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    Cool Harrassment Charge in Pennsylvania

    What is the name of your state (only U.S. law)? Pennsylvania

    My friend is getting a divorce, they were arguing at the house and the husband was holding her arms to her side so she couldn't get free, she told him get off repeatedly, she broke free finally and Cold C***ed him in his mouth that caused a bloody lip.
    The daughter called police and they came and charged her with harassment.

    She was in a precarious position and he was hurting her.I'd hit him also. Now I like them both very much, they are friends of mine.So I see both sides.He told me he WAS holding her.

    About a day later bruises showed up on her ribs where she was help and she was sore, so she went to hospital and got xrays, (no broken ribs) from when he was restraining her. He claims she was going to go after her 15 yr old daughter, which shes never hit ever before. Shes a troublemaker, pitting one parent against another.

    She also moved out of house that very day. They are selling the house and moving on after 18 years.(few years coming though)

    This is not a recurring event by any means.Never fought before. Tempers flaring over teenage kids and the divorce..etc...Neither wants to fight at all.

    Here's my question, When she goes to court and explains to the judge the situation, is it possible he will dismiss it? She left the house ASAP as hard as it is on kids and her, and moving forward with the divorce.

    Can he call and ask them to drop it?????

    Does she need a lawyer??? Moneys tight right now.How serious is this?

    Her husband is fine, and he doesn't want her to have a charge on her either.He didn't file it, the police did, it was a state cop by the way.

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