  212. help I have an Ohio State warrant block
  213. Boyfriend Accuse of Statutory Rape: 'Victim' denies.
  214. The police changed the facts and narrative in my report
  215. Wfa?
  216. What do you say to the Police when they come for you?
  217. Daughter Patted Down During Traffic Stop
  218. 6 months later being prosecuted
  219. Supeona
  220. Need some advice
  221. Brother used my name, and now I have warrants.
  222. Identity Theft
  223. Was arrested for shoplifting 35$ of merchandise from Walmart..now I can't get a job
  224. Warrant in Other State
  225. Off-campus housing; Police incident. Lawyer telling the truth?
  226. Is this really evading a police officer?
  227. Unwarranted Detention
  228. Incredibly confused, how is this legal? (Vermont)
  229. Asking judge to recall warrant myself
  230. Asking judge to recall warrant myself
  231. Police report
  232. arrested when turning myself in
  233. Is a primary offense required to pull somebody over who doesn't have a license?
  234. Arizona Law: Police conduct and Evidence obtained
  235. Can my hoose be taken away from me?
  236. Search Warrent
  237. teen court case on FBI check????
  238. Filed a police report
  239. Grand Jury Issue
  240. Expunge conviction?
  241. Lying to police
  242. Ex gf left items at my house now saying I stole them
  243. Suspended Drivers licence, How to get my passport...Tomorrow ?
  244. Theft 3 in Washington
  245. trespassing
  246. Probation violation
  247. Trying to drop charges
  248. A detective called and wants me to call him back...
  249. Expungement steps in Virgiina Beach?
  250. Can police search my home for my husband?