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  1. Can Pictures of Plants be Used as Evidence in a Marijuana Cultivation Case?
  2. We Desperately Need Help....
  3. Drug charges
  4. simple possession in SC
  5. Drug Charges
  6. Busted with 10gs and....Need Help
  7. drug scale
  8. Text messages
  9. Can a possesion of alcohol count as first time offense
  10. Drug Paraphernalia - Vaporizers?
  11. attempting to purchase
  12. Need Help FAST!!!!
  13. Fist offense
  14. Marijuana law...
  15. confused
  16. Can the DEA talk to the County prosecutor?
  17. drug charges
  18. Trying to Bust Someone For Drugs
  19. First Marijuana Possession Background Check Question
  20. need advice on drug charges
  21. California - Conspiracy to sell cocaine
  22. sealed search warrants
  23. Drug Paraphernalia charge for a juvenile?
  24. 2nd drug charge
  25. Official Arrest Warrant
  26. pot, pot pipe and hash
  27. posession, paraphenalia, open intox charge
  28. Second deferment?
  29. Royal Oak, MI First marijuana possession charge (7411??)
  30. 1st offense possesion of controlled substance in ky
  31. Help in south carolina
  32. friend was arrested wondering what might happen to him
  33. Is this a case of entrapment?
  34. Is it illegal to be the middle man?
  35. Possession Of Marijuana
  36. Hoping HS 11379(A) will be reduced to just posession
  37. Criminal Possession of Marijuana in NYC (maybe a prior?)
  38. would they need a lawyer??
  39. was recently arrested and need help
  40. dej program
  41. just got out the cell, need advice on what to do
  42. first time possesion of marijuana NEED ADVICE PLEASE HELP
  43. Found Marijuana twice in front yard
  44. what am I in for
  45. can i be helped?
  46. drug charges & social security
  47. Posession of a Narcotic
  48. Question, Not sure if this is the right area to ask.
  49. possession for sales with a prior
  50. Selling charges?
  51. drugs trafficking
  52. 1st offense 2 counts class 6 felony drug poss
  53. 3 strikes your out...what about 4?
  54. Leaving Medical Marijuana In A Vehicle
  55. first time offence marijuana possession Help!!
  56. possesion of paraphernalia misdimeanor - diversion?
  57. Expert evidence - police officer
  58. 2nd Marijuana Arrest
  59. possession of Drug paraphernalia
  60. Second drug charge, first was deferred. Help
  61. requireed to hire a lawyer
  62. internal possession laws in utah
  63. two time felon facing 3 possession charges!
  64. statue of limitatin for UPM
  65. I am on probation for theft, and i think i failed my drug test, whats going to happen
  66. Expunge marijuana misdemeanor?
  67. Possession of Marijuana
  68. First time marijuana offender
  69. Could this get thrown out/dropped?
  70. marijuna charge
  71. How much time for possesion with intent to sell?
  72. need Help to get car bought for christmas for Myself.
  73. OOOOhhhhh no.
  74. Can a drug conviction ever get expunged?
  75. Help With Felony Charges?
  76. Minor in Consumption
  77. my Miranda rights were never read to me
  78. 21 279(c) 21a-277b situation
  79. Paraphanalia
  80. Legal
  81. Boyfriend was a CI
  82. Questions big time
  83. Visiting a common nuisance and being a dealers girlfriend
  84. needing proof that you can test positive for counting money
  85. Arrested and looking for help
  86. Advice needed - Possible outcomes - manufacture of controlled substance (marijuana)
  87. waiting to be extridited to the U.S.
  88. Possession of CDS Marijuana Under 50 Grams NJ
  89. Is he a lifer in PRISON
  90. Statues of limitation and sentencing
  91. Statues of limitation and sentencing
  92. What should he do in drug case
  93. posession under an once
  94. Curious about statute of limitations in my state
  95. Released from jail with no court date, no charge papers, without paying bail
  96. Forged Prescriptions
  97. Can you get in trouble for selling research chemicals (2C-I and 2C-E)?
  98. Community Service? (Fairfax County, VA)
  99. Prescription?
  100. Is is legal
  101. Arrested for Criminal Possesstion of Marijuana in the fifth degree. (221.10 01) NYC
  102. Expungement
  103. Misdemeanor Poss Drug Paraphernalia Florida
  104. Drug Paraphernalia / Cop didn't follow law
  105. statue of limitations
  106. Poss MJ 23222 (b)
  107. Reno PD stealing my money with no just cause
  108. Help please! I have never been in trouble before.
  109. 1st time poss. for my brother
  110. Simple p of mary jane
  111. First Time Marijuana Possession in Utah
  112. Possession 1st offense
  113. Conditional Discharge Question
  114. First Offense-Marijuana
  115. failure to pay drug court fees
  116. First Time Offense Marijuana Possesion Nebraska
  117. Unlawfull poss Marijuana and
  118. Possession of a Roach
  119. Ticketed Driving Through Bad Neighbor 4am
  120. Friend tried to sell 10 Valium to a police officer
  121. Cocaine Possession Charge.
  122. dual prescriptions
  123. First offence.
  124. Marajuana UI
  125. fines resulting from criminal charges
  126. Acod?
  127. how do i get a upm off my record ?
  128. conspiracy
  129. Will DA tell me the evidence?
  130. Arrested for what?
  131. Marijuana Possession...
  132. arrested for Possession in the 2nd.
  133. Paraphanalia in missouri
  134. Court Date Help
  135. Charged With Possession
  136. lenght on time on bond
  137. charged with no evidence!?!?
  138. Court Date on 1/7/10**************... 11358 H&S************** Please Help
  139. 16 yr old marijuana charges
  140. 18 yr old first time offender being arraigned with Marijuana Possession for Sale
  141. Minor in possession of alcohol - need to take alcohol class
  142. HELP COURT ON JAN 4th
  143. marijuana possesion/paraphenallia charge.
  144. Mailing marijuana across state lines.
  145. NEED QUICK HELP! on drug charge 11377(a) hs
  146. first time offense - Simple Possession Philadelphia
  147. Charged with Possesion of Vyvanse and a UPM (NY)
  148. What is my charge if any?
  149. Posession of cocaine less than 1 gram
  150. Short, Sweet, To the Point
  151. Possession of Marijuana <2oz In Texas
  152. CPM, ACOD, then UMP
  153. Help please need some advice CI????
  154. Simple possession
  155. Possesstion of a controlled substance shedule IV
  156. "Guilty by association" if I was found in a car with weed, baggies, and a scale?
  157. 2nd possession charge a felony?
  158. Marijuana & Paraphernalia Charges
  159. I was arrested for possesion of marijuana and paraphernalia... what now?
  160. Growing MMJ in Colorado
  161. Did they follow the right procedure? Denial of an attorney - Help PLEASE!
  162. Need Heelp!
  163. Possesion without possesing (Continued)
  164. Possesion without Possesing
  165. im 17 and have gotten charged with possession of marijuana..
  166. Marijuana search and seizure in my home in Washington State
  167. drug charges in Georgia
  168. Marijuana possession
  169. probation and pocession
  170. probation and theft
  171. Legal or illegal search
  172. Illegal
  173. .expungement of possesion charge
  174. DEA Involvement in a case
  175. help need advice
  176. Possession of Marijuana in CA leads to restricted license
  177. bogus court docketting
  178. 2004 Drug charge expunged
  179. 2004 Drug charge expunged
  180. Pc 1000/dej and livescan
  181. Pc 1000/dej and livescan
  182. Narcotic theft
  183. just wondering
  184. Questions about Psychiatric Evaluation...
  185. Psychiatric Evaluation Questions
  186. I want to turn my self in
  187. public assistance with flony drug charge
  188. 1st offense paraphernalia, possession, speeding and violation charges..
  189. Can't find my Notice to Appear...
  190. is this possible??
  191. Disorderly Persons Offense in NJ- Public Intoxication... but I wasn't intoxicated!?
  192. drug court medical termination
  193. Confidential Informant
  194. got ticket for possession of marijuana less than 1 ounce
  195. Change a Guilty Plea
  196. Can a drug charge that has been dismissed be taken off your record?
  197. Can dismissed charges be scrubbed from a record in New Mexico
  198. phoning in narcotics
  199. phoning in narcotics
  200. marijuana possession
  201. SC Simple Possession Charge
  202. Meth possession
  203. exctasy charges...
  204. ACOD related question
  205. Horrible flaw of justice.
  206. Charged Twice, same crime
  207. Federal Firearm Reinstatement
  208. Class D Felony
  209. Virginia code 18.2-250.1 possesion of marihuana
  210. drug indictments
  211. drug charges
  212. Can I Expunge myself in NC?
  213. diversion programs
  214. Marijuana Possession...
  215. Marijuana Possesion in CA
  216. When do I ask for diversion program?
  217. My daughter is in cook county and needs a free lawyer
  218. MIP Diversion
  219. Is a 17 Year-Old a Juvenile in New Hampshire?
  220. what is an interlock appeal?
  221. Consumption of Alcohol by minor
  222. Evidence?
  223. Marijuana Possession: Went to court -- no charges filed yet
  224. Car Searched for Handing Money to Someone in Public
  225. Set Up
  226. Possession and paraphernalia charges
  227. 1st Offense Marijuana and Parafernaila posession
  228. Marijuana and Paraphernalia Possession. Please Help!
  229. Juvenile Pot&Paraphernalia Posession 1st Time Offender
  230. Marijuana Posession
  231. weed charge
  232. Possession Of Paraphernalia & Deferred Adjudication?
  233. Marijuana and Paraphernalia Posession
  234. Joint Suspension
  235. Felony & 3 misdemeanors....
  236. suspicious activity teen computer
  237. Hi what does this charge mean?
  238. Just a friendly heads up
  239. Possession with intent to sell
  240. complete marijuana trainwreck, need some kind of advice, srsly HELP
  241. Legality of Urine Analysis
  242. Need advice
  243. drug charges
  244. needhelp
  245. Police write wrong drug down on report.
  246. Personal Rights
  247. Found weed in the house charged us all can I beat it?
  248. ~PLEASE HELP~ Unlawful possession of marijuana, and an underage drinking charge
  249. dr shopping
  250. setup