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  1. School 'Code of Conduct'
  2. Feeling Helpless.. Left without a degree. Feel wronged and something's unlawful
  3. Can I be denied my request for unsubsidized Direct Loan?
  4. college advisor giving wrong advice
  5. School gives wrong graduation date to Sallie Mae,
  6. Unable to Graduate?
  7. High School Diploma for International Students!
  8. Possible FERPA violation?
  9. Special ed and accelerated classes.
  10. Truancy is PA
  11. Do I have to be a U.S. Citizen to enroll a Non-academic/after regular school School?
  12. Professor lost my final exam and is now blaming me
  13. Can I drop out?
  14. Student Loan Debt, Bankrupty or other options?
  15. Direct Loans and Foreign Medical School
  16. Son Expelled from School
  17. High school diploma in hand - Transcript states not enough credits did not graduate
  18. Degree granting legitimacy of Non accredited / Non licensed universities
  19. Did my school do something legally wrong?
  20. Teacher instructing our 1st Grader to complete other students school work
  21. Teacher instructing our 1st Grader to complete other students school work
  22. Can I sue for negleletion of my disability accommodations?
  23. Can a school deny financial aid if the government okays it?
  24. The principal stole my phone
  25. Do I have a case against my former college?
  26. School failing me due to negligence on instructor's part
  27. my med-school is harassing me
  28. School withdrew me without my permission
  29. School not providing me with required government form
  30. Car Search
  31. Kidnapping ?
  32. Wrongful Suspension from school
  33. Do I have a case? And what would the statute of limitations on this be?
  34. Instructor requiring that I give my age and weight as a part of an assignment
  35. electoral poll for education system
  36. Is NY State Education Law being violated?
  37. Texas Standardized Tests
  38. Signed onto a payment plan without my permission.
  39. Financial Aid Issues
  40. Parent volunteers, thanks
  41. Parent volunteers and criminal records
  42. School Not Helping Me.
  43. Problem with my son's college transcripts since leaving school after first semester.
  44. Problem Applying for Promotion in Rank at College Institution
  45. Failure to protect while at school.
  46. Parties after prom
  47. Can a school refuse a child from going on a field trip without one of his/her parent
  48. Middle Schooler
  49. Parental demand
  50. Can I Sue My Parents
  51. Johns Hopkins School of Public Health- Scholarship, Misrepresentation?
  52. Can an international student complete last year of High School in the US?
  53. Need help with not being helped with courses at a University
  54. Education Laws...
  55. Are parents allowed to write off college money for their student's tuition
  56. Graduate Program
  57. School Censorship
  58. Academic Intergrity
  59. Income to be claimed on FAFSA?
  60. Board going against it's Constituion and Values
  61. Dismissed...
  62. Inmate Expelled from Educational Program Due to Time Spent in Law Library
  63. Student Loan Provider Can't Get a hold of lender
  64. IEP question
  65. Transfer scholarships and GPA
  66. A question about laws and dismissals
  67. School Security and IEPs
  68. Withdraw and pell grant
  69. how to spread academic misconduct legally?
  70. Selling Ads for a Grade
  71. School Taking Money Over COA
  72. My degree is not accepted by Gov Organization its for and the school knew it wouldn't
  73. Fafsa help
  74. Foreigner, need some help with college.
  75. The Curriculum in My Program Will Not Lead to the Degree
  76. Judicial sanctions (legal advice for school) -
  77. Required to sign statements or be ejected from program
  78. Can we get our Financial Aid money?
  79. Issues with school re: No Child Left Behind, etc.
  80. Is It an Criminal Offence to Forward the Email Communication
  81. tuition refund for the lack of a class provided by the school...
  82. Homeschooling
  83. **** salute in school
  84. is the admission letter a contract?
  85. Online School Misleading their students and their grades
  86. Faculty trouble
  87. Can I sue on the grounds of misleading information or whatever grounds I have at this
  88. Can a very young child be required to sign an agreement?
  89. University Will Award Me a Fault Degree. What Shoul I Do
  90. Parents taking student loan money for personal use
  91. attendance and grades connected?
  92. University offer rescinded 2 weeks before classes start?
  93. PhD not being allowed to graduate, ADA violation
  94. Financial Aid Office at my University, Legally Tooooo sloooow?
  95. Student Loan Funds
  96. Dismissal for Inappropriate Conduct
  97. Professor using class time inapporiately.
  98. Do I have the right to study at a high school in New York for a year?
  99. Final Exam? Legal Question
  100. Deposit Refund Policy
  101. administrators using parents as spies
  102. Wrongfully suspended. too harsh!
  103. Financial Aid Returned
  104. sex/gender discrimination in a Catholic school
  105. Private school tuition issue... Please help
  106. Question on teacher ethics regarding coercion and/or scare tactics
  107. Can a public school prohibit students from "taking the Lord's name in vain?"
  108. Special ed question
  109. Accused of Academic Honesty Policy Violation
  110. Hidden Camera In The Classroom
  111. Can the school system deny me my diploma based solely on attendance if I am 18?
  112. Accusation of racism in coursework and administration's refusal to address issue
  113. Options?
  114. College Cancelling Major
  115. Legal recourse if incorrect requirements from a college adviser prevents graduation?
  116. Schools and facebook stuff
  117. research grants & donations
  118. Teacher liabilty for stolen exam questions
  119. Can they do this?
  120. School board members receiving school contracts. is this legal
  121. Teacher's rights
  122. Posting emails and grievance materials from a university to my blog
  123. Can teacher councel students about addictions and withdrawals legally?
  124. School lunch issue
  125. Residency requirement for Tuition and eligibility Pennsylvania
  126. Student Rights in School
  127. School requires classes for emphasis but does not offer them
  128. Misleading Counselors at Junior College
  129. Walking my child to class
  130. Extra curricular activity in high school
  131. 504 IEP Bullying why do I
  132. Ma, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome patient needs local help!
  133. schools & drugs
  134. Am I liable for this or should I fight it?
  135. Guidance Counselor passing student notes to teachers
  136. 2 months into semester, school trying to say never should have been accepted?
  137. Problems with my High School Diploma
  138. Can public schools take away my lunch?
  139. No stipend
  140. FERPA Question
  141. "Truancy" of Kindergartender
  142. Rights to Protection from being Bullied
  143. School help!
  144. School screwing me over
  145. my daughter's suspension
  146. Grand Canyon University
  147. Grand Canyon University
  148. Disputing debt of a "refund"
  149. Child Study Team
  150. I need help, what do i do.
  151. Taking Old College to Court.
  152. wrongful termination of college student
  153. Education lawyer?
  154. Can they take my credit? I have a serious medical condition
  155. Financial aid office useless
  156. Institutional payment plans... HELP
  157. Ab 3632
  158. Would it be legal to have a protection dog at school?
  159. ed code 44466, 44929.21
  160. Confidentiality law in university
  161. new meningitis vaccine law
  162. Mishap
  163. Holding Transcript Over SO-called Unpaid Tuition
  164. Financial aid
  165. Graduation not recognized
  166. tuition refund
  167. To Sue or not to Sue?
  168. Study Abroad Fees
  169. School refusing to transport me
  170. bullying to the extreme
  171. Demand tppay school fees
  172. Teacher Freedom Versus IEP Compliance
  173. Accused of Academic Dishonesty
  174. Harrassment From Teacher Through CPS
  175. Evolution/Creationism question...
  176. Eipsd?
  177. Teacher is biased against student?
  178. Federal Grant Fraud
  179. The discipline thing
  180. 18 year old student rights
  181. School told Clearinghouse I graduated when I didn't
  182. School searches
  183. what are my responsibilities?
  184. Board Involvement in Personnel Complaints
  185. Posting student information
  186. Can a High School Counsellor hold a student's school forms?
  187. Violation of IEP/Employment
  188. Unprofessional teacher conduct / Counselor incompotancy
  189. School Dept Lost Private Information
  190. What can i do?
  191. schools, cell phones, cameras
  192. Berkeley college debt
  193. About school pranks
  194. Schools confiscating cell phones
  195. Off-campus event liability waiver
  196. Students' legal rights when school fails to teach adequately or meet own claims
  197. Ca: Cumulative file question;parents rights
  198. child in trouble for speaking out
  199. Failure to protect?
  200. Former Student Transcript
  201. discipline referral question
  202. Education
  203. What will happen to me if I don't attend the 2nd truancy meeting w my parent?
  204. Bare with me... Long grueling process
  205. Need help with Truancy issue
  206. Withholding transcript
  207. Wrongly Withdrawal or Dismissal from the College
  208. Can a student legally record a teacher in class?
  209. Wrongful disciplinary charge, Expulsion
  210. Help our son come home from military high school - liberty or death
  211. Fees for online classes when medically can't attend in person?
  212. principle at sons middle school
  213. Can I be denied acceptance into a college program when they gave me the wrong info
  214. Academic Appeal Law
  215. Breaking teacher contract in Florida???
  216. private school
  217. Public school didn't test for ADHD
  218. 5144.1
  219. RIT, social website harassment?
  220. Forced written statement
  221. disclosing information
  222. GCU transcript withheld and Financial aid fraud ?
  223. College trying to charge for semester I didn't attend
  224. iPad initiative
  225. Student Repeatedly Sexually Assaulted Inside-School
  226. International student wanting to quit Masters
  227. Daughter came home with bruises
  228. suspension w/out grounds?
  229. Can my dismissal be challenged?
  230. Dismissed for Academic Performance Despite Learning Disability
  231. Financial Aid Mistake
  232. GED eligibility
  233. Rights to a competent teacher???
  234. Dean of a middle school threatning my daughter with a suspension for off campus aciti
  235. Dean of a middle school threatning my daughter with a suspension for off campus aciti
  236. Teaching Contract
  237. sfo
  238. Student Help, Financial Aid Reduced without notice beforehand!
  239. CSU GE cert./graduation question
  240. And to longs_peak
  241. Can I ask for a refund-Part 2
  242. Can an 18 year old Junior or Senior be kicked out of school without cause?
  243. School Uniform Stricter
  244. I need an attorney in Michigan...A.S.A.P!
  245. Unable to prove florida residency (born & raised) in florida
  246. longs_peak2011
  247. Can I asked for a refund
  248. Case against school?
  249. education law
  250. Can I keep child in same school