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  1. my case in unlimited division los angeles superior court
  2. Intimidation
  3. Being harassed by trespessers
  4. Tbuff and his kid
  5. Having trouble understanding a court response to a request to set aside a settlement.
  6. High school teacher destroyed an item belonging to my son .
  7. Neighbor trespassed and cause intentional damage to property
  8. Do I have a case for emotional damages and defamation?
  9. Does a civil conspiracy make liability for incidentals during the fraudulent acts?
  10. Does an insured have a cause of action against medical provider for insurance fraud?
  11. Harassing neighbor, property destruction, false complaint to code inforcement
  12. Cease & Desist on Event? Verbal Agreement broken
  13. I'm being sued...now what?
  14. Real Estate lawsuit and judgement liability in TX
  15. Petty but ongoing public problem affecting my business-- I want to file a complaint
  16. Do I have a case?
  17. Is it legal to draw with chalk on sidewalks?
  18. Car towed from condominium, car registered there, owner not notified
  19. For momyof2
  20. Air duct cleaning company illegally searches my closet and takes pictures...
  21. supplemental initial disclosure
  22. My employer refuses to pay my severance
  23. school allowed someone else to sign a permission slip
  24. Estimating the Costs of Civil Litigation
  25. having a issue looking for some help
  26. affirmative defenses for an unlawful detainer
  27. Need Help with Procedure Please!
  28. Motion to set aside granted, what happens with fee request not orally discussed?
  29. proper service of documents
  30. Does moving to another state bar me from represent myself in the federal court?
  31. Can I sue for harassment
  32. Any legal recourse to get money back from parents?
  33. Party allowed to give objections after order to compel to produce documents?
  34. Motion for default judgment/motion to set aside happening on same day or a week apart
  35. feels like discrimination?
  36. Can I Possibly Sue 3rd Party Not Directly Contracted With?
  37. Which statement will be considered true/genuine
  38. How do I ask for discovery items?
  39. Who do I show that I've satisfied a judges ruling?
  40. I Just Discovered A Hidden Camera
  41. Defamation in IRC
  42. FRCP deadlines
  43. Restraining order
  44. This may be a complicated one
  45. Emergency Order Of Protection question?
  46. Rights for a Cab Driver
  47. Law Enforcement released my sealed records to employer
  48. Defamation of character by husband's ex-wife
  49. Regarding Requests for Admissions
  50. What kind of lawyer will help me sue my school?
  51. Love interest has my belongings
  52. Appealing and Probation
  53. which affirmative defense?
  54. Can we ignore opposing attorney's requests since the lawsuit hasn't been filed?
  55. Possible Fraud?
  56. Ferret custody.....
  57. Filing an "answer" for more than one respondent.
  58. Plaintiff exposure in bringing suit against non-profit Board of Directors
  59. Does cashing a payment from a defendant automatically enter me into a payment plan?
  60. Can you sue for right to speak to someone?
  61. Purchased Motorhome - Months Later Reported Stolen - TEXAS/MISSISSIPPI
  62. Retrieving Personal Belongings from Parents - 24 yrs old
  63. Lease Renewal
  64. piratecy
  65. Medical Bills
  66. Default judgement-not served and no notice
  67. My Mother Is Threatening to Sue Me...Can she?
  68. Ex-Roommate Problems
  69. Take a full statement of the client and a paralegal's duty
  70. Do I have a case against Google Maps?
  71. Statute of Limitations
  72. Not Fair - paid more then our share of a joint and several order
  73. Status Conference Decisions
  74. Questionable Retainer Agreement from Law Firm in Class Action Lawsuit
  75. Breach of Contract-Next Steps for Litigation?
  76. Claim damage against Govt or Contractor ? Limitations ?
  77. Post Judgment Interrogatories------why now?
  78. Demand for Restitution
  79. A friend lost my necklace
  80. Difference between Private Nuisance, Public Nuisance and Negligence
  81. Help with Demurrer, Writ of Possession question. Bond and Declatory Relief?????
  82. (UK Law) Solicitor Submitted Fabricated Witness Statement from False Witness
  83. Seek Delaware Contingency Attorney for Indemnity Case
  84. Deadbeats
  85. Insane ex appealing small claims decision, handling that + possible restraining order
  86. details re filing complaint - Los Angeles Superior Ct - Unlimited Division
  87. Court rules, time allowed from filing to hearing date? California
  88. Civil suit being filed against former roommate and I
  89. Nolle Prosequi in the State of Conneticut
  90. Need advice on being threatened with civil action
  91. Does Res Adjudicata Apply in Sex Offender Law?
  92. filing a complaint in california superior court limited division
  93. Choked on plastic in my food
  94. Extreemly Exposed on the Web by a Govt Agency
  95. Question about proper service--
  96. Need Help with Pro Se answer
  97. Procedure for Filing an Amended Complaint in Federal District Court
  98. Being threatened with litigation
  99. Do I have a case against Delta in this scenario?
  100. Is a Defaulted Defendent's Declaration admissable/arguable?
  101. Suing a "business", know business and owner name, unknown business form
  102. Summons Service
  103. Commercial Credit Transaction - Repossession - Ohio/Massachusetts
  104. CCP 1542 in laymans terms please?
  105. Does Res Judicata apply in civil actions against a criminal complaint?
  106. Discovery of Assets against Private Party - Can I request a Continuance? More ques.
  107. Proof of Service via Facebook
  108. Employment Contract advice needed
  109. Fraud upon the court and by the court.
  110. Contaminated water in Camp Lejuene N.C.
  111. Collect money after judgment
  112. copy of recordings
  113. My attorney and the court donít seem to be in Sync!
  114. Woman sues for wrongful pregnancy affter tubal ligation fails
  115. Transportation of alcohol by a minor
  116. Can I respond in disagreement to a Proposed Order for ReClassification, Leave to ....
  117. Statute of Limitations on Civil Judgments
  118. Suing an out of state Corporation
  119. Send money order payable to Credit Card company or Law Office?
  120. How to find a company Federal Taxpayer ID number (FEI/EIN/FEIN number)
  121. Subscriber Privacy Violation
  122. Joint and Several Liability
  123. Finding an attorney
  124. Finding a Court Case
  125. Easy Breach of Contract... Adoption related. Please help.
  126. Good Samaritan served with Restraining Order
  127. Ford Credit suing
  128. CA - Vehicle Co-ownership issue, co-owner abandoned interest won't release interest
  129. Have I Opened the Door to Litigation?
  130. how do I file a civil abatement case?
  131. Domestic violence case against NRI (us citizen)
  132. Being sued by debt collector and have no way of paying a judgment even they get one.
  133. Can We Get any Additional Depositions if We Change Lawyers? (CT)
  134. malpractice after substitution of attorney
  135. question about privacy rights
  136. Received a summons for a car repossessed over 4 years ago
  137. Serving a Subpoena
  138. How do I find out if someone is licensed to practice in Puerto Rico
  139. Attorney asking for more money suddenly
  140. subpoena phone records
  141. Please Help: Former Boyfriend Won't Return Property.
  142. Recording phone calls: Georgia and FCC
  143. Can the criminal who broke into my home and vandalized and plea to the charges sue me
  144. class action representation
  145. Brief - citing something with parallel reasoning but different underlying issues
  146. Is class action certification under 23(b)(2) consistent with punitive damages
  147. Need advice on jewelry theft
  148. Pro Per: Issues With Court and Incompetency
  149. Wont return Vehicle
  150. Clerk Failed to Ensure and Party Was Served With Notice of Court Costs
  151. Wrongful Shoplifting Charge
  152. Removing Supportive Character Reference Statements from Defendant's File
  153. Judgment Enforcement or Recovery
  154. biological mother forced to sign consent for minor kids to travel int'l w/ stranger
  155. Liability and the law.
  156. Sexual harassment charges
  157. Trial judge's reaction to filing interlocutory appeal (on an order, not disposition)
  158. Unjust Citation Distribution
  159. Harassment?
  160. Citation and Temporary Civil Protection Order served against me and advice
  161. Arbitration Public Details
  162. ADA Discrimination Question
  163. Default Judgment
  164. Expert?
  165. Citation to discover Assets/Third Party
  166. Money Forfeiture
  167. Carrying out foreign judgement
  168. Private Seller of Cars Vs. Dealer
  169. declaratory relief judgement
  170. Alien Tort in USA
  171. I have questions on appealing a texting while driving ticket
  172. How long does it take to register a foreign judgment from another state?
  173. Joint Tenants With Rights of Surviviorship - TN - question on accessing home
  174. Service of Process in Eviction Hearing
  175. Is silence agreement?
  176. Amended Answer
  177. Can be a member of the board of directors be sued for not controlling CEO and others?
  178. Law regarding political protest.
  179. Gas Company programmed meter wrong and charged me entire difference. $60,000.00
  180. Who Pays For The Damages?
  181. Google subpoenaed for my information
  182. illegal eviction by girlfriend. What do I do?
  183. Small Claim Case-Received Notice of Appeal 1 1/2 years later
  184. Party that performed service unavailable to sign affidavit
  185. courtesy visit to courthouse
  186. Middle school malicious prosecution?
  187. unpaid settlement
  188. companies
  189. Someone using your image without permission in something they are profiting from.
  190. State case dismissed with prejudice. Can they file same case in Fed Court?
  191. Civil Suit Questions and advice needed. Chinese drywall issue
  192. Need Help Please
  193. Contract Litigation - Fraud
  194. To RogerR aka johndoh aka a whole lot of other names
  195. Help with response to Summons in a Civil Action (copyright infringement)
  196. Someone using an embarrassing photo of me publicly.
  197. Can I file a Lawsuit against an Airline for wages lost?
  198. Assault and racial favoritism against an student from India
  199. Signing for Certified letter from lawyer
  200. Question about scheduling after Amended Complaint
  201. Followed and blocked in with a car.
  202. Can Pro Se Litigant Serve Legal Papers Upon Opposing Party to the Case?
  203. Motion to file for Garnishment with Pokagon Band of Potawatomi Indians
  204. How to respond to a Cease & Desist? Or is no response the best response?
  205. HOA Foreclosure Dilemma
  206. Breach of Contract
  207. question re: damage to property between roommates
  208. Who is responsible for correcting my father's headstone?
  209. No notification of hearing
  210. Reading-the-Law Programs
  211. Civil Motion, Contempt of Court
  212. Follow-On Class Action to an Individual Suit = Double Jeopardy?
  213. Important Question: Attorney's Fees
  214. Trying to get my truck back
  215. Warrant in Debt - Do I have a case?
  216. Procedural Question - Continuances
  217. Security for Costs
  218. Is it typical for a judge to threaten to fine the victim if new charges are filed?
  219. The Most Complex Question ever! No attorney can seem to answer this - HELP!!
  220. Why are jury duty summonses sent if no jurors are needed?
  221. Should I sue police department?
  222. How long before I can't just MAKE them leave?
  223. What paperwork to file to get a court order to ammend a marriage certificate?
  224. Conspiracy Suit?
  225. Parents Being Sued - Need Help!
  226. Vermont Civil Procedure
  227. Name change for minor - KY
  228. $ for loss of documents?
  229. Motion to disqualify a judge
  230. Propane Supplier Abandoned Tank
  231. Restraining orders=confused
  232. Misled by community college.
  233. I have a question?
  234. THread test
  235. Mistreated by the law, do I have a case?
  236. Notice of Temporary Change of Address
  237. Do I have grounds for a lawsuit? Pittsburgh, PA
  238. Letter from the dean at my school
  239. Personal service of documents on attorney
  240. Studying abroad: continuance? stay of proceedings?
  241. Florida Family denied Justice in a murder
  242. Civil Pre-enforcement challenge of criminal statute
  243. Being sued for slander by ex...
  244. Is the man responsible to share in a woman's pregnancy medical bills?
  245. Won a full scholarship to study abroad! ..but lingering civil suit!
  246. Being scammed with a fake contract!!
  247. Pr-enforcement challenge of criminal statute
  248. Service of Process Requirements
  249. invasion of privacy and watching by neighbor
  250. Wrong name on Civil Summons