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  1. Trademark infringement "I'm a Celebrity Get Me out of Here"
  2. Video footage used in website without permission
  3. Trademark infringement
  4. Sharing Copyright?
  5. roybchicago
  6. Trademark LikelyHood of confusion
  7. it's time for a song
  8. Lucky numbers
  9. Trademark Question
  10. Can I use a store name from a book turned movie?
  11. Logo usage in album artwork
  12. continued infringement after court order
  13. I have a idea for a social network site
  14. Trademark Registration.
  15. Does this violate copyright?
  16. copy a certain calligraphy as the title for our nonprofit movies
  17. The copyright of the background music in an audio book
  18. Trying to submit photos for registration.
  19. Some copyright issues about movie props
  20. Song Title/Lyric
  21. iPhone Game: Conflict of interest with Employer?
  22. Can I copy comics for my newspaper?
  23. Unintentional Infringement
  24. Question about building a replica of a ship from a sci-fi franchise
  25. Trademark for bottle Caps
  26. Startup business - Similar Names?
  27. Advice on manufacturing and selling certain items which are similar to branded items
  28. I need help on name similarities and chance of confusion issues
  29. Youtuber Claims Takedown of his Video is an Act of Fraud
  30. Thumbnail Pictures of Magazine Covers from Publisher on My Website - Legal or Not?
  31. Copyright of generic knowledge/ public domain?
  32. Copyright submission question
  33. Commonlaw tdmk band name established. Want to register. Another party began infring
  34. Copyright Infringement
  35. Copyright and Disney
  36. Use of a Manufacturers name on our webiste
  37. "Leaking" Set Photos
  38. Repackaging and Selling Name Brand Cereal
  39. US Trademark. Same word & same general industry.
  40. Due diligence in name filing
  41. Question about posting to Instagram, Tumblr, etc...
  42. Domain name
  43. Same Words In Company Name
  44. Having a woman who is a Cat
  45. Taking photo with a Action Figure and posting it online
  46. On purchasing and reselling character designs for person use online
  47. Company name has 1 word the same as another company in same industry
  48. I have an idea based on another idea, what do I have to do to steer clear of TM inf
  49. Received DMCA notice from my hosting company through E bay
  50. Can I use Apple emojis for jewelry and t-shirts?
  51. Falsely accused of trademark infringement?
  52. Hiring a copyright solicitor and fair use questions
  53. Trademark Infringement - Competittor May Have Used It First But I Have The Trademark
  54. OT: Malibu Media v John Does in the Southern District of New York
  55. Question about copyright
  56. Movie quotes and dialogues in a software
  57. Copyright Law when It Comes to Fan Arrangements of Popular Songs
  58. Legality of Web Content Integration
  59. Trademark name availability
  60. Using video footage from one video, for another
  61. Re-Editing Movies
  62. Is my TM application in jeopardy?
  63. Trademark infringement for trademark used in domain-name, different product services!
  64. Slogan Trademark - Reach and Importance of wording - Periods (FL, TX/USA)
  65. Trademark - is "selling" on Cafepress/Zazzle/Spreadshirt a service?
  66. Movie title used to describe an invitation
  67. Hired to Film a Live Concert: Sound Guy Wants Release Forms
  68. License Plates & Trademarks
  69. finding the correct servicemark class and identification code(s)
  70. My writing was published without my knowledge
  71. Trademark phrase issues
  72. OT: The saga of Richard Prince
  73. Implied Trademark?
  74. Someone is trying to steal my brand?
  75. World War 2 era copyright
  76. Digital Art Copyright and Reproduction Rights
  77. Trademark Issue - DMCA Notice
  78. I have a guarenteed big money case, come and show me we can win and let's go
  79. Domain Name/ Trademark/Infringement?
  80. It would be ok to use trademark logos in my portfolio
  81. YouTube monetizing/music copyright
  82. Received Cease & Desist for images using Music Artist - advice needed
  83. Selling my own photos on my own web site.
  84. My TV shows name is being used on a local print publication! Do I have any rights?
  85. Legality of Comic Aggregation Website?
  86. Covering a cover version of a public domain song
  87. ceg tek copyright infringement notice, help needed
  88. Is it trademark infringement if I use the same title and topic for a documentary?
  89. Wrong Name of a Creator
  90. Creating Game Based on Movie, Including Using Clips From the Movie
  91. David Son, The University of Kentucky, and 40-0
  92. Can you torrent something if it's no longer available?
  93. Copyright law subpoena
  94. Copyright of exams and related study guides
  95. What are my limits on using federal images?
  96. Legal advice on an ebook
  97. Copyright Ownership of Audio Segment on YouTube
  98. Trademark of a Public University Building Name
  99. Famous quote copyright
  100. New website idea protection
  101. Design Trademark vs Patent Protections
  102. Using brand names in fiction
  103. Music and liteature
  104. Copyright Infringment
  105. Adobe pham & johnson
  106. Business Trademark
  107. Question about business and copyright
  108. Use of iphone/ipad picture on product packages
  109. How strong of a case is this
  110. Question about trademarks
  111. Need to have pictures donated for a cause, but want to make sure I protect myself.
  112. Music from a free video game?
  113. Trademark Registrations / Single or Multiple
  114. Marking/Drawing Code
  115. Is my thinking right on 'Fair Use' clause if I use an image created by someone else?
  116. Can I use a photo of a Goggle image search in a book?
  117. What would be the best way to copyright a work in progress and other short stories?
  118. Can a trademark be implied?
  119. Pictures on clothing
  120. Can I trademark this name?
  121. Use of Imagery
  122. Trademark/Servicemark
  123. Imitating famous logos for small business t shirts
  124. Copyright, Trademark or both ??
  125. Copyright a manuscript still in development?
  126. snickers imitation
  127. Cease and Desist Letter Rcd on a Trademark - But we use it differently.....
  128. Use of Obama audio clip in song??
  129. Email NDA - Type to Sign
  130. Use of Photo from Internet
  131. Trademark Question...
  132. Finding Nemo/Pierrot Le Poisson Clown
  133. Website Idea
  134. Song Demos Question
  135. Copyright infringer doubling down
  136. Need help determining the need for a Copyright, Patent, or Non-Disclosure Agreement??
  137. Trademark Infringement Royalties
  138. limiting copyright material
  139. Being sued over copyright law to another country
  140. Can I duplicate and bring to market a product that was dicsontinued several years ago
  141. What is your advice in such situation?
  142. Light-Saber usage in a South African website logo - copyright/trademark infringement?
  143. Cars in online game
  144. Using Photos on Yelp for my App
  145. Selling Paintings Found At Estate Sale
  146. Trademarked Characters in Literary Content
  147. Photos of my property
  148. Game Design Question
  149. Using Generic Trademarks for same goods and services
  150. Can I sell software or music CD I bought online without breaking copyright law
  151. Copyright Case Terminated/Dismissed with prejudice
  152. Do I need to seek permission?
  153. Multiple people have copyrights of the SAME EXACT sound? I'm in trouble, help
  154. Should I have Copyrighted?
  155. discount lawyer for internet copyright privacy policy and terms cionditions
  156. Copyright Infringement Notice
  157. Copyrighted images for blogs
  158. Violation of the trademark rights of 3M Company
  159. Tabletop Game
  160. Recieved Cease and desist letter today.
  161. I'm looking to start a financial blog / website and not sure I can use the name
  162. Superhero Masks - crafts - copyright
  163. I don't know what my Trademark Acceptable Identification is.
  164. Using NFL/NHL/MLB/NBA Teams' Logos
  165. trademark question
  166. Someone accused me of stolen content, now what?
  167. Selling items created from a pattern
  168. Eiffel Tower copyrighted?
  169. Using Disney characters on a mural
  170. How to reword to avoid likelihood of confusion?
  171. Can I use a cattle brand from the 1800's on a wallet?
  172. Would a pledge on Kickstarter constitute a sale in terms of trademark qualification?
  173. Dead Trademark Question
  174. Is this a trademark violation?
  175. How to copyright a perfomance name?
  176. I want to make a cartoon with a famous animator
  177. Copyright, trademark, patent infringement
  178. What is the copyright status of a reprint of a public domain image?
  179. Blog's Use of a Trademarked Term, What Changes are Necessary to Comply with Request?
  180. Are there any countries without any copyright laws?
  181. Potential Copyright Issue
  182. MCROWLY YOU LOCKED YOUR THREAD: Fair use for services provided
  183. Fair use for services provided
  184. Disney sued over "Frozen"
  185. Company using pictures of my car to sell their product
  186. Rights of a software developer as an independent contractor
  187. Recording of football and publishing on internet - copyright voilation?
  188. Two U.S. Musical Artists; One Name
  189. Quick question - copyrights / trademark
  190. New business opend with exactly the same logo
  191. Book title issue
  192. Presentation created outside of work, but presented at work.
  193. copyright of individual site vs. federal law's dictation of public domain
  194. Where To Look...
  195. Joint Copyright Owner - Attribution?
  196. Scammed Author
  197. Historical Recording; Who has copyright?
  198. Can a contract give copyrights for something made during/with personal time/resources
  199. Use of Landmark names on products
  200. Same surname, different first name?
  201. Can I use a painting from 1562 as the cover art for a novel?
  202. OT: Google successfully defends mark against "generic" claim
  203. Translate copyrighted book from Swedish to English but pay for Swedish version
  204. Apparel conflict for similar names but different industries
  205. Copyright violation in the U.K. for a U.S. company? (copyright not valid in U.S.)
  206. Can I write a trivia book about a movie and/or TV show?
  207. Copyright infringement notice from Comcast. What will happen?
  208. Trademark vidjudge vs video judge
  209. public domain
  210. Can a "prefix" of a slogan be Trademarked?
  211. My LLC just received a C&D for operating website with same name
  212. How far can a "Common Law Trademark" protect you? Help needed.
  213. Free Intellectual Property Casebook
  214. Copyright vs Trademark in Characters in Novels
  215. Most Cost Effective Way To Deal With Cybersquatter
  216. Is listing an item on a eCommerce store trademark infringement? Even if out of stock?
  217. Determining Copyright Infringement
  218. The Legality of Using the Name of a Sporting Event As an App Name
  219. Is it illegal to acquire a website's files without owner's permission?
  220. Transfer of rights of an image
  221. Service Mark and Company Name
  222. why isn't a picture required for the copyright of a visual item
  223. Registration Denied
  224. Trademark Lawsuit about domain name
  225. Using Celebrity Photos on iphone / andriod app
  226. Site with trademark information
  227. OT: Monkey business
  228. Political cartoons in free nonfiction articles for web. Fair use?
  229. Website put up but client failed to pay
  230. User asking for credits for image.
  231. Website domain question
  232. tripwater's "Fun with viral photos ..." thread
  233. Fun with viral photos and videos
  234. Parody and Fair Use- the estate of Roald Dahl
  235. Seeking clerification on Trademarking my website's name, phrase and two logos.
  236. Use of trademark logos in nonfiction book
  237. service mark & domain names
  238. Business Logo Design Question.
  239. Creating a game and want to use Nintendo Themes. Can I?
  240. Violation of Creative Commons license with one's own content
  241. Do I owe (X) persons money for helping me with a book?
  242. Does this infringe on copyright law?
  243. Need help.. Is it legal to use Guitar images with trademarks logos in mobile app
  244. Trademark infringement
  245. Using song previews in a commercial smartphone app
  246. Can I use the world TESLA, or EDISON, as part of my new business name?
  247. Seeking advice about protecting my ideas/IP
  248. Trademark infringement for animal (fish) name question
  249. Use of an unregistered trademark from overseas on promotional items for sale in US?
  250. Trademark in a Business advice