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  1. Dentist company lab lost crown
  2. Hospital treated a minor without legal consent.
  3. Re. JaneDoe29's deleted thread: "Please help me understand ..."
  4. Provider Changed Wife's Medical Chart
  5. Glaucoma caused by steroid use
  6. Bent screw
  7. Wrongful death?
  8. possible malpractice liability?
  9. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) resulting from HIV status disclosure.
  10. Not good...
  11. Is dentist culpable for not prescribing proper pain medication?
  12. Can Dr charge you late fee for an appointment you didn't make?
  13. Involuntary Detained/Malpractice
  14. Ridiculously painful teeth cleaning.
  15. Death Due to Pacemaker Infection
  16. Dr's Office Liable for Lost Property?
  17. Should I bother?
  18. Mercury poisoning
  19. HIPAA Violation??
  20. Need advice on patient dismissal
  21. could this be sexual harrassment? or something else?
  22. Told our daughter may have down syndrome
  23. Need advice in dealing with a dentist
  24. Medical record release forms
  25. hospital malpractice or elder abuse? or both?
  26. Lack of information
  27. Get Hard Home 2015
  28. medical malpractice ins. only covers up to $2 million
  29. Using an Expert Witness from an online directory
  30. Doctor Reneged After Initial Verbal Agreement
  31. Dental billing issues
  32. Privacy violation
  33. Medical Billing Requirements Patient Rights
  34. Can dental assistant remove permenant crown in California?
  35. Doctor-Patient Confidentiality
  36. Unauthorized lab work
  37. need advice deal with my dentist
  38. General dentist broke TWO files in the same tooth during root canal, I am in pain
  39. GF charged for a review of old medical data when going to a new doctor
  40. Medical Treatment for Illness and CCW Renewal
  41. Wrongful Death
  42. 8 years later
  43. Legal status on my human rights
  44. Dating a former patient?
  45. Broken jaw two titanium plates, no motor function of bottom lip 9 months after
  46. ER doctor makes a mistake
  47. I had a Stroke
  48. Father's Remains Moved Without Consent
  49. Is this Medical Malpractice?
  50. hysterectomy gone wrong
  51. Medical Malpractice Lawyer
  52. Childbirth Malpractice
  53. Excessive Emergency Room Doctor Fees
  54. Receptionist took X-Rays of my mouth without doctor watching
  55. NHS Complaints
  56. Is it against the law for doctors to discriminate against me ?
  57. MRI/CT scan falsified?
  58. Dentist Estimate vs. Charges
  59. Breaching minor patient's confidentiality?
  60. What step follows filing a default?
  61. Do you have to sue a hospital to request compensation?
  62. Independent contractor agreement for NP
  63. would like to join a class action
  64. Hospital Privacy - Restraining Order Violation
  65. Dentist issue
  66. Can I sue my former cardiologist for this?
  67. Primary Doctor sent me to emergency room due to improper EKG exam
  68. Medical Malpractice or Negligence, Held Against My Will In Hospital - Please Help Me
  69. Removal of defective medical device and hospital denied request to have it retained.
  70. Falsely accused of diversion, need some reassurance and help
  71. Refund of overpaid nursing home costs.
  72. What Legal Theory Allows Lawsuit For Testosterone Therapy (AndroGel)
  73. what can i do ?
  74. Possible HIPA violation.
  75. Medication Cause Damage to Penis - Need Your Help
  76. Importing Aromasin in Hong Kong for personal use
  77. Can I recoup any of this?
  78. Is this a malpractice case (resulting in death)?
  79. Please recommend me an attorney in my area?
  80. Secondary Insurance Payments Question
  81. Sticky question not sure if it goes here or goverment
  82. Is this Malpractice?
  83. Medical Records Wrongfully Disclosed?
  84. Texas Statutory Durable Power of Attorney & Miller's Trust/QIT
  85. Death from Septic Shock Due to Pacemaker Implant
  86. Health insurance after an accident on someone else's property?
  87. Chiropractic mess, need so e
  88. Need help please
  89. Can I still file a complaint if I sign a release of liability?
  90. Medical Advice
  91. Wrong medication given by pharmacy store
  92. How do you conduct legal research in the medical area?
  93. 10k bill health bill insurance company won't pay, need advice
  94. Can a homeless person in a nursing home be put on a locked unit without his consent?
  95. My late Grandmother's Pradaxa case.
  96. Responsibility as an Ordering Physician
  97. Eating Disorder
  98. the clinic said my bill was underpaid but I don't think so.
  99. Dentist Discussing Teeth With Other People
  100. Gallbladder Surgery Debacle
  101. Therapist asked inappropriate sexual question
  102. Would this fall under a suit against hospital/surgeon or none at all ?
  103. Help fight afdent?
  104. Do we have a case?
  105. Can I sue
  106. Injuries due to deviation from standard of care
  107. herpes question
  108. New here - Doctor made a hasty decision
  109. All about the Benjamins
  110. Diagnosed pregnant with Downs Syndrome baby at 9 weeks along, Dr hid the diagnosis
  111. Doctor left wood in my hand
  112. I was assaulted by a police/peace officer working for a hospital as I walked home...
  113. HIPAA/Payment Processing Question
  114. HIPPA: Who can act as an interpreter during an emergency?
  115. Question about presenting Doctor with medical history document
  116. Dentist broke tooth while reattaching the crown. Can I sue?
  117. Do I have a case for lawsuit?
  118. Doctors office told me I was covered, then sent me huge nil for lab services
  119. c.n.p. possibly lying leading to unness. surgery
  120. Lip Surgery - Do I have a case?
  121. Primary Dental coverage fight
  122. Inconvenient truths
  123. Suggestions please. Dentist broke a piece of his intrument off in my canal.
  124. Clexane - Subarachnoid Haemorrhage- Aneurysm
  125. Misdiagnosis Leading to Damages
  126. Can I state "I healed my arthritis" in my e book?
  127. is this legal?
  128. How is a Contingent Fee Calculated When the Law Changes After Retainer is Signed
  129. Broken Screws in back surgery
  130. Prescription pain pills
  131. are SPA centres considered a medical place like clinics?
  132. Our midwife didn't diagnose a fatal syndrome during pregnancy
  133. torts advice on medical consent-vaccination
  134. Can a psychiatrist refuse to provide you with your psychiatric records?
  135. Can a doctor refuse to reimburse when he is under insurance contract
  136. Letter 2 court & Declaration of email Address sufficient for Record Activity?
  137. Klonopin lawsuit
  138. Can I sue hospital ?
  139. Incident with dr's office. Please help!
  140. Root Canal complications - do I have a case?
  141. Haematoma
  142. Failure to obtain consent for minor
  143. Incident during my hospital stay...
  144. PEC - Louisiana --HELP
  145. Bad Medicine
  146. Need advice for mental patient in Louisiana ASAP!
  147. Nurse in PA PHMP
  148. ER Bill for no real services rendered
  149. Illegal 5150/5250 hold?
  150. Privacy Violation on the Job... How to we protect ourselves
  151. Pediatrician Negligence?
  152. Dental services
  153. Vet bill for dog
  154. What qualifies as a "signature" for consent for ambulance transport?
  155. Need to file claim by June 19th, 2013
  156. Getting a copy of a urinalysis w/results no copy ever given to recipient
  157. Cosmetic surgery on a minor
  158. My mother's eye sugery went wrong
  159. Hospitalized for wrong dx
  160. Infection due to extra cement on dental implant
  161. Is it Illegal for a neuro surgeon to lie in medical record?
  162. Need A Reputable Malpractice Attorney in NYC ASAP!
  163. doctor used vaccum in delivery room.! baby has a lump on head!
  164. is this considered malpractice?
  165. Wrongful psychiatric commitment
  166. Is it illegal?
  167. Dr. not reimbursing for services paid out-of-pocket
  168. HIPAA Violation - Who is responsible, the employer or the employee?
  169. Statue of Limitations questions
  170. Severe dental phobic left with cavity under sedation
  171. Exemption fr statute of limitations because of delayed ability to file case
  172. Is this medical malpractice/negligence??
  173. Lost hearing aid
  174. Bill for no outcomes from genetic test
  175. Father Killed By Doctor
  176. Am I able to sue the IHSS program and the caregiver for self neglect?
  177. delay of information of death to patient's family
  178. Bad Medicine
  179. Uncertified Medical Assistants Teaching MA Externs
  180. do I have a law suit & if so who do I sue? help plz
  181. Legal implications for Hospice to deny patient based on mental health?
  182. IS this Malpractice or negligence?
  183. Malpractice with my orthopedic doctor?
  184. Consent Required??
  185. Incorrect Information in Medical Records Unresponsive Dr.
  186. Hospitalization Against my Will
  187. pain clinic
  188. Question about when to start a malpractice/negligence suit
  189. Hospice
  190. negligence and malpractice for my 5 year old daughter
  191. How to help my dad in ICU?
  192. Incorrect Surgery
  193. Optometrist Billing For Services not Rendered 8 Months after service
  194. Part of labia missing as the dos did not stitch it after birth, can we sue?
  195. Case law for Judge to recuse themselves from motion
  196. Vaccination Harassment
  197. Wrong diagnosis and I was given incorrect info about my health condition
  198. How do I know it will work this time?
  199. Failed Hip Surgery
  200. Worthless diagnosis?
  201. A competent MD covering for a not so competent MD.
  202. Medical Collections After 5 Years
  203. This Should be a quick one to answer, not to read, no B.S.
  204. Who enforces Pt Bill of Rights? HIPPA, ability to change doctors in office, rudeness
  205. Incorrect Sports Diagnosis, Now Both Meniscus Torn As A Result
  206. Medication Interaction
  207. Uterine rupture caused by cytotec/misoprostal
  208. Dr got boyfriends permission??
  209. C-Section internal infection, corrective surgery almost died and consent to hysterect
  210. Normal assessment of broken foot?
  211. Charged for equipment that I was forced to take...
  212. ultrasound Tech making doctors decisions that may have cause a unborn babys life
  213. Violation of Hipaa?
  214. Wrongly diagnosed with an ectopic pregnancy
  215. Any recourse for Aetna refusing to pay a claim
  216. Any cap on prices for retrieving medical records?
  217. Unfit to stand trial. Sensible people only please
  218. Orthopedic Surgeon did possible permanent damage- Do I have a case?
  219. dental nerve damage lawsuit
  220. Need an experienced Dental Malpractice Lawyer ASAP
  221. Please help me out with this?
  222. Unnecessary surgeries, colitis, and staph infection from neglectful oral surgeon?
  223. Involuntary Psychiatric Hospitalization - Pennsylvania Mental Health Procedures
  224. Can you be charged for an ambulance you didn't call, from a volunteer rescue squad?
  225. Can the Doctor "Take the Rap" for Addicted Patients?
  226. Some of the drawbacks of an gerd eating plan are:
  227. Patient Sustains Injury Upon Medical Facility Discharge
  228. Who is liable? The nursing home or the nurse?
  229. Terrible Dentist
  230. Optometrist prescription
  231. Is there a way to reduce or eliminate charges on doc bill if I didn't receive care?
  232. Doctor Patient Confidentiality Breach?
  233. Nurse Gave Vaccine Without Asking
  234. Malpractice case?
  235. Dr malpractice in ER?
  236. Dentist Filed Down My Teeth
  237. Shady practice by dental office
  238. medical treatment after work injury
  239. Shands hospital
  240. How court weighs new formed LLC in medical malpractice suit
  241. Surgeon would not return my calls, ER doctors no help
  242. Is my dentist liable?
  243. Post excision infection, developed within 48 hours was almost septic.
  244. My Rights Acorrding to Hipaa Question
  245. elder neuroleptic treatment
  246. Dental Malpractice: Advice Needed
  247. Negligent Dr?
  248. Broken Arm
  249. Death Due to Negligence and Malpractice?
  250. burned in recovery