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    haralm Guest

    Angry Drop harassment charge

    What is the name of your state?Delaware
    My friend and I had an incident and now he is facing a harassment charge. I am the victim and now I want to have the charge drop. I don't know how to proceed. Can anyone out there help me out?
    Roughly 2~3 weeks ago, my friend came to my apartment to confront me. He was a bit agitated and I called the police. The police asked him to leave and gave him a oral restraint order. Later he came back again. He did not do anything harmful or threatening at the time. But I was nervous at the time and I called the police the next day. He got arrested a week later on a harassment charge. Now he has a court date coming up in 2 weeks.
    Now, I don't think it worth while to press the matter. A couple of days ago, I called the police asking them to drop the restraint order, and they said I've to wait until the court trial.
    Now, I decide to drop the charge completely. The problem is that I did not file the charge. The police did. My question is that can I do this? How can I do it?

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    Contact the prosecutor and ask him how you can do it. Chances are it will have to go to the court date.

    You will probably also be advised not to waste the court's time in the future or could face criminal charges yourself. The police and the courts tend to not appreciate being used to solve people's problems of the moment when they do not intend to follow through.

    - Carl

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    haralm Guest

    What should I do?

    I did not know that my complaint would lead to criminal charges againt my friend. I did not want to go this far, but the police told me to do so.
    Now, comes the question. What is the best way to express myself and pursuade the police to drop the charge? I don't want to waste the court's time. And personally, I just want to put these behind me.

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