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  1. Legal Actions for Drug Paraphernalia and Possession of Marijuana
  2. Pulled over and they found other stuff.
  3. drug charges help
  4. Finding cause for 1st offense even though its my second offense?
  5. UPM 221.05 violation, Miranda Rights
  6. New York marijuana "B Misdemeanor, 1 count, Arrest charge, Arraignment charge
  7. Help help!! Drug charge question!
  8. 2 Simple Possession Charges!
  9. Room mate is selling drugs and I'm done.
  10. Urgent advice needed
  11. Drug charge in college
  12. terms of bail
  13. Help with what I could get charged with
  14. marijuana possession and paraphernalia charge- NEED HELP
  15. Buying and possessing 2% ketoconazole shampoo
  16. Medical patient being charged with Possession of Marijuana (police report inside)
  17. Smoke weed(Legally) in Colorado then drug tested at work in NJ
  18. Illegal use of prescription?
  19. Busted trying to mail cannibis in california 11lbs and walked WTF?
  20. Fines and Penalties- Realistic Outcome?
  21. Search illegal or legal
  22. 1 ecstasy pill
  23. Person under the age of 21 possessed Alcohol that I had purchased
  24. Several Questions regarding UPM
  25. Cops came in without a warrant and found grow equipment
  26. To the pot head..
  27. Rights of my Housemates while I'm on Probation
  28. Finally got summons in mail yesterday
  29. Expunging Possession of Alcohol Charge
  30. How long after being caught can they charge/convict you? Poss. of controlled substanc
  31. Roommate
  32. Felony Criminal Attempt to Purchase Marijuana?
  33. Expunction of Criminal History (misdemeanor)
  34. Illegally searched and charged please read!!!
  35. arrested with a little less then 4 ounces
  36. UPM Ticket - Adjournment in Contemplation of Dismissal Question (ACOD)
  37. unrelated charge could lead to drug charges
  38. "MDMA possession" and "transporting and selling"
  39. Am I still in trouble?
  40. My son was on Spice while involved in a burglary.
  41. Arrested but not yet charged - marijuana
  42. PA Drug Charge Immediate Help
  43. Marijuana and Assets
  44. Ex Boyfriend threatening to press drug charge
  45. convicted felon arrested on marajuana charges
  46. Drug Offenses - 1st and 2nd Pennsylvania
  47. Arrested for possession of marijuana (Maryland)
  48. Pulled over for not having registration, somehow ended up getting searched.
  49. Michigan Marijuana Possession
  50. Failure to Produce
  51. Schedule III "Narcotics Distribution" charge
  52. Possession charge at Border Patrol Checkpoint near San Diego
  53. Mail order weed intercepted
  54. Can the police get a search warrant from somebody telling the cops you are growing?
  55. Want to know what to expect...
  56. I added a medication to a already written out prescription...
  57. felony as a misdemenor
  58. Wrongful suspension? Can I sue the school?
  59. 11357b HS California Under 21 (18) Help
  60. Parked car searched, found mdma, rightful owner didnt speak up.
  61. My Pot Got Busted By the Post Office
  62. Do I have to disclose a misdemeanor possession charge on a job application
  63. Please help! I was arrested for paraphenelia and a misdemenor amount of weed
  64. Military Drug Test/Oxycodone Prescription
  65. Online Vaporizer Store?
  66. my son stole perscription drugs from my wi and gave them to someone at school for pot
  67. Finasteride (generic propecia)
  68. Very old arrest for pot. Can I buy a gun without expunging?
  69. k9 probable cause for a failure to yield violation.
  70. MIP in Oakland Co Michigan
  71. Help with understanding a docket sheet
  72. Young man caught in reverse sting by dea - minor player faces 30-50 years - help!
  73. differences between DEJ and pre-plea?
  74. Brother detained for no good reason under California penal code 11550 (a) HS
  75. Drugs disappeared at work.
  76. 221.05 Unlawful Possession of Marijuana, first offense--public record?
  77. New Jersey Legality of Potpourri
  78. Felony 5 Marijuana Trafficking in Ohio. Less than 28 grams.
  79. Probation woes
  80. Minor Possession of Marijuana
  81. Arrested for possession 49 grams of cannabis and 3 grams of pollen
  82. Need help!
  83. 3 arrested for loose marijuana under seat of borrowed car
  84. Wrong Date on Summons for Charges of Simple Possesion and Paraphernalia
  85. Possession of Marijuanna
  86. I am 17 and charged with possession of meth
  87. Cpm 5th degree
  88. 2 counts of sale for controlled substance in the 4th degree
  89. travel to canada?
  90. Not charged with drugs
  91. MIP of Marijuana, 1st time, please help! CA
  92. my pending paraphernalia charge advice needed
  93. marijuana laws in Washington
  94. pulled over for expired plates and was told i wouldnt be charged for the weed
  95. What can I do?
  96. How am I?
  97. please help need advice BS possession charge
  98. Possession of Narcotics --now Possession of Paraphernalia
  99. Federal Application form, with sealed record - do I disclose
  100. Drug schedules and you
  101. Harrased by Border Patrol
  102. cops withholding evidence
  103. Juvenile drug charges and becoming a CNA
  104. Forced rehab?
  105. Marijuana charge. Sentence?
  106. premature plea agreement
  107. Possession of Wax
  108. Drug dealing at workplace
  109. College and Drugs
  110. i'm confused by the new marijuana laws
  111. i'm confused by the new marijuana laws
  112. Control subatance No court Name OR Charges from police
  113. Probably Cause Question
  114. Petty offense?
  115. CA doctor shopping
  116. First Time UPM - 17 years old
  117. Caught with Small Amount of Marijuana- Two felonies pending
  118. Intent to sell question
  119. Preliminary hearing re drug charges
  120. Marijuana possession: was I convicted of a crime or not? (College app question)
  121. paraphernalia but no ticket issued?
  122. First time POM charge in Texas
  123. First time POM charge in Texas
  124. Intent to sell
  125. Providing Alcohol to Minors Charge
  126. Marijuana Possession in AZ and Border Patrol
  127. Unlawful possession of a syringe...
  128. Marijuana Possession?
  129. Possession of marijuana
  130. Juvenile Possession of Marijuana
  131. Drug Related object(Georgia) NO illegal drugs found, what should I do?
  132. Help Pretty Please ASAP!~
  133. Drug Test: Saliva-Positive, Urine-Negativ...WTH?
  134. Violation of Probation
  135. Arrested for possession of a controlled substance due to a security guard?
  136. i dont know what to do. two new charges
  137. Given a Violation for pot
  138. Arrested by the DEA on drug distribution charges.
  139. Followed by cop after...
  140. Possession of <1 gram of marijuana (New Orleans, LA)
  141. Represent myself (Utah)
  142. Misdemeanor Possession Charge (Falls Church, Virginia)
  143. Duplicate drug charges
  144. Anyone know what would be average for Texas attorney fees for Class B Misdemeanor?
  145. felony possession
  146. Marijuana Possesion misdemeanor in Michigan
  147. Overdose
  148. California Xanax possession without rx.
  149. Notice to Appear for Poss. of Paraphernalia in Florida
  150. Need defense advice!!!!
  151. First offence of Drug Trafficking
  152. 1st Time Marijuana Offense in Pennsylvania
  153. disposed charges
  154. Sorry bout the confusion!
  155. Please help!!!
  156. prescribed drugs and family
  157. Possible Sched II Possession FREAKING OUT
  158. prosecutor tells me incorrect Midsdemeanor charge
  159. Georgia First Offenders Violation
  160. Juvenile- 14g of marijuana w/ intent to sell (need advice)
  161. Possession while on probation
  162. My first charge.. Help please!
  163. Advice On A Paraphernalia Charge
  164. Does a citation for a minor in possession of alcohol violate my juvenile arbitration?
  165. Validity of a POM Charge in a shared space
  166. Underage possession of alcohol, 2nd offense
  167. Can an leo search cell phone without consent and no crime committed?
  168. resisting/battery
  169. Past user but now hates it!
  170. Possession
  171. Possible Outcome of Charges - Athens County, OH
  172. Possession of THC
  173. Possession of Peyote (TX)
  174. big drug charges cooperative informant need help
  175. poss.of schedule II ,and dwi
  176. Charged with Possession of Marijuana Extract
  177. jail time for possession of a controled substance in tx
  178. Qyestion about weighing of prescription pills
  179. Withdraw taking responsibility for 1.5 grams of marijuana. It was really my GFs
  180. Am I going to get charged for possession?
  181. Getting caught with 1 adderall. Schedule II Narcotics felony information
  182. Drug Charges
  183. Caught with spice aka synthetic Marijuana
  184. CDS Charges in Newark.
  185. Distribution of marijuana???
  186. Can you be arrested for asking for marijuana?
  187. Pc 4573
  188. Distribtuition charge class b within school zone/forfeiture for money
  189. Conspiracy to Manufacture Metha-Amphetamine.
  190. Canadian caught with 100 lbs. marj. in the USA
  191. drug
  192. Can cops find marijuana thru an open door?
  193. What penalties do I face for drug paraphernalia?
  194. Drug Charges
  195. Friend was caught with Marijuana: How should he ask the judge for an ACD?
  196. Being charged with drug dealing
  197. Collective arrests
  198. Drug Paraphernalia and possesion
  199. Minor - Possession with intent to distribute
  200. BS controlled substance charge
  201. potpourri problem
  202. Feel like my rights were completely violated, Felt like I had virtually no rights
  203. MM. Marijuana
  204. My friend is in danger.
  205. sprinbreak possession
  206. Misdemeanor Possession 3 years ago ruining future - any options?
  207. Possession
  208. Officer looking over the top of a bathroom stall
  209. telling the cops
  210. Forging Prescriptions to fake patients
  211. fedex gave my package to the police
  212. how long must i wait for arraignment?
  213. Possession of marijuana and paraphernalia in PA
  214. Possession of Marijuana in Wyoming
  215. I got a UPM & i have no clue what to do i goto court tomorrow PLEASE HELP
  216. Simple Possession Marijuana ( SMPJ)
  217. Legal or not?
  218. trafficking oxycodone
  219. Underage Possession and Consumption
  220. Felony drug charge
  221. need legal help
  222. Need help/info quite a crazy situation
  223. Help Please!
  224. conspiracy? 17yrslater?
  225. Possession, Paraphernalia, and Speeding
  226. meth charge
  227. meth charge
  228. First violation and CASC put me on level three
  229. First Offense, PCS Marijuana Citation under 5 grams.
  230. Any advice one can offer...I'll take it....
  231. Arizona Possession charges Help!!
  232. release without prejudice
  233. upm
  234. not on calender on scheduled court date
  235. 1st Citation in AZ for possession of marijuana, paraphernalia
  236. Prescription Pills
  237. Need answers asap facing court in a week need to kno wat to expect...
  238. Pwid
  239. over purchase??
  240. heroin Raid in Ohio... Permitting drug abuse charge
  241. Raided on house arrest
  242. he said the weed was his why am i ticketed
  243. Synthetic marijuana
  244. 1st time offense of Poss. of CDS in vehicle! NJ
  245. Viagra without prescription
  246. Charged with using artificial marijuana.
  247. marijuana possession please help court tonorrow am
  248. Juvenile Charged With Poss. W/ Intent to Sell
  249. arrested
  250. Officer approached car in public parking area