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  1. Partnership Agreement
  2. Aircraft sales disagreement due to wire fraud
  3. Business Partnership agreement - what to do for best protection
  4. Was offered a sketchy job on craiglist - money laundering scam?
  5. My partner has dishonoured his agreement and has been stealing money from our shop
  6. is an employer liable for damages resulting from employee's breach of fiduciary duty?
  7. Deciphering Clauses in a contract [UK]
  8. General Contractor Holding Payment From One Contract To Cover Another?
  9. Medical subject wrongfully banned by misrepresentation of a hostile employee
  10. Structuring equity for a key participant in our startup
  11. Diverting employee payments through another party?
  12. Do we have to compensate for this ?
  13. Can I sue a freelancer website for this?
  14. Non-compete Reasonoable or not?
  15. Business Venture Gone Bad
  16. Contract Interpretation
  17. Purchase Agreement on an Existing Business
  18. do we have a case or not
  19. Blank spaces in contracts
  20. Time limitations?
  21. Is email agreement binding?
  22. Cancelling contract
  23. Contract-Sole trader-limited company-Liability
  24. Client went through one of my programmers and made a side deal
  25. Clause against negative reviews
  26. Liability
  27. Business deal gone bad.
  28. Contract terms contradict each other? Does one trump the other?
  29. Contract Verbiage
  30. Accountant withholds information about limited partnership from a partner
  31. Bad check given as Non Refundable deposit
  32. Permission for food pickup & delivery service
  33. Trying to understand ownership/profits/losses split
  34. Legal recourse for a client that won't pay?
  35. Unsigned contract.
  36. Non-compete & solicitation of business question...
  37. Personal Guarantee Validity
  38. Freelance Contract with Author
  39. Business Contract
  40. 3rd Party Contracting Middle-man business
  41. unonditional waiver
  42. Name Change and Civil Suit
  43. Tortious Interference?
  44. Removing my name from former employer's documents
  45. NYS: Contract verbage that allows us to collect cos in court if "unsuccessfully sued"
  46. Breach of Contract
  47. Business Partner Agreement
  48. Indep. Contractor suing a suspended LLC in CA
  49. Can I sell products without a licensing agreement from the brand/company?
  50. At Home Independent Contractors - Call Center
  51. Independent Contractor Has Not Fulfilled His Part of Contract
  52. Question regarding application of a performance based bonus plan
  53. agreement
  54. Client won't pay, I have a belonging in posession
  55. Mobile Home Setup Gone Bad - Need Advice
  56. Maryland business contract - late fees
  57. Vending contract
  58. Is this theft of a deposit check?
  59. Security/alarm company price matching and using their contract
  60. Contract
  61. Tattoo Troubles in NJ - Need your help/advice
  62. Getting out of verbal agreement to work too cheaply
  63. Attorney representation waiver
  64. Defaulted Business Contract (Inc. Fraud)
  65. Label shuts down - breach of recording contract?
  66. Non-Compete Question, 1099 employee, multiple states involved etc
  67. Abandoned Order
  68. Should I expose them?
  69. New product in stores- B2B question
  70. Deadbeat customer
  71. Business Ethics employee selling to employer conflict?
  72. Advice needed please
  73. Question about possible breach on contract regarding a shopping mall.
  74. What If a contract is breached that was made between two parties in different states?
  75. Purchase agreement/how to amend the original terms
  76. Buyer breaches Sales Agreement. I need advice please.
  77. Forced Distribution - Contract signed with no dates
  78. Partner Agreement issues...
  79. Website Contract
  80. question for you about contract and possible damages
  81. Does a K-1 on the tax return form dictate % ownership of business?
  82. Am I an employee or contrator?
  83. Online sales question about anti-competitive conduct, or fair-trade practices?
  84. Contract Lease Renewal
  85. Data Usage Agreement
  86. Preliminary Injunction denied-likelihood of success at trial?
  87. When an NDA and Partnership Offering Goes Horribly Wrong
  88. Can a Real Estate Agent Sign on a Purchase Agreement on his Principal's behalf?
  89. Exclusive?
  90. Non-Disclosure Aggreemtn
  91. Workplace's "Tuition Repayment"
  92. Question regarding terms stated in offer letter.
  93. Wholesale contract terms violation
  94. Video Production Payment Gone Awry
  95. contract questions
  96. Breaking Employment Contract
  97. NFS checks and fraud; how far can someone push it?
  98. A Scenario...Would This Be Fraudulent?
  99. Do I Have A Case?
  100. Breach of covenant of good faith - Connecticut
  101. non-disclosure agreement 10 years?
  102. Ex Post Facto LLC Resolution attempting to defraud me.
  103. Wedding Pianist Contract
  104. Breach of Contract
  105. Car sale to friend gone awry
  106. Photography / Videography
  107. Car sale gone horrible, need to know options
  108. Is this a breach of contract?
  109. "Working Conditions" NDA
  110. SEO CONTRACT FRAUD? search engine optimization company fraud?
  111. Intellectual Property Question (Implimentation)
  112. Any legal implications?
  113. Validation of an NDA and Operating Contract
  114. Employment Confidentiality Agreements - Date Signed
  115. I am a webdeveloper for a law firm
  116. Very unusual situation - could use some advice/perspective
  117. Change of Venue, Who Wins?
  118. minority in a LLC
  119. understanding intellectual property laws
  120. Claim for non-payment...expired Inc. business
  121. Contract help
  122. Vehicle Sale Contract
  123. Does website notice count?
  124. How to correctly prepare a 1099 service agreement?
  125. Use of blamk line in contract
  126. Vehicle contract mistake by car lot
  127. Still No Contract 6 months after Pre Trial Mediation Agreement
  128. Rights for Breach of Contract?
  129. Joint Venture in Wisconsin. not getting any statements
  130. Employment scam?
  131. Fired client
  132. eBay Sale Unilaterally Cancelled by Seller - I'm not Happy
  133. Contractor hired Plumber who lied about hours, overcharged, & stole my copper pipes
  134. Makeup Academy Refused to Refund Fees and Deposit
  135. Corporate Contract Law - Business interest or ownership -- help :)
  136. Entertainment Management Contract
  137. Client wants full refund but project is almost complete
  138. Should I sue the business or the business owner?
  139. Expressed intent to sign contract, but does not sign
  140. False agreement
  141. Contractor Being Deducted 5%
  142. Non-profit contract
  143. can i legally take this client?
  144. company falsified my signature
  145. Non Disclossure Agreement Vs Privacy policy, please advice.
  146. Got Scammed into a " Partnership", and Now Im Out $2,500, Is There Anything I Can Do?
  147. Offered A Piece Of The Pie...Oral Contract.
  148. As an independent contractor can I quit without any legal repercussions
  149. Former Volunteer; Am I Obligated to Help With Ownership Transition?
  150. independent contractor legal rights
  151. Breach or restaurant lease by the city.
  152. logo designer now wants license fee
  153. Contract on ristricted supplier
  154. Refusing to provice copy of contract
  155. Credit Application: what is it?
  156. Can I sue same client twice in Small Claims for two separate incidences?
  157. Non-Compete Clause
  158. E-mailed -> Printed -> Signed -> Scanned and E-mailed Back Contracts
  159. Can I sell a customer's property to recover my costs?
  160. Seeking a refund for services
  161. Covenant to Not Compete Clause
  162. is Pro-Forma Invoice is enough?
  163. Business Contract Suggestions
  164. Oral contract - implicit agreement.
  165. Can I be sued for not hiring a contractor who put in an insurance claim?
  166. Internet Domain Name Ownership
  167. Contract issue
  168. Sending a Contract Amendment to the Other Party Via Email (Not Notice Address)
  169. Who owns freelance design work?
  170. Hard time collecting payment.
  171. Selling my "potential" lottery winnings?
  172. EX Employee works for a competitor although he signed a NDNC
  173. Can I stop paying monthly charges for a "quote" ?
  174. Case Evaluation Needed, Breach of contract
  175. Termination of consultancy contract
  176. Municipal contracts with trash haulers
  177. Business Buyer Backing Out
  178. Services Not Rendered
  179. non-solicitation of client
  180. Payment Difficulties Following Business Purchase
  181. Overlapping Businesses
  182. Delinquent Parker
  183. Photographer from Hell
  184. name on receipt
  185. Deal Specific - One Off Management Contracts???
  186. Help is needed
  187. Contract says not to sue, but hasn't fulfilled agreement, legal action justified?
  188. Purchase of goods by minors
  189. Non-commercial license, partners, no income. Possibility to go comm in 1 year?
  190. Questions on becoming a distributor
  191. Unfulfilled contract
  192. the definition of "today"
  193. Need advice in Georgia!
  194. Business Blow up
  195. I need help!! Law suit against my business partner...
  196. Ad Agency lied about their services, what can i do about it?
  197. I obeyed an injunction, but the plaintiff filed a contempt motion that I violated it.
  198. Expired commission agreement
  199. Circular A-124 and 35 U.S.C. 203.
  200. Is there any reason I should say no to being a “TN charter incorporator"
  201. Vendor holds employee responsible
  202. Designer/Client Dispute. HELP?
  203. music contract
  204. Completed Online Work - Now The Site Owner Wants Out
  205. Bitten by rabid bat AFTER we paid a company to do a bat exclusion.
  206. Minor traffic accident overseas with an invalid International Driver's Permit
  207. Defective Car: Owners Not Honest
  208. Oral Contracts
  209. Being sued on bogus claims
  210. My business is being sued by a canadian company
  211. Severence Package
  212. Stealing my code
  213. Online Services Reseller Cancel and Refund
  214. Having a Commercial Cleaning Company as a long-term Subcontractor
  215. Is this restraint of trade?
  216. Independent Contractors ripped off for work completed
  217. Breach of Contract/ Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress
  218. Hi every one
  219. Shoudl I sue, initiate a criminal case or let it go?
  220. Contract breach by non profit
  221. Unregistered Business
  222. Do I answer their lawyer, or not?
  223. WHO do I sue?
  224. Does a notary have to be present?
  225. Auto Repair Shop Contract
  226. Another client trying to screw me over
  227. Natural Expiration of Non-Compete
  228. Natural Expiration of Non-Compete
  229. Sold LLC, now being sued
  230. Is my contract good enough? Was repossession legal?
  231. Breach of reward contract
  232. giving credit to corporations
  233. Breach of Contract - any merit to this case?
  234. client keeps giving me the run around
  235. Being invoiced for full amount of vouchers plus fees
  236. New Hire Bonus
  237. Breach of contract by seller and more!!!
  238. what does this paragraph mean in a business contract?
  239. What is the Fee for answer-contract in Santa Clara
  240. Transfering company / Sales reps residuals
  241. Breach of Contract, Seller's Attempt to Cure, Expectation Damages
  242. New Labour Contract - Retroactive Changes to Bursary Program
  243. client's client is not paying me
  244. Fraud and attempt to sue me for changing companies
  245. Fraud and attempt to sue me for changing companies
  246. Can I be sued by an Inactive Corporation
  247. Fitness Maintenance Company Ripoff
  248. Washer Flooded Apartment...Appliance Company Liable????
  249. TV PRODUCTION CONTRACT Question****************************.
  250. Business closed, partner trying to screw me over