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  1. who would own the rights in this scenario?
  2. copyrights and cartoon shows
  3. Copyright & DMCA notice details
  4. Help!
  5. How to answer image copyright infringement letter/demand
  6. Need help with trademarks in some emojis I want to invent.
  7. Photograph of a live performance at a community theater
  8. Printing out game covers
  9. Is this copyrighted?
  10. International copyrigth dispute (a bit tricky)
  11. Filing an injunction after a bad faith / fraudulent counter notice to a DMA takedown
  12. USCO Registration bulk ./. individual
  13. Movie poster being sold without artist's permission
  14. Odd DMCA Circumstance
  15. Mickey Copyright!
  16. Can I include the link to another person's youtube channel in a monetized app series?
  17. Can I use the profile pictures of the top couple thousand youtubers?
  18. is my new blog LEGAL?
  19. likelihood of confusion between "AA Talk" and "AA LIVE CHAT"
  20. Question about likelihood of confusion
  21. Complicated performance rights question
  22. screen capture and copyright infringement
  23. Copyright laws protect online clothing photos?
  24. ACPA, cybersquatting and expiring domains...
  25. trademark infringement question
  26. Using photographs of my art without consent
  27. App Naming Question
  28. Copyright laws of Reports
  29. Can I use others' melody in private?
  30. Photography portfolio - use in a kickstarter video
  31. Free Service as valid proof of use in commerce?
  32. Do I register trademark or servicemark for business name and logo (website)?
  33. Using content of other websites
  34. Copyright Questions
  35. Trademark filed on a name I've been using
  36. Descriptive Word in front of a Generic Word used to identify Genus of Services
  37. Mural for School Library
  38. Trademark Owner's Rights?
  39. Using movie logo in online promotion of an event
  40. Is it legal to stream movies on free streaming sites?
  41. Complicated licensing and usage instructions
  42. Published versus Unpublished Application
  43. Trademark/copyright question
  44. copyrights or trademark?
  45. employee confidentiality agreement
  46. Fair use of someone's Trademark on a website?
  47. Making a board game expansion for personal use/for use by friends.
  48. How long to wait for Published for Opposition and what next?
  49. Underage modeling posted on internet
  50. Artwork copyright -user reproducing without paying royalties
  51. Buy' ngop
  52. Help Trademarking A Band Name
  53. US Trademark Application: Specimens (per Class) clarification ?
  54. Can I take the photos of the buildings and golf courses?
  55. Using a trademarked name in a book title?
  56. Reproduction of UIO
  57. Help on Trademarking a name
  58. Restaurant name similar to a live trademark of another restaurant
  59. Trademark and copyright
  60. Can i use 'Disneyland' in the title of my art piece?
  61. Commercial Photography - Is Using Products of Other Brands Infringes Copyright?
  62. Need help trademarking my product name
  63. ericjsnover, you deleted your thread - that was not nice
  64. Trademark and Different Good and services
  65. tlhIngan Hol
  66. Question about "Windows" trademark in software
  67. Prince
  68. Can a chemical subtance be a trademark?
  69. C&D Request
  70. C&D letter
  71. App Developing from Established IP
  72. Quotes from a tv show.
  73. Shopkins Reselling
  74. For-Profit Courses that Use Concepts from Therapy Models by other Researchers
  75. Licensing jointly owned IP question
  76. OJ Simpson Phone Call
  77. Am I going to infringe on their copyright?
  78. Can I use their logo?
  79. Would like to register / trademark / copywrite... not sure which to do or how
  80. Is it legal to make real functional props from video games and sell them
  81. Photography Rights Question
  82. Publishing a company logo online illegal?
  83. Please help!!
  84. Got an email from Contra Piracy, should I pay?
  85. Use of character names/ideas in educational setting?
  86. Trademarks violation question
  87. Trademark Infringement Question
  88. Copyright question....
  89. Dispute Domain Lawyer for free
  90. Someone Wants to Use My IP to Make an App
  91. transfer unrecorded copyrights after my death
  92. Is it legal to create a summary newsletter of published articles, a bit like THE WEEK
  93. Several TV-Stations in many US-States copied my "YouTube" Video without my permission
  94. ISBN--my publisher
  95. Copyright query for music usage
  96. Original works and plagiarism
  97. Creative Commons 0 Limitations
  98. Do I still own my rights?
  99. Someone stealing the classified ads from our site.
  100. How do I trademark a stage name?
  101. Meme "name game" copyright ?
  102. Is my domain name in threat of being taken?
  103. Uploading pictures to my forum
  104. Does copyright renewal of revised edition carry over to the original edition?
  105. Movie titles as song titles?
  106. I unknowingly sold counterfeit textbooks and the publisher wants me to pay them $500.
  107. Selling Under Trademark Name With Likelihood of Confusion?
  108. Just got a threatening letter from a law firm regarding trademark infringemen domain
  109. use of a character image
  110. New Website Forum-legality
  111. Making t-shirts with a picture of me
  112. Reposting someone else's pictures with my kids in them.
  113. making pitty review website
  114. Difference between Public Domain vs Public Domain Mark 1.0?
  115. Ecuational use of bootleg remix
  116. knitting products that I want to sell
  117. Question about dual partnership and ownership
  118. Permission to use photos of celebrities?
  119. Trunk Archive Infringement of Copyright letter
  120. which of these works have copyright infringement?
  121. Can I register a trademark...
  122. Complicated Slender Man Rights
  123. Sued for copyright law
  124. Can I use a book as an example in my book?
  125. Cease and desist letter response
  126. Trademarked name, how close can I get?
  127. Am I misappropriating the right to publicity?
  128. Movie posters that are in "public domain" printed on t-shirts
  129. Copyright laws on memes, emojis, facebook statuses & images for book publishing
  130. Enforceability of Agreements Made Prior to Copyright Recapture Notice
  131. Original sports related artwork
  132. Social Media, Copyright, rights protection
  133. What can I use images for if an illustrator backs out?
  134. console for emulating original cartiridges
  135. Urgent: Using "Apple" in Product Description
  136. Republish work under the original authors name
  137. Regarding a Story and Emails
  138. release forms for using someone else's photo
  139. Can I use part of a trademark name?
  140. Possible red flag for trademark
  141. Use brand name in a sentence for shirts
  142. Louise Vuitton partly/original accessories
  143. What is the US (and EU) copyright status of the Rider-Waite Tarot Deck?
  144. Two Trademarks needed?
  145. Intellectual Rights and Writing
  146. Audio Sample Copyright
  147. trademark similiarity - US and Canada - infringement?
  148. Tenant using P2P & Copyright Settlement
  149. Trademark Phrase Infringement
  150. deceptively similar usage question
  151. Word inversion conflict in trademark - please help!
  152. Domain Protection for a Review Website
  153. Can't find copyright owner of a book...?
  154. American website using photo without permission
  155. infringing copyright by giving away books?
  156. Company asking to take ownership on my review?
  157. acronym and artwork/imagery copyright. Disneyland!
  158. Is an Unpaid Time Still the Period of Relationship?
  159. Maryland Flag Colors Usage?
  160. Copyrght and Legal Issues on Quotes
  161. Trademark infringement "I'm a Celebrity Get Me out of Here"
  162. Video footage used in website without permission
  163. Trademark infringement
  164. Sharing Copyright?
  165. roybchicago
  166. Trademark LikelyHood of confusion
  167. it's time for a song
  168. Lucky numbers
  169. Trademark Question
  170. Can I use a store name from a book turned movie?
  171. Logo usage in album artwork
  172. continued infringement after court order
  173. I have a idea for a social network site
  174. Trademark Registration.
  175. Does this violate copyright?
  176. copy a certain calligraphy as the title for our nonprofit movies
  177. The copyright of the background music in an audio book
  178. Trying to submit photos for registration.
  179. Some copyright issues about movie props
  180. Song Title/Lyric
  181. iPhone Game: Conflict of interest with Employer?
  182. Can I copy comics for my newspaper?
  183. Unintentional Infringement
  184. Question about building a replica of a ship from a sci-fi franchise
  185. Trademark for bottle Caps
  186. Startup business - Similar Names?
  187. Advice on manufacturing and selling certain items which are similar to branded items
  188. I need help on name similarities and chance of confusion issues
  189. Youtuber Claims Takedown of his Video is an Act of Fraud
  190. Thumbnail Pictures of Magazine Covers from Publisher on My Website - Legal or Not?
  191. Copyright of generic knowledge/ public domain?
  192. Copyright submission question
  193. Commonlaw tdmk band name established. Want to register. Another party began infring
  194. Copyright Infringement
  195. Copyright and Disney
  196. Use of a Manufacturers name on our webiste
  197. "Leaking" Set Photos
  198. Repackaging and Selling Name Brand Cereal
  199. US Trademark. Same word & same general industry.
  200. Due diligence in name filing
  201. Question about posting to Instagram, Tumblr, etc...
  202. Domain name
  203. Same Words In Company Name
  204. Having a woman who is a Cat
  205. Taking photo with a Action Figure and posting it online
  206. On purchasing and reselling character designs for person use online
  207. Company name has 1 word the same as another company in same industry
  208. I have an idea based on another idea, what do I have to do to steer clear of TM inf
  209. Received DMCA notice from my hosting company through E bay
  210. Can I use Apple emojis for jewelry and t-shirts?
  211. Falsely accused of trademark infringement?
  212. Hiring a copyright solicitor and fair use questions
  213. Trademark Infringement - Competittor May Have Used It First But I Have The Trademark
  214. OT: Malibu Media v John Does in the Southern District of New York
  215. Question about copyright
  216. Movie quotes and dialogues in a software
  217. Copyright Law when It Comes to Fan Arrangements of Popular Songs
  218. Legality of Web Content Integration
  219. Trademark name availability
  220. Using video footage from one video, for another
  221. Re-Editing Movies
  222. Is my TM application in jeopardy?
  223. Trademark infringement for trademark used in domain-name, different product services!
  224. Slogan Trademark - Reach and Importance of wording - Periods (FL, TX/USA)
  225. Trademark - is "selling" on Cafepress/Zazzle/Spreadshirt a service?
  226. Movie title used to describe an invitation
  227. Hired to Film a Live Concert: Sound Guy Wants Release Forms
  228. License Plates & Trademarks
  229. finding the correct servicemark class and identification code(s)
  230. My writing was published without my knowledge
  231. Trademark phrase issues
  232. OT: The saga of Richard Prince
  233. Implied Trademark?
  234. Someone is trying to steal my brand?
  235. World War 2 era copyright
  236. Digital Art Copyright and Reproduction Rights
  237. Trademark Issue - DMCA Notice
  238. I have a guarenteed big money case, come and show me we can win and let's go
  239. Domain Name/ Trademark/Infringement?
  240. It would be ok to use trademark logos in my portfolio
  241. YouTube monetizing/music copyright
  242. Received Cease & Desist for images using Music Artist - advice needed
  243. Selling my own photos on my own web site.
  244. My TV shows name is being used on a local print publication! Do I have any rights?
  245. Legality of Comic Aggregation Website?
  246. Covering a cover version of a public domain song
  247. ceg tek copyright infringement notice, help needed
  248. Is it trademark infringement if I use the same title and topic for a documentary?
  249. Wrong Name of a Creator
  250. Creating Game Based on Movie, Including Using Clips From the Movie