What is the name of your state?What is the name of your state? Pennsylvania

Alright, so the other week, two of my roommates had the idea that, in order to save their fraternity money, they would have a mixer at the house we live at. Now myself and one other roommate are not in a fraternity, but we said it would be alright if they had the party at our house, out of the good faith that they would take precautions to avoid having the party busted by the police. Well that evening, apparently both the noise was a bit much and there were girls dancing around and being loud on on our porch, and it didnt take too long for the police to show up. Now, both the roommates in the fraternity are underage, and one of them (who is 19) made the mistake of coming to the door to talk to the police. Since i didnt want him to have to deal with the police alone, i went out to see if i could help. Since i was the only resident of the house who was present and was over 21, i was given a citation for Disorderly Gathering (my roommate was given an underage, but thats irrelevant to this i suppose) and i was given a 350 dollar fine. Now i know thats not a big fine at all in the scheme of things, but for a poor college kid like me its a bit much. Now, my question is, is my charge related at all to alcohol or is it more along the lines of a noise violation? I didn't sign for the keg that was there, but did i kind of shoot myself in the foot by going out to talk to the officer in the first place and admitting that i was a resident of the house who was over the age of 21? sorry for the long post, im pretty sure im stuck paying the fine here but i wanted a few other opinions as to whether or not there was anything i can do to maybe get the fine reduced