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  1. Audio/video wire
  2. Marijuana possession charge with valid medical recommendation
  3. Marijuanna charge and traveling
  4. Proving Innocence?? Help!
  5. Getting Gun Rights Restored
  6. Expungement
  7. Potential drug charges
  8. Moved out of state before charges filed
  9. Mandatory method laws in Tn
  10. Marijuana possession in nebraska?
  11. First-time possession of marijuana while driving
  12. Misdemeanor misfiled as Felony
  13. Felony to misdemeanor
  14. possession drug paraphernalia arizona
  15. Civil Rights Violation
  16. Methamphetamine on probation
  17. Giving drugs to another
  18. High School Drug test
  19. If I have a pending case and I get arrested again, can the old case affect new arrest
  20. Enough evidence for intent to deliver/sell/distribute?
  21. Ruling on a false testimony
  22. Not sure what I should do with a charge that was handled wrong.
  23. Grounds for recusing a judge
  24. Drugs charge
  25. Lost wallet and public restroom it was turned into security security check my wallet
  26. Possession of Marijuana
  27. Prescription schedule 1 narcotic left in friends car, label peeled off
  28. My son the idiot....
  29. What California law makes smoking pot in public illegal?
  30. Sale of controlled subject
  31. Possible consequence? Controlled substance
  32. Possibly charges?
  33. Crime or not a crime?
  34. Old drug charges in Pa
  35. Charged with UPM worried about complications.
  36. Medical cannabis patient in California - could i get wrongly accused of drug dealing?
  37. question on precursor
  38. PD or Private Attorney? Drug charges in California.
  39. Multiple possession charges.
  40. DWI and Drug posession charges
  41. Facing a felony
  42. drug charge
  43. Year 2000 - Marijuanna Posession Charge - Will it show up on FBI background report?
  44. Would I get charged because of my friends?
  45. Wrong vehicle info on citation, no Miranda read, no seat belt in police vehicle
  46. F1 visa- Possession of Marijuana and Paraphernalia? What happens now?
  47. 17 year old son got marijuana charge less 1 oz in Georgia
  48. Am I guilty of possession if I take my case to trial?
  49. written arrest for possession of marijuana and paraphernalia
  50. Harassed illegally pulled over stalked
  51. Cousin kicked her husband out months ago, he gets arrested for drug charges
  52. Paraphernilia charge from another state?
  53. Ped
  54. Expungement/Sealing of WA Record (Criminal to Civil plea)
  55. Tramadol possesion
  56. A Misdemeanor Marijuana Ticket and Warrant
  57. informants rights
  58. Please i need answers on felony warrants from another state!
  59. I'm not sure what will happen
  60. Help me.
  61. can they wait a year
  62. Can police disclose your background to someone without your consent?
  63. Marijuana Retail Inquiry
  64. trafficking 2 counts
  65. CVC 23222 (b) and Student Financial Aid
  66. Warrant for my arrest because I missed court date, what do I do? NY
  67. 2nd possession charge
  68. Help ASAP
  69. I'm on first offenders probation for method and caught another possession of meth
  70. 13 felonies, need advice
  71. Pulled over by police and they found my illegal prescription of suboxone pls help:(
  72. First Time Possession
  73. first time possession
  74. Not me
  75. Drug Possession/Child Endangerment
  76. Distribution w/o a possession charge?
  77. 410 probation
  78. Did the officer handle this the right way??
  79. Blackmail??? PLEASE HELP!!!
  80. possession of Syringe
  81. Nh possession violation interfering with firearm purchase
  82. DEJ program questions HELP!!!!!
  83. Constructive possession
  84. First time possesion
  85. Possession Warrant
  86. H&S 11357(b) Question
  87. Misdemanor for possession of mdma
  88. Cop smelled something at door. Help!
  89. Alpine Valley Weed/Paraphernalia Tickets
  90. past due payment
  91. penalty for few micrograms of methaphetamine w/o paraphernali or intent to use/sell?
  92. Caught with two Xanax bars
  93. Pre Nursing Student in NC with Criminal Record
  94. 11357 b. possession of less than an ounce of marijuana. what next
  95. Simple Possession of Marijuana less than 1/2 oz in NC FIRST OFFENSE
  96. Charged with Possesion of marijuana and hash
  97. Got arrested for possession, first offence, private lawyer or public defender?
  98. Possible outcome for a possetion charge for uk citizen
  99. Drugs found in a car search, and no one admits to ownership, everybody charged?
  100. Underage Alcohol
  101. Viagra and Cialis possession in Connecticut
  102. Possesion Charges
  103. Physician Recommendation for Medical Marijuana
  104. Drug Possession Prosecution
  105. Drug Charges In Car
  106. Drug Dealing in AYour Neighborhood
  107. Juvenile Possession Charges Were Dropped. Can I still get probation?
  108. NC drug charges
  109. dont live here.
  110. Drug & alcohol charge in NC
  111. Simple Possession Adjudication Information
  112. Unlawful Delivery within 1000 feet of a school
  113. Help please!!! Need an answer asap!!!!!!
  114. retract very old statement
  115. Marijuana in car
  116. UPM charge NY
  117. Unlawful Possession of Marijuana in Buffalo NY 221.05
  118. Early Terimnation of Probation in Fulton County Georgia (Alpharetta)
  119. Change of charges between bond hearing and pre-trial
  120. Marijuana Ticket on Probation
  121. Indiana marijuana posession for an out of stater
  122. First time drug paraphernalia citation in ARIZONA.
  123. Marijuana Charges
  124. Advice on negotiating plea deal for felony (drug) charges
  125. Frequenting a Place Where Drugs Were Used
  126. What shows up on a background check in ohio
  127. Baby drugged in foster home
  128. i was robbed
  129. First offense possession of marijuana
  130. Possession and Paraphernalia in Arkansas
  131. 23yo First time possession in Fauquier County. CANNOT get charged, need to fight!!!!
  132. First offense. Marijuana and prescriptions. where do I go from here?
  133. Ohio-First Time Possession Charge
  134. Roommate selling marijuana
  135. First Offense Drug Paraphernalia Charge Illinois
  136. Friend thrown in jail even though he passed his drug test.
  137. Small bust
  138. False bust
  139. possible drug charges but not sure
  140. Conspiracy of international drug trafficking and drug dealing?
  141. Dealing of prescription drugs
  142. carry prescriptions in a different container than they were dispensed in
  143. Misdemeanor MIP - Can't make court date
  144. Can I petition the court again to expunge this case and change my plea from HS 11378
  145. Does it matter or not?
  146. Possesion
  147. Are these 2 charges still valid?
  149. 2nd time caught, very scared.
  150. Help me.
  151. does anyone know what the outcome might be? jail time? probation?
  152. 2 Drug Citations
  153. Out of State Drug Citation
  154. CA Posession of Marijuana
  155. Can a police officer do this? Did they do anything illegal?
  156. How do i request drug diversion?
  157. Importing Aromasin in Hong Kong for personal use
  158. Germany marijuana charges
  159. Arrested for loose prescription drugs
  160. Should I hire a Drug Defense Attorney before seeking help from a Bail Bondsman?
  161. Drug Paraphernalia
  162. Felony possession/heroin. extraordinary situation.
  163. possession and trafficking at 17
  164. Georgia Statue of Limitations Misdimeanor Drug Charge
  165. I'm not really sure..
  166. Can I get in trouble?
  167. My daughter was arrested on a drug charge and this is her first offense with no prior
  168. Expungement procedure
  169. Vc 23222 b
  170. Charged with posession of a controlled substance on school grounds
  171. discussion on possible conviction. help! help! help!
  172. APC (Actual Physical Control) and Possession of CDS - split between 2 courts?
  173. Charged with possession of marijuana and paraphernalia
  174. Ingestion of Controlled Substance (Marijuana) and Resisting Arrest
  175. A Couple Months Back My Boyfriend Got Caught With About 10lbs of Weed
  176. Infraction - nothing became of it?
  177. Possession of less than 1 ounce of marijuana impact on green card application
  178. defense attorney relationships w/ judges, DA filing clerks, prosecutors, etc
  179. Can the police seize property purchased from a drug dealer?
  180. Legal Actions for Drug Paraphernalia and Possession of Marijuana
  181. Pulled over and they found other stuff.
  182. drug charges help
  183. Finding cause for 1st offense even though its my second offense?
  184. UPM 221.05 violation, Miranda Rights
  185. New York marijuana "B Misdemeanor, 1 count, Arrest charge, Arraignment charge
  186. Help help!! Drug charge question!
  187. 2 Simple Possession Charges!
  188. Room mate is selling drugs and I'm done.
  189. Urgent advice needed
  190. Drug charge in college
  191. terms of bail
  192. Help with what I could get charged with
  193. marijuana possession and paraphernalia charge- NEED HELP
  194. Buying and possessing 2% ketoconazole shampoo
  195. Medical patient being charged with Possession of Marijuana (police report inside)
  196. Smoke weed(Legally) in Colorado then drug tested at work in NJ
  197. Illegal use of prescription?
  198. Busted trying to mail cannibis in california 11lbs and walked WTF?
  199. Fines and Penalties- Realistic Outcome?
  200. Search illegal or legal
  201. 1 ecstasy pill
  202. Person under the age of 21 possessed Alcohol that I had purchased
  203. Several Questions regarding UPM
  204. Cops came in without a warrant and found grow equipment
  205. To the pot head..
  206. Rights of my Housemates while I'm on Probation
  207. Finally got summons in mail yesterday
  208. Expunging Possession of Alcohol Charge
  209. How long after being caught can they charge/convict you? Poss. of controlled substanc
  210. Roommate
  211. Felony Criminal Attempt to Purchase Marijuana?
  212. Expunction of Criminal History (misdemeanor)
  213. Illegally searched and charged please read!!!
  214. arrested with a little less then 4 ounces
  215. UPM Ticket - Adjournment in Contemplation of Dismissal Question (ACOD)
  216. unrelated charge could lead to drug charges
  217. "MDMA possession" and "transporting and selling"
  218. Am I still in trouble?
  219. My son was on Spice while involved in a burglary.
  220. Arrested but not yet charged - marijuana
  221. PA Drug Charge Immediate Help
  222. Marijuana and Assets
  223. Ex Boyfriend threatening to press drug charge
  224. convicted felon arrested on marajuana charges
  225. Drug Offenses - 1st and 2nd Pennsylvania
  226. Arrested for possession of marijuana (Maryland)
  227. Pulled over for not having registration, somehow ended up getting searched.
  228. Michigan Marijuana Possession
  229. Failure to Produce
  230. Schedule III "Narcotics Distribution" charge
  231. Possession charge at Border Patrol Checkpoint near San Diego
  232. Mail order weed intercepted
  233. Can the police get a search warrant from somebody telling the cops you are growing?
  234. Want to know what to expect...
  235. I added a medication to a already written out prescription...
  236. felony as a misdemenor
  237. Wrongful suspension? Can I sue the school?
  238. 11357b HS California Under 21 (18) Help
  239. Parked car searched, found mdma, rightful owner didnt speak up.
  240. My Pot Got Busted By the Post Office
  241. Do I have to disclose a misdemeanor possession charge on a job application
  242. Please help! I was arrested for paraphenelia and a misdemenor amount of weed
  243. Military Drug Test/Oxycodone Prescription
  244. Online Vaporizer Store?
  245. my son stole perscription drugs from my wi and gave them to someone at school for pot
  246. Finasteride (generic propecia)
  247. Very old arrest for pot. Can I buy a gun without expunging?
  248. k9 probable cause for a failure to yield violation.
  249. MIP in Oakland Co Michigan
  250. Help with understanding a docket sheet