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    Petty Theft, mental disorder

    Illinois, Will County

    I suffer from bipolar disorder (documented by psychiatrist) and a movement disorder. Recently, I had an invasive brain surgery done (Deep Brain Stimulation) roughly 7 weeks ago to treat the movement disorder. Since then, I've had trouble sleeping, but nothing to cause serious concern, until this week.

    I was arrested in a local walmart for petty theft of a PlayStation 2 game. However, I had no intention or no real reason to steal this game. I do not own a PlayStation 2, nor did I walk into walmart to steal something; on the contrary, I needed to buy gym shorts and an energy drink, as I was about to head to my boxing class.

    I had trouble sleeping due to a manic episode (feelings of invincibility, no need for sleep, etc.) and had not slept for roughly 2 days prior to the offense. I was "alert, but unaware". By the time I had entered the walmart, I started to "hallucinate", (this is looking back at the event, I had no idea what was going on at the time) seeing imagery, people talking, and in no complete control over my actions, as if I was possessed. Completely forgetting what I needed, a person(hallucination?) led me to the electronics department. This is where things get hazy: I remember being "frozen" holding a package, people looking at me, seeing propane tanks, then being stopped in the parking lot, taken into the LP office, and having a cop arrest me. as soon as the cuffs went on, I kind of snapped back into reality, but do not recall everything. The statement I wrote was pretty intense, it mentions a person named "mrs. crow" and how "she liked the violent images". I barely recall writing it.

    My question is, do I have a viable defense? This criminal behavior is new to me, even in my juvenile days I had no criminal convictions or arrests, I was an outstanding citizen. I have people who can attest to my good character, and prove that if I did this, I had to be under severe emotional distress (lack of sleep) or not in a normal mental state.

    Would it be possible for me to get a public defender or court appointed attorney? I'm a 19 yr. old college student who is handicapped and afflicted with a mental disease, I pay for school out-of-pocket and currently work 1 or 2 days a week, at most.

    This is a first time offense, would I be able to get the charge dropped altogether?

    I am going back to see my psychiatrist before the court date to see if he can help me, I do not want this happening again, it is not like me to commit a crime or have the urge to. Would this work in my favor if a judge saw this?

    Should I plead guilty or not guilty?

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    Hey, I'm not about to tell you what to do. But if I were in your very, very, very precarious position I wouldn't rely on it as a defense. Think of something more clever and get back to us.

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    Sitting at the computer probably rolling my eyes at your post
    I had invasive brain surgery....

    but I was on my way to a BOXING class, where I could potentially (even accidentally) be hit in the head. Alrighty then.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CourtClerk View Post
    I had invasive brain surgery....

    but I was on my way to a BOXING class...
    ^That^ is where I stopped reading...

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    Quote Originally Posted by CourtClerk View Post
    I had invasive brain surgery....

    but I was on my way to a BOXING class, where I could potentially (even accidentally) be hit in the head. Alrighty then.
    Oh come on, that PLUS the energy drink after 2 days of no sleep because of a manic episode?

    AND THEN s/he's going to go get beat in the head.

    I actually think a "mental illness defense" is pretty accurate.

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