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  1. a conversation by email counts as a contract?
  2. Service not delivered after paying
  3. Legal action to pursue non-paying customers
  4. Hello I sold a 98 Honda Civic about 2 months ago and now buyer says it's breaking dow
  5. Independent Contractor
  6. Quitting job as a independent contractor/employee
  7. Being Paid to Cosign a Loan, Contract to protect me from financial risk
  8. legal options for commercial lease with 3 years left
  9. Breach of contract in a business sale
  10. VA Breaking the contract penalty
  11. Snap Fitness Franchisee needing Serious Help
  12. Is my relocation agreement still binding if a company splits into two entities?
  13. Need to Interview a Lawyer for Class
  14. Do I Have Legal Exposure for Client Contract?
  15. Put $100 down to save
  16. Do I (legally) owe any kind of refund to these people?
  17. My wepay account was terminated without legitimate reason.
  18. Ex Business Partner Using My Logo
  19. Company Law , Uk , Removal of directors, breaches , what are my rights?
  20. Pawned items and business burned down
  21. C-store 30 days notice
  22. Sales Terms and Conditions
  23. Recently was pressured into partnership, Can I stop a new contract?
  24. Am I a spy? =)
  25. Dispute Between Directors of a US Incorporated Company
  26. Int'l Educational Agency Not Doing Its Job
  27. supplier trying to contra invoice in new co
  28. selling/closing a franchise business before lease ends
  29. Jackson Hewitt Messed Up on My Return
  30. Contract / Employee Stock
  31. Closing a Contract
  32. Is it against Wikia's TOS to disable flash in Chrome?
  33. Where Can I Get an Affordable Cease & Desist?
  34. Tort law
  35. Nonsolicitation on Contract
  36. Non-Compete Contract for Chiropractor
  37. Is it legal to pitch a former customer without telling them who you are?
  38. Sign Job
  39. Tentative contract troubles
  40. Cancel roofing company contract
  41. Verbal resignation from nonprofit
  42. Suing something that left the country. - NY
  43. Salon booth renter
  44. Buyer wrote a bad check for deposit and breeched contract
  45. Incorrectcontact and billing information
  46. Elderly parents swindled when closing restaurant
  47. Existing Contracts after converting Sole Proprietor to LLC (in California)
  48. services contract
  49. Question Regarding Educational Contract.
  50. Sued for NDA violation/breach of contracts
  51. Music production contract
  52. Breach of contract
  53. Car Damage During Repair
  54. Can I sue DHL for delayed shipment and therefore missed revenue
  55. Is this type of massage service illegal?
  56. Can I send a client to collections on a refund I technically allowed?
  57. California NDA for a NYC-based company?
  58. Sued for breach of contract
  59. Company Secret
  60. Verbal Contract to do business
  61. Business Contract for Design Services
  62. Investment opportunity, failed to pay out.
  63. Breaking A Lease
  64. Urgent advice need'd
  65. Buisness contract
  66. Interest charges on aged payables
  67. Municipal As Needed Contract
  68. non compete
  69. Seller didn't read the Terms of Service
  70. Type of contract / other legal document needed to allow limited use of my materials
  71. Tenant Check/Screen
  72. Contact for LA Fitness
  73. Client has not Completed Deposit. What happens after breach?
  74. Previous business owner is trying to extort me.
  75. Client Wants to Sue over Marketing Campaign
  76. Financing A Liquor License
  77. Liquor License - Property in California?
  78. Hotel Guest Smoking Chargeback
  79. Independent Contractor HELP
  80. Wrong Title on NDA - Freelancer
  81. Affidavit of Ownership
  82. Getting out of contract with residential security alarm co.
  83. Verbal Contract
  84. Linda
  85. Need help immediately !
  86. Non Compete Clause
  87. Can my contract survive the sale of the business of other party?
  88. Can I Sue My Client For Breach of Contract?
  89. Amount in letter and number dont match
  90. Not in the contract
  91. Is my situation "conflict of interest?"
  92. Independent Contractor working for Two Competitors
  93. Contract Breached, Left Homeless & Abused
  94. Unpaid for work
  95. Should I sue a business from breaking the lease contract?
  96. Creating more "shares"
  97. Business venture
  98. Subcontractor profit sharing with contractor who is sharing profit with the customer?
  99. Are building plans confidential?
  100. signed contract can you take money then take to court
  101. Breach of Contract
  102. Non-Compete Agreement
  103. Marketing Agreement with Debit Card Company
  104. Contract - Questions and Legal limitations
  105. Must I honor this sale?
  106. Can I sell a dead company's products?
  107. auto renewal clause for dumpster service for our HOA
  108. appropriate action for addressing MGL violations and state colleges
  109. Question about verbal cotnract and personal jurisdiction
  110. Violation of unsigned contract
  111. Plain english please
  112. Can majority stakeholder in a company force a loan on other partners?
  113. Education Funding
  114. breech of contract
  115. Would this compensation structure qualify our salesmen as employees?
  116. got judgement from commercial claim court, what now?
  117. Is this contract valid? Legal?
  118. Is this contract valid?
  119. Loan Repayment
  120. Enforcing Service Agreement
  121. Forfeiture of Funds in Freelance Contract
  122. Buying Program/Graphical Content
  124. broke contract with consulting firm
  125. Purchasing product/rights
  126. Ownership of Intellectual Property designed by me
  127. How to prove the existence of a promise that is made on a website.
  128. Product-Release of Liability form
  129. Am I in danger by signing this contract(1099)?
  130. good working .. sell cvv best all country .. dump cast out with atm
  131. App developer breached contract what should we do now?
  132. Modifying a Partnership ?
  133. taking on one sided contract
  134. Defend my interests with a contract
  135. Mou termination and damages liability?
  136. General Contractor is now coming after me for the remaining balance owed.
  137. Rental terms and conditions
  138. non-disparagement clause validity
  139. Can 12+ month $6,600 housing contract be signed electronically legally? [PA]
  140. Jurisdiction
  141. Engineering consultant not paid for last 3 weeks of work
  142. Employment Contract
  143. Plumber suing me, what are my chances?
  144. Legal Action to acquire Bank Records
  145. Use of term "Share" in LLC Op Agreement
  146. Is this a legal contract?
  147. Unpaid invoice
  148. Contract interpretation
  149. I really need help, breach of contract, what are the chances?
  150. How do I go about a contract where the Investor need to pay my group commission
  151. Terminating A Sales Agreement
  152. I got cheated by my business partner and now he is suing me.
  153. Is there a Conflict
  154. Sending debt to collection agency without notification
  155. Email address for contract notifications vs mailing address
  156. How can I pay for a lawsuit defense when all assets are frozen?
  157. Foreign company sue supplier in California?
  158. Question about Reimbursement Policy
  159. Hi I'm new here, I have a quesiton about a business contract
  160. New business - banking question
  161. Leaving current company and retaining customers
  162. Need idea on how to protect Intel when approaching possible business partner...
  163. Can monthly agreement be paid by 3rd party
  164. NDA- to sign or not to sign.
  165. Vendor not paying Consultant (me) for consulting services San Jose CA.
  166. Quick help with the definition of this sentence
  167. Small local business
  168. unfair workload, % royalties. any way to fix this?
  169. I signed a modeling contract and dont know what to do now.
  170. Agreement Terms
  171. father (95) contracts son to manage farm until he dies..but now wants to sell
  172. signing a lease without beeing authorized
  173. Partnership Agreement
  174. Aircraft sales disagreement due to wire fraud
  175. Business Partnership agreement - what to do for best protection
  176. Was offered a sketchy job on craiglist - money laundering scam?
  177. My partner has dishonoured his agreement and has been stealing money from our shop
  178. is an employer liable for damages resulting from employee's breach of fiduciary duty?
  179. Deciphering Clauses in a contract [UK]
  180. General Contractor Holding Payment From One Contract To Cover Another?
  181. Medical subject wrongfully banned by misrepresentation of a hostile employee
  182. Structuring equity for a key participant in our startup
  183. Diverting employee payments through another party?
  184. Do we have to compensate for this ?
  185. Can I sue a freelancer website for this?
  186. Non-compete Reasonoable or not?
  187. Business Venture Gone Bad
  188. Contract Interpretation
  189. Purchase Agreement on an Existing Business
  190. do we have a case or not
  191. Blank spaces in contracts
  192. Time limitations?
  193. Is email agreement binding?
  194. Cancelling contract
  195. Contract-Sole trader-limited company-Liability
  196. Client went through one of my programmers and made a side deal
  197. Clause against negative reviews
  198. Liability
  199. Business deal gone bad.
  200. Contract terms contradict each other? Does one trump the other?
  201. Contract Verbiage
  202. Accountant withholds information about limited partnership from a partner
  203. Bad check given as Non Refundable deposit
  204. Permission for food pickup & delivery service
  205. Trying to understand ownership/profits/losses split
  206. Legal recourse for a client that won't pay?
  207. Unsigned contract.
  208. Non-compete & solicitation of business question...
  209. Personal Guarantee Validity
  210. Freelance Contract with Author
  211. Business Contract
  212. 3rd Party Contracting Middle-man business
  213. unonditional waiver
  214. Name Change and Civil Suit
  215. Tortious Interference?
  216. Removing my name from former employer's documents
  217. NYS: Contract verbage that allows us to collect cos in court if "unsuccessfully sued"
  218. Breach of Contract
  219. Business Partner Agreement
  220. Indep. Contractor suing a suspended LLC in CA
  221. Can I sell products without a licensing agreement from the brand/company?
  222. At Home Independent Contractors - Call Center
  223. Independent Contractor Has Not Fulfilled His Part of Contract
  224. Question regarding application of a performance based bonus plan
  225. agreement
  226. Client won't pay, I have a belonging in posession
  227. Mobile Home Setup Gone Bad - Need Advice
  228. Maryland business contract - late fees
  229. Vending contract
  230. Is this theft of a deposit check?
  231. Security/alarm company price matching and using their contract
  232. Contract
  233. Tattoo Troubles in NJ - Need your help/advice
  234. Getting out of verbal agreement to work too cheaply
  235. Attorney representation waiver
  236. Defaulted Business Contract (Inc. Fraud)
  237. Label shuts down - breach of recording contract?
  238. Non-Compete Question, 1099 employee, multiple states involved etc
  239. Abandoned Order
  240. Should I expose them?
  241. New product in stores- B2B question
  242. Deadbeat customer
  243. Business Ethics employee selling to employer conflict?
  244. Advice needed please
  245. Question about possible breach on contract regarding a shopping mall.
  246. What If a contract is breached that was made between two parties in different states?
  247. Purchase agreement/how to amend the original terms
  248. Buyer breaches Sales Agreement. I need advice please.
  249. Forced Distribution - Contract signed with no dates
  250. Partner Agreement issues...