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  1. privacy protection
  2. Can I get my phone back ever??
  3. Innocent MIP
  4. Assault type 3, I am the victim asking about potential procdures, NYC
  5. Extradition from Colorado to Kentucky
  6. FTA bench warrant for court date we didn't know about
  7. Resisting and disorderly
  8. No bail warrant issued non payment fines UK
  9. criminal trespassing question
  10. Can the police charge you for refusing to help them if you done nothing illegal?
  11. a small corner store cashed my check to someone who stole out of my mailbox
  12. how long does a warrant last for non violent crimes and fines
  13. Held and released
  14. how do Ii find out if I have a warrant
  15. Where a case gets tried at
  16. How to find out about a warrant
  17. warrant
  18. Simple assault
  19. Credit card fraud
  20. Theft
  21. Dad arrested for molesting me as a child, Just wondering what happens next
  22. Expectation of privacy during a traffic stop, or search warrant
  23. Freed on murder charge, then charged with aggravated robbery for different charge
  24. Warrant or no warrant? I have no idea
  25. What happens if you do something illegal that is legal somewhere else?
  26. Bag Search at Costco
  27. I was arrested during the process of a background check for larceny on Saturday.
  28. Accused Of Theft
  29. Evidence
  30. Fined for stealing at H&M
  31. Illinois DMV & Felony Warrants
  32. Consent to search car owned by another
  33. Canadian with US warrant
  34. Didn't Follow Procedures??
  35. police want statement for car missing
  36. Stole money from a huge company...
  37. Southbury, CT Illegal investigation/harassment?
  38. Shoplifting - first offense - advice?
  39. Need help
  40. Police and 2 judges have violated my 4th amendment rights
  41. Will my friend be arrested at the DMV?
  42. Understanding my Shoplifting case
  43. Warrants
  44. Are there any situations where police can't come into your home to arrest you?
  45. Arrest record
  46. Riverside county penal code 859b
  47. Jurisdiction
  48. Missed court Date (advice please)
  49. Why do police ask, "Have you ever been arrested before"?
  50. Question about past shoplifting incidents
  51. help I have an Ohio State warrant block
  52. Boyfriend Accuse of Statutory Rape: 'Victim' denies.
  53. The police changed the facts and narrative in my report
  54. Wfa?
  55. What do you say to the Police when they come for you?
  56. Daughter Patted Down During Traffic Stop
  57. 6 months later being prosecuted
  58. Supeona
  59. Need some advice
  60. Brother used my name, and now I have warrants.
  61. Identity Theft
  62. Was arrested for shoplifting 35$ of merchandise from Walmart..now I can't get a job
  63. Warrant in Other State
  64. Off-campus housing; Police incident. Lawyer telling the truth?
  65. Is this really evading a police officer?
  66. Unwarranted Detention
  67. Incredibly confused, how is this legal? (Vermont)
  68. Asking judge to recall warrant myself
  69. Asking judge to recall warrant myself
  70. Police report
  71. arrested when turning myself in
  72. Is a primary offense required to pull somebody over who doesn't have a license?
  73. Arizona Law: Police conduct and Evidence obtained
  74. Can my hoose be taken away from me?
  75. Search Warrent
  76. teen court case on FBI check????
  77. Filed a police report
  78. Grand Jury Issue
  79. Expunge conviction?
  80. Lying to police
  81. Ex gf left items at my house now saying I stole them
  82. Suspended Drivers licence, How to get my passport...Tomorrow ?
  83. Theft 3 in Washington
  84. trespassing
  85. Probation violation
  86. Trying to drop charges
  87. A detective called and wants me to call him back...
  88. Expungement steps in Virgiina Beach?
  89. Can police search my home for my husband?
  90. How much authority dies a p.o. have?
  91. How long does a state have to pick u up?
  92. Police took 6+ hours to respond
  93. Cops Seized My Possessions at a Traffic Stop for Refusing Search
  94. I was arrested, stripped naked and placed in solitary. What are my legal options?
  95. Forced to appear as witness in out of state criminal trial
  96. How to file perjury charge
  97. Repost: unlawful search
  98. PA couple arrested, one facing felony weapons charges
  99. Question regarding Terriostic Threatening and procedure
  100. I need help first court date
  101. My very detailed story on what happened. Can i Sue?
  102. Arrested out of state for simple assault, need advice
  103. Can I have a larceny warrant issued after the stolen property has been returned?
  104. PC 647 (f)
  105. My business and loitering person
  106. extradiction possibility?
  107. Oklahoma Incident
  108. Illegal Search
  109. Bench warrant inquiry
  110. At what point is a complainant considered unreliable?
  111. I received an underage citation, but I question the officer's methods
  112. PC 496D (a) Charge
  113. Question
  114. Can't make it to court date, what can I do?
  115. Shoplifting/Burglary
  116. Pink Summons New York
  117. How long can someone be investigated or "watched" by police or detectives?
  118. Suing Police After They Seized My Car and Left Me Stuck With Towing Bill
  119. The Grand Jury seems to be run very different than a regular jury
  120. Resisting Arrest; Charlena Michelle Cooks
  121. Are There 3 Levels of Bail?
  122. NT - LETTER OF RELEASE - Hillsborough County FL
  123. Illegal confiscation of unregistered firearm
  124. Probaton violated, out of state warrant issued
  125. CLE police consent agreement
  126. robbery charge
  127. Missing Friend, possible involuntary commitment, HIPAA preventing discovery
  128. Does bail refund expire?
  129. Question about Personal Recognizance Bond in Kansas
  130. Legal question
  131. Bicycling Pink summons
  132. Brand New Charge on Background check?
  133. Expungement: Lawyer Versus Self
  134. Low cost retail theft, just a few questions
  135. Unknown warrant
  136. missed court appointment for disorderly conduct
  137. Retrieving Property Seized During Murder Investigation - MD/VA
  138. Please help, scared and don't know where to go!
  139. Unsure what to do from here
  140. Lost records.
  141. Do I need a Lawyer?
  142. violated in the park
  143. What are my options?
  144. NY State owning firearms prior to a felony conviction
  145. Applying for a job
  146. Inappropriate content on phone.
  147. California, Search Warrant
  148. Cell phone was texting a informat, and facebook messages
  149. Can someone tell me if this is a felony or misdemeanor (background check)?
  150. Can they do this? Get a warrant?
  151. My friend got a $500 ticket for driving on a suspended license while I was driving?
  152. Background Checks and Expunged Charge
  153. people v. ramey 1976
  154. Left store after security tried to stop me for shoplifting.
  155. Online arrest records
  156. Can anyone tell me what these court terms/phrases mean?
  157. warrants and extradition likelihood? CA and PA knowledge
  158. Arrested but released without any paperwork or "citation" or courtdate
  159. Checking if an arrest warrant is outstanding (Oregon)?
  160. rights during police stop/real life harrasment
  161. class c theft under 50
  162. What is a bakers search warrant?
  163. lost cell phone searched
  164. NY class A misdemeanor
  165. Need Opinions
  166. Working for the poor
  167. Receving stolen property with a twist
  168. Court date
  169. Caught shoplifting @walmart and ran
  170. My rights, theft
  171. Warrant - 1381, 1382
  172. How do I press charges on my own? Intimate partner abuse...
  173. what are my options ?
  174. Court date set for the 20th, but I have to leave tomorrow for work -- internationally
  175. How to go about pressing 5th Amendment violation?
  176. Can we charge ex-husband with a crime? Theft in the first?
  177. Question about expungement rights
  178. Rejected case reopened while I was traveling. Now I have a warrant.
  179. Recovering bail money from 16 years ago
  180. Searching for criminal case files from 50 years ago
  181. Felony charges due to Budget truck returned late
  182. Getting my stuff from evidence
  183. Adjournment in contemplation of dismissal (ACD) background checks
  184. Violation of Restraining Order?
  185. Spitting in someone´s mouth..
  186. Arrested for self defense
  187. Indictment Dismissal and recharging
  188. Need to know when I should step in to ask to present my own motion and argument?
  189. Mugshot
  190. Lawyer continues cases: how long does it take to reach deals with prosecutor?
  191. Will I get arresseted/charged/citation/bad record for this? Please reply...
  192. Can my roommates probation officer take my computer?
  193. Case law.
  194. College student-posession of alcohol
  195. What If ?? (statutory rape question)
  196. Lost Wallet With Fake ID! A few questions hope its not too much
  197. Inquiring a massive violation of due process, and civil liberties in Common Wealth PA
  198. In which countries do you get paid legal counsel for police interrogation?
  199. Received a case correction 40505 (court changed from misdemeanor to traffic)
  200. Was told I have a warrant, not sure what to do....
  201. House entered by police officers because of plastic insulation on windows. PT 2
  202. House entered by police officers because of plastic insulation on windows.
  203. Charged with drug possession and don't know why
  204. My mother was arrested under a false name! Do we have a case?
  205. Cussing in public
  206. arrest warrant
  207. Court Dates ??
  208. Got a ticket for drinking in public for no reason
  209. Pepper spray in NYC? No paperwork needed?
  210. My rights were violated
  211. Was this illegal?
  212. Arrested in 1987 for less than 1 gram of Meth and cannot Vote. help please.
  213. Will the police come back tonight for an arrest warrant, my son is really scared
  214. Few questions
  215. Question regarding stolen property
  216. Need to Quash a Warrant
  217. Misdemeanor & Employment
  218. Disorderly Conduct
  219. Is There Protection From Warrants in Rehab?
  220. Jail Healthcare
  221. Need help with Bench Warrants and Indictments
  222. she doesnt live there
  223. Felony is Colorado what class
  224. Illigal search of car and sealed sencitive contents addressed to attorney
  225. Simple Question about talking to Police on Scene and what they can tell the public!
  226. Letter of Disposition
  227. Wrongful charge
  228. Indictments -vs- arrest warrants
  229. Bank accounts and criminal investigation
  230. Fleeing and Eluding (1st Offense) Need Advice!
  231. Dismissed felony charges and employment
  232. Charges were No Billed
  233. Should i get lawyer for him?
  234. Suspended Sentence / Drug & Theft Charges
  235. Should I be worried?
  236. Trial sentencing without being present
  237. how to obtain video recordings from HOA?
  238. Disorderly Conduct while under the influence - Georgia
  239. Police Misconduct/ Harassment
  240. Do I need to respond? ex County Jury notice
  241. Plea guilty or not guilty to underage
  242. Police arrested me for possession of purse that is not mine
  243. Warrant in Oklahoma arrested in Kansas. Wondering about extradition?
  244. Warrant in another state and harboring a fleeing fugitive.
  245. Fugitive File
  246. Help, question about the seach of items.
  247. I have already been convicted of a crime after a trial
  248. selling info on illegal stuff illegal?
  249. Getting The Certificate Of Disposition From The Clerk Office
  250. Search Warrant questions