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  1. Wrongful termination
  2. General Release in MD
  3. possible discrimination
  4. Website Content Made While Employed
  5. W2 asked at interview
  6. No compete contract
  7. Wrongful dismissal? but no notice period
  8. Does HR has to have an accurate record?
  9. I want my job back
  10. Exhaust fmla
  11. Unemployment Question
  12. Let Go Because of Lies
  13. Drinking in the work place after hours.
  14. Notice period as per Labor Laws
  15. Non-compete agreement in a contract signed as an independent contractor
  16. My life is a Judge Judy Episode
  17. Question about whistle blower type actions.
  18. I am on the side of the law?
  19. Unemployment, appeals, and appeal hearings
  20. wrongful termination, Oil Refinery NJ. Edited.
  21. Employer chaning hours/child care issues
  22. Hiring marketers paid by commission
  23. Working in the Finanical Industry
  24. Florida Training required for job/training contract question
  25. Internal job
  26. Fired then signed resignation letter under duress
  27. Not Fair
  28. Business trip expense?
  29. Wrongful termination while on WC and was not told about FMLA.
  30. Pharmacy manager (me) with possible termination on baseless complaints
  31. Potential School Dismissal
  32. Staffing agency question
  33. Employment Termination Notice
  34. Laid Off and Now Unable to Even Apply To Same Company
  35. Taking turns going home due to overstaffing
  36. Unemployment Appeal (TN) - Must Employer Stay on Topic at hearing?
  37. Wrongful Termination for refusal to pay trucking company insurance deductible
  38. Off the Record Conversation
  39. Seeking new employment after false accusations of SH
  40. Indemnification & Hold Harmless
  41. Secret security clearance
  42. employment application
  43. Non Disclosure / Non Compete
  44. Can Government view immigration records for employment?
  45. issue with getting severance package
  46. Can I get fired because I'm looking for a new job?
  47. Employer telling people I don't work there anymore but never fired?
  48. Unfair job Interview
  49. security cleaance revoked
  50. Fired from the Twilight Zone
  51. Non-compete and a companies right to do business and an individuals right to work.
  52. Employer said i did not return equipment
  53. Boss said, "Find another job!" ...Now changed his mind & wants to compel me to 40 hrs
  54. Potential HIPAA violation. Will I be terminated?
  55. fired for protesting unethical healthcare situation
  56. Previous employer gave false information regarding hire dates
  57. improper use of a hoyer lift
  58. Employer refuses to release me even though I have fulfilled my contract.
  59. Written up- Records changed.
  60. FMLA loopholes abused by employers?
  61. Can a former employer make personnel records public?
  62. Impact of complying with a request to resign a non-compete after termination
  63. wrongfully terminated
  64. Employer denying me unemployment
  65. Do I Have to Put a Class C Misdemeanor on a Job Application?
  66. ARIZONA Pre Employment Background Check
  67. Job Description Question and Exempt Status
  68. Help!
  69. Non-Compete Question
  70. Wrongful Termination/Illegal Activity
  71. Told I would be fired for being sick with a doctors note???
  72. Can My Employer Fire Me for Hear Say/ Can I Sue Them or take legal action for this?
  73. Doctor recommended change in hours. Can I be terminated?
  74. Name change question as relates to employment
  75. Fired while pregnant
  76. Is it possible for me to find out who has pulled my MVR?
  77. Florida - Fired and being taken to court for breaching contract.
  78. quit in lieu of discharge
  79. Refuse Job Offer While Collecting Unemployment
  80. filed a discrimination complaint
  81. Fired/laid off without notice
  82. Non-Compete within NDA
  83. Block of Internal Company Move
  84. Non Compete in Massachusetts
  85. Do I have a case? Fired for knee problem
  86. Part Time Employee - Employer says they have no hours for me anymore
  87. Hipaa
  88. Not Advised I Was Being Recorded In Iowa
  89. Refusing to sign a non-compete contract with an employer
  90. Not fired yet
  91. Wrongful termination, and false accusation
  92. Removed due to illness
  93. How long can spiteful employer withhold paycheck?
  94. Terminated from full time job, self-employed part time
  95. Fired - Am I still entitled to Unemployment benefits
  96. National Labor Relations Board & Social Media
  97. counterfeit money
  98. Do I have a wrongful termination case?
  99. DoD contractor termination question
  100. An interesting scenario regarding voluntary termination
  101. Overseas Employment Contract
  102. How long to keep employee Property
  103. Legal situation of Terminating my employment offer before start my work in UAE-dubai
  104. Issuing final paycheck to hourly employee in California
  105. Pending Charges that could effect a employment background check
  106. Employer asks employee to lie?
  107. Fired / Let Go due to "Distraction of Husband's Deployment"
  108. At Will Termination(by employer): Possible UI Entitlement?
  109. Position Downsize (Grant Based)
  110. one of my contractors has a Sex Battery case? should i let him go?
  111. Why employer refused to use the word TERMINATION
  112. Terminated from a New Employer of 3 weeks/Prior Employer 2 Yrs/PA UC Eligible?
  113. What constitutes defamation?
  114. Lost Job Due To Pregnancy?
  115. Can an employer terminate a worker without any prior notification?
  116. any help or advice would be great
  117. Employment Facebook and Depression
  118. Missing write-ups as wrongful termination?
  119. Harassment, Slander (Defamation), Discrimination, Whistle-blower Protection
  120. Couldn't pee for drug test
  121. workplace slander termination - is there ever a case worth pursuing?
  122. Pre-employment background check, employer requesting more information?
  123. Employment contract - renewed but never signed
  124. Fired in texas after breaking arm
  125. NY: FMLA Question/ Unemployment
  126. Forced to pay training fee with no hours worked?
  127. Residency Requirement
  128. Expunged record in CA, Looking for work in AZ
  129. Can I be fired?
  130. Employer making former employee look bad at new company
  131. Employer won't allow me to have a secondary insurance plan.
  132. Severance Package
  133. Background Check for Mortgage License
  134. Can California deny my unemployment benefits because of my out-of-state license?
  135. Language Barrier
  136. Employer's Biting Dog
  137. I feel discriminated against.
  138. PA Unemployment Question
  139. Had a contract - was fired
  140. Job reassignment reqiring tools, training, ect.
  141. FMLA/Fired for no call no show for points/ Can I get UI?
  142. terminated from job need advice on ui appeal Az
  143. Was I wrongfully terminated?
  144. Need help with NC UI Claim Issue
  145. Restructuring Means Lost Job
  146. Voluntarily resigned. Employer won't contest IL unemployment benefits. How do I file?
  147. Pretty Sure I'm Right, But I Need Some Other Opinions... Hiring Question
  148. Hippa accusation in retaliation
  149. Read this and see if you still think you were wrongfully terminated
  150. Terminated and don't know why
  151. Initial subpoena via DUCES TECUM
  152. DUI, Arrested or Detained? Job application
  153. Unemployment Appeal to the Commonwealth Courts in PA
  154. Unemployment overpayment help needed..
  155. Express Contract?
  156. Job Postings and offer
  157. On FMLA and work or lose job
  158. Pregnancy and new job
  159. Terminated while out on approved medical leave
  160. Entrapment? fraud and maybe tax evasion? Kinda Need Advice
  161. Is this discrimination ?
  162. Arbortration
  163. Post-dating an intention to Terminate Contract
  164. Need some advice
  165. Was terminated for workplace theft, need advice!
  166. I might be getting fired
  167. Need help in proving my case since my employer denied everything in court
  168. Help!!!!
  169. College Honor Code Violation's Effect on Hiring
  170. Can we ask for expenses?
  171. Do I pursue a case?
  172. Personnel File
  173. Boss wants me to lie
  174. Employer refusing to give hours
  175. Co worker accusation
  176. Outside Employment
  177. Wrongfully Terminated
  178. Terminated due to non-work-related illness
  179. Help? Due Process??
  180. Wrongfully accused and possibly terminated
  181. New Job Offered HR Issue-Please Help
  182. Unemployment Law Question
  183. A Little Confused
  184. Banned from removing for funeral home
  185. form I-9 question employee verification
  186. Sexual harrassment please help!!!
  187. Rights to see Personnel File??
  188. Public policy wrongful termination?
  189. Interesting scenario...your thoughts please.
  190. forced to quit over being fired...
  191. Can you recind a settlement offer??
  192. Your Thoughts**************.
  193. Is this considered wrongful termination?
  194. Personal question...
  195. Unemployment challenge
  196. Is this a case of wrongful termination?
  197. Browbeat AP Interview and coerced statement
  198. Multimple reasons for being fired after a stelalr evaluation
  199. Pto
  200. Hiring
  201. "But for" vs. "Sole Cause"
  202. Non-Compete Agreements
  203. Can I get unemployment if wages cut 50%?
  204. taking a long time
  205. Unemployment revoked, previous emplyer lied.
  206. FMLA Questions
  207. 1099 Job Offer From Previous Employer
  208. Fired for not telling on co worker
  209. Accused of stealing
  210. Deined unemployment benefits, but feel I was wrongly fired. What should I do?
  211. Terminated Guilty by Association
  212. Conflict of Interest and Wrongful Termination
  213. Lose job and STD benefit due to pregnancy - Need your advice!!!
  214. Unemployment? or something else I can do
  215. Company cut hours, lied to and threatened me. Advice please.
  216. TGIF=I quit???
  217. 2 Weeks Notice - Going to Competitor?
  218. Want to do things the right way please help.
  219. Want to do things the right way please help.
  220. Hours Cut to 0 because of Family
  221. Sam's Club Problems
  222. My employer has asked many of us to sign this form.. its it legal
  223. Supervisor wants a bribe! What to do?
  224. Treated Unfairly, Do i have a case?
  225. Written Employment Offer Retracted ... Any Cause for Action?
  226. Any non FMLA protection for medical leave?
  227. Discriminatory Practices?
  228. alleged pornography on computer desktop and changing reason
  229. Hired for out of state job, had start date but haven't started yet
  230. Employee recruiting for another company in our office
  231. Possible Lawsuit?? - NY
  232. Possible wrongful termination??
  233. Wrongful Termination?
  234. Applied to a Job and was Disqualified in front of customers and employees
  235. Discrimination Firing / Tuition Reimbursement?
  236. California unemployment claim question...
  237. Harassed by CFO at interview for not starting job when it was previously offered.
  238. Bipolar II-should I reveal my condition to employer for accomodations (ADA)?
  239. The new job didn't work out
  240. Will my record effect me?
  241. Fired - Am I Eligible for UI?
  242. Voluntary Quit from Possible Harassment?
  243. Not being up on the schedule = lay off
  244. may have misquoted someone
  245. Right type of lawyer for med student?
  246. 5150 and Employment Screening
  247. www.swarb.co.uk
  248. Judge orders teachers back to work?
  249. I recently filled out a job application
  250. termination for mental illness hospitalization