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    do post offices have security cameras?

    What is the name of your state?Arizona
    Do all post offices have security cameras? I have had someone breaking the law at a post office. Thanks.

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    Do all post offices have security cameras?
    I have never noticed any, and I would expect that it is not an "across the board" thing anyway, as in some may have surveillance, some not. I know of no law or rule/reg in particular set in place that either requires or forbids surveillance in P.O.s, but that is just me never hearing of anything, so take that with a big grain of salt. Truthfully, as simple as it sounds, if you position yourself in the area where you are wondering about surveillance, you can just look around, line-of-sight, and see if you see anything that looks like a camera. It may be a typical wall or ceiling mounted camera, or possibly one "hidden" in a full or half "ball-shaped" object with a mirror sheen or gray opaque looking cover over it (like you see at casinos, Wal-Mart, etc.). These new surveillance cameras CAN be hidden very easily, but short of certain occasions where surreptitious surveillance is required, they usually aren't hidden simply because there is no big need to go to that trouble, AND an unobscured camera, although somewhat vulnerable, is a deterrent to crime, etc. (One can obscure the lens or destroy the camera, but anything up to that point is likely recorded in at least one hidden/protected spot.

    I have had someone breaking the law at a post office
    If you are referring to someone razooing your mail out of a P.O. Box, there may be better ways of trying to take care of the matter. I mean, IF surveillance was present, there is no telling what hoops you'd have to jump through to get access, and you can bet that it wouldn't be unfettered access...you'd have to work with staff there viewing it, I'd be sure. And, to justify sifting through hours and hours of videotape with a postal employee (or a postal inspector, if that is what is required) you'll probably need to have a serious crime taking place. Now, granted, ANY federal crime related to a post office is a serious matter, and I would expect that no matter what, any complaint you had would receive significant attention, but again, I would think that you'd need to touch base with the postamster to see what is required for your particular case....so, if I were you, I'd speak with the postmaster of the particular PO in question, and I'd see what help they could offer....

    Finally, this post is quite obviously just my opinion, and it as also most likely self-evident to you and therefore of very little practical use, but maybe if you'd offer a little more info on the particular problem you are having it would help other knowledgeable people to help you. What I mean there is that I keep saying that you need to speak with the Postmaster, and for all I know the problem you are having may involve the Postmaster.

    Regardless, good luck to you.

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    Okay ... I have to ask ... precisely what law do you suspect of being broken at the Post office?

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    thank you for your response!

    thank you for your response, i appreciate it.

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