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  1. I have a question for a novel I am writing.
  2. Am I going to be fined/investigated for internet fraud?
  3. Old roommate steals personal belongings with accomplice
  4. Harrasment??
  5. What can we lose ?
  6. Larceny- recovering money
  7. Accused of Petty Theft
  8. False Charges Filed by Neighbor
  9. Father misuses my personal information for tax fraud.
  10. New Car
  11. Helping a co-worker get away from her wrong doings
  12. Rape Case
  13. missed class
  14. what options do I have to deal with this harassment?
  15. Please help
  16. Shoplifting defense
  17. Intentional Property Damage
  18. Harassment
  19. Shoplifting in Ohio
  20. is this a criminal violation? CA
  21. Inappropriate Teacher
  22. scamming an illicit organization
  23. Free the innocent
  24. Free the innocent
  25. Can a defense attorney question a witness outside of court?
  26. Threatened with lawsuit by former employer
  27. Threatened with lawsuit by former employer
  28. Wrongfully incarcerated
  29. Free Inhabitants
  30. [PLEASE HELP] Left Train Pass at Home - Busted for Fare Evasion
  31. Is this theft by deception?
  32. Caught Shoplifting with Friend at Kohls
  33. daughter stole money from us
  34. Apology Statement to the Victim?
  35. Shorthill V State- never ever try to represent yourself
  36. Filing a police report for Theft & Receiving Stolen Property
  37. Citizen's arrest, court, road-raged driver NY
  38. Public indecency ( masterbating in car)
  39. Is this possibly child endangerment?
  40. need advice
  41. Want to file a protective order against the freind of a neighbor
  42. Who owns it?
  43. Disorderly conduct - Should I fight it?
  44. Harassment - 18 PA. Cons. Stat. § 2709 A4
  45. Threatening a witness
  46. Loud/Noisy Party
  47. Company threatens loss of clearance if non-DOD agreement is signed. Can't be legal
  48. Public Urination Guilty Plea by Mail
  49. Being harassed in grocery store?
  50. Legal computer snoop
  51. Scammed and scared
  52. Sub judice contempt
  53. Need help with order of protection and court date
  54. A question about Firearm Prohibition based on Hospital Commital
  55. Citation for minor in possession
  56. Neighbor put up outdoor Cameras to film me - filming my children!
  57. Is this theft?
  58. Neighbors Meth Lab
  59. Sherriffs lost Property of Arrestee
  60. welfare fraud
  61. a.r.d program pa
  62. Is this civil or criminal?
  63. How to calculate lost earnings from a theft?
  64. Lawyer Wanted
  65. theft of services
  66. False Child endanger.
  67. Charged with domestic assault..need advice
  68. should i persue?
  69. Probation officer overstepping making threats
  70. Teen convicted after spending $30K mistakenly deposited into his account
  71. Posting bail? Possibly arrested?
  72. Can I get a Order of Protection? and do I have to meet with that person to get one?
  73. How to anonymously report a FL child modeler who I suspect is grooming his models?
  74. Wrongfully arrested because my friend shoplifted?
  75. What is the legal term for....
  76. Daughter and her ticketed for shoplifting, only her friend stole the item.
  77. What if a minor lied to the police about who gave them alcohol?
  78. Can I get in trouble for vaping in a public space?
  79. Question about discreditation
  80. Heated dispute turns into accused cyberstalking
  81. First offender conviction permanent??
  82. Motion to Revoke Probation - however probation about to be ended
  83. What can be done in this instance of theft?
  84. Domestic Battery - 1st Offense/Misdemeanor
  85. ID Theft victim, now accused of DUI via a summons, very time sensitive.
  86. Crossbow
  87. Citation mail not received
  88. Unpaid property taxes
  89. Charged with Summary Harrassment
  90. Victim of burglary felony: upcoming restitution hearing
  91. Vandalism Incident-Philadelphia, PA
  92. "Class A Misdemeanor" - Endangering the life of child. Left kid unattend in a parked
  93. Subpoena out of country
  94. What determines a Game of Chance?
  95. Circle K employee stole $20 via debit transaction
  96. Viable way to prove Consent?
  97. Sidestepping Food Stamps
  98. Breach of Trust with Intent to Defraud
  99. Breach of peace.
  100. Grounds for objection?
  101. Carrying a handgun on K-12 school property
  102. Doctor comitting fraud?
  103. Theft From My Home by an Employee of a Company
  104. Phone Call from Police
  105. harassment
  106. Criminal damage to vehicle question - Illinois
  107. Blackmail
  108. detective leaves card at mailbox
  109. Unlawful entry into dwelling
  110. Door to Door Littering?
  111. Questions re: sexual battery conviction in OH
  112. should I go to trial or not?
  113. Wage Garnishment for Pedestrian Citation (nearly 7 years old)
  114. USPS Mail Theft
  115. Property Destruction & Restitution
  116. Libel by picture then blackmail
  117. Interpretation of Missouri Weapon Law
  118. Fed Judge issued Bench Warrant but DUI Court Date Next Month
  119. Arrested for Shoplifting in PA, not really guilty.
  120. Financial Aid Fraud
  121. Forged boat title
  122. Should I file Police Report for fraud CC Charge?
  123. Is this fraudulent concealment?
  124. Ignoring a Subpoena
  125. Threaten with a Gun
  126. assault charges
  127. Search Warrant
  128. Open container
  129. aggrivated assault in florida?
  130. felony gun possesion vrginia..please help
  131. 18 year old possession of alcohol underage charge mn
  132. charged with criminal trespassing, need help
  133. Michigan Escort Blackmailed
  134. North Carolina expungement-who can see it
  135. Theft and destruction of property of exes things in joint home
  136. Wisconsin Disorderly Conduct and Destruction of Property laws
  137. Getting reimbursed more than once for the same expenses
  138. My fiancé is being charged with domestic violence against me
  139. Can I sue for Identity Fraud or Breach of Privacy?
  140. Loans on vehicles no title needed false ads and stolen vehicle
  141. Assault charge
  142. Incorrect information on rap sheet
  143. Expunging felonies
  144. when is it legal to use self defense and how much is allowed?
  145. Interfering with Agency Functions
  146. M1 charge going to trial
  147. Falsely Accused of Robbery by Home Depot Assset Protection worker Part 1
  148. possible harrasment
  149. Set aside court disposition...how long till I can buy a gun
  150. Fraud related to a Power of Attorney (PoA) executed in the state of California
  151. Publishing Inmate's Stories
  152. Recording phone calls.
  153. Public Misconduct
  154. CT Statute of Limitations on Rape of a Minor
  155. Harassment and slander
  156. Internet Harassment
  157. Bank Fraud
  158. Probation question
  159. Ex-Sex Offender biases seems to be illogical and lacking in Critical Thinking
  160. Falsely accused of Renting and stealing that vehicle
  161. A Return to Black-and-White Stripes
  162. Will a informant have to appear in court.
  163. MIP Citation Michigan
  164. FBI arrest
  165. 22 Counts of Embezzlement
  166. Grand Jury sending felony to misdemeanor court?
  167. Open Container in CDA ID
  168. Statute of Limitations
  169. Simple Battery
  170. Medical Marijuana and firearms
  171. Accused of car vandalism - is there a case?
  172. identity theft
  173. Stalking Laws...Where to From Here?
  174. I am being investigated for impersonating an officer.
  175. wife opening bank accounts in my name and threatening to send videos to girlfriend..
  176. Purchased some groceries at a local grocery ship - Lost the receipt - please help
  177. Expungment/Dismissal of Records and Fingerprinting for a job
  178. Unemployment insurance and independent contractor work, unreported to EDD
  179. Statute of Limitations
  180. Food stamp fraud/trafficking?
  181. NYC- Disobeying park sign 1-03 c2
  182. Relative claims to be me in car accident report
  183. 18yr Old Son facing Possession of Pornography Involving Juveniles
  184. Alleged Criminal Damage to Vehicle
  185. false report to police
  186. Getting internet service in a rooming house in my name
  187. Can Federal Civil Rule 11 be used to compel action in a Federal Criminal case?
  188. boy burns house deliberately / mother opens donations account
  189. Being Accused of forcefully kissing a minor
  190. Problems with my ex....
  191. Harassment reports via social media
  192. Wire Fraud
  193. Colorado - failure to report a cashier error (receiving item for free)
  194. NY Court of Appeals Decision
  195. Received NSF check for loan
  196. Question about account deletion
  197. Restraining Order
  198. Shoplifting and F-1 visa
  199. Shoplifting from Walmart
  200. Release from Federal Prison? Petition the Judge?
  201. Recording conversations without consent
  202. Elder abuse/ theft from supposed friends NC
  203. Require Letter of Non-Prosecution?
  204. I think my aunt is responsible for my disabled mother's missing savings. Need help.
  205. Expungement Options.... (Hawaii) Please help..
  206. A person throws an object at the other person. Harassment or disorderly conduct?
  207. Denaturalisation Abroad and Travel with an Invalid Pass
  208. 911 non-emergency
  210. Unauthorized access to business email
  211. Minor in Possession Questions (In need of detailed responses!)
  212. Minor in Consumption
  213. Help Park after dusk
  214. Getting sued buy a guy who bought my car after it had been stolen.
  215. legality removing firearms from residence of someone with ptsd
  216. Do I have to pay damages to someone if i was only a witness to the crime?
  217. Can Shoplifters Get Charged After They're Allowed to Leave the Store
  218. Contesting Traffic Ticket-Driving in Carpool lane with one person
  219. Forgery
  220. Accused of Theft,not charged. Pawned items for friend (who stole from his wife)
  221. Possibly Incoming Lawsuit, Does He Have A Case?
  222. How will this affect my life?..
  223. Ohio beats MA
  224. It's legal to take pictures up a woman's skirt in MA
  225. cannot find local law, employer blackmailing me
  226. Help a noob please? Petty Larceny.
  227. Unreported wages while receiving unemployment
  228. Is it legal to secretly record a phone call conversation?
  229. Legality of non-consensual distribution of naked pictures?
  230. Not sure where to post...animal transport law
  231. Canada, accessory after the fact.
  232. URGENT advice needed.
  233. Victim of Assault
  234. skipped jury duty then received non compliance letter
  235. Sexual blackmail on Facebook
  236. Class 1 Misdemeanor Larceny
  237. incarceration
  238. Charged with 2nd degree Burglary(Didn't do it)
  239. how do i get my tools back from old employer who wont return them
  240. I'm a Possible Sex Offender? But Please Hear me out and Give Advice!
  241. can i use a wanted persons ssn# to find their location?
  242. Avoiding Wildlife Checkstation.. No info at court?
  243. Avoiding Wildlife Checkstation.. No info at court?
  244. Caught Collecting Unemployment While Still Earning an Income
  245. Spectator Behavior at Youth Sporting Event
  246. Urgent help for a charge of harboring a minor!
  247. Employment question regarding record discloser
  248. My poor Uncle
  249. Do I need to pay the settlement to Palmer, Reifler, & Assoicates, P.A?
  250. Framed for Theft