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  1. truck got stuck, had cooler in back
  2. Minor in possession of alcohol questions...
  3. personal property in a impounded vehical in michigan
  4. Penalties for Drunk Driving Offense
  5. open intox in public
  6. OWI in East Lansing Michigan
  7. Need Reply For DUI charge
  8. Concerns about my DUI lawyer??
  9. Second offense probation violation (OWI) Michigan
  10. What can I expect to happen in this case?
  11. OWI Advice in Michigan
  12. Didn't refuse breathalyzer, blew a .16..... but I was riding my bike!?
  13. Refused DUI Test - Child in Car
  14. dwi stay order
  15. Hypocrisy of cops is difficult to compehend
  16. what can i expect to come
  17. Hope someone can provide some moral advice.
  18. Live in Washington DUI in Oregon?
  19. What can I expect to happen?
  20. Can an officer legally question you after a concussion?
  21. Duid?
  22. Drinking a beer while cutting the grass
  23. Reckless Driving with alcohol
  24. poor college student - arizona dui - missed court date
  25. DUI assessment/evaluation
  26. California Dui bac below .07 First Offence
  27. can a dui conviction be appealed 5 years later?
  28. Occupational License Questions
  29. DUI, pulled miles out of jurisdiction
  30. DUI after pulled over! HELP!
  31. AZ DUI case dismissed with a CA License
  32. Out Of State DUI - waiting for state to report
  33. Out of State DUI - waiting for conviction to be reported
  34. Texas License Eligibility Site reports Eligible?
  35. State Supreme court ruling in Mo. WOULD ?
  36. 4/20 pulled over
  37. 4/20 pulled over
  38. Warrant required for evidence
  39. 5 year old DUI needs resolution ASAP
  40. ALR hearing, legal reason to deny field sobriety test?
  41. Public Intoxication - Thread Closed;
  42. DUI without formal arrest
  43. Public Intoxication - Assaulted - Car impounded - Need help!
  44. Pulled over for speeding then it turned to DWI(blew 0.031 at jail)
  45. OWI Law in Indiana
  46. Limitations on license suspension
  47. Dui In Illinois? Need help ASAP
  48. Soon to be ex-wife got DUI - I don't want interlok device on my car
  49. I was passenger but got charged for dui 2 months after the accident
  50. HELP RECENT OUI: would this hold up in court/ should i get a lawyer?
  51. Minor Intoxication in Public
  52. Life post DUI - Mugshot
  53. "Order of set aside or reinstatement" of my license in California after DUI
  54. How many times can a criminal court case be continued before they dismiss the charges
  55. Moved to Az from Co with interlock
  56. How do i get a restricted license and how long does it take?
  57. What is my BAC level ?
  58. Grad Student with DUI
  59. NY & CT Reciprocity - DUI months ago, license still not suspended?
  60. N. California Case Dismissed per PC1385 ( minus manifesto, PLUS gratitude)
  61. n
  62. CDL first time DUI with truck accdent on side
  63. Getting a driver's license back
  64. Driving with a suspended license 14601.1(a)
  65. Underage Drinking
  66. expungement rules?
  67. Probation Violation 11 Years ago
  68. Fighting Department of Public Safety over breathalyzer when no alcohol was involved
  69. dui out of state but that state id is canceled and have a new DL?
  70. DUI Under 21
  71. First offense (ca)
  72. Alabama license suspension question, a little confused
  73. ellemouse claim in State v. Hatfield
  74. Legality of DWI Questionable
  75. DUI in VA
  76. DUI in NJ live in PA.
  77. DUI - OPT Extension or H1B - Need Help !!
  78. Changing state.
  79. Charged with DWI in NJ..I have to move to other state
  80. Colorado Resident DUI in Alabama
  81. DUI 1st conviction HELP for RESTRICTED LICENSE..DMV saying not qualified , I'm in CA
  82. Confused as to my next move
  83. How long does it take for blood results to come back?
  84. Check this out
  85. Very strange OVI charge
  86. 2nd Refusa in Floridal
  87. 2nd DUI dismissed "with" predjudice
  88. Moving with DWI
  89. An office wrote me a DWI with open container this is all one charge-Not a separate
  90. Texas DPS ALR Hearing Questions
  91. MUI - Whats going to happen ? GEORGIA
  92. Is Drunk and Drive a crime ?
  93. What are we looking at here?
  94. DWI video - can, should there be an obvious 1 minute break?
  95. DUI- Questions Reg. Restricted License CT/NY
  96. IID installed in CA
  97. C.a. D.u.i vc23152(a) "can you help"!?
  98. WA state DUI questions
  99. Suspended DUI in MS
  100. OVI in Ohio with a Michigan License.
  101. First offense OWI - How to negotiate plea bargains
  102. Tried buying beer at a store. Twice. Would they report this?
  103. Can I be a non-lawyer pro se for my wife in a DWI case?
  104. Wife got Texas DWI - Is there a specific form for ALR Discovery Request?
  105. Job Applications
  106. Case closed after missing hearing?
  107. DUI in another state -- transfer license before trial?
  108. Applying to Law School; DUI on my record
  109. CA DUI with CA DL but live in TX. confused?
  110. Accused of dui, Help please
  111. driving while suspended while revoked for a DUI
  112. Unsupervised Probation - Officer hasnt contacted me in a year?
  113. Unique DUI situation
  114. underage drinking
  115. Public Intoxication - Odd Situation
  116. DUI Help.
  117. DUI Help
  118. New York New Regulations FYI
  119. What happened to my thread?
  120. First DWI
  121. Dui in Aptos
  122. Plea bargaining an OWI in Wisconsin without a Lawyer
  123. Possibility of lessening 14601.1a charge?
  124. California VC23224 (a)
  125. Daughter MIP, Probation violation, should she get a lawyer or not
  126. DUI as passenger (Illinois)
  127. will ny extradite from north carolina for a felony dwi
  128. Texas ALR Hearing for Refusal of Blood Test (Boating While Intoxicated)
  129. Charged with 2nd driving while suspended w/DUI
  130. 2nd DUI
  131. Unsupervised Probation for 1st DUI with Restricted License - Moving from VA to CA...
  132. Possible DUI Probation Violation
  133. Questions about receiving an MIP in another state.
  134. Suspended license after 2 DUI's
  135. CT License, NY DWI, Refused Breathalyzer....
  136. Have Court for an OWI in a Week, What Should Be Done to Prepare
  137. dui other
  138. why didn't cops put me through sobriety tests?
  139. Charged for DUI, Officer Didn't Witness, Arrested in my home.
  140. dui interlock while needing to move states
  141. Don't know what to do next
  142. Question regarding DUI Charges
  143. "Minor in Possession of Liquor" for having a marijuana bowl
  144. probable cause in California, cop tailgating with brights
  145. THIRD Offense DUI in Virginia, Suspended license, currently on probation and parole
  146. THIRD Offense DUI in Virginia, Suspended license, currently on probation and parole
  147. I really need some advise
  148. FL DUI car totaled w/ new car registered in NY
  149. 1st DUI of the Highest Rate & Careless Driving charge... advice?
  150. Help moving out of state with breathalyzer!
  151. Have interlock device and moving out of state. HELP!!!!
  152. MIP of alcohol/possible open container
  153. Kava Kava intoxication, and other botanicals.
  154. Question aboutt being charged with dui and it being dropped to another 2nd offense
  155. DUI Mix Up in Missouri
  156. Suspended 60 day sentence for first offense DUI probation revocation
  157. length of no-tolerance regarding BAC level in California
  158. 2 duis and a possible battery charge
  159. wine as an end of the school year gift
  160. Can this DUI be thrown out?
  161. freelancing and moving with a restricted license
  162. CA / NJ Reciprocity - CA never notified NJ - 4 years ago!
  163. If I'm not charged, is it on my record?
  164. NOT A DUI - Refusing a Breathalyzer
  165. open container in Ohio
  166. dui,s and cdl
  167. ARD in PA, drivers license is RI but relocating to GA the day after my ARD hearing
  168. DUI + Open Container + Speeding
  169. Being charged for informal probation / never informed of charge.
  170. I need some expert advice on a current DUI charge....Please
  171. DUI - Employment & Internship - California
  172. 2nd DUI in NJ...moving to WI...
  173. DWI / Extradition
  174. Does my state know about my DUI from another state?
  175. Florida Permanent Revocation Appeal in other states
  176. toxicology test
  177. CA has no record of AZ suspended License?
  178. Driving under suspened license, class3 ( Washington state )
  179. exact information on how to get discovery material for dui
  180. Bad Luck
  181. Hello everyone! DUI .21 Irvine, CA
  182. Two Traffic Citations from 2004, But Its Not Me!
  183. Getting Immobilization Order Waived
  184. marijuana dui
  185. duii for failing sobriety testing and 0.00
  186. DUI on Suspended License in CA
  187. Dui
  188. (PA) DUI in late jan, had preliminary today, some questions
  189. monitech i
  190. DUI probation violation
  191. Arrested on vacation in AZ for fake id, live in WI - Mandatory Court
  192. I messed up again. Big time.
  193. Breathalyzer DUI question
  194. dui was the pull over unlawful?
  195. Police mistakenly thought my friend was DUI
  196. is it legal to require drug screen as part of bond
  197. DWI effect on Internship.
  198. Instantly "EXTREME DUI?"
  199. test
  200. 02 Violation (Iowa)
  201. 20yr. old charges resurfaced
  202. What would happon if you refuse a test but you wernt driving?
  203. Want to trade my probation for prison time
  204. Minor In Possession
  205. Public Intoxication Question
  206. 3rd dui question
  207. North Carolina DUI, California License: problems 8 years later
  208. minor in consumption
  209. I can't find my case online
  210. Court never filed license suspension?
  211. DIP 647(f) in California
  212. DUI last week, what to expect (currently on informal probation)
  213. loosening license restrictions
  214. Ard program
  215. Right to a speedy trial
  216. In which states are DUI laws the harshest? Is Florida the worst?
  217. URGENT HELP PLEASE. I refuse to believe that this is legal....
  218. Nj dui
  219. ARD and arrest record
  220. Probable cause/ Blood test
  221. failing diverson
  222. Will I come up in LIVESCAN
  223. DWI Charge in NJ
  224. Moral Turpitude
  225. Long story with a somewhat happy ending but still need help
  226. DUI Arrest
  227. violating probation?
  228. 5 y old NY DWI case that got lost in system, just now came back up
  229. DUI charge in Illinois
  230. Another multi-state question
  231. TX BWI, LA Driver's License
  232. penn dot
  233. Nj dwi
  234. underage possesion
  235. Kansas DUI-refusal reinstatement time frame?
  236. Need Advise
  237. So...this is a lot worse than a DUI. Advice for a friend?
  238. Negligent Driving First Degree (Washington State)
  239. Reopening a DUI case
  240. Should I get a private lawyer for this case?
  241. Multi-State DUI problem ....
  242. home confinmement
  243. purging an arrest from dmv
  244. Confused. Questions Regarding License Restoration.
  245. Dui
  246. Quick Questions on DUI
  247. When will I get my license back?
  248. 2nd DUI and was never charged? (California)
  249. What a MESS!!! Any Ideas?
  250. Hypothetical Scenerio! Taking guesses at result! Will give answer Tuesday! :)