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  1. changing job location with same employer and approved 140
  2. H1B Transfer premium processing vs H1B Consular notice
  3. Conditions for getting married in USA
  4. California: Drivers Licence Renewal during 60 days grace period after OPT
  5. H1-B visa rejected
  6. Employer change after h1b lottery pick
  7. How do I become a lawyer in Canada?
  8. Can I file I-360 based on VAWA if the I-130 and I-485 are still pending?
  9. Question regarding green card perm
  10. OPT to H1B
  11. Affidavit of non impedement
  12. Green Card's & cannabis business
  13. Country of Residence
  14. Green Card After 15 Years living in USA Studied School
  15. L2 EAD in process, H1b application
  16. Adjustment of status
  17. work and live in america
  18. I miss my 13 year old Sister from Ukraine
  19. Miss spelled middle name on K1 visa application
  20. green card on L1B - can i switch employer
  21. H1B Cap-exempt to capped process
  22. Acn i get and transfer my H1?
  23. Form I-864
  24. I-485 AOS Denial
  25. Motion
  26. Mom was denied Entry back in the USA
  27. Does make sense to hire a lawyer for getting green card
  28. my wife is about to receive the appointment for her residence ... but [ weed ]
  29. father of an abused child to save
  30. Visa under 18?
  31. Change of Status questions - Please advice
  32. H4 Transfer problem as per spouse H1 Transfer
  33. World's worst immigration laws?
  34. I got speeding ticket. Will it affect my citizenship application?
  35. Curious about friend's immigration/deportation issue
  36. H4 denied while h1 application pending
  37. Sponsoring a Green Card
  38. Green card Sponsor responsible for medical and Credit card debt?
  39. Long distance relationship, want to get married, getting a green card.
  40. Coming back
  41. Can I sponsor a friend now and sponsor my siblings later?
  42. U-Visa, Should I prepare for RFE (2 dismissed possession of controlled sub)
  43. citizenship
  44. Travel to India on H4 with new H1B petition approved but Change of status not applied
  45. Application for US citizenship with long overseas trips
  46. Travel overseas
  47. US citizen to marry South African citizen and leave US...?
  48. Citizenship for Child Born Abroad
  49. N336 Hearing without Attorney Representation
  50. form 918b for U visa
  51. Marriage with an USA Citizen
  52. H-1B visa stamping with 2 DUI's
  53. What are the possible issues going for H1B interview with an unused F1 visa?
  54. Do I Have Any Responsibility As a Translator for a Friend's Interview
  55. Need Information on Green Card as Battered Spouse
  56. 2 paystubs on one H1B
  57. How can I approach the situation for a person whose life is in danger?
  58. Visit US with Tourist Visa from Philippines?
  59. Can I be on a F1 visa, while being processed for an Asylum Case?
  60. Employer fails to file my Green Card application on time as promised/agreed
  61. Situation changed. Should we swap, add a petitioner or just prepare docs w/o filing?
  62. Medicaid for immigrant in Florida
  63. Can F1 VISA holder have his car rent out for money?
  64. Obtaining a US tourist visa
  65. Charged with Ingestion of Marijuana - Should I travel to Canada?
  66. Abandoned I-485 and AC 21 for GC
  67. Petition Expired in 2009
  68. Hospitalized Long After Overstay
  69. H-2b
  70. Charging Credit Cards
  71. Here illegally because parents brought here when he was 3
  72. Should I change my Green Card status before applying for a U.S. citizenship?
  73. Visa Interview
  74. Transfer from company A to Company B
  75. N336 Requesting Initial Evidence
  76. I am working on L1B visa in US & My spouse is on H1b and now wants to move to L2
  77. Greencard through employment for dependent going divorce: is this considered fraud?
  78. Letter of Recomandation structure
  79. Changing job after greencard application
  80. Changing j1 sponsor and related issues
  81. Changing my J1 sponsor
  82. CA: Lifting conditions of K1 conditional GC after divorce
  83. J1 to AOS
  84. Foreign exchange student 18 yrs old gets pregnant in u.s.
  85. Europeans driving with a mobile hostel through the US
  86. Taking more than $10K Cash out of US
  87. Visa medical exam question in Philippines
  88. Apply for US dependent visa
  89. Amnesty or Same Sex Mariage
  90. Eligible for H1B cap
  91. Australian Marrying US Citizen in Australia - Immigration?
  92. How long to legally work in country?
  93. L1 visa extension with PI misdemeanour
  94. Will there be any problem with my Green Card processing due to a 'fare evasion' ticke
  95. If your SSN is stolen could that threaten your status?
  96. Can boss do H1B visa for 1 year only?
  97. What's the law on freezing assets and bank accounts?
  98. USCIS can't even keep names straight ?
  99. STEM OPT , Green Card, and H1B tricky situation
  100. Foreclosure with bank fraud.
  101. H1 transfer to new employer
  102. Will my husband lose his green card
  103. How to become a Citizen?
  104. Partner picked up for driving w/o license, released - but must report to ICE
  105. Getting Plastic Surgery; Legal Steps to Take Before Traveling?
  106. Student couple, US citizen with F1, not enough income for I-864
  107. H4-B or visitor visa for Canadian citizen getting married to H1-B in the US?
  108. Immigration & My Fiance
  109. overstayed
  110. Is premium processing applicable to cases with "RFE response review"
  111. Did I commit international fraud?
  112. How to go about finding attorney experienced in handling NTA cases
  113. Can I work by holding Temporary Green Card?
  114. Is a state govt dept of agriculture H1b cap-exempt?
  115. Petitioner passed away
  116. Pregnant fiance being forced to leave the UK....
  117. Can H4 visa holder participate in tennis tournaments with prize money?
  118. Getting my wife's son citizenship
  119. My friend is an illegal immigrant and got caught. Is there anything I can do?
  120. Legally leave the states with no penalty?
  121. Visa Dilemma
  122. We moved, so did not get notice from NVC
  123. Non-immigrant
  124. unpaid tickets before leaving Canada
  125. My brother from Taiwan can get green card- together with his family
  126. H1 Extension stamping question
  127. Approved I130 and E2 with a change of marital status
  128. Lost I-797 and I-129, needing a copy of that.
  129. foriegn wife denied visa
  130. J1 -> j1 -> h1b
  131. Visa for father not listed on birth certificate
  132. H1-B visa expiring in 3 months - marriage to a Greencard holder
  133. non capped to capped h1b visa transfer (with a valid capped petition)
  134. H1B Transfer while in UK
  135. F4 to F2B. Please please Please guide
  136. Really confused
  137. H1-approved I140-> to F1->possibility of again getting new H1without going outsideUS
  138. NTA - Notice to Appear
  139. Annulement of Marriage and Revoking Citizenship?
  140. President's congratulatory letter required?
  141. I am wondering if its possible to marry my girlfriend on a tourist visa?
  142. Breaking News "Canada opens up Investor Immigrant Program"
  143. Do I need to petition for my children??
  144. H1B 7th year extension after resetting clock
  145. Passport to leave the US
  146. H-1b and I-94 stamping
  147. How Much Does It Cost to Petition an Adult Unmarried Child to the USA and How Long?
  148. N400 Possible Issuance of Notice to Appear
  149. N400 Possible Issuance of Notice to Appear
  150. Can a naturalized US citizen work for federal government ?
  151. 8 USC 1357 - Powers of Immigration Officers (Interior Immigration Checkpoints)
  152. H1-B Visa ( which expires on july,25th 2013)holder is married to a GC-Holder...
  153. Lost Naturalization Certificate
  154. citizenship through asylum status
  155. Deprived from citizenship...
  156. Petitioning for Wife and Kids.
  157. Customs form 6059B
  158. OPT delay is about 9 month
  159. Married in China with a Chinese and wanna divorce and get married with an American
  160. Cos stamping { f1 to f2 then f2 to f1 ( f1 same university)}
  161. US Business address?
  162. Gay Marriage Issue
  163. H1B Transfer and Spouse COS Pending
  164. F2 visa holder applying for driving license tx
  165. H1B Multiple Petitions
  166. I have a relative I want to sponsor but...
  167. When did he become a citizen?
  168. MARRIAGE / IMMIGRATION FRAUD: Using fresh evidence for stale fraud?
  169. Filing H1B visa while in F1 status
  170. Requirements I-130
  171. 1 week gap after H1b transfer to begin work at new company
  172. My I-751 has been rejected, what should I do?
  173. WHAT'S ON A PASSPORT? Criminal Records?
  174. H1B holder to marry F-1 student
  175. Usc child custody
  176. Usc child custody
  177. Form I-688 expires
  178. My mother got married in the U.S.A, does that give her a valid VISA?
  179. I-485 abandoned because no AP
  180. H1b to Green card without Degree
  181. H1-B Education requirements
  182. How to travel outside the US without a native passport as an LPR
  183. H1 Visa from County/State Government Agencies
  184. Whats Next After I140 Approved
  185. H1b out of status count for 6 years?
  186. Bring my wife and two sons to States.
  187. I-765 Employment Anthorization number 16
  188. I-131 Application for Travel Documents.
  189. I-485 Form. Permanment Residence/ Adjust status
  190. I-485 form.
  191. I-751 for GC through stepparent (under 18) COMPLICATED CASE
  192. H4 TO F1 and cancellation
  193. Why does US not enforce immigration laws
  194. fb4 visa querry - My daughter will turn 21 yrs in July 2013.
  195. Clients Rights
  196. Green card fraud against me
  197. Lost Passport with F1 Visa..Is it safe to go to India again for stamping?
  198. Can a friend sponsor me for US citizenship?
  199. Petty offense leads to deportation or immigration problems?
  200. Naturalization Interview scheduled, death of spouse
  201. Does an affidavit have to be witnessed by a lawyer ?
  202. Do I need income to make someone US citizen on H1B Visa, how much? (extended stay?)
  203. h1btrasfer
  204. N400 Decision Time Length
  205. Switching jobs/companies before the green card is issued
  206. Illegal immigrant married twice at once for EU visa
  207. Can an American Citizen Marry an Illegal Canadian Resident in Canada
  208. Citizenship application denied even passed the citisenship test?
  209. 485 and 864 help
  210. Marriage for Visa/Citizenship (betrayal)
  211. Is there a Waiver for living in USA for over 20 years to become a US citizen??
  212. Green card, illness, divorce
  213. Do i need a modification to the divorce decree ?
  214. Sponsoring an adoptive parent (convoluted case)
  215. Do I need a lawyer to apply?
  216. change of marriage status while on H1B
  217. F1 to F2 Status change
  218. Hoping to relocate from the US to England.
  219. H1 Application cancellation
  220. had a shoplifting record, but it was being dismissed, want to apply green card!
  221. which "home country" to return to after J1 visa expires?
  222. OPT denied, Graduation pending.. what are my options..?
  223. green card travel abroad after a short stay in the USA
  224. Fiancee visa process from Overseas
  225. Self-Employed in OPT
  226. Name change on records
  227. Waiver for my J1 visa- Do I still need one for the green card interview?
  228. Is my friend going to get deported?
  229. Do I qualify to sponsor a general visitor to the UK?
  230. Urgent!!! H4 to H1 transfer...RFE and going to divorce
  231. Marriage with Foreign Citizen on a Visa Waiver stay
  232. bring alcohol from europe to usa
  233. Divorce during Conditional Permanent Residency
  234. How to Continue Permanent Residency After an Extended Absence, no Reentry Permit
  235. Interesting article about undocumented aliens
  236. Can I use my previous H-1B?
  237. obtaining work permit under new legislation
  238. F-2 re-marry issues.
  239. Resident's possible obstacle to naturalization
  240. Can an H1B Employee be suspended without pay due to misconduct?
  241. Become a U.S. Citizen, currently have green card
  242. doubt :: international travel during F1 to H1B
  243. H1B consular notification approved as change of status
  244. F1 to H1b
  245. Immigration Hold in Jail
  246. Is my previous US visa valid/cancelled and can I still travel on Visa Waiver Program?
  247. Instate Student Tuition
  248. Is my Australian mother entitled to any benefits?
  249. Can I use previous employers (valid) H1B visa and new approved I797 to re-enter US
  250. Can i change status of J-1 VISA