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  1. If I Have a Small % of Owner's Equity in a Biz, Does That Include Legal Liability?
  2. Should I get a DBA or just change the name of LLC?
  3. California Probate attorney los angeles laws
  4. Help! Partnership or LLC for Small Business?
  5. Duplicate Business Names
  6. Opening a business within a gated community
  7. Oh wow, this is a neet forum.....hmmmm okay I have a question.....
  8. Parallel import deal
  9. California LLC
  10. what employee benefits/tax obligations for maid and cooking services?
  11. Single Entity LLC vs. Partnership LLC
  12. Blind Drop Shipping
  13. Info on a loan agreement for a partnership
  14. Are Secretary and treasurer members of the board or are they corporate officers?
  15. What are the steps I need to take in opening a boutique?
  16. Starting a Company
  17. NPO Director Resigned, Began Slandering Exec. Director and Organization
  18. Loans
  19. Can a non profit organization sell things?
  20. Elderly Care Business Employment
  21. Legal monopolies for energy companies
  22. Criminal activity in creating false Facebook account and posting regarding business?
  23. Forming LLC in Delaware or non resident
  24. Starting a law firm in the UK
  25. Is my US corporation a real one?
  26. Starting a financing/leasing business?
  27. How close can the name of your business be to anothers?
  28. Broken iphone
  29. looking to start escort business in washington state
  30. Confusing but novice question about business transfership
  31. Sales tax out of state.
  32. Regarding Public Record and Anonymity With a Sole Proprietorship
  33. Is it illegal to send unsolicited emails asking for donations or contributions?
  34. Incorporation in Shambles: Does it Exist? Does anyone own it?
  35. Starting a transportation company and child support!
  36. "Love Your Paws" vs. "Pawz"
  37. Becoming part of a charity foundation?
  38. Online Service Business
  39. Inherited Corporation - What would you do?
  40. USA business license needed for an online business with zero physical presence?
  41. UK Company law , removal of director , director breaches, what are my rights?
  42. Creating a DBA under my LLC. Same bank account?
  43. Avoid paying reasonable salary as the only owner/employee of a corporation
  44. taxes/filing for an llc that made no money
  45. How to start a US subsidiary of a small french e-commerce business ?
  46. Online Biz -DE LLC and DBA
  47. New LLC for Asset Protection
  48. Simple Subpoena Service Question
  49. Technicalities of Advertising and Naming?
  50. Can a company claim something is free but overcharge on shipping for a profit?
  51. Computer's Software Business
  52. Online Business
  53. Partnership question
  54. Opening an Etsy Shop in WA?
  55. Are there any specific laws or regulations against this business?
  56. DE Corporation Rules Of Officer Succession
  57. Starting business with a foreigner?
  58. Odd question
  59. Criminal history for specialty license
  60. What document is used as a receipt as a proof of pay off a business purchase.
  61. Starting a Business for Educational Purposes
  62. Could I be deemed responsible of vandalism by selling stickers online?
  63. Income Taxes for LLC - How to file for business and not mingle with personal taxes
  64. Help! W-9 and when should i give it!
  65. formation question
  66. Business Formation
  67. Partnership with existing IRS tax debt.
  68. Legalization of documents (Netherlands)
  69. Nonprofit + business income tax
  70. Owning a business to let illegal immigrant family work in it
  71. Is this mobile app business legal??
  72. LLC comany in LA
  73. Question for Trademark Lawyers
  74. Wine and Spirit Imports
  75. What happens to remaining 2 LLC members' % interest if a 3rd member leaves LLC?
  76. DAK Simple way to get an LLC tree of who owns who?
  77. Different Industry. Same name.
  78. Address questions for LLC in Virginia.
  79. Questions concerning Jeep club legal needs
  80. Possible to have multiple equity holders in a single person LLC w/ an Op. Agreement
  81. NJ: Can a third party open a business checking account for me? Also converting LLC?
  82. questions for starting an online business in wisconsin
  83. Selling a 50% liquor license (PA)
  84. Trademark help
  85. Trademark Question
  86. NJ/DE DBA questions
  87. Can Not-For-Profit officers & trustees be the same persons?
  88. Can I base my products on real designer products?
  89. Burlesque Laws in NYC
  90. do i need new business license and tax id if i am purchasing a business?
  91. Business Dispute After Divorce
  92. LLC rights to surviviorship
  93. Business Ownership (LLC vs. DBA)
  94. Partnership LLC majority-owning another Partnership LLC Question
  95. Can a Domestic corporation transfer to a foreign entity in NY
  96. rules and regulations to start a writing service in USA
  97. If Company Shut Down. What happens to representatives?
  98. ROB's - Rollovers for Business Start Ups
  99. How to accept friends help with startup
  100. Does Capital Contribution Increase if a Comapny's Valuation Has Increased
  101. dba name mismatch - backup withholding warning
  102. Complicated Issue
  103. Foreigner starting business in us
  104. doing business in NY
  105. Business without entity
  106. Is it money laundering?
  107. Forced training from specific agencies
  108. Ebay online only business with self made items (New York)
  109. LLC Operating Agreement
  110. Florida Emergency Powers
  111. Tax Penalty Abatement
  112. Volunteering and disability
  113. S Corp Liability Question
  114. Business partner has died
  115. Using another's product to finish mine
  116. How to register LLC owned by overseas company?
  117. If one member of a 2 member llc is the sole investor is it fair to ask for a 50%
  118. Questions from a college student with an investment company idea
  119. Hospitality Business's legal responsibilty
  120. Starting and Operating A Painting Business in Arizona
  121. Lottery pool
  122. Corporation Share Allocation
  123. If issue 3 passes in Ohio and issue 2 fails...
  124. Restricting Bank Account Access from LLC
  125. Bank Account Required for an LLC?
  126. Protection?
  127. Tenant/landlord issue
  128. CA S-Corp Minority Shareholder Exit No Stockholder Agreements in Bylaws
  129. If I have a loss to my business due to an article published can I sue it authors?
  130. Rights as a partner an llc company ( partner pushing me out taking more then 50%)
  131. Landlord Leasing Out Liquor License
  132. Please Help. I am so confused
  133. Question about starting a food business
  134. Wholesaler business
  135. Adding partner to an LLC - What is best way to do it?
  136. Buying Property with as a LLC or Not
  137. Corporate name in all caps vs. upper/lower case
  138. Question about creating a company for a simple purpose
  139. Storing my merchandise legally
  140. LLC and Bar ownership
  141. Should I file a new business or keep the old one?
  142. Help: Starting Multiple Businesses
  143. Distributions from an LLC Ownership
  144. Incorporating a New Business
  145. Computer Repair
  146. Holding & Operating Company Setup for Multiple eCommerce Businesses
  147. Question about a US citizen having an interest in an off shore corporation
  148. LLC Name
  149. Legal agreement between companies and individuals
  150. Liability of creating/selling legal substances intended for consumption
  151. Non Compete Agreement
  152. Business seperation / No co-mingling?
  153. Business License ?
  154. Corporation for Resale Books thru Amazon
  155. Vendor calls my clients.
  156. Turning a verbal agreement into a solid one
  157. Who can sell assets of a business?
  158. should i add helper to llc
  159. Separating from S-Corp - No Stockholder agreement
  160. Help with removing myself from Business
  161. Excluded from Exhibiting
  162. Statement of Information - California Corporation
  163. 1099. Work email. Should it be closed?
  164. Removing a Partner From Corporation
  165. Naming a Business
  166. Independent ContractorMedical Drivers Potential Liability
  167. which type of non profit?
  168. Is passive member of LLC partnership responsible for filing the LLC tax return ?
  169. Tenant Issues
  170. Trademarks
  171. Offer to buy a Open Sourced Project
  172. What obligation do I have to my "co-founder"
  173. Employees / Contractors
  174. Minors Attempting to Start a Small-Local Oriented Business.
  175. Starting an LLC and which address to use
  176. Purchasing a company, paying unemployment
  177. Placing company work tenure on resume, social websites
  178. LLC/Partnership in NJ Revoked
  179. Business in Turmoil
  180. Keeping minors out of my establishment
  181. Business Unfairness?
  182. Laws/Issues Regarding Online Gambling Business
  183. What would you do in this situation? Landlord is sending me letters from a lawyer.
  184. What to do when separating from a nonprofit corporation?
  185. Options for Separating from a Business Partner with a C-Incorporated Company in MD
  186. How can the technical co-founder be bought out of a partnership (LLC)?
  187. Tranferring ownership of business to avoid showing income.
  188. Where to begin in starting an LLC (and information on running it)
  189. Question regarding state amendment.
  190. Another Company using my company name
  191. Can a contractor fire one partner from a partnership
  192. Operating in another state
  193. Am I on the Right?
  194. Limiting Liability in a Sole Proprietorship...
  195. home based chocolate business
  196. A question about contractors/mechanics lien in new jersey
  197. Handing out NDA's like candy
  198. Paying State Income Tax?
  199. Fighting within LLC Members
  200. Corporate business Registration
  201. Non profit corporation board with unequal voting rights
  202. Labor for room and board
  203. BYOB inside an ohio Hookah Lounge
  204. Starting a hotel.
  205. New Mom & Pop IT Security Services Business
  206. LLC Ownership Stake in General Partnership and Employee Status
  207. Buying Ownership in a Business that was a Sole Proprietor L.L.C.
  208. Partnerships split and rights to disbursements and property
  209. Marijuana advertising website and app
  210. Corporate Fraud?
  211. Buying a restaurant/bar with a prior DUI
  212. Do I need to file the form ARTS-GS?
  213. Law for selling paranormal items?
  214. E-commerce Business
  215. Corporate Guaranty contract wording
  216. Accused of being a moron for suggesting DBA ???
  217. Initial business investment and taxes
  218. Non managing partner in a LLC
  219. Need binding commitment
  220. Minors Starting a Business with a Partner
  221. Start a company on L1
  222. Solicitation of Contributions.
  223. Pennsylvania Bookkeeping Business - Regular or Professional LLC?
  224. Need to set up a corporation
  225. Starting a Computer Repair business
  226. Is It Legal to Open a Business in New York That Delivers Cigarettes
  227. Writing Off a Business Trip (Basic Question)
  228. How much can an owner of a nonprofit pay themselves?
  229. BP Claim, is my previous business partner entitled to this settlement?
  230. Will I be liable for any law for this scenario
  231. A lot of peculiarities to start up a business
  232. Non-charity charity
  233. Do I need an LLC?
  234. Question about noncompetes and potential lawsuits
  235. Running and managing a home care business for the mentally ill
  236. Abandoning an S-Corp
  237. Where to include a Dot Com name when forming an LLC
  238. Operating Agreement a necessity?
  239. Starting International Business
  240. Check Cashed By Some Unkown - please advise
  241. Starting a Website with a known business name in it.
  242. How to remove shareholder from an S-Corp
  243. Commercial Liability
  244. Wrongful accusation of copyright violation
  245. loss of product because of previous owner
  246. Forming an LLC to protect one or more dot com businesses
  247. Thinking about starting a coin-op pinball business
  248. Starting a Consulting Firm
  249. Wrong Power shut off
  250. Food trading laws