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  1. houseplans
  2. Missing 2 feet for build permits
  3. foundation repairs: five star foundation
  4. Contractor hits me with $9500 change order -
  5. Contractor Screwd Me
  6. builder has not done upgrades i paid for
  7. question for Florida law
  8. What should we do?
  9. Builder sends bill after closing
  10. Contractor Did Not Complete Work
  11. Mechanics Leins
  12. Ryland placed house wrong, please help
  13. HopeSomeoneCanHelp
  14. roofing disaster-- lein filed
  15. Builder failed local codes 2X
  16. Contractor Did Not Pay Subcontractor
  17. Is a builder an employee or independent contractor?
  18. Loss of use of balcony
  19. Builder demanded final payment before work completed
  20. Damaged Shower Tub
  21. help w/ mechanic's lein
  22. New House Woes
  23. builder/boundary problem
  24. realtor and builder from hell
  25. Same house being built next to ours
  26. Contractor from Hell
  27. Builder didn't position house right on cul-de-sac
  28. Fired builder threatening lien
  29. Builder threatening to void contract
  30. Wall between me and my neighbor
  31. Garage Conversion/Fight with City
  32. Found Pest/Dry Rot Infestation after Purchase of home
  33. Contractor has not completed work but wants final payment
  34. Notice to commence suit
  35. Buyer is coming back
  36. Construction is over budget and with surprise items
  37. Breach of contract?
  38. Builder is 8 months behind completion
  39. Actual Physical Improvement to Real Property
  40. EPA and unauthorized use of land by builder
  41. 4 yr old Leach Field in Failure
  42. Backing out of new construction?
  43. My neighbor's pond keeps me all wet!
  44. My garage is sinking
  45. Natural drainage
  46. Temporary toilet blocking my driveway
  47. How log after contr. is paid does he have to pay subs?
  48. shotty work
  49. How can I find out the builder's name?
  50. Mechanics Lien on New home in Lake County, IL
  51. Wrong windows installed; how to handle with contractor?
  52. Additional building charges
  53. keeping investors away from the new housing
  54. Condo retaining wall falling in my yard again
  55. How long must a builder keep plans???
  56. Unethical Builder Real Estate Agent?
  57. New building going to block my view
  58. subordination for a developer
  59. had by contractor/seller
  60. First Time Home Buyer/Under Construction
  61. Different shades of Concrete
  62. Air Conditioner Condensor Placement
  63. New Renovation with Plumbing Problems
  64. Finished basement without permits
  65. Statute of Limitations/Breach of Contract
  66. Builder says I was overpaid for a settlement...wants money back
  67. driveway repair - who is responsible?
  68. Who's in Default on the Lease?
  69. breach of contract
  70. Disputing Mechanic's Lien in Texas
  71. Window replacement/mortgage lien
  72. Original closing very delayed
  73. Uneven 2nd Floor
  74. Trying to get back my deposit
  75. Can I get back my $1500 Ernest money
  76. septic system problems
  77. issues in closing
  78. Builder keeps postponing closing of condo.
  79. builder on an end loan not allowing buyers to change mortgage companies
  80. Ryland Misleads us, now wants to force us to buy a house that has not been started.
  81. Masterbuilders Canada Masterbuilders Usa Curtis Malinowski
  82. Unexpected change order
  83. Did my builder misrepresent the property?
  84. Can builder keep deposit?
  85. Hiring a contractor w/out Liability/Workers comp insurance
  86. inspectors corrupt
  87. Deposit refund ?
  88. Concrete Driveway
  89. lien rights in california
  90. Warranty issue
  91. Buying a home with Class Action pending
  92. How to collect for Services not Rendered?
  93. Room addition problem
  94. fence built over easement
  95. Can someone explain breach vs material breach of contract?
  96. Old story-lien threat
  97. New Home Hell
  98. Problem with roof, and roofing contractor
  99. Renovation Drawings
  100. Getting out of builder contract
  101. Contractor will not finish work and how to remove a lien
  102. Plumber broke pipe using snake.
  103. preventing problems with a builder
  104. Please Help
  105. New Home building not moving along
  106. New roof of 80yr man leaking. Help.
  107. Original Building Permits Missing
  108. Claim for Monies owed
  109. Statute of limitations
  110. House built on wrong spot
  111. help with legal advice
  112. Lien threat
  113. Is the contractor responsible and to what extent?
  114. Must the contractor replace dropped door?
  115. Conned by a contractor
  116. Another roofing problem/question
  117. Roof Repair Guarantee Transferable??
  118. New House..Big Problems
  119. Mechanic's Lien
  120. Ready for Court, how strong is my case?
  121. Case Management Conference
  122. Bankrupt business
  123. Trespassing? Violating lawyers' orders????
  124. did landscaping with no permits
  125. old tenant/ new owner
  126. Any ideas on our construction nightmare?
  127. Hidden Roof Problems
  128. Our home is a disaster
  129. Efficiency
  131. florida lien dismissed d/t no response d/t no service of motion
  132. State License
  133. Renovation warrenty or not?
  134. about 4 to 6 months
  135. Zoning prohibits septic system.Can we use grandfather clause?
  136. Bill of Particulars
  137. Water Damage / Pipe Burst
  138. water damage by home builder
  139. Lien Waivers
  140. Disputing A Mechanics Lien
  141. Homeowner Finished Job With My Material
  142. Waiver of Lien
  143. Bad Siding Job
  144. material co. put lein on my house
  145. Contractor Left Job
  146. Need a garage
  147. Taxes on selling home under construction
  148. Jury trial vs. Mediation
  149. GC took unauthorized photos of our home
  150. GC Bill - are we liable?
  151. Porch Predicament for President
  152. Home Builders
  153. Discovery Requests
  154. Converting/Living in Commercial Zoned Area
  155. Contractor threatening to sue
  156. Under Duress
  157. Construction Delays
  158. Waiver and Release Form
  159. water damage
  160. contractor's "right to lien" notice
  161. Florida Mechanic's Lien
  162. Denied Sewage Disposal System Permit
  163. Mechanic's Lien Questions - CA
  164. Accord and Satisfaction Home Improvement Dispute
  165. can they do this?
  166. Contract Non-Performace
  167. Texas - lien without a contract
  168. Addition built without a contract- my rights?
  169. Builder never processed order
  170. Ground Water Flooding From Lack of Pipes
  171. Contractor holding us hostage...
  172. Homeowner's Association Rules and Regulations
  173. construction workers and pets
  174. Randomly selected Overruns on Contract?
  175. contract void due to fraud?
  176. Fabricated Invoices
  177. verbal contract
  178. Neighbor's Contractor Damaged Our Property
  179. Threats to put a lien on my property
  180. Lien for drywall and painting repairs for apt. complexes
  181. question on JCT98
  182. Deadbeat Builder
  183. Handicap unit ..can it be altered ?? urgent
  184. Oregon Title Issue
  185. Lien in Illinois
  186. contractor scam
  187. Upgrade Price List
  188. physical threat from contractor
  189. Increased charges during construction project
  190. Limited Common Element - Safety Hazard
  191. Florida Lien Law
  192. mechanic's lien in illinois
  193. They decided to claim the breach :)
  194. worse contruction
  195. Addition: Breach and Remedy?
  196. Addition: Do I have a contract?
  197. Mechanics lien/mortgage availability
  198. Developer Class Action Suit
  199. Builder non compliance
  200. Contractor/Sub-Contractor. Who's liable?
  201. My parents need help!!
  202. Contractor dispute for excess charges not authorized
  203. home construction
  204. Shady use of lot premium?
  205. Builder refuses to redo cracked foundation
  206. Contractor not performing! My options?
  207. New Roof Breach Of Contract
  208. Construction Question - Condo Assc
  209. Roofer problems
  210. Home Builder Lawsuit
  211. Home construction/renovation
  212. End contract before completed
  213. Firing contractor for not getting permits, not paying subs
  214. Mechanic's Lein with a Twist
  215. Roof question
  216. Lot Grading
  217. to sand or not to sand???
  218. Want to sue Plumber
  219. Home Construction Defect Problem
  220. Sub Lien w/out Notice/General Lien w/out sworn statement
  221. Escrow Rights
  222. Planned addition is too close to property line
  223. roof leak after 3 hurricanes
  224. permits and CO
  225. Builder forgot to include roofing labor
  226. Construction defect and statute of limitations
  227. charged for fill w/o notification
  228. Contractor Breached Contract!!!No Permits!
  229. Client refuses to pay
  230. How to remove a lien in Illinois?
  231. Major roof leaks in 5 year old home
  232. Patio resurfacing
  233. contract price, contestable?
  234. Roofer did not pay for materials - lien
  235. Easement Concession
  236. Last Payment
  237. Re: #$@&+*&%$ New Concrete Driveway
  238. Check Cashed**************No Permit!
  239. roof repairs post hurricane charley
  240. Can I Get Deposit Back
  241. Do I need to sue?
  242. HOA & performance bond
  243. Contractor took over a year to finish...
  244. Contractor Lien
  245. construction delays
  246. Lien or law suit?
  247. Do we need permits?
  248. Waiver & Release of Libability for Roof
  249. suing unlicensed contractor
  250. Trying to get refund from handyman