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  1. Update on my 2 child support cases
  2. In Arrears - $6K: Settlement Advice
  3. Child Support Arrears
  4. Termination of Child Support Order
  5. change in custody=change in support?
  6. Can court force employer HSA contribution to be used for child support?
  7. Teen Pregnancy
  8. Child Support in Illinois
  9. Missouri - Termination of Parental Rights
  10. Obilgee - custodial Parent of adult child wants to forgive arrears - How to?
  11. Child Support guidelines recently changed
  12. Back Child Support
  13. How can I get a judge to grant past due support?
  14. 3 year review 50/50 custody
  15. Iowa Child Support Order conflicts with Divorce Decree
  16. Florida Child Supprt Calculator
  17. How can I get child support?
  18. VA disability 80% ptsd.
  19. Mailed or Served?
  20. Losing Custody and child support for 17 year old
  21. Employer is not taking out the amount on the withholding order
  22. Ex trying to receive government assist
  23. Should I request a Seek for Work order?
  24. Can I pursue past child support after child turns 18 in WA state?
  25. Income Withholding Order
  26. Too late to seek a judgement for past due support after an adoption?
  27. Being sued for child support after an adoption??????
  28. Child Support if there is a change of Visitation
  29. Misuse of child support
  30. Child Support for Failed Vasectomy
  31. Suspended license & Complaint on Case Worker
  32. arrearages
  33. Insurance after child turns 18
  34. Obtaining past and future child support
  35. Question about a deposition
  36. Citation for Contempt
  37. Modification
  38. Knrhighland -- aren't you sweet?
  39. Refusal to sign Release of Claim to Exemption
  40. SC Child support $22,000 behind... Advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  41. SC child support question
  42. Did not receive summons
  43. $1M in back CS...
  44. Motion To Vacte a Court Order
  45. Appeal or Not?
  46. Child support was not calculated correctly - Florida
  47. Seeking child support for legitimate child of US citizen
  48. Stop Child Support Wage Garnishment
  49. Just got motion to hold me in contempt
  50. Why would state take child support
  51. Medical Bill Support
  52. Tnine
  53. Evading Service
  54. Determining Paternity Issues
  55. IRA account lien
  56. Child Support Worries. What are our rights??
  57. Should I appeal
  58. Continuance Hearing Questions
  59. Remove father's last name from my daughters birth certificate
  60. Retroactive Support and Current Court Order with Military Parent?
  61. Tax exchanging
  62. He Promised and now he isn't doing it.
  63. Child Support for 18 year old in high school**************.
  64. Child support question
  65. child support modification
  66. Collecting Back Support
  67. Child support...again
  68. should he still be paying
  69. About to get inheritance...advice for getting around back child support
  70. Court order denying Ohio man the right to reproduce
  71. Contempt?
  72. 50/50 Ex overpaying daycare during my time to run up Child Support
  73. Lawyer cost estimate
  74. Ma child support and day care expenses 50/50 joint custody
  75. TX Max Child Support
  76. Child Support Surchargges
  77. DCSS to amend current court order due to information provided by custodial parent
  78. didnt change support order when custody changed.
  79. Child Support/ OOP issue
  80. Virginia cs calculation
  81. Arrears owed, child is 19, spouse has passed away. Who gets the money?
  82. Collecting child support when child doesn't live there
  83. back child support
  84. Constructive Emancipation in New York state?
  85. Appeal
  86. Texas child support order modification
  87. Out of work for medical reasons.
  88. Ex lost his job ~ 4/2013 and received unemployment. How will this affect child supp
  89. Arrears limitations
  90. Uniform Transfer to Minors Act
  91. Legal guardian and child support
  92. College Support Order and Aptitude for College
  93. Need information about child support
  94. Question on Financial Affidavit
  95. child support/ health insurance premiums
  96. Contempt of Court
  97. Child support/parental rights from US to Ireland
  98. Split custody of two children and child support
  99. Claiming college student as my depenent
  100. MN Child Support Changes
  101. Ohio child support and shared parenting decree
  102. When does child support stop and how to stop it????
  103. Claiming child as an exemption
  104. Guidelines to determine a 'full-time college student' in Massachusetts?
  105. Child Support Modification (and custody?)
  106. Does respondent get a vote if petitioner decides to drop case a week before court?
  107. Settlement
  108. Colorado child support and college
  109. Ex wants support modified...
  110. OT: High school senior sues parents for continued support
  111. husbands recent deflated income HELP!!!
  112. Childcare Costs
  113. Order to show cause
  114. Child Support Computation Configured Wrong
  115. Child support arrearage--what happens after step-parent adoption?
  116. frivolous suit and reduced income questions
  117. Is not paying child support reason to try and get parental rights terminated?
  118. Wavehopper? You there? Re Child Supper two daddies
  119. 17% is a lot.
  120. Child Support until 21 ?
  121. how does the court determine earning potential?
  122. Father underemployed
  123. Pregnant - two putitive fathers
  124. Dental insurance
  125. Child Support
  126. Tax Deduction Child Support
  127. Jurisdiction to Modify Chils Supprt MO, KS, CO
  128. Turned order over to child support enforcement, questions about process
  129. Debt Compromise Programs in regard to NJ Child Support Arrears
  130. Can I ask DSS for child support?
  131. How do I get the court to set up child support payments?
  132. Claiming My Child on My Taxes if I Owe Back Support
  133. need help with not paying support due to a new disability
  134. Childcare costs not be paid / housing for childcare
  135. ncp wants reduction
  136. Probelms locating code/law/statute...in Texas
  137. Unenforceabilty of CS side agreements. Statute?
  138. Modification
  139. Health insurance
  140. mothers-in-law and child support plus stipend and rental issues
  141. daughter moved out of mom house lives with boyfriend
  142. Mod to CS order
  143. Custodial Parent Moving Out of State Without Our Child
  144. mielrica...
  145. Suing an estate for unpaid child support
  146. tax issue
  147. Can I request the court to end my Child Support
  148. Probably an easy one
  149. Pay child support arrears if I've had custody of our daughter for 5 years?
  150. Modification of Order
  151. Advice
  152. Child Support Imputed Income Missouri
  153. Should I get more child support though I am receiving mother/child soc sec benefits?
  154. Designer Eyeglasses
  155. Ex husband in arrears and not paying like he should
  156. Custody and child support modification
  157. Credit Preventing Home Purchase - Please Advise
  158. Can I request the case to be closed?
  159. Swedish Mother, American Father
  160. MS divorce agreement - child support issues
  161. MN Child Support Arrears Help
  162. Arrears Advice -- and questions.
  163. Need advice with support order please
  164. Modification of medical support.
  165. Father collecting child suport debt even though he has children
  166. Rights of a biological child
  167. Motion to Modify Child Support Recieved - What now?
  168. Child support during college from Adult Child
  169. termination of support and overpayment
  170. How much is father required to supply DCSE if father already pays from SSA benefits?
  171. Is writing a letter to the hearing officer/Judge considered ex-parte?
  172. Support Modification, 2 states involved
  173. child support modification (my husband's for his 18 year old daughter)
  174. Support numbers for 50/50 custody?
  175. Retroactive child support order in CA
  176. Petitioner in Support Order violation, representing self, seeks help with hearing ?s
  177. Need advice for my friend before a nervous breakdown occurs??
  178. CS Arrears
  179. Can child support end if daughter moves out and drops out
  180. Looking for the father
  181. Motion to Dismiss Part 2
  182. Rights of father vs happiness of 14 year old
  183. Indiana Child Support/Post Secondary Education Expenses
  184. Question regarding Child Support
  185. Ohio caselaw through 11/12/13
  186. NJ - Do we even need a mediator?
  187. Modify retro support and current?
  188. Indiana - Oregon - Texas
  189. Can one state make another state lower my CS amount?
  190. need advice
  191. I need precedent in the state of FL. re child support.
  192. How do I get a court to order a paternity test on my potential dad as an adult?
  193. arrears of child support for adult child not fathered by person paying
  194. Disabled, No Income; Facing Jail
  195. OH Child Support Agreement signed by Judge not being recognized in FL two years later
  196. Ex-Wife Lying to Child Support Office
  197. Florida child support, arrears & custodial parent change
  198. modification between two states
  199. Company Car and Cell Phone in CS calculaiton
  200. LongIslandDude...
  201. Does this make sense? NY Child Support
  202. Ohio CS Admin Review, dual custody, 50/50 shared parenting
  203. A few questions regarding grandparent POA and child support in NC
  204. Child Support Modification
  205. modifying child support
  206. Child's Father Says He Spoke To Lawyer, Are His Claims True?
  207. child support help-Ohio
  208. Advise needed for hearing
  209. Need HELP for a child Support Case in Arizona
  210. modifying child support
  211. Child Support
  212. How To Transfer Case To Another State?
  213. What to expect?
  214. CS in Churchill County, NV
  215. voluntarily unemployed or underemployed
  216. CS Case
  217. basic support question - Pennsylvania
  218. Changing custodian on child's UTMA account.
  219. Tx CS is almost 50% of my net.
  220. Modifying child support without documentation of ex's income?
  221. Modifying a support order
  222. Child support held in abeyance
  223. Calculating Child Overnights
  224. Documents to support income affidavit
  225. need advice in PA
  226. florida child support new regulations
  227. Help with response to establishment of child support
  228. What to do when medical expenses are too high?
  229. Are you required to work a certain amount of hours for child support?
  230. Emancipated Child
  231. Does anyone have any advice for this complex situation...
  232. Subpoena Social Security in CA
  233. Giving house to ex to lower child support payments
  234. Getting child support from father out of US?
  235. Child Support Negotiation
  236. My Ex-wife is not cashing her insurance checks
  237. Fraudulent Expenses
  238. In AZ need help filling out CA docs - enforcement of Court ordered Med Exp Reimb
  239. Now allowed to pursue child support again?
  240. Evidence question in a contempt case?
  241. Found out 8 year old is not mine
  242. Found out 8 year old is not mine
  243. Mom with 2 jobs paying support to lazy dad. Can I win the appeal??
  244. Vocational Rehab and Child Support
  245. How is CS Support Disbursed?
  246. Bank Withdrawals for Backed Child Support
  247. CS Modification During Maternity Leave
  248. Tax exemptions after change in custody
  249. Stuck in a situation that involves 3 states
  250. Child Support in Utah