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  1. informant drug usage
  2. Feds took paper work from me...want it back
  3. A1 felony drug charge
  4. VA-Simple possession charge?
  5. Can Police Rat out a Rat?
  6. Is a "Request for a Reduction of Criminal Charges a wise idea?
  7. Simple Poss charge but they want my money??
  8. how long do i have to be nailed to the cross
  9. possesion of a controlled substance
  10. question
  11. arrested for drugs that weren't mine!
  12. Possession charge, pleaded guilty, valid prescription, Inadequate Info public defende
  13. Victim's property searched
  14. Felony Adjudication
  15. first time ever arrested
  16. receiving package in the mail
  17. Getting an imate moved or transferred
  18. Boyfriend problems
  19. What does code on SO inmate search mean?
  20. Arrested for marijuana possession
  21. Help please!!
  22. Citation not signed?
  23. Delayed Entry of Judgement
  24. I was assaulted while having weed on me. It was stolen.. What exactly happens?
  25. Possession of Marijuana
  26. not sure of best interest
  27. Attorney's son says dad not on case anymore-5 days to court
  28. 11550(a)HS under the influence of a stimulant?
  29. Minor- Drug Conspiracy- MD
  30. 11357(b) but I have physician approval !!!!
  31. caught with drugs at canada border.
  32. Violation of 4th amendment?! HELP :(
  33. Minor/First time marijuana paraphoneila charge in PA.
  34. Spice Diamond -- Legal or Not?
  35. Probation Violation in NJ - posession charge
  36. possession of controlled substance or Marijuana penal.
  37. DEJ violation
  38. Probation Violation
  39. help
  40. Charge of buying to many sudafed
  41. DA vs Juvenile
  42. Please help!!!
  43. CI reliable information
  44. Possession Charge (Misdemeanor)
  45. Drug Charges
  46. Drug Charges
  47. Bad drug charge (HELP)
  48. Drug Charrge
  49. Charged for pocession in another state other than where i live
  50. delivery to an undercover, i doubt it
  51. They didnt find anything on me
  52. Drug-Divorce law merger
  53. arrested in polk county
  54. Need lawyer
  55. unhappy w the lawyers offer can he get an appeal?
  56. statute of limitations
  57. need information paraphernalia charge ohio
  58. Framed with Drugs
  59. MIP diversion program
  60. On Probation, Pregnant, need help Lawyer AWOL
  61. Cofidential Informant's
  62. ACOD question...
  63. 2 lawyers have shafted me need help
  64. husband arrested
  65. NYC Housing Application denied
  66. Will there be Jail Time? Should we get a Lawyer.
  67. Prescription Fraud!! Help Please!! =( =(
  68. violated my unsupervised probation?
  69. Attempted What???????
  70. now have two charges of Minor in possesion of alcohol
  71. Please assist
  72. Can helpers be charged with conspiracy if there is not a direct link to the crime?
  73. Using One Prescription Two Times
  74. Arrested For Shoplifting
  75. i have a pending drug charge. simple possession. my license was suspended
  76. Drug Diversion
  77. what do i do?
  78. poss. under half oz
  79. Unknowing "Mule"
  80. juvenile, possession with intent
  81. Suspected of being ratted on
  82. charges and case numbers
  83. case numbers and charges
  84. conditional discharge coming up as a conviction
  85. Drug court Diversion Question
  86. Advice on drug charges
  87. I got raided for growing medical marijuana
  88. Wrongfully arrested for being on meth
  89. Cannibas Charge - 2.5
  90. Cannibas Carge - 2.5
  91. Poss cs pg 1 <1g
  92. A plead for a plea?
  93. law
  94. PLEASE HELP (mj distrib offense)
  95. possession of MJ
  96. possesion of paraphenilia
  97. heart attack and pot charges
  98. Possession of Marijuana/Paraphernalia Ticket
  99. Happening as we speak
  100. Marijuana possession/narc situation
  101. Possesion of weed
  102. MIP/Possession
  103. minor in possession of marijuana
  104. Controlled Substances Act
  105. I live in CA but i got arrested in NY for possesion of controled substance
  106. First Time Posession charge
  107. Friend supplied drugs to another friend, who OD'd and died.
  108. order of protection
  109. Violation Notice- Possession in national park
  110. marjuana offense less than 1oz, what's general sentencing
  111. 11357 (b) hs
  112. fake rx script
  113. Please help
  114. depressed
  115. How Is A First Time Offender Defined In Virginia
  116. cultivation and possesion with intent to sell
  117. Can you call your lawyer before a breathalizer?
  118. First time charges ever.
  119. Drug Claim and Myspace
  120. MJ Possession (11357 (b) HS)
  121. 10 year old felony expungement
  122. Record Expugement question
  123. Bond reduction
  124. Probation violation for Valerian root
  125. How do i defend intent to sell marijuana under an 8th(3.5grams)? Or what should i exp
  126. Facing charge for possession of paraphernalia
  127. Charged with Possesion of Paraphenalia
  128. Can they do that?
  129. charged with an MIP? HELP PLEASE!
  130. criminal minded ex
  131. The Difference
  132. Arrested for Possession of marijuana and visiting a common nuisance
  133. Possession of Marijuana
  134. waiting on charges
  135. Failing a drug test on probation!
  136. confused
  137. ahhh... drugs...
  138. Drunk in Public
  139. Possession Vs Intent to Distribute
  140. I screwed up..bad.
  141. Cvc 23222 (b)
  142. felon 2 b or not 2 b
  143. Arresting officer suspended for smoking Marijuana
  144. Potential loss of DL d/t Possession of CDS/parphernalia
  145. fabricated evidence (and other stuff)
  146. Possession under 3 grams
  147. Undesignated felony
  148. property forfeiture
  149. Please evaluate my sentence...
  150. probation...
  151. Possesion of more than one ounce
  152. Violation or probation...marijuana charge
  153. Violation of Parole??
  154. Question About Delco ARD Program(PA)
  155. DUI and Possession charges
  156. Juvenile 1st time offense but innocent? OH
  157. CA pothead passenger
  158. confidential informant problems
  159. i need advice for my husband in jail
  160. Controlled substance
  161. 1 count poss. of drug paraphernalia/class 6 felony
  162. per katrina drug charges in louisiana
  163. 2nd Paraphernalia and 1st Marijuana charge - 17yrs old
  164. Probation Revocation for Drug Charges
  165. Is there a community service requirement for federal underage possession of marijuana
  166. Marijuana Possesssion + Paraphernalia in AZ
  167. Worried about my Court Date on Monday..
  168. 1st offense drug charges
  169. Possession of Controlled Substance (Forged Sub)
  170. Roommate is selling marijuana out of our house, are we at fault?
  171. I Want to Know How to Deal With This!
  172. Young student needs help!!!
  173. Probation Violation
  174. 15 years old and Drug Possession
  175. M.I.P. (25662a) and a Possession (11357b) 2 months later
  176. Moms in serious trouble
  177. move out of the country while on probation??
  178. Felony posession and I didnt have anything?!
  179. Possession with intent to deliver
  180. scared and worried (drug charges)
  181. Help
  182. Trafficking question
  183. Can i still get probation for second offence possession of marijuana?
  184. possession of less than 1oz and its effect on obtaining a student visa
  185. help me
  186. 221.10 NY - Don't know what to expect, questions
  187. Criminal possesion in the 7th
  188. Drug paraphernalia ticket HELP!!
  189. Does a marijuana ticket stay on record?
  190. Past use
  191. Busted by mommy
  192. suicide attempt, report drug seller
  193. Illegal to be high in Illinois?
  194. Conspiracy
  195. My 2nd Possession of Marijuana Ticket
  196. Possession of Marijuana at Prom
  197. Was in Amsterdam, then forced to take US drug test
  198. federal crime wonder what happens
  199. DUI and Possession Charge...
  200. Got possession for under an ounce 11357(b) HS while on probation from a DUI....
  201. Please Help Me.. Mother in Jail.
  202. sold to undercover
  203. Cousin arrested for possession of a counterfeit substance in Texas
  204. Motion to Speedy Trial
  205. old drug charge haunting me
  206. working off charges informant way
  207. marijuana possesion
  208. Florida Rules of Criminal Procedure
  209. Violation of Probation ~ old charge DUI. New charge: Under the influence
  210. MD Marijuana Cultivation Law Clarification
  211. Wife Arrested -- Please Help!
  212. ecstasy residue possession charges?
  213. 23222(b) What if I get my Medical Marijuana Card after the ticket but before trial
  214. poss of marijuana, para
  215. First Offense, sober MIP.
  216. Small amount of Marijuana found at traffic stop. Can I be cited at a later date?
  217. First time NJ offender, Marijuana & Cocaine Possession plus DUI.. what happens now???
  218. CA Forced Blood Draw
  219. possession and paraphernalia in Ohio, need help.
  220. how do i reduce possession of Marijuana charges
  221. Poss. Para. Maryland
  222. Marijuana, Ticket, Looking for Advice.
  223. Contributing to the deliquency of minors
  224. First Time Offense Drug Possesion Under an ounce
  225. First Time Offense MIP Advice
  226. can I get charged with just a scale with marijuana residue on it?
  227. Possesion + License Suspension.
  228. Under 40
  229. My Wifes car was seized!!
  230. non-payment issues....very strange story
  231. Statute of limitations in Texas on felony drug charges
  232. Runnin from tha past
  233. Confidential Informants
  234. Pot, Kids and Handguns...Jail?
  235. Probation didn't clear record after successfully completing DEJ program!!!
  236. good lawyer possession charge brookville in
  237. speeding and a gram
  238. Drug Charges
  239. 23222 (B) VC violation
  240. bench probation OSC - 3 years after the fact?!
  241. was charged with possession with intent to sell
  242. Help!...unemployment benefits and probation
  243. HELP!! Husband has 2 possession charges!!!
  244. Marijuana Possession
  245. Should I expect a drug Charge?
  246. Possession Under an Ounce
  247. Marijuana possession in Arizona after a DUI
  248. cited for marijuana possession
  249. Psilocybin
  250. Stolen Pills?