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    leaving the state while out on bail

    What is the name of your state (only U.S. law)? Georgia

    I can't find anything in my paperwork that says if i can leave the state or not. I was charged with two misdemeanors and i got out on bail and the court date is coming up. How do i find out what my bail terms are and if i can leave the state for vacation?

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    Call your bail bondsman and ask them. They usually want to know if you move or leave the state for any reason.

    As far as the court is concerned, you haven't been convicted of a crime yet and they released you because a bond was posted to make sure you return.

    If the bond contract restricts you from going out of state until your case is settled, but you go anyway, they can ask the judge to pull the bond at your next court appearance and you would be taken back into custody.

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