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  1. another 23222 b cvc
  2. manufacturing charges
  3. Arrested for "simple" possession
  4. Two Misdemeanors Charges - Marijuana/Ecstasy (California)
  5. Marijuana possesion
  6. juvenile possession of marijuana first time offense
  7. What's the best option
  8. Marijuanna found in hatchback area opened with keys
  9. Marijuana possession charge w/o evidence
  10. Marijuana possession charge w/o evidence
  11. Under Investigation for Weed Sale
  12. Possession of Controlled Substance without a Script
  13. What about being charged, but I didn't do it?
  14. NC Pot Bust
  15. Questions about weed charge
  16. Help My Husband!!!
  17. privacy of my own home
  18. BUSTED::Pot>Adderall>MDMA>LSD=HELP!!
  19. Marijuana use on campus
  20. Possession of Paraphernalia
  21. Poppy Seed Myth, Fact or Fiction?
  22. where is my cousin?
  23. paraphernalia charge in ohio
  24. Any other advice ?
  25. Admitting to an officer i smoked marijuana
  26. Probation Violation in Texas due to Misdemeanor
  27. court arraignment
  28. Minor marijuana possession in Yellowstone Park
  29. meth charge
  30. capias warrant
  31. evidence
  32. Possession at Scool
  33. Fake Drug Checkpoint Legal?
  34. Marajuana and Possession charges
  35. Marijuana Charges
  36. 1st time minor poss and paraphernalia
  37. DNA testing on hair
  38. Please Help!!!! Possesion without Possessing???
  39. From speeding to jail: Possession and resisting. What's the best plan?
  40. Paraphernalia with residue of SALVIA (legal drug)
  41. Stopped at "Driver License Check point"
  42. Got charged for "smelling like cannabis"
  43. Help
  44. UPDATE to my post from last night
  45. 5th degree possesion
  46. Bewildered about a friends treatment
  47. So much for friends
  48. Help with harrassment
  49. wanting to be a Police Officer
  50. Possesion Ticket
  51. need some info
  52. Medicinal Marijuana script on probation?
  53. poss. on residue
  54. Federal drug case, what can I expect?
  55. Neighbors busted?
  56. Under the influence and solicitation to buy Oxycontin
  57. Possession of Marijuana
  58. poss. controled substance, distribution
  59. Underage and Open Intoxicants
  60. three counts of possession
  61. Prescription Meds from Mexio
  62. Background checks
  63. helping a family member...
  64. marijuanna possession
  65. Pre-trial intervention
  66. sell and conspiracy to distribute
  67. Expungement?
  68. Wondering if i can be charged with this
  69. Class C Misdemeanor possesion, first time offense
  70. Confused about first possesion charge
  71. Probation violation
  72. cannot test in front probationer.
  73. Transferring a case to a different state
  74. CORI in Ma question
  75. Illegal search?
  76. 16 Mi PWID Marijuana
  77. AR, Expunction, and FBI Background Check
  78. What Constitutes intent to distribute?
  79. Transferred from E.Coast to Pecos, TX
  80. are there ways to avoid spending 15 days in jail for a drug paraphernalia charge?
  81. Help me find out what happened
  82. Pharmacy Thinks Faxed Prescription is Forged
  83. Underage Drinking Charge
  84. Doctor Shopping
  85. Felony possession of a controlled substance
  86. Entrapment - Golf? or Life?
  87. Failed routine drug test in MIP...
  88. MDMA charges. Is there a case for entrapment here? Anything else? Help appreciated.
  89. Charged with Driver in Pos. of Marijuana
  90. Both of us charged, what if....
  91. Drug Charges In Florida
  92. First arrest ever is a HUGE one!!
  93. North Carolina Salvia divinorum law?
  94. car was searched without consent and i was arrested for cociane
  95. Drug Charges and Penal Code 415
  96. First possession offense in Jefferson National Forest, VA
  97. vague conspiracy to distribute laws????
  98. What is needed for drug conviction?
  99. paraphernalia ticket
  100. Misdemeanor drug paraphenelia
  101. Deferred adjudication and firearm ownership
  102. First Offense poss, and paraphanelia charge, dont know what to do?
  103. can my charge be suppressed in court?
  104. Drug Informants
  105. From a legal point of view
  106. Fake Script
  107. In trouble because someone else is??
  108. Lawyer necessary for preliminary?
  109. Acquaintance busted with nearly a lb of pot
  110. i NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!
  111. Possession in the 8th and 7th charge
  112. roomates and drug use question
  113. Is This Legal???????????
  114. Court Hearing about Possession
  115. Hi all
  116. Parapharnelia ticket...1st offense
  117. class a misdemeanor
  118. charges= tagging gun for theft and drugs??????
  119. "pre-arrainment conference....what to expect?"
  120. Alcohol Citation
  121. MIP/C alcohol 18
  122. deeptrouble
  123. indictment question
  124. possession of marijuana questions
  125. trying to make a whole out of parts.. any input appreciated
  126. Roommate Called Cops / Questions Conerning Rights (Marijuana / Paraphernalia)
  127. magic mushrooms
  128. Son arrested for selling pain-killers
  129. Marijuana Possession caught in a parking lot.
  130. Underage Possession of Alcohol
  131. Possession of Narcotics, what am I facing?
  132. Charged with 3 1/2 oz's...Intent to Distribute Mj
  133. Paraphernalia Charge, First time offense. North Carolina
  134. helppppp!!1please
  135. Alcohol Possession?
  136. Underage alcohol
  137. Why wasn't I arrested?
  138. MIP/MIC In Washington State
  139. How do I get a friend arrested?
  140. Already in a program to avoid jail... can possession hurt me?
  141. Can DA change charge without police approval?
  142. Need Advice Quick!!
  143. conspiracy charge etc, what do u think of their case
  144. Due Process Violations
  145. Employee drug testing
  146. Drug Charge 35 years ago
  147. I need help with a sealed grand jury case
  148. juvenile mj poss
  149. Deffered Probation for Possesion Charges
  150. Poss. Of A Contr. Subst. Mis. Part 2 What can I expect?
  151. Poss. of a Contr. Subst. Misdemeanor ticket
  152. Friend was charged with possession of 55 Kilos
  153. Question about Deferred Prosecution
  154. 1210 monitoring
  155. im filing a motionf suppression whats my chances!!
  156. repercussions?
  157. Distribution of Marijuana
  158. CA-Do public records show the sentence imposed?
  159. CA-My apartment manager was busted for drugs
  160. Notice To Appear
  161. gun question
  162. Class B and D possession, trafficking, conspiracy to violate drug laws...
  163. Warrant in Camden county Georgia, this is what happened
  164. Ecxtasy possesion charge
  165. sentence reduction for non-violent criminals
  166. Possession charge from GA..I need advice SOON.
  167. Possession of Marijuana
  168. Moving from Hawaii on Conditional Release
  169. Underage Drinking (.07) and Criminal Trespassing
  170. DUI and Possession of Class B
  171. Possession of drug paraphernalia
  172. Possession of drug paraphernalia
  173. 4 Charges.... What kind of penalty am I looking at?
  174. 7 years really?
  175. VGCSA (Violation of the Georgia Controlled Substance Act)
  176. Family ties
  177. Trouble in Virginia...
  178. Trouble in Virginia...
  179. How much trouble could she be in?
  180. illegal possesion charge when i had nothing
  181. DEA snatched me. Shady cops, help please.
  182. Help! Last Chance 2 Get $money$back From Criminal Cops-no Defence Pub Defender
  183. Help Need Legal Advise
  184. i got arrested :(
  185. Out of country travel pass needed
  186. 3 year joint suspension, caught a possession charge, was not his
  187. Small fence will keep cops out?
  188. Roommates selling marijuana
  189. Federal conspiracy
  190. FL 2yr license suspension for pos, other states
  191. Marijuana charge question
  192. fl marijuana poss and underage poss of alchol
  193. Possession of Marijuana in IL
  194. possission not mine have proof help
  195. CA probationer's medical marijuana seized during traffic stop
  196. Caught in school with marijuana
  197. On Probation but haven't reported for 3 months
  198. Need Some Advice For Being A Witness??
  199. need help in ohio
  200. cop lied in report
  201. Please respond.
  202. Marijuana In Car
  203. tested positive but none were found
  204. hair follicle test against will
  205. Poss and DWLS w/Knowledge. Help!?
  206. construtive possesion?
  207. What can I get dropped?
  208. What kind of punishment am I looking at?
  209. 8 Year fugitive, charged with buying large amout of fake cocaine
  210. 1210.1 Subdivision (b) (5) Sentencing HELP need advice Sentencing matter
  211. Need Opinion
  212. law student charged with MJ possession
  213. Which program to choose: DEJ program or Prop. 36?
  214. help with my son
  215. Want to take care of old under the influence charge and FTA
  216. Nobody Knows What An Acd Is???
  217. Charged with possession of marijuana
  218. public pretender ughhhhh! Help!
  219. Paraphenelia summary offense-PA
  220. delivery of controlled substance
  221. Drug Possession in a different State-what are my rights?
  222. PC1000 Deferred Entry of Judgement/Traveling Abroad
  223. Questions for the True American Hero's
  224. Acd
  225. possession of marijuana was nolle prosequi'd
  226. possession of alcohol ILLINOIS
  227. Simple Possession, 2nd Offense
  228. 1st offense: 2 GRAMS in VERMONT
  229. Charged with possession while incarcerated.
  230. HELP Leniency recommendation 1st possession marj charge & underage alchohol GA
  231. HELP Leniency recommendation 1st possession marj charge & underage alchohol GA
  232. Citation for possession of marijauna, but there was no marijuana in my possession
  233. Help Me!!!!!
  234. Possession of Cannabis under 20 grams
  235. Maybe you know....
  236. Need Advice on Drug Felony
  237. Diversion Program urine screens inaccurate
  238. Busted with pot while driving
  239. possesion and other charges
  240. 1st time charge posession of marijuana in MD
  241. quick question, need an answer!
  242. Helper forever
  243. Drug Test at Summons
  244. what is considered bulk amount of percocet?
  245. 1st time....HELP
  246. 1st time offender caught with marijuana personal use.
  247. 1st offense: possession of about 2 GRAMS of marijuana in Vermont
  248. Constructive Posession, 6 month deffered..
  249. Possession of Marijuana in Arizona as well as possible unfair paraphernelia charge..
  250. Pending drug traffiking case