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  1. Videotaping Laws in Co
  2. question about possible attorney malpractice
  3. Ethics of Linkedin endorsements
  4. Loyalty conflict with my former attorney
  5. How do the police obtain a search warrant?
  6. Questiong lawyer loyalty ooops 2
  7. Questioning my lawyer loyality
  8. Judge refuses to hear motion to rescue
  9. Question on time to file
  10. Immigration lawyer not performing
  11. Ethical violations, Legal Malpractice...
  12. Attorney fees
  13. lawyer using ilegally accessed email
  14. Petition for Judges in decidng child custody due 5/9/14
  15. attys fees violation of equitable servitude
  16. Lawyer fees for answering bar complaint
  17. usurping authority?
  18. Lawyer fee/charge that is unjust???
  19. Attorney did nothing and he's keeping my money...
  20. Lawyer Fees
  21. Money in trust
  22. Spoke with Attorney who did not tell me that he was with the opposing law firm
  23. Answering legal questions online = lawyer client relationship
  24. I was played a fool...
  25. Privilege
  26. wheelchair for life
  27. Does a lawyer who dropped my case have any right to my settlememt?
  28. straight to trial
  29. ~Seeking An Aggressive Legal Malpractice Attorney~
  30. Reimbursement of legal costs from opposing party due to misconduct in courtroom
  31. High legal fees!!!!!
  32. How to deal with lawyers after payment
  33. Question about a subpoena to testify
  34. Is this behavior Ethical?
  35. Recourse against judges
  36. Partners?
  37. I need the OHIO CIVIL RULE or CONTROLLING CASE for "Ignorantia juris non excusat"
  38. Riule 8.3 states that an Ohio attorney must report his own unethical conduct
  39. Retainer
  40. Is an Ohio attorney required by the canon of ethics to report his own misconduct to t
  41. Does Lawyer/Client privilege attach itself when both parties are involved in commitin
  42. Can/should I sue my attorney?
  43. Lawyer wont refund money even though he had no work in the case
  44. Legal Malpractice?
  45. Question about lawyer of deceased contacting those other than estate holders.
  46. Attorney Fee's
  47. Attorney does not comply with Compliance Order...what to do?
  48. Attorney refuses to release me as a client
  49. Attorney Fees
  50. Is this a case of ex parte communication?
  51. Extortion - Ethic letter from Lawyer
  52. Substitution of Attorney and my rights
  53. Conflict of interest
  54. I am being wrongfully sued by my attorney
  55. Lawyer disclosing personal financial information
  56. I thought my parents hired an Attorney to represent, ME; turns out, he did not.
  57. Lawyer refuses to honor refund offer
  58. Should I sign a consent to withdraw
  59. Did this lawyer violate my civil rights?
  60. Great idea - or risky and questionable?
  61. Can I sue this lawyer?
  62. Law student question! Ethics question.
  63. Opinions on most effective resolution to legal malpractice committed in Ohio
  64. What to do when your Attorney doesn't communicate with you or show up to court?
  65. Attorney Escrow
  66. Practicing Law Without a License
  67. Multiple Examples of Malpractice? Lawyer Threatens Client
  68. judges
  69. School counselor role
  70. Attorney said one thing but it didn't pan out
  71. Juror Rights
  72. Maryland atty fees in WC case
  73. court mess up
  74. Grievance Unfairly Resolved in Favor of the Lawyer
  75. Attorney charged fee for services he never provided; refused to sign contract;...
  76. my lawyer is taking my money but may not represent me
  77. PRO SE APPELLEE NEVER SENT ME PAPERWORK and is wasting court time and resources.
  78. Whats the legal status in CT for a paralegal to file sentence modification papers 4$?
  79. What can I do here?
  80. Landlord faked attorney son's signature on 3 day notice
  81. Abuse of Unused Evidence
  82. Court Documents Filed at 4:33 am
  83. A breach of ethics?
  84. I really need advice about my rights
  85. Brided Judges
  86. Can I get my money back from this guy?
  87. Fired my divorce attorney, but now what...???
  88. Improperly handled Unlawful Detainer/Eviction case
  89. Visa processing fee received by Attorney but did not process my H1B Visa
  90. Can a judge preside over a case if he was the defendant's previous attorney?
  91. Withholding Info from the court by State/County Employee
  92. Procedure question
  93. Legal outsourcing mark-ups
  94. What to disclose on the Moral Character Application to the State Bar?
  95. case dismissed, client lives abroad
  96. Hostile corporate take over
  97. Hostil
  98. Kept from my own hearings
  99. restitution
  100. fraud on court
  101. Defendants' Lawyer holding the payment
  102. Should I have to pay for lawyer to correct his mistake?
  103. College Accuses me of Sexual Harassment
  104. can portion of legal fees be recovered in SC if no service performed???
  105. What can I do in this legal situation?
  106. Legal representation
  107. Lawyer charged $5,000 for nothing!
  108. Can lawyers sign off on documents in place of there clients??
  109. Prodding Atty
  110. Rodney kress and teenmodeling.tv child porn or legit modeling?
  111. is it conflict ofinterest if DA accepts a case where her husband is arresting officer
  112. What consitutes conflict of interest?
  113. Lawyer taking advantage of my sick mother
  114. appropriate clothing for interpreter?
  115. Confessed to crime...Possibly Drugged
  116. Witnessed boyfriend commit crime, lawyer says he should not speak to me
  117. Office of the chief disciplinary counsel state bar of texas grievance form
  118. What is New York Faithless Servant Doctrine about?
  119. Falsification
  120. Opponent Attorney not cooperating
  121. moving out
  122. Lazy Lawyer... What happens if I don't fully pay?
  123. Getting my money back
  124. who owns the rights to a case file?
  125. Attorney took my money and RAN.
  126. Outside of scope of services??
  127. Who do I contact about this?
  128. Law (especially Equity) on Practicing Felons Acting As Judges, Prosecutors and Jurors
  129. Dispute with former attorney over fund paid
  130. Is my Lawyer doing his job ?
  131. I need to fire my court appointed attorney
  132. Lawyer lied about how much money I won in lawsuit
  133. What can I do in this case?
  134. Misleading the courts with mortgage assignments
  135. If I fire my attorney, will I get the case records?
  136. Question about Disgorgement of Legal Fees
  137. Do we have CAUSE to sue Lawyer for Negligence?
  138. Judge judged against initial judgment!
  139. My Lawyer can't give me an answer on how much we suing for!
  140. Legal Misconduct With No Reparation
  141. Attorney Fees
  142. Being bullied by a J.D.
  143. Questionable Item on Atty Billing Invoice - How to Approach - Advice Appreciated
  144. Any recourse available to me?
  145. general civil suit question
  146. Society was wrongfully dissolved
  147. can i sue my ex wifes lawyer?
  148. Are Prosecuting Attorneys bound by their word?
  149. Legal Malpractice? or should she let it go?
  150. Is this going to affect me in any way?
  151. Judges Behavior
  152. nolo contendre plea
  153. Shady Detective overstepping boundaries???
  154. State bar won't investigate ex-lawyer
  155. unethical lawyer
  156. Court Stamp and Admissibility of Evidence.
  157. Lawyer-Disbarred
  158. Literally put out of bussiness by State A/G's office
  159. Questioning my lawyer
  160. need help with my bondsman!
  161. Interesting case regarding ethics
  162. Motion to Dismiss before response
  163. girlfriend sold my car
  164. Lawyer no reassuring
  165. Discharging a Lawyer
  166. Bad lawyer
  167. attorney conflict of interest
  168. Conflict of priviledged rights
  169. general question
  170. Jury Duty Financial Hardship Excuse Denied
  171. Who is above US Attorney?
  172. unethical lawyer in ventura county
  173. Ethics Question
  174. Title defect
  175. What legal cause of action is valid and is a criminal complaint required first
  176. Should a judge preside over a case when he is a friend of the plaintiffs?
  177. Town of Oyster Bay Code Enforcement scope of Authority
  178. Abuse of subpoena power?
  179. any lawyer
  180. Are they legally obligated?
  181. Question mainly out of curiousity
  182. Please Explain
  183. Legal Aid lawyer not helping me. Should I complain?
  184. social worker discloses confidential information
  185. Can a litigant ever make claim against opposing law firm?
  186. Bait and Switch Billing
  187. Notice
  188. Corrupt Magistrate
  189. Improper Bondsman Practices
  190. Excess use of Power
  191. What constitutes "Legal Advice"?
  192. Process Service Question
  193. Ethics Question
  194. Attorney didn't do his job.
  195. Attorney Didn't Do His Job
  196. Settlement Timeline Question
  197. Used as Bait
  198. questions neede some help
  199. Process Servers Harassing a Third Party
  200. Terminating a attorney/client relationship.
  201. disqualifying opposing counsel?
  202. can I sue my criminal attorney, or file a ins claim to get back the money I paid him?
  203. Can formerly adversarial lawyers consult about one's former client?
  204. Settlement Problem Caused By Attorney
  205. Estate: Closure for my father.
  206. Sheriff's office refuses
  207. Please explain this to me, does not seem correct
  208. How to request retainer fee refund
  209. ex husband and attorney are friends
  210. Malpractce
  211. ethical?
  212. Threatened w/ Action by Attorney For Whom I Provide Services
  213. Child Molester Commits Suidice because Prosecutor FAILS TO ISSUE WARRANT
  214. Useless Prosecuting Attorney
  215. how to find a real attorney in another state by phone.
  216. legal help
  217. False Report
  218. Social Security Disability Lawyer error?
  219. Need HELP!
  220. Lawyer Withdrawing From Case Without Valid Reason
  221. Paying my lawyer
  222. When should a judge recuse himself?
  223. perjury in a civil case
  224. Lazy Judge Rule?
  225. Lawyer's Unlawful/Bizarre Withdrawal
  226. Lawyer Charging for their Mistakes?
  227. Conflict of interest?
  228. Confidentiality for non-attorneys in law office
  229. Need help, ASAP
  230. Lawyer commits fraud, obstuction of justice and more
  231. Hearing re-schedule causing problems.
  232. Lawyer sue for court costs on pro bono case?
  233. My lawyer is refusing to refund my unused retainer fee.
  234. Not sure what to do.
  235. Reporting Lawyer false courtroom statements
  236. Judicial duties and ethics quandry
  237. Value of a Non Suit
  238. Can an attorney charge a fee even if they do nothing?
  239. Legal -professional misconduct
  240. Opening and closing statements
  241. Legal malpractice
  242. Is this misconduct by a Judge?
  243. Should my Judge have been recused for a conflict of interest???
  244. Dragging out a case?
  245. California Case-Please help - feel like we are being held hostage by own attorneys
  246. Attorney conflict of interest
  247. unsolicited contact by a lawyer
  248. What are our rights
  249. can i hire the lawyer that had previously represented my ex
  250. Shareholder buyout/Removal