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  1. My situation, help please?
  2. Malpractice or negligence?
  3. Plastic surgeon altered an important body part without permission
  4. Over dosage of epinephrine
  5. Failed surgery
  6. Doctors will not provide required care
  7. [Canada] Legal advice for health advice videos on Youtube/social media
  8. Slightly off topic: Doctors office about to cost me my license.
  9. Can circumstantial evidence rule out who is right in ' he said, she said' cases?
  10. Negligence in group home in NY
  11. Mecial debt closed on Experian but not others
  12. Patient Referrals
  13. Can they refuse to fill out forms?
  14. conservatorship mentally ill
  15. Health Insurance.
  16. Untrue MRI examination, who should pay?
  17. Failed orthodontic treatment should I take legal actions
  18. Work calling doctor fraudulently claiming to be my physician
  19. Need advice
  20. Is this case worth pursueing?
  21. Bedsore
  22. ultrasound tech told us 3 times its a girl- 4th visit now a girl @37
  23. Doctor wrongfully collecting deductible and not refunding.
  24. Dentist charged service not provided
  25. How to get a doctor to prescript zolpidem # zolpidem buy cod
  26. Orthodontic Malpractice in Removing Braces
  27. Is there a case here?
  28. Is this a case worth pursuing?
  29. Pedicle Screw Fixation Failure
  30. Appendicitis, doctor's negligence ?
  31. Evidence Spoliation No-Tort State
  32. HIPAA Violation
  33. Dr ordered MRI with contrast , given the wrong one
  34. New Orthodontic Policy Prevents Parents Joining Underage Children For Appointment
  35. Questionable care?
  36. Unnecessary Surgery
  37. Why would a power of attorney be issued on a competent adult female?
  38. Facial scarring from a nurse
  39. Dentist Office sends collection agency medical records
  40. Orthodontic Malpractice--Advice??
  41. A medical advocacy professional advised using coersion to get my doctor to act.
  42. Will my former employer cover my legal fees?
  43. Refund for medical services paid for but never received
  44. Switching attorneys
  45. Healthcare and or exemptions due to unemployment without income
  46. Diabetes drug sent me to the hospital
  47. Rights as a Patient when information is stolen?
  48. Wrong medication
  49. Crowning wrong tooth
  50. Medical Malpractice/Wrongful Death Advice
  51. What do I do
  52. Is this medical malpractice
  53. Medical records
  54. Is this Malpractice?
  55. Civil lawsuit against mental health agency
  56. Is it legal for a nondoctor, introduced as a doctor exaimine if reffered specialist
  57. suicide watch
  58. When is it dental malpractice?
  59. Sue doctor for failure to preform surgery, emotional damages
  60. Misdiagnosis costing me over 20 thousand dollars
  61. Out of state Lawyer feed
  62. Patient cofidentiality
  63. Dentists Vs. Patients and Drug Use - what are patients rights?
  64. Banned from all methadone clinics in city not given administration detox
  65. Food and Drug Act
  66. Is this malpractice?
  67. Is it illegal in MA for a health care provider to ask nationality?
  68. 2 hospital visits, no solution, endless bills
  69. Discriminating an Infant? Come on!
  70. 4mo pregnancy ended by miscarriage
  71. Responsible for ER copay if not seen?
  72. Dentist issue
  73. Doctors Out Of Control
  74. do I have a case?
  75. I have a pick up order for my probation and need medical attention
  76. am I going to easily lose as a healthcare practitioner?
  77. What are my legal options? (cosmetic dentistry)
  78. Nursing home abuse
  79. Hospital lied to try and get money out of me, what can I expect?
  80. the crime under sunshine
  81. Not fair bill from US Healthworks medical clinic
  82. Zyvox medicine
  83. Clinicians failed to prevent suicide attempt
  84. A question for my friend
  85. Atorney fees and cost
  87. They took my money and now I'm trying to get a refund
  88. Wrongly diagnosed please help
  89. Medical Malpractice
  90. Can this case be sued? Thinking it could be fault of orthodontist
  91. VA and Tricare at fault?
  92. Therapist not licenced?
  93. Health insurance.
  94. wrongful death oregon
  95. atypical pain caused by full mouth tooth extraction
  96. Trying to find one reason of many to sue a hospital
  97. No lease eviction without notice
  98. Hemorrhaging for 12 hrs after cesarean due to mistake in surgery, almost died
  99. HIPPA violation
  100. Massive stroke
  101. Broadcasting for TV at Medical Facility
  102. I just want my husband home
  103. nursing home abuse
  104. movement disorder related to risperdal
  105. Stillborn Baby
  106. Can operation be done for Mom if she's not coherent to consent?
  107. Malpractice or Injury
  108. PTSD Aggravation
  109. Feeling ripped off by my dentist
  110. Retrieving Medical Records
  111. Advice??
  112. Family issues
  113. dr. lied
  114. Medical Mistakes
  115. New dentures are killing me, can I use him after a year of grief and three tries?
  116. Alcohol to Alcoholic
  117. Amputation
  118. Hospital neglect
  119. Lpn accused of verbal abuse
  120. a bill to a minor
  121. Crown redone twice and now requires a root canal- what are my legal options?
  122. Should I sue him?
  123. Self commitment
  124. Where Should I Sue the Case
  125. Fell at DR office in 2012 and now am having back pain where initially injured. texas
  126. Check cashed stolen
  127. HIPAA laws
  128. Compliance drug urinalysis
  129. Clinical Trial Sent Me to the ER-Refuses to Pay
  130. Primary dr. Tells me talk to urologist, urologist tells me talk to primary care.
  131. ED Bill without being seen
  132. what is the value of my career
  133. should I pursue legal options ?
  134. Can I sue hospice?
  135. Health Care Company gave me wrong bill and ignoring me
  136. Can I sue my Orthodontist?
  137. Should I complain to the medical board?
  138. My direct supervisor made comments about my medical condition
  139. Can I get my money back from orthodontics? more info in description
  140. VA Mismanagement of Meds
  141. DUI - Medical Fraud Involved
  142. Dentist company lab lost crown
  143. Hospital treated a minor without legal consent.
  144. Re. JaneDoe29's deleted thread: "Please help me understand ..."
  145. Provider Changed Wife's Medical Chart
  146. Glaucoma caused by steroid use
  147. Bent screw
  148. Wrongful death?
  149. possible malpractice liability?
  150. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) resulting from HIV status disclosure.
  151. Not good...
  152. Is dentist culpable for not prescribing proper pain medication?
  153. Can Dr charge you late fee for an appointment you didn't make?
  154. Involuntary Detained/Malpractice
  155. Ridiculously painful teeth cleaning.
  156. Death Due to Pacemaker Infection
  157. Dr's Office Liable for Lost Property?
  158. Should I bother?
  159. Mercury poisoning
  160. HIPAA Violation??
  161. Need advice on patient dismissal
  162. could this be sexual harrassment? or something else?
  163. Told our daughter may have down syndrome
  164. Need advice in dealing with a dentist
  165. Medical record release forms
  166. hospital malpractice or elder abuse? or both?
  167. Lack of information
  168. Get Hard Home 2015
  169. medical malpractice ins. only covers up to $2 million
  170. Using an Expert Witness from an online directory
  171. Doctor Reneged After Initial Verbal Agreement
  172. Dental billing issues
  173. Privacy violation
  174. Medical Billing Requirements Patient Rights
  175. Can dental assistant remove permenant crown in California?
  176. Doctor-Patient Confidentiality
  177. Unauthorized lab work
  178. need advice deal with my dentist
  179. General dentist broke TWO files in the same tooth during root canal, I am in pain
  180. GF charged for a review of old medical data when going to a new doctor
  181. Medical Treatment for Illness and CCW Renewal
  182. Wrongful Death
  183. 8 years later
  184. Legal status on my human rights
  185. Dating a former patient?
  186. Broken jaw two titanium plates, no motor function of bottom lip 9 months after
  187. ER doctor makes a mistake
  188. I had a Stroke
  189. Father's Remains Moved Without Consent
  190. Is this Medical Malpractice?
  191. hysterectomy gone wrong
  192. Medical Malpractice Lawyer
  193. Childbirth Malpractice
  194. Excessive Emergency Room Doctor Fees
  195. Receptionist took X-Rays of my mouth without doctor watching
  196. NHS Complaints
  197. Is it against the law for doctors to discriminate against me ?
  198. MRI/CT scan falsified?
  199. Dentist Estimate vs. Charges
  200. Breaching minor patient's confidentiality?
  201. What step follows filing a default?
  202. Do you have to sue a hospital to request compensation?
  203. Independent contractor agreement for NP
  204. would like to join a class action
  205. Hospital Privacy - Restraining Order Violation
  206. Dentist issue
  207. Can I sue my former cardiologist for this?
  208. Primary Doctor sent me to emergency room due to improper EKG exam
  209. Medical Malpractice or Negligence, Held Against My Will In Hospital - Please Help Me
  210. Removal of defective medical device and hospital denied request to have it retained.
  211. Falsely accused of diversion, need some reassurance and help
  212. Refund of overpaid nursing home costs.
  213. What Legal Theory Allows Lawsuit For Testosterone Therapy (AndroGel)
  214. what can i do ?
  215. Possible HIPA violation.
  216. Medication Cause Damage to Penis - Need Your Help
  217. Importing Aromasin in Hong Kong for personal use
  218. Can I recoup any of this?
  219. Is this a malpractice case (resulting in death)?
  220. Please recommend me an attorney in my area?
  221. Secondary Insurance Payments Question
  222. Sticky question not sure if it goes here or goverment
  223. Is this Malpractice?
  224. Medical Records Wrongfully Disclosed?
  225. Texas Statutory Durable Power of Attorney & Miller's Trust/QIT
  226. Death from Septic Shock Due to Pacemaker Implant
  227. Health insurance after an accident on someone else's property?
  228. Chiropractic mess, need so e
  229. Need help please
  230. Can I still file a complaint if I sign a release of liability?
  231. Medical Advice
  232. Wrong medication given by pharmacy store
  233. How do you conduct legal research in the medical area?
  234. 10k bill health bill insurance company won't pay, need advice
  235. Can a homeless person in a nursing home be put on a locked unit without his consent?
  236. My late Grandmother's Pradaxa case.
  237. Responsibility as an Ordering Physician
  238. Eating Disorder
  239. the clinic said my bill was underpaid but I don't think so.
  240. Dentist Discussing Teeth With Other People
  241. Gallbladder Surgery Debacle
  242. Therapist asked inappropriate sexual question
  243. Would this fall under a suit against hospital/surgeon or none at all ?
  244. Help fight afdent?
  245. Do we have a case?
  246. Can I sue
  247. Injuries due to deviation from standard of care
  248. herpes question
  249. New here - Doctor made a hasty decision
  250. All about the Benjamins