What is the name of your state?What is the name of your state?(Massachussetts)

I was arrested on domestic battery charges (we were young and passionate arguers!). Sent for anger mgmt check. The anger mgmt assessment was very good and I didn't have to do the counseling. No previous legal issues. My wife also testified in my favor.

No fines, no prison, no anger mgmt. A year later (probation?) the charges were dismissed. Can I confirm that this sounds right? (I'm so turned off by the whole thing that I haven't checked my record or spoken with anyone about this)

I have had no issues (personal or otherwise) since that hiccup.

Will the dismissed charges show up on my criminal record? I realize that employers can only look into convictions but would an expert sleuth (potential employer sponsored) uncover dismissed charges?

Do I need to apply for an expungement?

Your advice will be greatly appreciated.