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  1. Mother kicked me out almost 18 years old (in August)
  2. Teen Falsely Accused of School Property Damage
  3. Administrative responsibility.
  4. Teen dropout
  5. Runaway Laws?
  6. Probation for one misdemeanor?
  7. 7 months to get into court???
  8. Got caught shoplifting w/ warning?
  9. Let the games begin. Qunicy, are you out there?
  10. Do I have a legal case?
  11. Minor In Consumption, breathalizer 0.0
  12. Restraining order
  13. Maine Minor in Possesion. Need Advice
  14. Can I move out at 17?
  15. Turning yourself in vs Warrant
  16. Help I'm 18, but my mother claims she's my legal guardian !
  17. I'm 17 and I have domestic charge will it drop once I'm 18?
  18. Search Warrents
  19. Emancipated (No sob story)
  20. Emancipation
  21. Can my 17 year old girlfriend come with me?
  22. Visiting Minor Caused Damage to Property
  23. online chatting with minor
  24. abandonment charges
  25. Is it illegal to watch someone spraypaint private property?
  26. My iPod Touch was stolen at my school, I have a witness and evidence. What can I do?
  27. Little Peeping Tom!
  28. Could he actually be charged?
  29. What do I do?
  30. Legal?
  31. Fight Between 2 Teens
  32. Emancipation of a Minor
  33. I'm 15 and he's 17, 2yrs, 2months, and 4 days apart, is it statutory rape?
  34. I think my 14th Amendment Rights were violated.
  35. Minor child staying with me- mom kicked him out
  36. Romeo and Juliet Law (Florida)
  37. first time juvenile offense
  38. Very confused
  39. can i move out of my parents home?
  40. Truancy in Ohio with doctor's notes
  41. Juvenile Theft
  42. Violating restraining order
  43. Girlfriend moving in?
  44. Mothers right to circumcise?
  45. adoption
  46. Withdrawal from school/registration into a new school without an adult at 18
  47. Risk of perjury at 14.
  48. can an arrest be considered as serving time?
  49. Almost 18.
  50. 17 years old and mother keeps threatening to kick me out of house.
  51. Is he at fault? Insanity plead? Anything at all?
  52. Son and friends did a beer run cops keep coming?
  53. Emancipation/Contingencies
  54. What do I legally have to disclose to child's high school?
  55. juvenile turning 18
  56. How do I get this no contact order lifted?
  57. Worried guy please help
  58. Emancipation Grounds?
  59. Tobacco and Minors
  60. Help. Run Away.
  61. Help!!!!
  62. Emancipation of a minor
  63. What happens when minors send nudes
  64. Help, help, help
  65. Misdemeanor Charges: Driving on a Sidewalk & Driving in a Bike Lane
  66. Can a 14 year old request detention over probation?
  67. is there a law
  68. gaining full rights to body at 16
  69. 16 and 18 y
  70. cruely to children
  71. Leaving home at 16.
  72. Boy hides in girls bathroom and pulls up my daughters dress
  73. How can I protect myself and future career outlook?
  74. I am 20 and she is 17, but her parents are cops
  75. First Offence & more
  76. Charged with Summary Offense PA
  77. CHINS/Drug testing
  78. charged of possession being 14yo, I am innocent. help
  79. child services
  80. Can Another Court See Charges From in Separate County
  81. Threatening and bribing minors & breaking and enetering
  82. What Happens Now?
  83. attorny fees
  84. Someone using a text from my child in a court case
  85. Child Concealment
  86. Juvenile house arrest
  87. Is it a crime to talk to a minor as a friend if no sexuality was involved?
  88. girlfriend's parents neglecting her serious medical problem
  89. 17 year old moving out in Kentucky if already graduated
  90. Felony Fraud Charge?
  91. My girlfriend is a kleptomaniac
  92. Pregnant 17 year old girlfriend wants to move with my family and I to Colorado.
  93. Petty Theft/ Shoplifting in California (Juvenile?)
  94. Juvenal Record and Job Seeking
  95. Emancipation of a Minor | Help
  96. Can they take me back to court on a connected charge?
  97. Mip
  98. Neighbors children are trying to physically attack my child.
  99. 15 resisting arrest charge nc
  100. New charges
  101. Young Offender Status New York and Case Sealing
  102. school dance
  103. Do i have a case?
  104. Can we fight this?
  105. 16, pregnant, and need to get out of here.
  106. Unsure about the legality of all of this. HELP
  107. Flying with Vape products
  108. Can I move out at 17?
  109. to be honest what should I do.. I REALLY NEED LAW ADVICE!
  110. Mother is setting me up for failure
  111. 15 yr old & internet porn
  112. TASC Nicotine?
  113. Claiming a non biological kid as a dependent.
  114. 17 in Texas
  115. rather complicated situation involving 14 and 17 year old PA laws
  116. Is this a constitutional rights violation
  117. TASC questions
  118. Emancipation in Texas
  119. minor vandalism
  120. Moving out at 18 and on juvenile probation.
  121. Can Emancipation Be Used in a CPS Case? Tennessee
  122. Principal Threatening charges for Student not graduating - Please advise!
  123. Possible Shoplifting
  124. Shoplifting felony
  125. School harassing my son
  126. Emancipation by the Notarial Act in Louisiana
  127. Emancipation in Louisiana PLEASE HELP
  128. name change
  129. Is it illegal for a parent to have their babies ears pierced?
  130. Parents Withholding SSN Card from Minor
  131. Drug Charges for YO
  132. Clearing a record (petty theft) from under age of 18.
  133. My son, 22, got a 17 yr old girl pregnant
  134. Neighbor entrap my child
  135. Left 4 tear old in car for literally 4 minutes
  136. Age of Consent
  137. Alcohol given to minor
  138. Concerning Colorado
  139. As For Pennsylvania?
  140. Sealed Record and Job Application
  141. I'm sorry if this is the wrong place for this question,but I need advice.
  142. MIP in my dad's car
  143. 17 years old convicted of possession of marijuana (California)
  144. I was just black mailed by a high schooler
  145. Porn with no victim confirmed?
  146. MN I did a bad thing, I'm 17
  147. Turning 18 tomorrow
  148. Pennsylvania : Restraining Orders?No Contact Orders??
  149. Legal age to move out in Indiana.
  150. NH - son in trouble at school. Recently served summons. What's next?
  151. 17 y/o dating 22 y/o Indiana Law help
  152. Sexting and when it's illegal
  153. school Pornography distribution being pinned on my son
  154. Pornography distribution being pinned on my son
  155. Moving while on Probation
  156. Will son's juvenile record show up on an apartment application?
  157. 16yo caught trespassing and fled on foot but was caught by an officer
  158. 14 year old in possession of nude photos
  159. Underage possession of a handgun?
  160. Grandparents rights in NY
  161. Step Parnet Adoption Home Study in Missouri
  162. 15yo dating 17yo
  163. I used my fake ID when getting ticketed for drinking in public. What should I do?
  164. Sexting non-nude
  165. Probation Revocation
  166. A record
  167. custody laws in KY and OH
  168. need lawyer advice for two cases, son facing child molestation charges....
  169. 17yrold caught shopliftin, first time offense. How should he/she plead? Consequences?
  170. 13 year old in trouble for receiving topless photo of classmate
  171. Sticky Situation Underage Marijuana use (CT)
  172. Help I need some good legal advice
  173. Underage alcohol
  174. Able to seal juvenile felony in CA? It's been 15 years...
  175. Help please!!!!!!!!!!
  176. Juvenile offender - statute of limitations
  177. I'm 18 and concerned about my absences from school.
  178. Does child services have the right?
  179. Does 17 yr old qualify for Expungement or Sealed record?
  180. My rights as an 18-year-old living with my parents
  181. Informal Emancipation for 16 y/o?
  182. in north carolina is it possible for a nine year old child to be charged......
  183. Help! Parents kicked 17 year old male out of house
  184. Sexual Assalt accusation against my 14 year old
  185. Restitution and court costs. Juvenile in Florida
  186. MIP- Michigan
  187. Charged with Class 6 Felony = Child Endangerment, DUI and Refusal
  188. Mandated Reporters
  189. Nude pics under 18 years old in Indiana
  190. 17 year old won't go to school - PA.
  191. 17yr old pleads guilty to theft and we are still out the $$
  192. 17 year old wanting to move out of parents
  193. Cops confiscated e-cig from minor
  194. Violation of Probation Terms (Michigan Diversion Program)
  195. Delinquent conduct in Texas as opposed to Gross Misdemeanor in WA (Juvenile offense)
  196. Drinking/Marijuana legal questions
  197. Kid who stole my car was caught, What do i do now?
  198. Rape on 14-year-old girl by 17-year old boy
  199. 16 yo in college wants to date 20 yo classmate
  200. Driver Permit Restrictions
  201. Move Out Laws
  202. Move Out Laws
  203. minor with marijuana posession
  204. Daughter wants to move
  205. 17 year old runaway/move out
  206. Facing School Expulsion
  207. How long do charges take
  208. Sexual Relationship / 14 y/o girl and a 18 y/o guy
  209. !7 year old, and im fed up
  210. Ex refuse to let teen back in home, I'm fed up too need some advise
  211. contributing to the deliquincy of a minor(truancy)
  212. Are truancy officers real police?
  213. She's "in LUUUUURRRRVE" and he won't go away
  214. 17 year old living on his own
  215. Was caught shoplifting..help??
  216. Any advice?
  217. Ticket for foul language in 8th grade
  218. Marijuana charges
  219. Juvenile possession of marijuana and paraphernalia
  220. Juvenile Sex Offender Registration in Michigan. Question?
  221. 15yo, soon to be 16yo brother from KY wants to live with us in CT.
  222. My teenage daughter arrested for shoplifting in PA
  223. 15 year old girl 18 year old boy in texas
  224. Marijuana Misdemeanor
  225. Sexting, etc.
  226. Underage Drinking Citation - College Admittance
  227. Assault and battery
  228. What should I do?
  229. What a Mess
  230. 16, threw party with alcohol
  231. 16 want to move out
  232. Can a child who is 17 leave home without a Guardians consent?
  233. Need advice for trouble my teenage son may be involved with
  234. Is this police contact?
  235. 16 Year Old Moved Out Living With 22 Year Old What can i do?
  236. Underage Drinking Citation
  237. Assault 3rd
  238. Evading Cop with skateboard
  239. Juvenile Restraining Orders and Protective Orders
  240. Participation of underage students in conference
  241. adult-minor relationships for international students
  242. 17 Year old Girlfriend Kicked out by Legal guardian
  243. Plans
  244. 3rd degree forgery and 3rd degree theft
  245. Incarcerated for reporting my daughter was molested
  246. What info can LEO share w/ schools?
  247. Juvie PO
  248. Contributing to the delinquency of a minor
  249. Sex abuse
  250. Illegal search/ siezure ?