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  1. Can I use a cattle brand from the 1800's on a wallet?
  2. Would a pledge on Kickstarter constitute a sale in terms of trademark qualification?
  3. Dead Trademark Question
  4. Is this a trademark violation?
  5. How to copyright a perfomance name?
  6. I want to make a cartoon with a famous animator
  7. Copyright, trademark, patent infringement
  8. What is the copyright status of a reprint of a public domain image?
  9. Blog's Use of a Trademarked Term, What Changes are Necessary to Comply with Request?
  10. Are there any countries without any copyright laws?
  11. Potential Copyright Issue
  12. MCROWLY YOU LOCKED YOUR THREAD: Fair use for services provided
  13. Fair use for services provided
  14. Disney sued over "Frozen"
  15. Company using pictures of my car to sell their product
  16. Rights of a software developer as an independent contractor
  17. Recording of football and publishing on internet - copyright voilation?
  18. Two U.S. Musical Artists; One Name
  19. Quick question - copyrights / trademark
  20. New business opend with exactly the same logo
  21. Book title issue
  22. Presentation created outside of work, but presented at work.
  23. copyright of individual site vs. federal law's dictation of public domain
  24. Where To Look...
  25. Joint Copyright Owner - Attribution?
  26. Scammed Author
  27. Historical Recording; Who has copyright?
  28. Can a contract give copyrights for something made during/with personal time/resources
  29. Use of Landmark names on products
  30. Same surname, different first name?
  31. Can I use a painting from 1562 as the cover art for a novel?
  32. OT: Google successfully defends mark against "generic" claim
  33. Translate copyrighted book from Swedish to English but pay for Swedish version
  34. Apparel conflict for similar names but different industries
  35. Copyright violation in the U.K. for a U.S. company? (copyright not valid in U.S.)
  36. Can I write a trivia book about a movie and/or TV show?
  37. Copyright infringement notice from Comcast. What will happen?
  38. Trademark vidjudge vs video judge
  39. public domain
  40. Can a "prefix" of a slogan be Trademarked?
  41. My LLC just received a C&D for operating website with same name
  42. How far can a "Common Law Trademark" protect you? Help needed.
  43. Free Intellectual Property Casebook
  44. Copyright vs Trademark in Characters in Novels
  45. Most Cost Effective Way To Deal With Cybersquatter
  46. Is listing an item on a eCommerce store trademark infringement? Even if out of stock?
  47. Determining Copyright Infringement
  48. The Legality of Using the Name of a Sporting Event As an App Name
  49. Is it illegal to acquire a website's files without owner's permission?
  50. Transfer of rights of an image
  51. Service Mark and Company Name
  52. why isn't a picture required for the copyright of a visual item
  53. Registration Denied
  54. Trademark Lawsuit about domain name
  55. Using Celebrity Photos on iphone / andriod app
  56. Site with trademark information
  57. OT: Monkey business
  58. Political cartoons in free nonfiction articles for web. Fair use?
  59. Website put up but client failed to pay
  60. User asking for credits for image.
  61. Website domain question
  62. tripwater's "Fun with viral photos ..." thread
  63. Fun with viral photos and videos
  64. Parody and Fair Use- the estate of Roald Dahl
  65. Seeking clerification on Trademarking my website's name, phrase and two logos.
  66. Use of trademark logos in nonfiction book
  67. service mark & domain names
  68. Business Logo Design Question.
  69. Creating a game and want to use Nintendo Themes. Can I?
  70. Violation of Creative Commons license with one's own content
  71. Do I owe (X) persons money for helping me with a book?
  72. Does this infringe on copyright law?
  73. Need help.. Is it legal to use Guitar images with trademarks logos in mobile app
  74. Trademark infringement
  75. Using song previews in a commercial smartphone app
  76. Can I use the world TESLA, or EDISON, as part of my new business name?
  77. Seeking advice about protecting my ideas/IP
  78. Trademark infringement for animal (fish) name question
  79. Use of an unregistered trademark from overseas on promotional items for sale in US?
  80. Trademark in a Business advice
  81. Pen Name??
  82. Clarification on Cybersquatting/Trademark of a Common Word
  83. Did design work for Non-Profit, want to use work in portfolio.
  84. Trade mark Class 45
  85. Is my critique of a book fair use, or a violation of copyright?
  86. Do I need to copyright my material?
  87. Are transcripts of TV shows a violation of copyright?
  88. Music Website Legality?
  89. Domain Name
  90. Someone from Europe stole my work.
  91. Whole slogan or just name?
  92. To RAKESH15 re. your deleted thread
  93. Android application using images of trademarks
  94. Texas Copyright Law Question - Filmmaking
  95. Transferring "All Rights" to a printed photograph transfer copyright?? (Deed of Gift)
  96. Logo Design and App Icon Design
  97. TradeMark Something Someone Is Already Using But Not Trademarked
  98. Video Game Music
  99. Similar names possible confusion examples.
  100. Part of my domain appears to be a trademark
  101. Domain brand question
  102. Please HELP- Trademark and Copyright
  103. Not sure if this is in the wrong or not. Need a little advice
  104. Tagline Trademark Question
  105. Trademark Question - Characters or Logo
  106. Urgent advice needed
  107. Copyrights troll ?
  108. Ebook Novel Copyright Question
  109. Old graphics designer for student organization threatening Cease and Desist
  110. music and lyrics copyright
  111. Infringement when making something that isn't available otherwise?
  112. Rebuilding software after selling product & contractor work
  113. Trademark- Business Logo Using Font Acquired for Free Commercial Use?
  114. Are these names too close
  115. Copyright Infringement: Received Cease and Desist Letter, now what?
  116. Publisher Fraud?
  117. Images of Event Tickets
  118. copyright under personal name or business name
  119. Trademark someone's name
  120. Is basing a character off of an existing character considered copyright infringement?
  121. Domain name trademark infringement
  122. Possible book title - possible infringement
  123. Registration marks in logo mark design - do you really need 2 (for name and tagline)?
  124. Reproduce and Sell Ads within Public Domain
  125. To Rahstyle re. Business Name Infringement
  126. Would like to sell 3-5 page summary/synopsis of a book. Legal?
  127. Business Name Infringement?
  128. Acceptable terminology for describing a website design in copyright application
  129. Divorce and family photo's
  130. Using images in books
  131. Possible Incoming Lawsuit, Does He Have A Case?
  132. Trademark - Intent to Use question
  133. My roommates have been downloading torrents and I've received several notices...
  134. Music Copyright Law and Guitar Tablature.
  135. IP, Copyright Question
  136. trademark name vs domain name
  137. Questions about morphing digital images together into something new
  138. Movie images, descriptions and video clips
  139. What is Copyright law of introducing websites in a book about the Internet?
  140. Creating an App based around a celebrity
  141. Need help with photo rights
  142. Literary references as product names
  143. International Trademark Infringement?
  144. Derivative Works for Personal Use?
  145. What happens if 2 entities file trademarks on the same day?
  146. Lawyer letter contract breach
  147. Book reviews?
  148. Intellectual Copyright
  149. website domain brand name has been trademarked by another company.
  150. Disney? Parody? Transformative?
  151. Buying a name brand shirt and putting a design on it is it legal?
  152. Question on a trademark applicant
  153. If a company changes their logo, how long do they retain trademark of old logo
  154. Rebranding another companies product and selling it as your own
  155. Recording Popular Music and Fair Use
  156. Copyright Images
  157. Zimmerman versus the Associated Press
  158. Using TMs in a Reference Mobile Application
  159. potential conflict with a not-yet-registered trademark.
  160. Freelance design copyright
  161. Can I be sued for having a promo CD leaked?
  162. Video and Picture Transmission of Stock Charts -- DMCA Violation?
  163. Can I sell doll as my own, if I change the appearance of it?
  164. Copyright law and creative commons
  165. Music Reproduction
  166. New Found Love for recycled corks and cigar labels
  167. Trademark Question
  168. What to do: 3rd party posts incorrect data re: my Company on web & refuses to fix it?
  169. What are the copyrights on a picture?
  170. What are the copyrights on a picture?
  171. Facsimile Reproduction of 1922 Book
  172. Can I be sued?
  173. Attempt to trademark a name that is already trademarked as a .us
  174. question about posting photo and photo license
  175. Illustrations of Disneyland?
  176. Selling A Product that is similar?
  177. Request for info on correct form of Public Copyright to use
  178. Youtube
  179. Copyrighted work as part of a work that I have rights to, can I license?
  180. Can a Word Mark be enforced retroactively?
  181. How long to respond to copyright infringement takedown request
  182. What are my rights in this matter as a photographer?
  183. Trademark question - utilizing part of a name
  184. Found art has no owner but the buyer?
  185. Using the Legal System to Obtain the Name I Want?
  186. Can the identical service from same company obtain different trademarks?
  187. Disclaimer of online Portfolio works
  188. Trademark Infringement in Relation to Goods/ Services Covered
  189. copyright a magic trick?
  190. Risk in trademarking a parked domain name?
  191. Displaying information on a map without requesting permission
  192. Copyright of usenet text posts
  193. Collectible Miniatures, shape designs and Trademarks.
  194. Product name differ from website name
  195. photo to illustration copyrights?
  196. 3d Models & Copyright
  197. Trademark OR Service Mark my business name?
  198. Trademark Infringement Question
  199. Can a domain infringe on a trademark
  200. Questions about showing art online
  201. Can Permission Granted Be Proven Without Written Consent?
  202. Movies/ Books Infringing on Trademarks
  203. T-Shirt Design
  204. Game group name trademarked?
  205. performer/production amendment not to publish content
  206. Question about similar iPhone game concept
  207. Translation and copyright
  208. Do sites like Yellowpages have an obligation to help enforce my trademark?
  209. Licensing out a registered trademark and product idea
  210. Trademark & Copyright Question
  211. Google Images and well known logos/photos/quotes
  212. Are fictional characters copyrighted?
  213. Petition to Cancell Trademark Registration
  214. Bentley sues copycat for TM infringement
  215. Churches & Copyright Laws
  216. You're welcome, CK82. :)
  217. Company Event Filmed by Venue.
  218. Small claims court for copyright infringement?
  219. Publishing excerpts of copyrighted material - a cautionary tale
  220. Artist rights on an original character
  221. Trademark Use question - same industry but different business - service vs goods
  222. Copyright Help with Creating Software like Netflix
  223. Textbooks/books Fair Use for Courses
  224. Logo design given as gift used by creator as art print
  225. What is the "layman's" meaning of Fair Use?
  226. Re-posting Historical photographs already publicly posted online
  227. Will a compulsory license cover my use for mashup of cover songs?
  228. Do my instrumental beats need to be completley mixed/mastered before I copyright them
  229. How to protect Title + Concept of a board/card game?
  230. Copyright on business logo?
  231. To dquelhas re. "Digital sale of patterns in books/ebooks"
  232. Digital sale of patterns in books/ebooks. Is it legal?
  233. Do I need to obtain permission to blog about a TV show?
  234. Rampant fraud!
  235. Are ESPN's sports scores copywritten?
  236. Customers Requesting Trademarked Image for Pers. Use
  237. Non-governmental use of Government mark in social media parody
  238. Infringement - Should I retain counsel?
  239. Part of Name Trademarked?
  240. New business name issue?
  241. They changed thier minds
  242. Copyright - Picture - GettyImages
  243. Creating a website using a copyrighted name
  244. Similar name with indirect competitor...
  245. Convert Text from 51 year old manual to webpage?
  246. Trademarking Names of Similar Companies in Different Industries
  247. Civil lawsuit for downloading copyright movie on bittorrent protocol
  248. Tickle Plant
  249. Domain Name - Trademark and other legal Considerations
  250. Two items with SAME name (Trademark Question)