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  1. Step Parnet Adoption Home Study in Missouri
  2. 15yo dating 17yo
  3. I used my fake ID when getting ticketed for drinking in public. What should I do?
  4. Sexting non-nude
  5. Probation Revocation
  6. A record
  7. custody laws in KY and OH
  8. need lawyer advice for two cases, son facing child molestation charges....
  9. 17yrold caught shopliftin, first time offense. How should he/she plead? Consequences?
  10. 13 year old in trouble for receiving topless photo of classmate
  11. Sticky Situation Underage Marijuana use (CT)
  12. Help I need some good legal advice
  13. Underage alcohol
  14. Able to seal juvenile felony in CA? It's been 15 years...
  15. Help please!!!!!!!!!!
  16. Juvenile offender - statute of limitations
  17. I'm 18 and concerned about my absences from school.
  18. Does child services have the right?
  19. Does 17 yr old qualify for Expungement or Sealed record?
  20. My rights as an 18-year-old living with my parents
  21. Informal Emancipation for 16 y/o?
  22. in north carolina is it possible for a nine year old child to be charged......
  23. Help! Parents kicked 17 year old male out of house
  24. Sexual Assalt accusation against my 14 year old
  25. Restitution and court costs. Juvenile in Florida
  26. MIP- Michigan
  27. Charged with Class 6 Felony = Child Endangerment, DUI and Refusal
  28. Mandated Reporters
  29. Nude pics under 18 years old in Indiana
  30. 17 year old won't go to school - PA.
  31. 17yr old pleads guilty to theft and we are still out the $$
  32. 17 year old wanting to move out of parents
  33. Cops confiscated e-cig from minor
  34. Violation of Probation Terms (Michigan Diversion Program)
  35. Delinquent conduct in Texas as opposed to Gross Misdemeanor in WA (Juvenile offense)
  36. Drinking/Marijuana legal questions
  37. Kid who stole my car was caught, What do i do now?
  38. Rape on 14-year-old girl by 17-year old boy
  39. 16 yo in college wants to date 20 yo classmate
  40. Driver Permit Restrictions
  41. Move Out Laws
  42. Move Out Laws
  43. minor with marijuana posession
  44. Daughter wants to move
  45. 17 year old runaway/move out
  46. Facing School Expulsion
  47. How long do charges take
  48. Sexual Relationship / 14 y/o girl and a 18 y/o guy
  49. !7 year old, and im fed up
  50. Ex refuse to let teen back in home, I'm fed up too need some advise
  51. contributing to the deliquincy of a minor(truancy)
  52. Are truancy officers real police?
  53. She's "in LUUUUURRRRVE" and he won't go away
  54. 17 year old living on his own
  55. Was caught shoplifting..help??
  56. Any advice?
  57. Ticket for foul language in 8th grade
  58. Marijuana charges
  59. Juvenile possession of marijuana and paraphernalia
  60. Juvenile Sex Offender Registration in Michigan. Question?
  61. 15yo, soon to be 16yo brother from KY wants to live with us in CT.
  62. My teenage daughter arrested for shoplifting in PA
  63. 15 year old girl 18 year old boy in texas
  64. Marijuana Misdemeanor
  65. Sexting, etc.
  66. Underage Drinking Citation - College Admittance
  67. Assault and battery
  68. What should I do?
  69. What a Mess
  70. 16, threw party with alcohol
  71. 16 want to move out
  72. Can a child who is 17 leave home without a Guardians consent?
  73. Need advice for trouble my teenage son may be involved with
  74. Is this police contact?
  75. 16 Year Old Moved Out Living With 22 Year Old What can i do?
  76. Underage Drinking Citation
  77. Assault 3rd
  78. Evading Cop with skateboard
  79. Juvenile Restraining Orders and Protective Orders
  80. Participation of underage students in conference
  81. adult-minor relationships for international students
  82. 17 Year old Girlfriend Kicked out by Legal guardian
  83. Plans
  84. 3rd degree forgery and 3rd degree theft
  85. Incarcerated for reporting my daughter was molested
  86. What info can LEO share w/ schools?
  87. Juvie PO
  88. Contributing to the delinquency of a minor
  89. Sex abuse
  90. Illegal search/ siezure ?
  91. Quick question about sibling assault.
  92. Can the cops do anything?
  93. Can I move out at 17
  94. moving out at 17
  95. How to claim a child custody?
  96. 17 year old daughter
  97. Dating in CA
  98. Can I Be Emancipated?
  99. Adult woman having sex with a 16 year old boy
  100. Child on Child Sexual Activity
  101. Now This is Interesting
  102. Breaking and Entering
  103. 17 year old daughter got a "super speeder" in Georiga - HELP
  104. Possession
  105. stealing teenager
  106. Personal school WiFi hotspot?
  107. Question about a 17 year old living with me
  108. Bail Jumping in Juvenile
  109. louisiana
  110. please advise
  111. my girlfriend is in need of help
  112. Arrested for MIC
  113. Trespass charges
  114. Please Help!
  115. Is it illegal for a juvenile to refuse a breathalyzer (non-motor vehicle related)
  116. Unjust school suspension and penalties
  117. Mass Chilid support
  118. Provisional license restrictions in CA?
  119. oregon founded dispositon
  120. Son caught with xanax at school, what charges could he face?
  121. Guilty or No Contest [PLEASE HELP, COURT TOMORROW]
  122. Can't find my charges
  123. I'm 19 and cited for Minor in Possession of Liquor.
  124. Family getting threatened, police sympathizing with offender
  125. Being accused of stealing.
  126. Son Fingered For Distribution, no actual proof at all!!
  127. wrongful underage
  128. My son being at people's houses
  129. Can a 16 year old be charged for innapropriate touching?
  130. 11 year old threatened with a knife at shool
  131. stole blank check, wrote $800 to retailer
  132. Trying to get into the Navy.
  133. Charges on background check
  134. Juvenile disorderly conduct WI
  135. 15 years old charged with 3 counts of burglary. What to expect?
  136. Bulling & truancy
  137. Juvenile son
  138. Truancy Charges
  139. Got a Minor in consumption
  140. Did school handle situation correctly? Should I seek legal counsel?
  141. Parent took my money when I was a child:
  142. Car problems
  143. Intent to sell
  144. my juvenile son
  145. restraining order
  146. Help on employment background checks
  147. in need of an attorney.
  148. Juvenile Possession of Marijuana
  149. Local Police Confidentiality Breech?
  150. Juvie probation violation
  151. Not a Juvenile, 20 year old in need of advice for MIC's
  152. Abused 13 year old, how can I help him??
  153. Juveniles will be Juveniles
  154. How much trouble am I actually in? Please help
  155. 17 Underage & and possession of alcohol and open container
  156. Is this a threat?
  157. never been to court, got probation from a crooked cop???
  158. school ?
  159. Questioning of minor
  160. My Son
  161. 17, Trying to get emancipated, Wants to know if I have enough reason.
  162. Do I have to pay the County of San Bernardino in order for them to seal my arrest rec
  163. i need some helpful advice!!
  164. juvenile record; looking to know to know what would come up on background check
  165. What is the best way to remove a 17 year old from an abusive home?
  166. Can I get the medicine I need for anxiety without my parents approval/money?
  167. Sixteen year olds and school attendance
  168. Facebook Privacy and Minors
  169. I'm 18 She's 16
  170. Possession of marijuana on school campus
  171. Is this considered statutory rape?
  172. Juvenile Record Question
  173. Domestic Assault and Battery charges, Juvenile in MA?
  174. Did I break the law in asking a teen girl for a photo of her in a bikini top & jeans?
  175. Off designated trail in NYS park
  176. MarandaAnn26 - you locked your thread
  177. Can an abused runaway age17 in utah leave home without the police taking her home?
  178. Pornography possession and age of consent
  179. underage drinking
  180. 17 & 24
  181. Drug texts? Colleges?
  182. Held Hostage By 17 1/2 yr old son's drug addict friends in Virginia
  183. do i have to pay my sons ticket if hes serving jail time
  184. Does a citation for a minor in possession of alcohol violate my juvenile arbitration?
  185. daughter in fl got arrested for petty theft
  186. My son ran away
  187. Texas Sealing Laws
  188. Leave home at age 17 in Pennsylvania
  189. Judge Ordered for me to be refunded for my losses and criminals are finding ways arou
  190. Virginia Juvenile expungement law in 1990
  191. 14yo in a Bar
  192. School Site Hacking
  193. Is It Illegal to Be on the Roof of a School
  194. Son molested by half brother.
  195. Want to know if parents can charge me with this in NH?
  196. Daughter was injured on a military base by another child...
  197. Muddling family member - Arkansas
  198. What do I do if my 16 year old wants to leave home because she is unhappy ?
  199. 17 year old leaving home
  200. Emancipation
  201. Backlash of teen rape charges on my niece
  202. Speeding Citation
  203. What might happen?
  204. Giving a minor your liquor ID in Massachusetts
  205. Cyberbullying charges in North Carolina?
  206. Can he really go to jail?
  207. charged at 19 now 21 appearing in court (MIC)
  208. Grandson in trouble...calling for help!!
  209. please help
  210. need help
  211. Larceny Grand Theft as a Juvenile
  212. Can I be Expelled?
  213. Guy 17 years of age and girl 14 years of age
  214. My report to be ignored due to underage drinking
  215. At 17, how would I move out of my house in MO to GF's mothers house in MA? Legally.
  216. Unlawful Consumption of Alcohol
  217. unruly stepchild
  218. Juvenile Court Fees
  219. 17 yo and 26 yo ex convict
  220. Termination of parental rights
  221. Age of Sexual Consent - Florida
  222. Juvenile Probation
  223. To Ashley0522
  224. help
  225. Teen Mother looking for answers
  226. How much trouble could I get in?
  227. help me
  228. 19 MIP while driving
  229. Help! Maryhurst Sucks!
  230. Texas Juvenile Law
  231. emancipated
  232. 21 year old and 17 year old
  233. Help plz
  234. Age difference in Colorado
  235. Whats the likely hood of me getting sent away?
  236. graffitti x 2, ca
  237. Need help :/
  238. What rights do I have, as a minor?
  239. Playground off-limits?
  240. Juvenile traffic ticket
  241. 17-year-old with a 21-year-old
  242. What will happen to my 13yr old son?
  243. What happens to a minor for committing petty theft for the 2nd offense?
  244. Stolen child based on false information
  245. Any legalities for 16yr. son not attending school for 2 months
  246. State Custody vs Probation
  247. 16yo kicked out by Mother and been living with us...
  248. "Thwarting Compulsory Attendance" in Texas
  249. Assault/Battery in School
  250. HELP!!! Anyone familiar w/Juvenile Truancy, NYC Administration for Children Services