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  1. Unsupervised Probation for 1st DUI with Restricted License - Moving from VA to CA...
  2. Possible DUI Probation Violation
  3. Questions about receiving an MIP in another state.
  4. Suspended license after 2 DUI's
  5. CT License, NY DWI, Refused Breathalyzer....
  6. Have Court for an OWI in a Week, What Should Be Done to Prepare
  7. dui other
  8. why didn't cops put me through sobriety tests?
  9. Charged for DUI, Officer Didn't Witness, Arrested in my home.
  10. dui interlock while needing to move states
  11. Don't know what to do next
  12. Question regarding DUI Charges
  13. "Minor in Possession of Liquor" for having a marijuana bowl
  14. probable cause in California, cop tailgating with brights
  15. THIRD Offense DUI in Virginia, Suspended license, currently on probation and parole
  16. THIRD Offense DUI in Virginia, Suspended license, currently on probation and parole
  17. I really need some advise
  18. FL DUI car totaled w/ new car registered in NY
  19. 1st DUI of the Highest Rate & Careless Driving charge... advice?
  20. Help moving out of state with breathalyzer!
  21. Have interlock device and moving out of state. HELP!!!!
  22. MIP of alcohol/possible open container
  23. Kava Kava intoxication, and other botanicals.
  24. Question aboutt being charged with dui and it being dropped to another 2nd offense
  25. DUI Mix Up in Missouri
  26. Suspended 60 day sentence for first offense DUI probation revocation
  27. length of no-tolerance regarding BAC level in California
  28. 2 duis and a possible battery charge
  29. wine as an end of the school year gift
  30. Can this DUI be thrown out?
  31. freelancing and moving with a restricted license
  32. CA / NJ Reciprocity - CA never notified NJ - 4 years ago!
  33. If I'm not charged, is it on my record?
  34. NOT A DUI - Refusing a Breathalyzer
  35. open container in Ohio
  36. dui,s and cdl
  37. ARD in PA, drivers license is RI but relocating to GA the day after my ARD hearing
  38. DUI + Open Container + Speeding
  39. Being charged for informal probation / never informed of charge.
  40. I need some expert advice on a current DUI charge....Please
  41. DUI - Employment & Internship - California
  42. 2nd DUI in NJ...moving to WI...
  43. DWI / Extradition
  44. Does my state know about my DUI from another state?
  45. Florida Permanent Revocation Appeal in other states
  46. toxicology test
  47. CA has no record of AZ suspended License?
  48. Driving under suspened license, class3 ( Washington state )
  49. exact information on how to get discovery material for dui
  50. Bad Luck
  51. Hello everyone! DUI .21 Irvine, CA
  52. Two Traffic Citations from 2004, But Its Not Me!
  53. Getting Immobilization Order Waived
  54. marijuana dui
  55. duii for failing sobriety testing and 0.00
  56. DUI on Suspended License in CA
  57. Dui
  58. (PA) DUI in late jan, had preliminary today, some questions
  59. monitech i
  60. DUI probation violation
  61. Arrested on vacation in AZ for fake id, live in WI - Mandatory Court
  62. I messed up again. Big time.
  63. Breathalyzer DUI question
  64. dui was the pull over unlawful?
  65. Police mistakenly thought my friend was DUI
  66. is it legal to require drug screen as part of bond
  67. DWI effect on Internship.
  68. Instantly "EXTREME DUI?"
  69. test
  70. 02 Violation (Iowa)
  71. 20yr. old charges resurfaced
  72. What would happon if you refuse a test but you wernt driving?
  73. Want to trade my probation for prison time
  74. Minor In Possession
  75. Public Intoxication Question
  76. 3rd dui question
  77. North Carolina DUI, California License: problems 8 years later
  78. minor in consumption
  79. I can't find my case online
  80. Court never filed license suspension?
  81. DIP 647(f) in California
  82. DUI last week, what to expect (currently on informal probation)
  83. loosening license restrictions
  84. Ard program
  85. Right to a speedy trial
  86. In which states are DUI laws the harshest? Is Florida the worst?
  87. URGENT HELP PLEASE. I refuse to believe that this is legal....
  88. Nj dui
  89. ARD and arrest record
  90. Probable cause/ Blood test
  91. failing diverson
  92. Will I come up in LIVESCAN
  93. DWI Charge in NJ
  94. Moral Turpitude
  95. Long story with a somewhat happy ending but still need help
  96. DUI Arrest
  97. violating probation?
  98. 5 y old NY DWI case that got lost in system, just now came back up
  99. DUI charge in Illinois
  100. Another multi-state question
  101. TX BWI, LA Driver's License
  102. penn dot
  103. Nj dwi
  104. underage possesion
  105. Kansas DUI-refusal reinstatement time frame?
  106. Need Advise
  107. So...this is a lot worse than a DUI. Advice for a friend?
  108. Negligent Driving First Degree (Washington State)
  109. Reopening a DUI case
  110. Should I get a private lawyer for this case?
  111. Multi-State DUI problem ....
  112. home confinmement
  113. purging an arrest from dmv
  114. Confused. Questions Regarding License Restoration.
  115. Dui
  116. Quick Questions on DUI
  117. When will I get my license back?
  118. 2nd DUI and was never charged? (California)
  119. What a MESS!!! Any Ideas?
  120. Hypothetical Scenerio! Taking guesses at result! Will give answer Tuesday! :)
  121. PA Underage. Any advice greatly appreciated!
  122. Re: Dui questions
  123. 2 dui's
  124. First DUI (CALIFORNIA)
  125. DUI/Impaired mistake on papers?
  126. Court Dockets
  127. Can You Refuse Breath or Blood Test At Police Station?
  128. 1 OWI, 1 driving while suspended.
  129. CA DUI DMV Refusal Hearing license suspended for one year. moving to nm next year
  130. PA DWI. - first offense, blew a .17 @ checkpoint
  131. Was told Ohio ALS fine ($475) was waived & terminated... it wasn't
  132. sending into county attorney?
  133. I blew a .09 for my first DUI have some ?'s
  134. If I were in the car with someone who was drunk
  135. second DUI
  136. DUI, hit & run + other warrents...
  137. DUI Leaving ER
  138. officer outside his jurisdiction
  139. Violation on Ignition Interlock Device.
  140. How long does state of California has to prosecute a DUI
  141. Underage Consumption (illinois)
  142. DUI- Public Defender vs. Private Attorney
  143. Can I get a new license in NY if my CA is still suspended?
  144. missing a dui arraignment because in jail for dui?
  145. fine payments
  146. DUI Court Costs
  147. ****tt
  148. Moving/Transfer license from one state to another Prior to sentencing?
  149. PA 6038 (a) underage
  150. Will TN be able revoke a MI restricted license because of DUI?
  151. What to do?
  152. when you goto a jury trial
  153. driving without a license
  154. Aggravated DUI
  155. Can I still go to law school?
  156. Minor took my car drinking
  157. DUI in California and Opting Out of Restricted License
  158. CRN Evaluation PA
  159. Subpaoened...
  160. DUI On a Bicycle?
  161. SRO DUI WV - min jail time 30 day ?
  162. Dui third transfer please help***
  163. No car registered.. IID required?
  164. Private Property DUI
  165. Order of Set Aside from the DMV?
  166. Never offered BAC test, cops say I refused it.
  167. MN Vehicle Forfeiture
  168. Suspendid License Dont Know What To Do??
  169. NJ DWI Attorney
  170. Public intox.
  171. 25 y.o. case
  172. DUI on abstract?
  173. Repeat Offender Needs Advice
  174. DUI in California
  175. BP25662 (A) Minor Possess alcohol
  176. DUI Question
  177. bad luck
  178. License plate question
  179. Licensure question
  180. ALR Dismissed?
  181. Criminal
  182. DUI (a) at 0.07 BAC
  183. worried cant sleep about dwi conviction
  184. Refusal? Ex is DUI Cop-asked for witness/recording for protection and offered blood.
  185. DWI for Marijuana
  186. DWI probability of dropped charges and options?
  187. 1st Time Dui in PA in 2008
  188. Factual innocence
  189. CA, 18, 2 Felony Charges, injuries, possible outcomes?
  190. DUI-Minor-please help
  191. DUI and employment offer
  192. Interlock device req'd for 2 states
  193. 2nd Dui
  194. Ambien on a road trip
  195. Open Container Vehicle - Michigan
  196. Conflicting information
  197. DUI Expungement
  198. CA restricted license problem
  199. Do I have a case?
  200. I got DUI 5 years and just received the notice.
  201. DUI not driving, out side of car?
  202. How to turn myself in for DUI bench warrants?
  203. Underage
  204. 2nd offense, questions about my case
  205. Court fees paid for student??
  206. Will they find out about my suspended license?
  207. 1st time DUI, no accident or damage
  208. 2nd offence
  209. Bad place, Bad time
  210. Mistake identity dui
  211. Can I get my license reinstated?
  212. Any help appreciated!
  213. driving under dui suspended license
  214. Out of state DUI - who punishes?
  215. My situation. Your input.
  216. First Duii in 21 years
  217. DUI Under the age of 21...
  218. First time OVI (Ohio)
  219. Could this count as financial hardship?
  220. Multiple Charges under age of 21, not a minor though.
  221. Tricky situation
  222. Alcohol Classes
  223. 1st DUI i need help!
  224. trouble getting license back!!
  225. Cops waited while blood alcohol rose.
  226. Dui conviction
  227. out of state dui
  228. Court Dates
  229. Ovi
  230. Michael1955
  231. Restitution modification.
  232. Dui
  233. 1st DUI Offense
  234. 2 DUIs in one month
  235. Impact of DUI as a Minor on Adult DUI Charge
  236. I need FAST HELP. Lawyer problems. Due in court in less and 40 hours.
  237. ARD Program
  238. Dui probation! Helllpp!
  239. Out of State Dui
  240. DUI amended to 1st? Various states? Etc?
  241. Violation of Parole DUI
  242. CA DUI, Never Convicted, DMV Question
  243. Question about getting a hardship license in MA
  244. this sucks, dui + ... help !!
  245. Colorado Probation Revocation
  246. House Arrest Electronic Monitoring and Employment
  247. Accused of 23111 VC - Throwing Lit Cigarette out of Moving vehicle
  248. ARD expungement??
  249. DUI False Police Records
  250. Prosecutor Vs DA