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  1. Unfairness & Favoritism in the workplace
  2. Family size discrimination?
  3. Unclear, Harrasment, Discrimination - Or nothing at all?
  4. FMLA-ADA Concern ? Unclear Of Solution
  5. Harassment?
  6. Workplace Discrimination/Harassment
  7. Suspended Without Pay Unfairly???
  8. Help! Harrassment and Possible Discrimination
  9. Does my doctors' note not cover my wrists because it only came from my chiropractor?
  10. Tired of toxic work relationship with homosexual client contact I report to.
  11. Retaliation?
  12. Is there any reason to file an eeoc or dol claim?
  13. Discrimination and Retaliation
  14. Fmla
  15. EEOC Investigation over.. now what.. / Does corp inform store of lawsuit?
  16. Retaliation against my work injury?
  17. Severe Emotional Distress, Is this a Protected Class Harassment?
  18. What legal action, if any, can I take against my company if this is discrimination?
  19. ADA Accomodation/Supervisor Harassment
  20. Heart attack at work, bypass surgery and fired Thursday???
  21. Employment offer rescinded due to disability. Pre-Employment medical screening.
  22. Is this a form of sexual harassment ?
  23. Really Don't Want to....Feel like I have to. Discrimination and Harassment.
  24. Is this Illegal discrimination?
  25. Intimidating and Unethical conduct NOT in sexual manner
  26. What kind of discrimination is this and what should we do?
  27. Is calling my work "Gay" harassment?
  28. Retaliation for complaining about employer's failure to follow its aff. action plan?
  29. Slander & Defamation of Character
  30. Sex discrimination?
  31. Ban the Box movement
  32. Are security guard companies liable for the safety of their officers?
  33. Is it the right of every employee to request for a letter of employment/experience?
  34. do i have any recourse?
  35. Is this discrimination?
  36. Medications and the work place
  37. Can an employer ask about immigration status and type of EAD?
  38. Have not been allowed to come to work because of alcoholism off the job
  39. Wrongly accused, what about public opinion?
  40. Nickname can my boss make me stop using it?
  41. The cleaning crew that my workplace hired.
  42. Discrimination in the workplace-Do I have a case?
  43. reminder letter - is it legal?
  44. My boss is disrespectful and abusive
  45. Pregnancy Discrimination at Work
  46. Need Advice...
  47. progressive discipline
  48. Bonuses Based (in part) on Hiring/Promoting Minorities/Women
  49. Legality of Back Filling Promoted Employee
  50. What happens after work
  51. Boss is hostile after miscarriages
  52. Can my boss tell me that I have to choose between going to school or work??
  53. Can my manager put her hands on me and treat me like a little kid?
  54. i dont know what to do...
  55. Young female gets all the perks.
  56. Male Harassment
  57. Rebuked on a thread!
  58. discrimination bases on nation of origin
  59. ADA Issue - No Work for 6 weeks!
  60. Threatening Suicide - Can Your Employer Terminate You?
  61. Racial discrimination
  62. age dicrimination?
  63. Hostile work environment
  64. Coworker not being allowed time off after house burned down
  65. who is allowed access to video surveillance in the workplace?
  66. Is this discrimination?
  67. Diary dates lost
  68. Age Discrimination? I know the Players.
  69. Verbally abused at Workplace
  70. forced to take fmla
  71. I am offended by use of the " N " word in my workplace
  72. Would this be concidered discimination?
  73. Harassment Hostile Work Environment
  74. Employment Discrimination
  75. Sexual harassment policy application to married couple
  76. Religious discrimination - suspension, not firing
  77. Retaliation from peers
  78. Salary to hourly
  79. Workplace harrassment/hostile work environment
  80. Religious Restrictions on Non-Religious Workers
  81. Do I have a H1B employer violation claim to DOL?
  82. Job Discrimination
  83. Falsely accused of Sexual Harassment by Non Employee
  84. Sexual Harassment Report Retaliation
  85. Harassment & Discrimination?
  86. Is this sexual harassment?
  87. My Supervisor was demoted.
  88. Employer won't allow me to work...should I apply for unemployment or Social Security?
  89. Involuntary unpaid leave due to disability
  90. Comments From Others At Work That Don't Fall Under Protected Status
  91. Scared at work
  92. Believe I am being sexually harrased at work, need advice.
  93. Job forcing participation in an activity wher I have a documented medical disability
  94. On the job retaliation
  95. CFRA Issue
  96. Job took sick pay
  97. reverse discrimination
  98. What is better at this point?
  99. Corporate Policies and Procedures
  100. Cell Phone Restriction
  101. Photos taken without permission
  102. What legal and privacy rights do I have as an employee?
  103. Employer says there are no laws for this?
  104. reasonable accommodations
  105. Being Harassed For Not Faking Happiness At Work
  106. sexual harassment repercussions
  107. Job Title not matching description/responsibilities
  108. Harassment?
  109. I have had enough
  110. bad advise
  111. I need to know
  112. Is this discrimination???
  113. I feel like Ive been harrassed, though I could just be a baby...
  114. Showing favoritism based on protected class
  115. Racist and threatening behaviour
  116. favoritism
  117. disability
  118. Can my Employers do this??(Discrimination or Infringing on my rights)??
  119. Verbal threats valid if made alone in office with hidden cameras
  120. What is the statute of limitations for filing a lawsuit in NC for harassment?
  121. Employment Discrimination & EEOC
  122. Massage therapist sex
  123. sexusexual harrasment
  124. Discrimination Because of Gender
  125. Is this legal?
  126. possible sexual harrasment, hostile enviroment?
  127. Non-blogging agreement
  128. Pre-employment Discimination
  129. help what do i do
  130. Personal information disclosed at trade school
  131. I had to quit. Do I have a case?
  132. Employer requiring full disclosure of PHI for absence due to illness
  133. Sexual Harrasment/Phyiscal abuse in the workplace.
  134. Do I have a case?
  135. Unfair treatment, wrongful termination, do I have any rights?
  136. Do small businesses (5 employees) have same laws for discrimination?
  137. Possible Retaliation
  138. Nurse Staffing Agency
  139. Unfair Treatment - Texas
  140. No Spanish speaking???
  141. Audio recording in a restaurant
  142. workplace discrimination
  143. Workplace harrassment
  144. labor /management harrassment
  145. 7 months pregnant, wasn't laid off or fired, hadn't quit,but...
  146. Sent home early from work...
  147. Fraudulent statements in a document submitted into testimony
  148. is it possible to sue from a different county
  149. Fear in the Workplace
  150. Wondering if I have any rights in this situation
  151. Is there such a thing as political discrimination?
  152. Help?
  153. Harassment in the Workplace
  154. forced to change schedule leaving me with no childcare
  155. Company generated "Do Not Rehire" list
  156. See if I have justification to file for legal action?
  157. Harassment, Emails, NY and such
  158. Co-worker made false claim against me
  159. Job Descrimination based on contry and vsa status?
  160. Do I have a solid case?
  161. What do I do?
  162. I believe that my girlfriend is being harassed.
  163. Age discrimination?
  164. questions and suggestions about medication
  165. Abuse of power in authoriative positions
  166. Report to HR or quietly job search
  167. Is this sexual harassment?
  168. Physical Threat
  169. Harrassment or Slander?
  170. right to have a safe work enviroment
  171. What can I do?
  172. Sexual Discrimination in Promotion
  173. Wages
  174. i am being harrassed
  175. Sexual Harassment?
  176. Sexual Harrassment Ignored
  177. I am being targetted by my company
  178. can I sue a company for discrimination but?
  179. Help with accusations of an affair.
  180. Retaliation For Grievance
  181. What can be done about this?
  182. Not sure if this is legal?
  183. the right to refuse service/sexual assault report ignored
  184. harrassment
  185. Boss is singling me out at work!
  186. Please help. I cant take this anymore.
  187. Safety Whistleblower
  188. Terminated for Going on Long-term Disability
  190. An Issue With Work Clothes When Arriving For Work
  191. Please help my disabled wife!
  192. Please help me defend my girlfriend from harassment at her work place.
  193. Retaliation after an HR report
  194. I need urgent help !
  195. To busch07
  196. Motorcycles banned from place of work??
  197. XXX Magazine at work
  198. gay/lesbian discrimination?
  199. Sexual Harrassment?
  200. A Question About Discriminatory Employment Practices
  201. I need urgent help !
  202. Request for accomodation
  203. Union member harrassment
  204. need help?
  205. Not Sure How To Proceed
  206. nj lad reasonable accomodation
  207. Possible Gender Discrimination?
  208. Men coming in while a woman is cleaning the men's rm. Is this harrassment?
  209. sexual harassment at work! is it worth going to trial?
  210. Employee 1st Amendment Rights - Have any outside of work?
  211. Is it discrimination?
  212. Age Discrimination in Interview
  213. My old job has banned me from the building but I wasn't fired?
  214. DIfference between Bullying and Harrassment
  215. HIPPA Request and Amend medical records need lawyer
  216. Where do I even begin...
  217. Bumper Stickers
  218. Is this haraqssment
  219. my old boss is stopping me from getting work with new company
  220. Being call Fat at work by a Manager
  221. Reserved parking spaces
  222. Do I Have Rights..?
  223. Fired when child support made contact
  224. Retaliation After 6+ Years Of Reporting Hostile Work Environment
  225. Coach
  226. Do I have a Sexual Harassment Case?
  227. I got a traffic ticket just because I didn't mount my GPS to the car! Help.
  228. Harassment (not sexual) at Work Problem Need Urgent Help!
  229. Employee quit Filed Unemployment benefits due to Hostile Work Environment
  230. Job Posting Requirements Unlisted Leading to Discrimination?
  231. Possible Discrimination Case?
  232. Who should be held accountable and is this discrimination?
  233. Should I file an appeal for an unemployment denial in PA?
  234. Gender sex change laws in the workplace
  235. need advice
  236. Beware of this site info for staffing agency employees
  237. Refused Reasonable Accommodation, fired, told it was due to my "health"
  238. Need advise
  239. Need advice
  240. Recording conversations at work
  241. Bad Ex boss
  242. Sexual harassment
  243. Do I legally have to speak with an attorney?
  244. Equal Pay Act question
  245. Sexual Harassment Retaliation
  246. denied employment due to national origin
  247. Same job. different race, different pay.
  248. Need advice on medical problems and supervisor accusations
  249. What type of lawyer do I need?
  250. My Boss is trying to Fire me