What is the name of your state? Colorado

My neighbor's house was raided by the ATF about a month ago, and they also came to my house at 4:00am and wanted to speak to my husband. I woke him up and he went outside for a minute, then let me know that he was going to jail on a FTA for a traffic warrant. About 45 min. later the ATF was back at the door, my husband had signed a consent to search form for his guns to be looked at. He HAD a collection of antique firearms worth about $7-10,000 that was basicly purchased as investments for our childs future. While they were looking at these guns, another agent came to the door and said "NCIC-felon" at that point they started loading the guns into their cars. They are saying that in 1972 in MI, my husband was arrested for carrying a concealed weapon. He spent one night in jail, did two years of probation, paid a monthly fine and was told by his lawyer that if he complied, his record would be expunged. Since 1972, he has registered to vote, purchased a gun from a state cop in MI, had it registered, reported that same gun as stolen several years later, and three years ago, while visiting his mom in Detroit, he attempted to purchase a gun from a store. The computers were down at the time, so he left his cell number with the owner of the store. The owner called him a few days later he was already 200 miles out of MI) and told him "Everything checks out, you can come back in and we'll hook you up with this gun." He says that he would not have agreed to the two years probation, ECT if he knew he would still be a felon. He has never been in any trouble since that time (other than traffic misdemeanors) and is now 58 yrs. old! We have never been given a valid reason why the ATF was at my house in the first place. Other than they tried to claim that we had an association with the neighbor, which was proven to be false. Is there any way that we could have the guns returned to ME, in my name? (I have no criminal record at all) My husband is looking at a possible 20 yr. prison sentence for this. He has yet to be charged with anything. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!What is the name of your state?