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    background check time frame?

    What is the name of your state? florida. i was involved in a bar fight in florida. adjudication was witheld in the case. i was placed on probation and was released 1/2 way through. i was told by someone that the 7 year background check doesn't go back to the original date of the offense but goes back 7 years to include the entire time a person was on probation. i recently had a background check done and this incident which is 8 years old came up. my question is this, does the 7 year check go back to the date a person is released from probation or does it go back to the date the probation was naturally supposed to end? thank you for your responses.

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    There is no cookie-cutter background check. So depending on who the prospective employer is, and what resources they are utilizing in this check, they may or may not find out about it.

    And a check of court records through any of a number of services can almost always find out about old stuff ... so this 7 year rule may not even be relevant.

    the best assumption is to always assume that the past WILL be uncovered and be up front about it. And if it's a government agency doing the check, you can almost guarantee that they will find it no matter how much time has passed.

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    i actually did list it on my application since the question was, were you ever, not were you in the last 7 years. when i signed the background waiver, that's when it said a 7 year check would be done. i assumed since it were beyond 7 years, it wouldn't show even though i listed it on my application. i just need to know for further situations if 7 years means to the date i was released from probation or 7 years from the original termination date had i not petitioned to be released early. it's obviously not from the incidents date or it wouldn't have shown up. thanks.

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