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  1. Being Stonewalled by prominent new home builder
  2. Lemon Law for a Home?
  3. Contractor @##$??!$
  4. Excavator Issues
  5. what if false license # used by contractor?
  6. Builder doesn't want to share sub invoices
  7. Contractor & Lender
  8. Please bear yourselfs to what you will read...
  9. Demolition of an attached garage
  10. Erroneous Mechanics Lien
  11. Landscaping no written contract
  12. Help!!! No written contract
  13. 6 months of hardships with new condo
  14. delay by builder to start new home
  15. Unlicensed Contractor gone wild!
  16. He took my money and walked out
  17. foundation / pier hell
  18. appraisal without flooring
  19. Roofing Contract?
  20. Who's Responsible For Water Intusion/Damage?
  21. Laminate wood floor installation
  22. building without permit liability
  23. remodel question
  24. GC takes 1 yr for heated flr - Recourse ?
  25. purple haze
  26. Neighbour's Driveway Damaged
  27. new home disaster
  28. Pillar Mess
  29. I want to fire my roofer?
  30. the 70 percent law
  31. Roofer breach on contract
  32. Drywall Contractor AWOL???
  33. Oops the builder forgot to add a bill to Loan?
  34. warranty expires-but problem not fixed
  35. Encroachment Issue - Neighbor is Acceptable
  36. Sheesh! Roofer headache.
  37. Encroachment on Sewer easement
  38. Wondering next steps with shady contractor...
  39. Force Majeure delay
  40. shady realtor
  41. Bob 008
  42. Asking for more money after job has started
  43. HomeGuru - member me? I need help again!
  44. Construction nightmare
  45. Spalling contract nightmare
  46. Handyman troubles
  47. Electrical Contractor Trouble
  48. Owner/Builder as GC - contracts
  49. Plumber doesn't do the job and files a lien when homeowner refuses to pay
  50. Our city is ordering us to apply for a permit. Is this legal?
  51. Poor builder quality ~mold in attic~
  52. Drainage Easement Flooding My Property
  53. foundations off
  54. Can contractor sub entire job?
  55. Builder's mistake; can they change the price at this point?
  56. Problems with roofing contractor
  57. Problems with roofing contractor
  58. 78.7 k contract cancelled
  59. Arbitration case
  60. Owner needing Appointment during Construction
  61. NC - Preferred Lender Incentives... "Preferred Agent" at lender?
  62. Shady Customer
  63. Contractor trying to charge more
  64. Motion for Reconsideration
  65. Breach of contract question
  66. Contract Breach??
  67. Contractor from HELL!!
  68. Home Builder Issue
  69. Unauthorized dumping
  70. Construction Noise
  71. CA New Home Defect
  72. Contractor wants to charge more
  73. Extra for removing Asbestos
  74. Can a lien be placed on my home?
  75. House buried in my back yard (South Carolina)
  76. Hardwood Flooring&Lien it, looking for verbage help
  77. Contractor want finish job
  78. Extra for Removing Asbestos
  79. 3 month remodeling project delay and incompletion
  80. Basement leakage and Builder neglect
  81. Can builder legally restrict sale of home?
  82. Poor drainage any Recourse?
  83. Extra Charges for Construction
  84. updating recorded leins
  85. Roofing contractor disappeared
  86. Wall Collapsed
  87. General contractors recovery fund
  88. sued because if lien
  89. Mechanics Lien
  90. Customer wants money back-MD
  91. Landlord and Tenat law
  92. Defective HVAC - How Long Do I Have to Let Developer Try to Resolve?
  93. Contractor did not complete job
  94. Builder Damage To Lawn
  95. REALLY need help...
  96. Contractor did not complete job Asandoned Tractor on my property 3 years ago.
  97. ADA requirements
  98. Contractor did not complete job Asandoned Tractor on my property 3 years ago.
  99. Trouble with Contractor
  100. Builder Took The Money and Ran
  101. Swimming Pool Contractor failure to deliver services
  102. Payment with no written contract
  103. construction problems/ garage pulling away from house
  104. unlicensed contractor
  105. Should I pay?
  106. Don't know what to do...
  107. i own the land,son owns the mobile home
  108. Selling commerical building
  109. Suing Builder, Help Pl. ASAP
  110. property tax
  111. Change of "plans"
  112. contarctor threatens to place a lian on my home
  113. Contractor Not Keeping his end of the contract..Help!!
  114. Property Rights: Ownership Rights versus Right to Rental Incorme
  115. General Contractor & My Electricity
  116. Property - Law of Tort Q1
  117. A/C Unit Freezing up
  118. Verbal Aggreement and breached contract
  119. Contracter-sub Standard Work
  120. Contractor Refuses to fix and Complete my house!
  121. Getting deposit back from builder
  122. reduced business due to prolonged road construction
  123. House not finished way past estimated due date
  124. Dispute with Roofing Contractor
  125. Dept of Labor fined me $1K RCW18.27.200
  126. Negligence or Fraud
  127. Can the Bank be held responsible for releasing funds - without inspection?
  128. Prime building contract
  129. who is responsible
  130. homeowner refuses to pay
  131. agreement to build issue on pre-construct whats my options please?
  132. Can another company put a lien on our home?
  133. Lifetime Foundation Repair Warranty, Company out of business
  134. How can I get my home builder to repair my home?
  135. Suing Builder
  136. Is a subsoil drain system required?
  137. counter suit?
  138. My House Was Damaged By a Contractor
  139. Builder Says ..not Enough To Finish
  140. Fired from a tiling job - who's responsible?
  141. Can my contractor put a lien on my apt?
  142. Termination of Purchase Agreement
  143. Need Help Writing a Contract (PLEASE)
  144. Builder went belly up, now I'm left with the liens he didn't pay!
  145. Dead trees
  146. warranty on septic system
  147. Cancel an Addition Contract
  148. how can I protect my property before they damage it?
  149. final lien release
  150. Construction loan question
  151. Protect self prior to hiring landscaper?
  152. Addition and contractor problems in Michigan
  153. Issues with Builder
  154. garage partially converted without permit
  155. Outlot - multiple owners?
  156. Flood zone
  157. Is there a valid claim here?
  158. problem with new construction in nevada
  159. New Construction Breach Of Contract
  160. Burnt on Roof
  161. Can a lien "hurt" me?
  162. Construction Liens
  163. Indiana Zoning Laws / zone variance
  164. Contractor dispute- MASSACHUSETTS
  165. Contractor dispute- MASSACHUSETTS
  166. Small Claims question
  167. Lot owned by individual
  168. Drainage problem in new development
  169. Facing a lien
  170. Stopping construction loan
  171. Builder's Warranty question
  172. personal belongings
  173. General Contractor - WA.
  174. New Construction Warranty
  175. Contractor problems
  176. Verbal Contract?
  177. Contractor did a horrible job...what can I do?
  178. CA Construction Contract ?
  179. Is Cable co. box a trade fixture if not resident
  180. renovating...tenant abandons?
  181. Problems w/ the Contractor - How to deal ?
  182. Contractor trying to get paid. Help!
  183. House Color
  184. New Home Construction Warranty
  185. New Construction - Buyers rights before closing
  186. Problems with builder
  187. Incomplete Sodding Issue
  188. Jeckel & Hide Contractor
  189. Builder Liability for poor workmanship
  190. Shed violates unenforced PD
  191. Arizona : New Construction Deposit
  192. Major Structural Defects on brand new house
  193. Builder taking out sidewalk, Ca.
  194. Home warranty
  195. My rights to sue roofing and siding contractor
  196. Contractor Stopped Work - Doesn't return calls
  197. Deconstruction of home w/out City's Final prroval of Plans
  198. Zoning Variance after being issued Certificate of Occupancy
  199. Construction not matching floor plan
  200. Florida Construction Lien Law
  201. Contractor sending bill collectors for work not performed
  202. making roofer finish job per code
  203. Billing Homeowners for contractors mistake
  204. How to put a lien on a house?
  205. Deed to new house
  206. Pre-Constrction Time Frame
  207. suzanne
  208. Sub contractors damage-who pays?
  209. Contractor question and draw
  210. Fired from a Painting Job
  211. Brand New Home Poorly Constructed, What to Do
  212. new home construction
  213. The pit in our front yard...
  214. Plumbing oversight
  215. Customer will not pay
  216. Property Lien???
  217. Floor plan question
  218. help needed! New home not complete since April
  219. Legal contract?
  220. contractor does not meet time deadline
  221. change orders
  222. Responsibility of a Permit
  223. Contractor giving hard time
  224. contractor fired due to breach of contract
  225. Duplex has thin walls
  226. Basement Flood
  227. New Home Warranty And Its Execution
  228. Building defects (Is there Quality Control?)
  229. Builder's Defect
  230. breaking a lease if student is dismissed from college
  231. unfinished house with inflated price
  232. After 5 months Builder says no more warranty
  233. cancel HVAC contract before work begins
  234. Poor quality workmanship
  235. Poor quality workmanship
  236. Natural Gas Leak in my new home
  237. working in crawl spaces
  238. County won't sign off on Occupancy Permit
  239. Contractor Did not Finish Work
  240. contractor escaped
  241. Water entering Garage on new home
  242. Electrical Work
  243. single or double family home
  244. Contractor's lien
  245. Bad installation of heat pump
  246. Substandard Kitchen Remodel
  247. siding
  248. Pool Still Not Finished after 2 Years
  249. Suing unlicensed draftsman
  250. Faulty Construction