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  1. Trafficking a controlled substance withn 1000 yds school zone
  2. Tested positive on a drug test
  3. Drug testing, how Long is Long enough??
  4. K2 / Paraphenalia possession
  5. Prescription Mishap!
  6. Possession of Ecstasy?
  7. 700 ecstasy pills!
  8. drug conspricy
  9. My Police Report
  10. Violation of probation in a different county
  11. Need advice
  12. Need some advice
  13. mental patients
  14. Restoration of gun rights with felony record
  15. class A felonie durg charge
  16. Illegal Consumption of Alcohol 1st Offense
  17. Marijuana Possession charge on federal property.
  18. 8oz of marijuana found in my car
  19. my defense is lacking
  20. Am I in trouble?
  21. Caught with dmt
  22. Brother in Trouble
  23. marijuana possession charge while awaiting PBJ sentence for DUI
  24. Marijuana poss with intent.
  25. Drug charges and legal firearms
  26. B felony possession of cocaine, C felony deliver of percocet
  27. Need advice on a 11359 hs
  28. Drug Paraphernalia Charge (Idaho)
  29. can she be prosecuted
  30. is it legal if i really need it?
  31. Michigan Marijuana Possession
  32. 11357(b) advice
  33. Manufacture/Intent to Distribute
  34. Marijuana charge (NY) any help is nice
  35. about probation
  36. Average jail time for possession of 2 grams of crack cocaine with intent to deliver?
  37. NJ Pot charge 2nd offense
  38. 23222(b) question
  39. Felony while on probation
  40. Possession w/ Intent and Lesser Included question
  41. Purchasing prescription narcotics over the internet
  42. Messing up on police report
  43. Can I get a case dismissed for illegal search and seizures?
  44. Possession of Marijuana and MIP of Tobacco and Court
  45. Statute of limitation on drug possession in Oregon
  46. I need Help... Cocaine Possession...No Priors.
  47. Possession of Adderall counter sue
  48. cpm 5th degree new york state
  49. sold pills to an under cover also had possesion of methadone, please i need info???
  50. please someone I need advice on drug charges and saleing to undercover officer???
  51. 11359 h&s dismissal
  52. MGL 94C s32L determining possession
  53. drug test
  54. legitimate pot users and their privacy
  55. What will happen with this matter?
  56. how do i request a court order to use medical marijuana
  57. probation officer was using my phone wile i was in jail.
  58. Illegal search, pot pipe found.
  59. Illegal search!
  60. how long do they have-2 felony 1 manuf charges
  61. Crack possession ?
  62. arrested in VA for misdemeanor marijuana possession, question about juvenile record
  63. Searched and Siezed. powder in bag; Illegal Search
  64. Minor in possession
  65. Drug paraphernalia
  66. Passenger gets drug charges too!
  67. Can someone avoid prosecution by becoming informant?
  68. unlawful possesion of marijuana with acod
  69. amounts needed to test
  70. husbands meth bust
  71. Drug testing at work, in a non DRUG FREE environment.
  72. Passenger of car charged with marijuana
  73. curious
  74. marijuana, paraphernalia seized. no arrest made, no citations.
  75. bad news
  76. Unlawful Possesion of Marijuana
  77. Juvenile unlawful possession of marijauna
  78. Is this illegal?
  79. Applying to Military as Officer - past possession charge, with ACD?
  80. What's your input?
  81. narcotic offender
  82. someone please help me!!!
  83. Cocaine possesion
  84. Michigan Marijuana Possession
  85. car dealership sold vehicle with drugs inside.
  86. Felony or Misdameanor?
  87. First offense; Possession of pot in Vermont
  88. Getting Money Back After Drug Bust
  89. Money owed by drug user
  90. Simple Possession Charge-South Carolina can I use Prayer For Judgement??
  91. Drug Probation Contract unjust?
  92. Help!
  93. Was this a good deal?
  94. Drug charges due to people leaving bags in room.
  95. My word vs Officer
  96. drug charge in arkansas
  97. Underage Drug possession
  98. 1st offense drug paraphernlia charge
  99. arizona sucks
  100. Drug Interaction w/Alcohol - charged w/public drunk
  101. probation revoked in two states
  102. public defender???
  103. Arkansas Sucks
  104. Diversion for Pot, intox, trespass
  105. Trafficking in the second degree
  106. first offenders
  107. California Medicinal Marijuana patient
  108. No arrest, no citation majiuana bust in Illinois. What to do?
  109. Probable cause?
  110. Stet dockets
  111. Any advice appreciated
  112. Minor in possesion
  113. Minor in possession
  114. Mr. lamberth
  115. 17 year old charged with paraphernalia
  116. help....
  117. Producing new JWH?
  118. When does a court do possession drug testing for marijuana(weed)
  119. Please help me I need answers very bad. Guilty Plea. I have two days!! to find out!!!
  120. illegal to HAVE sold marijuana?
  121. Possession of meth and marijuana
  122. Underage Alcohol Possession
  123. conspiracy
  124. cited for 25658 (a)
  125. Complicity to Manufacture Meth
  126. Possession Charge/ Possible Plea Agreement - TX
  127. hello testing
  128. Possession of 24 Pill of Extacy (Texas) (Helllllpppp Pleaseeee)
  129. charges of possesion
  130. HS 11357(b)
  131. Possible Sentence Involved
  132. marijuana and alcohol possession.. what does it mean if it gets dismissed?
  133. first time possession of marijuana charge
  134. FAFSA and drug posession
  135. advice would be appriciated
  136. what kind of court-ordered drug test?
  137. Questioning a minor
  138. Sentence of 30 days for Probation Violation while being 5 months pregnant
  139. 221.05 Summons (in need of advice)
  140. 221.05 Summons pled Gulity or not Gulity
  141. Mother test for drugs without knowing
  142. drug testing and fifth amendment rights
  143. 221.15 Criminal Possession of Marihuana in the Fourth Degree (NY)
  144. Bait n Switch Lawyer...Payment Plan...Must I Pay? Please HELP! Thank-you.
  145. DORM RAID! PLEASE HELP urgent
  146. Please Help - Advice needed
  147. poss. of marijuana?
  148. Underage Possession of Alchohol - Need Advice Please Help!
  149. Husbands growing weed
  150. pc 1210 enrollment
  151. ca. pc 1210
  152. The Fate of My 20-Year-Old Daughter: Possession of Heroin With the Intent to Sell
  153. Jail time alternative to probation?
  154. Civil Rights on Probation
  155. Controlled Substance Charge
  156. idk if i need to worry
  157. Trying to keep federal education funding
  158. 16 year old first offense UPM help
  159. drug court dropout.
  160. help me....
  161. What is a State's Witness List?
  162. felony possession question
  163. possession of marijuana
  164. Possession
  165. Wondering the outcome of this arrest.
  166. Never got caught
  167. I don't get it.
  168. Marijuana Paraphernalia Class 6 Felony in Arizona - Medical License in Ca: Please Hel
  169. theft + drug.. advice
  170. Falsely accused of drug charged - right to know accused
  171. Drug Paraphernalia Charge
  172. pulled over in arizona with marijuana in the trunk. from CA with medical card
  173. Accused of obtaining prescription under false pretenses
  174. Worried
  175. Only hope for change
  176. Is my best friend going to jail?
  177. (ut) am i able to fight my poss marijuana charge help me out
  178. substance abuse counselor puts me in unnecessary expensive program. how to fight it?
  179. Caught with Ecstasy in Arizona
  180. Caught with marijuana, convicted of ecstasy possession.
  181. Possesion with intent to deliver and no court date, mugshot or fingerprints taken?!?!
  182. shouldn't a sentence be based on the actual crime?
  183. Getting denied gun ownership in Ohio
  184. What are the charges for illegal possession of three consertas as a minor?
  185. Possession charges
  186. 2nd simple marijuana possesion charge....Felony!
  187. will texas let my husband go if he his parole fees
  188. friend said he may have left a small bit of pot in hotel after we checked out
  189. alleged theft of medication
  190. Dismissal
  191. Son was charged with possession of pot, my name is on the summons
  192. Marijuana Charge
  193. Why exonerated?
  194. Called for an ambulance, later charged with possession
  195. Suspect drug activity, what to do?
  196. Prescription Fraud
  197. Court supervision for cannabis
  198. marijuana charges
  199. Druggie Roomate
  200. Help!
  201. possession
  202. drug charges
  203. Felony Complaint?
  204. Misdemeanor for Possession of Marijuana and Drug Paraphernalia
  205. Miranda Rights and untruthful statments
  206. marijuana charges
  207. How to get records EXPUNGED
  208. Arrested
  209. Help (Drug Conspiracy)
  210. pseudofed overpurchases
  211. help with my drinking ticket
  212. overpurchasing pseudofed
  213. Fruit of the poisonous tree search and seizure question.
  214. Received possession ticket, but never received mail
  215. Help! Possession/Consumption of a Controlled Substance Charge!!!
  216. Upm in nyc, 1st offense ever! Help please! Have questions
  217. 3 paraphanalia 1 marijuana charge, and one seatbelt ticket
  218. Questionable arrest on a minor
  219. probation violation?
  220. Pre-Probation Drug Usage
  221. Reindictment, after dismissal& expungement. help please?
  222. robbed and beaten for my money
  223. ronisace
  224. UPM impact on job application
  225. First time possession offenses HELP!
  226. HELP pound of marajuana
  227. Ex-husband smoking opium with daughter
  228. Stolen prescription
  229. d.e.j. questions
  230. Safe in Cali??
  231. 10 year criteria?
  232. need to work!
  233. Facing 3 felony charges? PLEASE HELP!
  234. Underage alcohol, and controlled substance.
  235. Drug Paraphernalia
  236. Marijuana Possession
  237. husband in ccc in susanville
  238. Drug Use in Jail
  239. Hypothetical: drug use on your property
  240. CA Health and Safety 11532
  241. Nubain use
  242. Can this really be happening?
  243. I threw a party and got busted. Help?
  244. Marijuana possession w/ firearm.
  245. false arrest
  246. possesion
  247. Jhw-018
  248. Federal drug charge question
  249. Can DEJ ever be <18 mos?
  250. drug charges help/information