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  1. Entrapment? fraud and maybe tax evasion? Kinda Need Advice
  2. Is this discrimination ?
  3. Arbortration
  4. Post-dating an intention to Terminate Contract
  5. Need some advice
  6. Was terminated for workplace theft, need advice!
  7. I might be getting fired
  8. Need help in proving my case since my employer denied everything in court
  9. Help!!!!
  10. College Honor Code Violation's Effect on Hiring
  11. Can we ask for expenses?
  12. Do I pursue a case?
  13. Personnel File
  14. Boss wants me to lie
  15. Employer refusing to give hours
  16. Co worker accusation
  17. Outside Employment
  18. Wrongfully Terminated
  19. Terminated due to non-work-related illness
  20. Help? Due Process??
  21. Wrongfully accused and possibly terminated
  22. New Job Offered HR Issue-Please Help
  23. Unemployment Law Question
  24. A Little Confused
  25. Banned from removing for funeral home
  26. form I-9 question employee verification
  27. Sexual harrassment please help!!!
  28. Rights to see Personnel File??
  29. Public policy wrongful termination?
  30. Interesting scenario...your thoughts please.
  31. forced to quit over being fired...
  32. Can you recind a settlement offer??
  33. Your Thoughts**************.
  34. Is this considered wrongful termination?
  35. Personal question...
  36. Unemployment challenge
  37. Is this a case of wrongful termination?
  38. Browbeat AP Interview and coerced statement
  39. Multimple reasons for being fired after a stelalr evaluation
  40. Pto
  41. Hiring
  42. "But for" vs. "Sole Cause"
  43. Non-Compete Agreements
  44. Can I get unemployment if wages cut 50%?
  45. taking a long time
  46. Unemployment revoked, previous emplyer lied.
  47. FMLA Questions
  48. 1099 Job Offer From Previous Employer
  49. Fired for not telling on co worker
  50. Accused of stealing
  51. Deined unemployment benefits, but feel I was wrongly fired. What should I do?
  52. Terminated Guilty by Association
  53. Conflict of Interest and Wrongful Termination
  54. Lose job and STD benefit due to pregnancy - Need your advice!!!
  55. Unemployment? or something else I can do
  56. Company cut hours, lied to and threatened me. Advice please.
  57. TGIF=I quit???
  58. 2 Weeks Notice - Going to Competitor?
  59. Want to do things the right way please help.
  60. Want to do things the right way please help.
  61. Hours Cut to 0 because of Family
  62. Sam's Club Problems
  63. My employer has asked many of us to sign this form.. its it legal
  64. Supervisor wants a bribe! What to do?
  65. Treated Unfairly, Do i have a case?
  66. Written Employment Offer Retracted ... Any Cause for Action?
  67. Any non FMLA protection for medical leave?
  68. Discriminatory Practices?
  69. alleged pornography on computer desktop and changing reason
  70. Hired for out of state job, had start date but haven't started yet
  71. Employee recruiting for another company in our office
  72. Possible Lawsuit?? - NY
  73. Possible wrongful termination??
  74. Wrongful Termination?
  75. Applied to a Job and was Disqualified in front of customers and employees
  76. Discrimination Firing / Tuition Reimbursement?
  77. California unemployment claim question...
  78. Harassed by CFO at interview for not starting job when it was previously offered.
  79. Bipolar II-should I reveal my condition to employer for accomodations (ADA)?
  80. The new job didn't work out
  81. Will my record effect me?
  82. Fired - Am I Eligible for UI?
  83. Voluntary Quit from Possible Harassment?
  84. Not being up on the schedule = lay off
  85. may have misquoted someone
  86. Right type of lawyer for med student?
  87. 5150 and Employment Screening
  88. www.swarb.co.uk
  89. Judge orders teachers back to work?
  90. I recently filled out a job application
  91. termination for mental illness hospitalization
  92. Settlement Amount???
  93. question about unemployment
  94. partially employed and self employed
  95. possible new job?
  96. employer trying to deny unemployment benefits
  97. Can I try for unemployment?
  98. Wrongful Termination/Retaliation at Private Daycare in New York.
  99. Can I collect unemployment?
  100. Fired for Being Pregnant
  101. unemplyment benefits
  102. Accused of stealing based on personal account history
  103. Damned if you do, Damned if you Don't
  104. Fired while on FMLA
  105. Terminated for Inappropriate Conduct with Subordinate but another employee was not
  106. Boss cut down job to minimum!
  107. Wrongful Termination - Need Advice
  108. employeer contesting an unemployment claim 8 months later?
  109. Do I Have to Hand Over a Website I Built to Help a Company Program when I Leave?
  110. " drug abuse policy"
  111. New Jersey: Extended Benefits versus Emergency Benefits?
  112. Laid Off Teacher Collecting Benefits
  113. Can voicing your view of how a volunteer organization being run be held against you?
  114. Denied unemployment benefits after 1 week with employer
  115. Mandatory meeting
  116. Hiring, Firing & Wrongful Termination
  117. unemployment benefits
  118. Job offer revoked for unfair reasons
  119. Want to move - are we still eligible for FMLA/short term disability?
  120. Non-compete voided if not notified by the company during the notification period?
  121. Fired for not working for free
  122. Lost of Employent due to Security Clearance (LOJ)
  123. Suspended from work for accidental shoplifting
  124. Can employees have a podcast?
  125. My company refuses to return my personal properties
  126. Fired for not being able to cover someone elses day.
  127. School teacher contract question
  128. Wrongful termination risk?
  129. My contract says give 90 days notice, does that override my At-Will rights?
  130. retaliation for not signing a form
  131. Wrongful Termination Inquiry
  132. Record Retention While Recruiting
  133. What shoul I do?
  134. HELP: NJ Unemployment Appeal
  135. False claims by a co worker
  136. Stolen Propery Issue
  137. TX Non-Complete
  138. Sick Policy Change being Retroactive
  139. Non Compete question.
  140. SC Code of Laws 12-56-10
  141. Boss Oks something, then they fire associate for doing it.
  142. Fired after Emergency Surgery, Illinois
  143. Relationship with "Direct Report"
  144. Is a Summary Offense a crime in PA when it does not show up on BG check?
  145. is this sueable?
  146. To the gentleman who thinks he may be overcharged for his appeal.
  147. Is this Attorney charging me too much for my Appeal?
  148. Employment benefits being contested
  149. Can I win an appeal if I resigned from my job because I had to provide child care?
  150. Age Minimum | Whose Law Applies
  151. How should a Rebuttal Statement against former employer's position statement look?
  152. Employer fighting Unemployment, advice needed.
  153. Large Restaurant Franchisee - Wrongful Termination Case (Age Discrimination)
  154. How do I answer this question on the job application?
  155. personal or professional?
  156. Ex semi driver fired over damaged trailer
  157. Was fired after my union was told I was going to be fired if I sneezed.
  158. Laid Off On Maternity Leave & FMLA
  159. ROOM AND BOARD in exchange for work
  160. Hired then Outsourced
  161. Help wanted ads don't have to be "neutral" anymore?
  162. My background check
  163. Who Pays?
  164. PRN/Supplemental worker just Received a Termination letter
  165. Terminated, but Questions About Last Paycheck
  166. Why Would I be Asked to return for my last day?
  167. Boxed In
  168. Suspended for problem I'd addressed for several months...
  169. Terminated suddenly after employer learned of disability
  170. Stuck between first day at new office policies and Indian passport renewal
  171. What is considered the date of termination?
  172. Fired during Mandatory evacuation, non-essential job
  173. Assaulted at Work by Co-Worker
  174. Article 78
  175. Fired While on Maternity Leave.
  176. work situation - being forced to move
  177. UK Legal Forum
  178. Smoking Question on Employment Application
  179. Do I have any kind of misrepresentation/wrongful termination case?
  180. Termination upon two week notice
  181. Garnishing wages what to do now?
  182. Fired 4-6 weeks later?!?
  183. Negligent misrepresentation during hiring process
  184. Hired for Full Time, but only given Part Time Hours
  185. Assaulted at Work and Terminated
  186. Fired for being pregnant?
  187. Employer laid off all workers before selling the company
  188. Administrative Leave with Pay...rights??
  189. False employment application information.
  190. fired for not lettting the owner keep yelling at me
  191. Terminated For Questioning Legalities?
  192. Let go for not admitting I had a juvenile record (which is sealed)
  193. Laid Off Tuition Reimbursement question
  194. Can I get another job with this non-compete?
  195. Discrimination or not?
  196. What to do with background check?
  197. Flexible Speding and Termination of Employement
  198. Can employer fire me if he finds out i'm applying for another job...with a client!
  199. I think my job is trying to get rid of me
  200. Probable Denial Of Promotion Due To Pregnancy
  201. Employee "wanting" to be fired
  202. My boss emailed our entire department about me
  203. Employer forged signature
  204. Rights to personal records in HR?
  205. Can a prospective employer ask you to provide copies of your current paycheck stub
  206. Supervisor asking me to resign and be rehired
  207. Employer demands repayment of overtime or job termination
  208. Discriminated/harrasment/wrongfully fired
  209. Need langauge for employee showing up on time
  210. Laid off, given no information on Insurance, Severance or Career Transition
  211. Traveling man background check
  212. Employment/Benefits Issues during Pregnancy
  213. Supreme Court PLEASE HELP
  214. Is it legal to allow some one to work in a factry with oral agreemnt - no paperwork?
  215. Employer policy on firing an employee in the workplace
  216. Wrongfully fired, can I do anything?
  217. wrongful termination help
  218. Refusal to hire
  219. Never told I was a temp? Is this okay?
  220. Negotiation advice with a large employer
  221. I didn't quit
  222. Accused ot theft, fired, how to clear good name?
  223. Does this qualify as gender discrimination?
  224. hired then fired 2 months before start date
  225. Wrongfil Termination vs Pennsylvania At Will Policy
  226. Training Contracts?
  227. Confidentality Agreement
  228. question about getting a job with a felony
  229. Wrongful termination?
  230. Fired while on maternity leave.
  231. Unemployment Question
  232. Unpaid internship: what does the employer have to do?
  233. Non-compete clause
  234. Does This Letter Look Correct?
  235. Independent contractor suing for overtime pay
  236. Employer Perjury in Unemployment Hearing - What Can I Do About It?
  237. Wrongful termination?
  238. Mandatory Meetings PA
  239. Being hired to soon?
  240. Contract Terminated with no notice
  241. Arbitration policy/agreement
  242. Fired after having stroke
  243. Employer submitted an appeal
  244. Termination Question
  245. Do I have a case?
  246. Job "cancelled" 3 days before it started
  247. Wife's job Cancelled before it started
  248. unemployment taxes?
  249. Just inquiring.
  250. Fired because of clearances