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  1. Suspended and possibly fired for g/f having baby
  2. Laws in US for a mystery shopper ??
  3. Being Offered to Sign the "Independent Contractor" Form. Don't Know if I Should
  4. Personal Vehicle Insurance REQUIRED for company use?
  5. Is There Any Problem Legally With Posting This Publicly On The Internet
  6. Fired because he's too old
  7. Nevada Unemployment Eligibility
  8. Nepotism question
  9. is non-compete clause in CA in IT jobs ?
  10. Would I have a case for wrongful termination?
  11. Marital status termination - performance related termination form overseas. HELP!
  12. Do I have a case?
  13. Need help filling out an NDA!
  14. Previous Employer
  15. Quick advice as to whether this qualifies as wrongful termination or not...
  16. Previous employer "do not hire".....Defamation?
  17. Does accepting a transitional job offer invalidate my change of control severance?
  18. Former felon in CA
  19. Severance in contract
  20. Fmla
  21. Nepotism in the workplace - potential employees handbook violation?
  22. 2nd to last paycheck dropped to minimum wage..
  23. Job Eliminated
  24. Canadian Employer Not Paying
  25. Wrongful Termination After My Resignation
  26. Conflict of interest (Family relations)
  27. Early Informal Stages of a disciplinary
  28. Retailiation - accused of saying things
  29. Current employer warned off prospective new employer.
  30. Disciplinary Action Advice
  31. wrongful termination
  32. Witholding final paycheck for relocation
  33. I was fired because I was unable to cover a co-worker's shift-
  34. Contracted employee/got fired
  35. Contracted employee/got fired
  36. Flexible Time Off
  37. Minimum age for a software developer?
  38. Retaliation
  39. Wrongfull termination and Religious discrimination
  40. Termination and the Open Public Meetings Act
  41. Filed a grievance without my union or lawyer. Need help!!!
  42. Administrative Separation
  43. Retaliated against for the second time over the same FMLA situation
  44. Contracted Employee
  45. Job Not as Advertised
  46. performance improvement plan at work
  47. Manager is trying to file me for insubordination
  48. Retalitation
  49. Collecting unemployment due to a family member
  50. Unemployment Questions for a tough situation
  51. Contract Agreement and Language
  52. Unemployment compensation mess
  53. Termination
  54. Unemployment
  55. Advice Needed: No Fault Contract Termination
  56. PA when can a company apply policies for employment?
  57. Fired for NOT pressing charges
  58. NLRB Finds us at Fault for Wrongful Termination
  59. Accused of Theft!
  60. Telling me to start work earlier
  61. Disabled employee at wits end
  62. can I be forced to come in on my day off?
  63. Fired after Facebook post but before maternity leave was used.
  64. can i be fired for being arrested but not charged?
  65. Post-termination breach of confidentiality
  66. how many hrs must employer schedule to avoid paying unemployment
  67. Have Been Placed On Paid Leave After File A Personal Complaint!!
  68. Non-Solicitation Agreement breach?
  69. Impact of former employer falisfying records
  70. Im employed but they wont let me work?
  71. What do I do with this problem worker?
  72. terminated
  73. trying
  74. Fired for "Misconduct"- Fact Finding Interview Tomorrow. Advice?
  75. Unemployment eligibility for separated military member
  76. Unfair interview process.
  77. job offer revoked because of taxes
  78. Was this company in the wrong for firing me?
  79. Employment Contract Broken Before Employment Even Began
  80. Fired because the job description changed while I was already employed
  81. forced on "unpaid leave of abscence"
  82. employed 8 days and fired confused on what to do....
  83. Can I be terminated will in Iraq?
  84. At will employee with due rights
  85. I'm not sure If I've committed unemployment fraud or not...
  86. Unemployment question
  87. Relocation Agreement
  88. Fired for False Cause
  89. Can I work by holding Temporary Green Card?
  90. Fired while out for major surgery
  91. How to prove illegal retaliation in New York
  92. At My Job...Is this legal?
  93. Terminated Employee Items & Harassment
  94. Falsified quit
  95. Is a signed employee resignation policy/contract legal?
  96. Can a 5150 hold prevent you from taking the NCLEX-RN exam in CA?
  97. Questions about "restructuring" NYC
  98. In car accident, put on fmla, then fired.
  99. i believe someone where i work was promoted under false pretences
  100. So, Am I being fired or do think think that I have quit?
  101. Can I Bring a Lawsuit Against Multiple People Working at Corporation
  102. My old postion was taken from me
  103. Statute of limitations
  104. HIring
  105. Confidentiality of Job Application/Code of Ethics
  106. Twc denial of unemployment benefits appeal
  107. Terminated due to Violating Internet Policy( But officially authorized by the Supervi
  108. Offer Letter / Relocation Package Question
  109. Can they tell me where to take lunch when I'm not being paid?
  110. Privacy Question
  111. Medical leave - Rehab - Help!
  112. I was terminated for driving a work vehicle with an expired license.
  113. Can an employer terminate you after you've given your resignation
  114. Case or not wrongfull termination
  115. Is it legal for a practice manager to discuss details of your resignation letter?
  116. Employment tribunal advice needed.
  117. Have i got a case for unfair dismissal
  118. Quite an interesting termination - anything illegal?
  119. Can a employer force you to work for them for certain time or make u stay home jobles
  120. Contract from previous employment period
  121. Fired for theft i didn't commit, now what??
  122. Do I have a case for a grievance?
  123. Let go and I still haven't received a final paycheck nor the promised severance pay.
  124. Is their a law that protects employees against:
  125. Fired for misconduct
  126. Wrongfully terminated
  127. Legal threats after resignation
  128. 62 Year Old Woman Suddenly Fired After 19.5 Years
  129. Ambiguous termination date?
  130. Termination due to poor performance/coupon fraud
  131. Retaliation and Disability Discrimination
  132. Fired then offered job back
  133. Wrongful Termination
  134. Independent Contractor - Scheduling Questions
  135. Called to a termination hearing while on Medical leave
  136. "Late" job application
  137. can I file for unemployment
  138. Employee on medical leave without documentation
  139. unlawful fired
  140. Are 37 hour shifts legal....?
  141. slanderous reference check
  142. Fired for Emergency Surgery
  143. need advice for two young girls involving a contract
  144. Fired for using paid sick time?
  145. Firing someone for taking Dr ordered medical leave? (FMLA does not apply)
  146. Threatened to be fired today... verbally, no HR present
  147. Terimination Bonus
  148. Personal laptop seized and searched without consent
  149. Mandatory charitable donation to appliy for job
  150. Recourse for not getting hired because refusal to be miss-classified as 1099 ?
  151. Expired background check
  152. NON-Compete Contract
  153. Termination while under medical leave.
  154. Service Contract Act, not hired with new company
  155. Employer requesting criminal court documents. Legal?
  156. I was terminated for having asthma
  157. Position duties changing, Accountability?
  158. Do I have the right to ask all of my personal information back from a job agency?
  159. Termination letter included fallacies and mitigating circumstances
  160. Renctly suspended
  161. Job Offer And Background Check (Accenture)
  162. Let go from job
  163. unclear/ unfair expectations
  164. What can I or should I do?
  165. Sorry if in wrong section..but need help(job related)
  166. withhold wages
  167. Retroactively terminated as leased employee
  168. What would show up in a pre-employment background check?
  169. Employer lied to Unemployment Counselor
  170. Post Dated firing at end of Suspension
  171. United States Supreme Court Rulings side with employers
  172. Fact-Finding Interview
  173. Force to resign
  174. Adultery in Backgroun Check
  175. Was I wrongully terminated?
  176. Giving a Job Notice
  177. Can I be terminated for health reason?
  178. Termination update
  179. Wife Passed Over Because Of My Past
  180. Assistance in deciphering current employers non-compete statement
  181. Sheriffs work card for felon
  182. Termination and money owed
  183. Relocation Expense Payback
  184. On administrative leave but don't know why
  185. Advice for phone interview
  186. Fired for Attendance issues
  187. I was suspended for asking a question. Can I sue?
  188. Wrongful termination
  189. General Release in MD
  190. possible discrimination
  191. Website Content Made While Employed
  192. W2 asked at interview
  193. No compete contract
  194. Wrongful dismissal? but no notice period
  195. Does HR has to have an accurate record?
  196. I want my job back
  197. Exhaust fmla
  198. Unemployment Question
  199. Let Go Because of Lies
  200. Drinking in the work place after hours.
  201. Notice period as per Labor Laws
  202. Non-compete agreement in a contract signed as an independent contractor
  203. My life is a Judge Judy Episode
  204. Question about whistle blower type actions.
  205. I am on the side of the law?
  206. Unemployment, appeals, and appeal hearings
  207. wrongful termination, Oil Refinery NJ. Edited.
  208. Employer chaning hours/child care issues
  209. Hiring marketers paid by commission
  210. Working in the Finanical Industry
  211. Florida Training required for job/training contract question
  212. Internal job
  213. Fired then signed resignation letter under duress
  214. Not Fair
  215. Business trip expense?
  216. Wrongful termination while on WC and was not told about FMLA.
  217. Pharmacy manager (me) with possible termination on baseless complaints
  218. Potential School Dismissal
  219. Staffing agency question
  220. Employment Termination Notice
  221. Laid Off and Now Unable to Even Apply To Same Company
  222. Taking turns going home due to overstaffing
  223. Unemployment Appeal (TN) - Must Employer Stay on Topic at hearing?
  224. Wrongful Termination for refusal to pay trucking company insurance deductible
  225. Off the Record Conversation
  226. Seeking new employment after false accusations of SH
  227. Indemnification & Hold Harmless
  228. Secret security clearance
  229. employment application
  230. Non Disclosure / Non Compete
  231. Can Government view immigration records for employment?
  232. issue with getting severance package
  233. Can I get fired because I'm looking for a new job?
  234. Employer telling people I don't work there anymore but never fired?
  235. Unfair job Interview
  236. security cleaance revoked
  237. Fired from the Twilight Zone
  238. Non-compete and a companies right to do business and an individuals right to work.
  239. Employer said i did not return equipment
  240. Boss said, "Find another job!" ...Now changed his mind & wants to compel me to 40 hrs
  241. Potential HIPAA violation. Will I be terminated?
  242. fired for protesting unethical healthcare situation
  243. Previous employer gave false information regarding hire dates
  244. improper use of a hoyer lift
  245. Employer refuses to release me even though I have fulfilled my contract.
  246. Written up- Records changed.
  247. FMLA loopholes abused by employers?
  248. Can a former employer make personnel records public?
  249. Impact of complying with a request to resign a non-compete after termination
  250. wrongfully terminated