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  1. ACCEPTED as USAF officer... question regarding criminal
  2. What are the limits to when the SCRA applies to a servicemember?
  3. OTH question
  4. Cheating Military Spouse
  5. NJP or Court-Martial
  6. Abandoning contract
  7. Investigation and seperation package help
  8. Failure to report Divorce
  9. Medical separation, how it would affect SRB, G.I. Bill, Tricare?
  10. Can a Army Reserve soldier be odered to complete online courses between monthly drill
  11. I feel called to serve Our Country
  12. ARD - Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition - Reservist
  13. Army DCSS
  14. Legal Separation and BAH/OHA
  15. Military Entrance with Asthma.
  16. Discharged from air force with RE-2C
  17. Repercussions of missing drill
  18. Wrongly Separated from the Navy
  19. Board review
  20. Victim Of Assault, Post CM questions
  21. clarification on breach of contract
  22. Possible wrongful military discharge?
  23. Navy discharge with reentry code 4 with OTH
  24. Chapter 10 Under Other than Honorable Conditions
  25. Article 15 Drug Use
  26. Question concerning military law and state to state law.
  27. Can the command contact my spouse
  28. Sanctuary
  29. Rights on payments of Re-enlistment bonus
  30. Spouse Convicted with felony, how does this affect my Security Clearance?
  31. Double Jeopardy & Command Regulation under AR 27-10
  32. USAF Air Guard PTSD 4T non world wide duty qualified
  33. GCM drug convictions, can I buy or own a gun?
  34. Surviving Spouse- COE Question
  35. Appearing before the board of Naval corrections?
  36. Marine Discharge - Backdated Depression - No Prior Diagnosis
  37. garnishment for child support
  38. 6x2x4? Is this a mistake?
  39. need serious help! army legal issue - friend letting me borrow vehicle
  40. Can I sue Army ROTC and others for allegations with no evidence and duplicated doc?
  41. Background check
  42. Military Legal Advice help!!!
  43. high year tenure
  44. Adultery in Navy, guilty or not?
  45. Marine Corps reenlistment with deferred felony
  46. Fraudulent Enlistment
  47. Breach of contract?
  48. Questions on Pretrial Confinement...
  49. Fraternization
  50. AF spouse rights to file grievance
  51. cyber crime
  52. DoD Changed Rules on Selective Continuation
  53. Legal rights to keep bonus?
  54. No JAG nearby. Hoping for answers here, please
  55. No JAG available.Hoping for some answers here,please.
  56. Navy admins sep board
  57. Arrested for being an Army Deserter
  58. Will lying about marital status to get out of Army get you in trouble?
  59. Military Involvement in a Divorve
  60. DOD restrictions
  61. Chaptering Out timeframe
  62. AWOL, want to turn myself in, need advice
  63. Am I entitled to severance pay?
  64. Wife left and is trying to get my BAH
  65. I am a Deserter with a misdemeanor and want to turn myself in at Ft sill .?
  66. OTH discharge and Hepatitis c
  67. I need some help!
  68. Indiana - GCM to Felony??
  69. Field Grade Article 15 and Chapter 14-12c Separation for Disrespect of NCO
  70. husband UA to get married =/
  71. Failed Urinalysis for current prescription; Classified access suspended
  72. awol for over a decade
  73. Military / DOD Benefit Announcement
  74. Adultery After the fact
  75. Possible HIPAA Violation and Army
  76. Help with Petition to Remove Article 15 from my Record
  77. AFROTC Disenrollment - I want to pay the money back
  78. I need help
  79. Going to Fort Sill PCF after being picked up by civilian police.
  80. UA from the Marine Corps.
  81. banging my head...
  82. Fraudulent Enlistment
  83. PCS Overseas with step-children.
  84. several questions about joining the military, waivers, ect.
  85. Legal age of consent help
  86. Article 15/ Chaptering advice please!
  87. Retained at Navy ADMIN SEP BOARD! Can I still be kicked out?
  88. Article 134 advice please
  89. CID application complicated by case
  90. UA Marine - Looking for Help/What to Expect
  91. Need advise
  92. Chapter 10 discharge from the army. Chances and help with approval.
  93. I admit it.
  94. Simple Battery Against Father (for joining. as a juvenile)
  95. Army Deserter
  96. My NAVY story.
  97. Admin Sep
  98. Special court martial conviction keep you from buying a gun?
  99. AWOL Returnee August 2011- AWOL from Iraq 2008 - Happy ending
  100. listed as a NCIC Felony or Misdemeanor?
  101. My wife is committing adultery in the Navy. What can I do?
  102. What to do...
  103. Fraudulant Enlistment
  104. Article 89
  105. ROTC Disenrollment Question
  106. Can I be investigated after I retire
  107. Larceny
  108. Awol for years what sort of situation can I expect?
  109. AWOL/Deserter since around 2010
  110. AWOL over 3 years, can I return to duty without discharge?
  111. UCMJ and IRR
  112. Seeking AWOL Advice
  113. Divorce - USFSPA
  114. Change RE code to 1 from 3
  115. UCMJ Article 15
  116. Question regarding MOS/Contract
  117. please help asap
  118. Impact of Clearance Suspension on Mos and Command That Require a Clearance
  119. Discharge Correction Information?
  120. Year-old Army ROTC Disenrollment
  121. ADSEP question
  122. Need help! Someone is about to get what she doesn't deserve!!
  123. US Army Enlisted dating/marrying a foreign military officer
  124. Possibly complicated DUI
  125. Asthma and Military (Typical but just read)
  126. Looking for some answers
  127. Asthma- what happens next ?
  128. Adultery Charges
  129. Army Reserve husband fired for not working in the last month
  130. My husband is in the Army will be discharged because I have a disability.
  131. My husband is in the Army will be discharged because I have a disability.
  132. Unusual AWOL Question
  133. Dash Cam operation on base ( USMC specifically )
  134. How can I get a hold of a marine?
  135. Hypothetical question regarding the Prisoner of War status
  136. Death Threats from someone in the Military
  137. How far can my command go?
  138. Help
  139. General discharge after already receiving honorable discharge
  140. Navy "lost" copy of my DD214 form
  141. drugs planted in my room by E7
  142. AWOL want to return
  143. Awol
  144. Please replay need info car towed and action on deployment
  145. Extra duty limitation question
  146. JAGMAN Investigation Guidelines
  147. Can I Find Out if My Ex Asked for A Transfer or was Ordered to Transfer?
  148. Recruitment
  149. Equal opportunity and Treatment
  150. UA or Desertion from USMC
  151. UA or Desertion from USMC
  152. Car towed and auctioned on deployment
  153. How long until I am discharged?
  154. I need answers fast
  155. punishment for " refusing to train" in usmc
  156. Former Marine Father and Veterans Administration?
  157. DWI in the military
  158. defamation of character
  159. 2 alchol related incidents need help?
  160. admin sep for navy reserve
  161. how long it takes to be chaptr out for being awol
  162. Dfr packet returned to military control
  163. Upgrade discharge
  164. Article 15
  165. reserves
  166. OTH upgrade and RE4 upgrade?
  167. Uniform in Civilan Court?
  168. Getting umcj for I-pro
  169. dui chapter
  170. I need help please...
  171. no other place to turn for answers..
  172. no other place to turn for answers..
  173. DO I have a case?
  174. joining Navy as an overweight&history of asthma
  175. Help UA Marine
  176. Military Compensation Law
  177. Coming out clean
  178. Denibeans63
  179. son wants to join but has dismissed ACD?
  180. PCF Ft. Knox Info Needed!!!
  181. Article 15 help
  182. Lautenburg amendment
  183. Is this a con?
  184. Military seperation
  185. 10 USC 1174 ISP and disability
  186. article 15 under article 134
  187. article 15 question
  188. Governing Labor Law for Active Duty
  189. GI Bill Delimiting Date
  190. Bah
  191. Changing RE code
  192. how long for benefits?
  193. Is our command making empty threats?
  194. Is our command making empty threats?
  195. Chemicals
  196. Adsep
  197. subpoena out of state
  198. Getting out of national guard
  199. Admin Sep from USMC
  200. Military and International Law
  201. Ex Post Facto Law
  202. I have a serious felony and please help me
  203. In need of help. victim of a scam!
  204. Polygraph results
  205. Frat?
  206. former ROTC cadet
  207. Army breeched contract, now what?
  208. Any Suggestions ?
  209. Reenlistment Bonus Repayment
  210. Self admittance to using a substance.
  211. Treatment failure
  212. Help reviewing BCMR Advisory Opinion Response
  213. Lying Master Chief
  214. Discharge Upgrade
  215. hardship?
  216. Compassionate Reassignment
  217. Compassionate Reassignment
  218. Meb/peb
  219. Irr
  220. Active Duty Soldier Needs Help!
  221. Appeal
  222. Good Sep Code, Honerable Discharge, but RE 4...
  223. Health & Welfare Inspections in Army Reserve
  224. Can a NG unit still keep on the books even though you participated for over 3 years
  225. Army Deserter.
  226. Milpersman 1754-030 & spousal support
  227. Military discharges and background checks: Dispelling a few myths
  228. Could I get into the Army somehow?
  229. can an active duty solider date a legally seperated civilian
  230. legal seperation
  231. RE-4 Navy, can I join the army or other branch?
  232. Adultery in the Navy
  233. My husband is in a hostile work environment.
  234. Getting out.
  235. AWOL in basic training
  236. Admitance to Prior Marijuana Use
  237. Fraudulent enlistment - Need Help
  238. domestic abuse.
  239. test
  240. Does anyone have any experience with being AWOL from Fort Lewis, WA?
  241. TRO on military background check?
  242. e5 awol
  243. Slander, Coercion, and Redress of Wrong
  244. Husband serving 20 yrs in USDB
  245. old dwi and driving revoked
  246. Just returned from Ft. Knox PCF 20110819
  247. awol from ait
  248. deserter from the army for 4yrs now.
  249. Dafamation & Harrassment in the Military
  250. Married career AF, illegitimate baby