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  1. Niece - what to do?
  2. GF family are bullies, what evidence do i need to help break her from it.
  3. My Niece assaulted me and went to the police and filed assault charges. What do I do?
  4. But is this domestic violence?
  5. Order of Proiection/Restraining Order
  6. Abuse not love or discipline
  7. Appealing a Domestic Violence RO. (not in a "dating" relationship and no actual abuse
  8. Violation of Protective Order**************...or no?
  9. She's Using Domestic Violence as Leverage to Control Seven Tenants
  10. bf in jail for DV what do i do now?
  11. GF is a bully need to draw a line somewhere
  12. "but officer she hit me"
  13. Working things out after Felony OFP violation
  14. Domestic Violence Advice
  15. Is there a forum somewhere that deals with Childrens Services?
  16. PD or Lawyer?
  17. Not sure if I should post this here
  18. Two years later and still being followed/threatened. Will I ever be safe?
  19. Wrongly Accused of Stalking my Ex Fiance - Army/Teaching Career on the line? Plz Help
  20. Brady disqualification/firearms rights? (Indiana)
  21. Parents threatening a relationship
  22. Stalking and Slander from my ex - What can I do?
  23. Stalker Control Options (for the bystanders)?
  24. Assault Charges
  25. We thought the protection order was dropped and I got arrested.
  26. Family Law
  27. husband arrested, help!
  28. I sent my bodybuilding photos to a to be 18-year-old girl on facebook ...
  29. Feeling helpless
  30. Drug addictive terrorizes his grandma
  31. GAL overstepping his role?
  32. Heart broken
  33. Drop domestic charges
  34. CPS - I need your suggestions
  35. Legality Of Restraining Order
  36. Order of Protection for no reason ?
  37. my grandbabies were taken from school by non custodal parent
  38. dealing with ohio child services
  39. Is it legal for a judge to sentence you because of your prior charges?
  40. How many times can he file a Motion to Dismiss??
  41. I Certainly don't want to violate so answer please...
  42. Need help with case
  43. Order of protection filed against me before I could file it first
  44. Do I have to talk to a detective?
  45. When is it OK to go to the police for "small" violations of DVRO
  46. I took her phone.
  47. How do i take my name off a restraining order that domeone put me on
  48. 2nd Violation of Protective Order
  49. child abuse
  50. Re: Hi Every Body
  51. Petitioner in restraining order keeps inviting me to where she is staying
  52. served in GA with a temp restraining order, crazy-not a single physical incident ever
  53. Obtaining a restraining order against a parent.
  54. Avoiding Violoation of Restraining Order...
  55. Avoiding Violoation of Restraining Order...
  56. San Diego County, California: Restraining Order Turned Divorce. Nightmare Judge.
  57. I am looking for info on seniors, what should i do
  58. Text message complaint
  59. Advice on 2nd degree assault charge
  60. Question regarding CDV and dropping charges
  61. Can I ignore Court Subpena for testifingagainst my husband on DV case ? Please help!
  62. False accusation, court, 4 years ago...Wher to start to fight for my innocence, now?
  63. Defendant Didn't Pay His Lawyer
  64. How do we subpoena criminal records from FBI, DHS, national databases?
  65. How do we subpoena Canadian criminal records?
  66. to thebobot...
  67. I need help please
  68. Abandoned and Betrayed by Fiance
  69. Lease was broken due to order of protection. Can my ex fiance sue me?
  70. Going through a divorce in NY and my ex-husband is stalking and trying to intimidate
  71. TRO and Family Law
  72. Subpoena Question
  73. 8th Domestic Violence
  74. What to do with CPS case
  75. Want to file restraining order against parents
  76. Domestic Violence: Court has not appointed an attorney for me after requesting one.
  77. More issues with abusive father in law...
  78. DV Criminal Trespass
  79. Can a victim impact statement result in new charges?
  80. STolen nude pics
  81. Washington False Restraining Order Relief ( PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP)
  82. NJ - Domestic Violence - Drop Charges
  83. Modify any details in the restrainig order in AZ?
  84. Utah protective order. Is it?
  85. Protective order defense for stalking in Indiana
  86. Protective order defense
  87. De Novo Hearing Following Protection Order Hearing
  88. Arrest records I needed for Defense Vanish from the court sysyem
  89. Being Subpoenaed to Criminal Court proceedings by Abuser?
  90. Upcoming civil restraining order hearing
  91. First Steps
  92. order of protection
  93. robbery/weapon
  94. order of protection
  95. Domestic Violence Summon ticket
  96. Legal advise needed in Arizona
  97. I need some help..
  98. no contact order
  99. Protection from harassment?
  100. I'm fighting a restrainig order that was granted against me......
  101. Can a lay person (friend) talk for me in court?
  102. Was I "abused" by the legal definition?
  103. Administration for children Services sides with school allegations
  104. Restraining Order - Temp or Perm?
  105. Put restraining order on Ex-Girlfriend and she is ordered to leave my house...
  106. Do I have enough grounds to get an order of protection?
  107. Legal service= Domestic violence? (Protection order advice)
  108. Restraining order
  109. Is there anything I can do?
  110. Husband's baby mama falsely accused boyfriend of strangling her.
  111. Help for a friend who's child is being molested by father..
  112. Reasons to admit phone recordings into court
  113. Assult 4th/DV
  114. Difficulty serving papers.
  115. Harassment from Ex
  116. Quick Question with a simple background regarding hearings
  117. Family
  118. A real Hollywood Horror, still living it. Please help me!!
  119. Child Abuse/ Discipline
  120. can I take legal action
  121. Parent issues
  122. Domestic case medical records appeal
  123. Is my Lawyer blowing smoke up my ***?
  124. Can a private citizen serve a restraining order in a courtroom ?
  125. punishment in washington state
  126. domestic violence
  127. Anyone know where I can get a harassment diary template?
  128. Ex still hasn't gotton his belongings...
  129. How can a judge refuse to enforce an out of state DV order?
  130. Is there any way to get my exs charges reduced if the state takes over the case
  131. Please help with false allegation of domestic violence and employment....
  132. third party involved with restraining order
  133. my ex gf has a restraining order against me need advice
  134. Recording laws
  135. Possible options...confused..
  136. How much time?
  137. Assault with a Deadly Weapon/No contact order
  138. How do I report this?
  139. assaulted, looking for advice
  140. The information reported on a registered clhild molester is incorrect
  141. Roommate threw urine on me.
  142. I want to stop an order of protection from being served
  143. How do I stop an order of protection petition from being served?
  144. no contact order/violation
  145. Need something like an International Emergency Restraining Order. Available?
  146. Can a 1542 waiver prevent a restraining order?
  147. Judge granted 3 year RO to stay away from Fiance's children
  148. Help pls
  149. Obstructing Arrest Without Violence and Violating D.V. Injunction
  150. Across State Lines - Family offense petition in NY for a NYS resident vs. Ex in CT.
  151. marital privilege?
  152. Need help with abusive Ex and obtaining my belongings back!!!
  153. TPO Violation in GEORGIA
  154. Is it possible to file for PFA?
  155. Judge said no to my RO Request
  156. Restraining Order Question Hearing / Proper serve?
  157. 69 y/o Grandmother married 18 years...Husband tricked me and got me assrested
  158. Domestic Violence
  159. Search for a record of PFA
  160. Emergency help, domestic violence restraining order
  161. How to protect myself against a stalker?
  162. What does it take to Get an Injunction Against My Son?
  163. What is the possibility of a Domestic Violence case being dropped?
  164. Can you issue a restraining order / injunction to a landlord?
  165. Abuser and cops think he can live with me
  166. Restraining order violated HELP!
  167. Domestic Abuse / Sexual
  168. Domestic violence and my options
  169. How much can my family interfere in my life? Please help
  170. Restraing order with kids involved
  171. Domestic Violence TRO in place/hearing Friday Respondent filed answer
  172. Domestic Battery first offense in WV; please help!
  173. Need help with Parental Abuse
  174. Filing for ex parte TRO on behalf of my daughter
  175. From some time ago
  176. Domestic Abuse & Theft Los Angeles CA PLEASE HELP. Thank you!
  177. Are Hidden Cameras Legal to Protect yourself?
  178. Injunction/DV
  179. Suspicions growing into fact
  180. Filing TRO on behalf of my children
  181. Need advice on how to handle the frustration & stress I am under.
  182. Child Molestation and Abuse
  183. Long Story But need advise.....
  184. EPO/DVO Question
  185. Match.com and harassment injunctions
  186. Cruelty to children. 3rd Degree, Ga
  187. Abandonment?
  188. Minor/Minor Family Molestation
  189. What are the options for serving a Protection Order?
  190. Is a Protection Order Valid if it's not served
  191. How to Appeal a Protection Order
  192. Protection Order - Worth Fighting?
  193. I'm unsure what to do.
  194. Help with Subpoenas
  195. Violation of a protective order
  196. I don't know where to turn....
  197. Trying to leave wife. Wife threatens me with false reports of domestic violence.Help!
  198. Trying to leave wife. Wife threatens me with false reports of domestic violence.Help!
  199. My step Mother constantly abuses my Father.
  200. since brutally beaten since 7 years old, now when i'm 18 same parents trying to evict
  201. My Sister is in Trouble
  202. Not abiding by agreed upon terms
  203. Pfa
  204. I need advice on an injuction
  205. Help An officer went out of county to press charges
  206. Really need help on what to do in this situation :(?
  207. Fictitious non-contact order
  208. Assault after Expungement (90-96)
  209. no faith in justice dept nz
  210. What can I do here...anything.
  211. statue of limitations in NJ
  212. Need advice regarding supervised visitation and temporary orders
  213. Im worried about my daughter
  214. Restraining order dismissed at cost to defendant.
  215. Help - I'm being stalked by an ex
  216. Question about second Domestic Violence 3rd.
  217. TPO hearing/domestic abuse
  218. How should we come about this?
  219. PA - Expired PFA question
  220. Husband with PTSD
  221. Restraining order against step father? Please help as I don't know what to do
  222. TN statute of limitations on child neglect?
  223. Police don't help, immediatly following sexualy assault
  224. advice on domestic abuse case
  225. Question regarding my abusive life with a felon
  226. terrified of exgf
  227. Step child has criminal charges for sexual crime on my child.
  228. Violation of a Full Protection Order
  229. no contact removal
  230. Guardianship of Minor
  231. potential danger...
  232. Just home from the hospital, abused by my ex (sensitive pictures)
  233. Need advice on helping an abused family member!
  234. Cops not treating my case as a priority
  235. Father with full custody, now accused of abuse after 8yrs of sole custody.
  236. personal torts
  237. Protection when false accused?
  238. d.v. advice
  239. Child assaulting parents and siblings
  240. No harrasment orders
  241. My Ex is in her 3rd abusive relationship.
  242. order of protection against me
  243. No Contact Order ruining my life
  244. How would I pursue this? Harassment, libel?
  245. What constitutes neglect/abuse
  246. VaMAMA -- we don't like thread deleters
  247. VAMama2...
  248. The mother of my kids is an addict
  249. Felony Drug Possession by ex's bf can i get an order of protection in nys family cour
  250. What to expect