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    Indiana-how long can they hold you for another county for a bench warrant

    Indiana- my boyfriend was with a friend on 11/26/01 when his friend crashed his car and got a DIU. They were going to let my boyfriend go but told him he had an arrest warrant. The county which he was picked up in is different from the one that issued the warrant(2 counties away). I have found out that the warrant is a bench warrant that stems from 6/99 when he was 18 and was found with alcohol. It has now been 9 days that this county has been holding him for the other county. By law, how long can this county keep him. They claim that it's the responsibility of the other county to pick him up and the other county claims that it is the other county's duty to take him. They also act as if they can keep him there for however long they want. If so, can they hold him for 10 days? 25 days? Also, the first time a cop even went over anything with him was yesterday. (8 days after being brought there) What can be done about this???

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    You are not in this alone I am going thru the same thing. please let me know if you get any answers.

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